Crystalline Rainbow

April 4, 2020 Gateway – 4:4:2020/4 – triple 4
Tzolkin Calendar KIN 6

Recording of Ceremonial Meditation with Music

Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid: (apologies for the photographs that are not so clear etc.)






CIMI.White Worldbridger

Kin 6: CIMI, White Rhythmic World-Bridger

Feel the Galactic Affirmation :
I Organize in order to Equalize
Balancing Opportunity
I seal the Store of Death
With the Rhythmic tone of Equality
I am guided by my own power doubled

The White Worldbridger is connected to the Throat chakra and is a member of the Cardinal Family that initiates creation.

Explanation Tone 6 – White Worldbridger, Red Skywalker, White Worldbridger, Yellow Warrior
– Tone 6 – Activate your Rhythmic powers by embodying a steady fluidity throughout the ebb and flow of life; by organizing your reality to support your natural thriving; by appreciating the creative process underlying all endeavors; by learning how to find equilibrium, moment to moment, amidst life’s constant changes; by synchronizing with earthly and universal rhythms; by honoring your own natural timing flow; by being conscious of how you pace your days and your projects, seeking to sync body and soul; by being an agent of creative maintenance, discovering a balance between work and play, giving and receiving, thinking and feeling, doing and being; by allowing your daily rhythms and routines to be an organic balance of discipline and your natural authenticity; by awakening equality ~ finding magic in the mundane, nobility in all beings, and adventure in every moment…

Explanation Tone 8: ref.
The Hidden Power – Men, Blue Galactic Eagle – Tone 8 represents the patterned harmony of nature’s order.
The gift of your cosmic identity is to access the power of Wholeness.
Activate your Galactic powers by seeing life from a larger perspective; by realizing our Earth and ourselves as members of a vast galactic whole; by integrating your being with the intrinsic harmony of nature; by cultivating an inner sense of harmony and extending that energy to the world around you; by living your ideals and modeling your core values; by staying loyal to your truth regardless of external influence, yet discovering how to be in accord with the needs of others; by being an emissary of galactic intelligence; by knowing yourself to be a fractal of a totality, one note in the song of the galaxy…

Via the Fifth Oracle we have the spiral movement of:

CIMI.White WorldbridgerCenter, grounding and anchoring of the spiral movement begins with Cimi, White Rhythmic Worldbridger the Cardinal initiating the creation (death, release, opportunity), Throat Chakra, Planet Mars – Code 6:6 all day and night.

BEN.Red SkywalkerAnalog Partner (supportive) – Midnight till Sunrise flow – Ben, Red Rhythmic Skywalker – Signal family to expose the secret (the courage to explore, creation of open space and being wakeful), Solar Plexus Chakra, Planet Mars – Code 253:6.

CIMI.White WorldbridgerHigher Self/Divine Guidance – Sunrise till Midday – is also Cimi, White Rhythmic Worldbridger – Cardinal family initiating the creation (being a bridge between the seen and unseen space, walking as one with the Ancient Ancestors as it resonates with your DNA and consciousness – Throat Chakra, Planet Mars – Code 6:6.

CIB.Yellow WarriorChallenge, strengthening and opportunity – Afternoon till Sunset – CIB, Yellow Rhythmic Warrior, Cardinal family to initiate the creation (Questions, Divine Intelligence, Divine Guidance) – Throat Chakra, Planet Saturn – Mystic Column Code 136:6. Also the development of talent of the 13 day wave

MEN.Blue EagleHidden Power – Sunset till Midnight – Men, Blue Galactic Eagle, Polar Family bringing the message into the world (Creates, Vision, Divine Mind) – Polar family to carry out the message into the world – Crown Chakra, Planet Jupiter – Code 255:8. Also the talent of the 13 day wave

Recording of the Ceremony:

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