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Full Moon/Volle Maan – October 1, 2020 – Meditation Journey – Meditatie Reis

Full Moon October 1, 2020 –  Meditation/Activation and Sound Journey as One  with the Crystalline Movement for the restoration of the Crystalline Grid.

Volle Maan – 1 oktober, 2020 – Meditatie Reis met Klank als Een met de Kristallijnen Beweging voor de restoratie van de Kristallijnen Grid.

for the restoration of the Crystalline Grid In English and Dutch 

Beforehand select a stone, crystal of crystal skull that you can hold in your hands during this journey.  

Voor dat wij beginnen kies een steen, kristal of kristallen schedel dat je in je hand kunt houden tijdens deze reis. 

Be loved, Ge liefde, 

In the picture you see a Crystal Gathering that have been activated by the First Group of 12 Layers together with the Crystalline Movement. 

In de foto zie je een Kristallen Bijeenkomst die geactiveerd zijn met de Eerste Groep van 12 lagen samen met de Kristallijnen Beweging.  

Now breath deeply in and out and allow your system to relax more and more. Feel the relaxation. While you relax the system moves from the brain to the heart as the source of your direction.

Adem nu dieper in en uit terwijl je systeem meer en meer ontspannen wordt. Voel de ontspanning. Terwijl je ontspannen bent beweegt je systeem van je denken naar je hart als de bron van richting die je bewandeld.


Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, chimes Earth and the Seven Chakra’s and other instruments.

Tibetaanse Klankschalen, Kristallen Klank Schalen plus de klanken van de 7 chakra’s and other instruments.

Crystal Gathering

September 29, 2020

Personal Review of Course Crystalline Movement

Crystalline Movement

Fourth Group of 12 Layers – Spiritual body – Emotional Higher Self

Activating “Bhanumati” Phantom Clear Quartz Crystal Skull.

Opening up to the energies light started to glow in my head and throat (word heard is speak your truth).

The energies than moved onwards to the right eye where I had 3 cornea transplantations in the past during this life time. My whole system rejected these all hence now blind in this eye. A blessed gift was granted after this to generate and activate even more the third eye and pineal gland. The other senses became more active.

What I felt that was occurring is that the karmic interactions that had taken place within the setting of exchanging with regard to the transplantations were being cleared on an emotional level. Could see the clearing occurring, deepest gratitude.

Next karmic clearing especially on the area of Higher Self-Heart were taking place (much sorrow and rejection) and via the legs were being released and afterwards a sturdy grounding.

It took a while for this resonance to attune, align and integrate. Than felt the Joy of Light Love dancing and toning (singing) with Gratitude.

Seconds later saw spheres or you could also call them vortexes of light with open passageways (tubes) or lines flowing with pure light through the crystalline grid.

My hands than once more became very heated and warm like a sign or a symbol that the activation was received as One with the Clear Quartz Crystal.

Love & Light Gratitude

September 20, 2020 – Vision

May All ground this in its Rhythm of Crystalline vibrations

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