Crystalline Rainbow

Crystalline Energy Essence

Thank you to Jaap van Etten, Jeanne Michaels, Johanny Bosma, the members of The Crystalline Movement and especially Mother Earth for ever loving support.

As we All are from origin aligned/connected to Mother Earth and her Crystalline Core it would be appropriate to once more restore this memory via Heart White Light, the cradle of Unconditional Love, as One. This would bring about healing and balance.

Whilst follow the course of The Crystalline Movement, more information can be found at I was called upon via the Personal Deva Guide to share the Crystalline Energy Essence.

Walking and living on the grace of Mother Earth it would be such joy and happiness to come home again in balance and harmony for the Highest Good for All. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 (Eb, Yellow Human-Tone 10)

Upon awakening aligned with the meditation of Crystalline Movement for the Life Force Meditation and the Activation/Meditation of the First Group of 12 Layers together with a small Clear Quartz Crystal Skull that will be connecting and resonating with this Essence.

Today, Friday, October 9, 2020 (Ix, White Wizard-Tone 12)

Went to Ekoplaza, a natural food store in Heerhugowaard, to buy some mineral water for the Crystalline Energy Essence. Guidance brought my attention to Pineo Natural Mineral Water On the website there is also a link to a youtube interview with this company, unfortunately in German but you can feel the resonance of the area and the water

First of All I measured the Pineo Mineral Water via the Bovis Meter 16.000 

After the Life Force Meditation with the modification that the Crystal Skull and Water as One for the Highest Good for All was included for the permission from Mother Earth

 – the Water plus Clear Quartz Crystal Skull has now the Bovis Meter of 5 Billion and the water has all kinds of bubbles in it. 

Saw and felt during the meditation/activation that the Crystalline Beings also were present it touched my heart deeply bringing tears of Joy and especially deep Gratitude. 

You can now connect from your Heart Love Light with this Crystalline Energy Essence together with connecting to Mother Earth or prepare one for yourself as well. When called for I will also place 12 drops of this Essence in a glass of water or placed in on my hands rub them together and than place my hands on my Heart to go into silence and alignment.

This calls for a celebration gathering with other Crystals, Crystal Skulls and Stone.

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