Crystalline Rainbow

Crystalline Movement

Fourth Group of 12 Layers – Spiritual body – Emotional Higher Self

Activating “Bhanumati” Phantom Clear Quartz Crystal Skull.

Opening up to the energies light started to glow in my head and throat (word heard is speak your truth).

The energies than moved onwards to the right eye where I had 3 cornea transplantations in the past during this life time. My whole system rejected these all hence now blind in this eye. A blessed gift was granted after this to generate and activate even more the third eye and pineal gland. The other senses became more active.

What I felt that was occurring is that the karmic interactions that had taken place within the setting of exchanging with regard to the transplantations were being cleared on an emotional level. Could see the clearing occurring, deepest gratitude.

Next karmic clearing especially on the area of Higher Self-Heart were taking place (much sorrow and rejection) and via the legs were being released and afterwards a sturdy grounding.

It took a while for this resonance to attune, align and integrate. Than felt the Joy of Light Love dancing and toning (singing) with Gratitude.

Seconds later saw spheres or you could also call them vortexes of light with open passageways (tubes) or lines flowing with pure light through the crystalline grid.

My hands than once more became very heated and warm like a sign or a symbol that the activation was received as One with the Clear Quartz Crystal.

Love & Light Gratitude

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