Crystalline Rainbow

Qualities of the Sun Signs – Tzolkin Calendar HERBS, FLOWERS, SCENT, STONES ETC.
(some of the below information comes from the book “The Mayan Oracle” return path to the stars from Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner).


Imix, Red Dragon

IMIX Red Dragon(ee meesh) – 1 (Unity)
Common Mayan Usage: root, waters
Qualities: source of life, divine nurturance and support, primordial Mother, undivided primal waters, primal trust and nourishment, receptivity
Symbol: spiral vortex on the primordial waters (Ancient Waters), dragon
Color: burgundy
Herb: nettle, dong quai
Flowers: burgundy carnation, deep red rose
Scent: cedar/sage
Stones: garnet, bloodstone, ruby, temple linghams
Element:  earth
Direction: east
Shadow Wisdom: issues of deep, primal trust and survival; feeling unsupported by divine nurturance or unworthy to receive
Shadow Transformation: Trust in the larger pattern to provide what you need. Open to receive. Communicate your feelings, desires and dreams.
Harmonic Wisdom: frequency
Mudra: Hands cradling each other comfortably at the level of the abdomen

Ik, White Wind

IK White Wind(eek) – 2 (Polarity)
Common Mayan Usage: air, wind
Qualities: Spirit, breath, wind, inspiration, truth, presence, integration of polarities, co creator of reality, simplicity, unseen forces, integration
Symbol: spiral whirlwind
Color: translucent white light
Herbs: eucalyptus
Flowers: white spider chrysanthemum, lily
Scents: copal, sweet grass
Stones: Herkimer diamond, quartz, clear topaz. Quetzalcoatl cross
Element: air
Direction: north
Shadow Wisdom: doubting your connection to divinity; issues of separation; thinking you are separate from Spirit
Shadow Transformation: Learn to sense and experience your connection with the Divine by acting on inspiration as it comes to you.
Harmonic Wisdom: interval
Mudra: hands open beneath the mouth, blowing the breath of the Spirit Wind; then moving hands up, out and around, ending with hands together as if in prayer

Akbal, Blue Night

AKBAL Blue Night (ack bal) – 3 (rhythm)
Common Mayan Usage: night, house
Qualities: mystery, serenity, sanctuary, peace, “looks-within” place, enclosing darkness, journey into self, stillness, dreamtime, dream field matrix,  dream exploration.
Symbol: womb, abyss, dark cave
Color: black
Herbs: mugwort, poppy, mandrake
Flowers: stephanotis, black orchid, hyacinth, black rose, black carnation
Scents: holly berry, Auromere resin
Stones: obsidian, smoke quartz, black tourmaline, charcoal moonstone, onyx, hematite, black pearl
Element: water
Direction: west
Shadow Wisdom: viewpoint too internal and subjective; depression, self judgment, fear of change
Shadow Transformation: Be willing to examine how you judge and evaluate yourself. Embrace and follow your inner shadow processes to learn from their gifts.
Harmonic Wisdom: integration
Mudra: eyes closed, hands together at waist, palms up, bowing forward; then rise upright, crossing forearms on chest.

Kan, Yellow Seed

KAN Yellow Seed(khan) – 4 (measure and cycles)
Common Mayan Usage: seed, corn, iguana
Qualities: seed, seeding manifestation, self germination, fertile ground, creation and gestation, patterning of the light, opening, possibility erupting.
Symbol: well rooted seedling, solar plexus
Color: saffron yellow
Herbs: sunflower petals, dandelion
Flowers: yellow lily, buttercup, daffodil, marigold
Scents: clover, saffron
Stones: citrine, golden calcite, gold tiger’s eye, chrysoberyl
Element: fire
Direction: south
Shadow Wisdom: feelings of insecurity; limiting of new possibilities; choosing to remain safe at the expense of awakening and growth; restricted self concept
Shadow Transformation: Realize that you and your life are the fertile ground, that you awaken your own dreams and possibilities. Free yourself from the illusion of safety as you enter into the manifestation of emerging possibility.
Harmonic Wisdom: progression
Mudra: hands cupped over each other at solar plexus, as if holding a seed; then opening your hands, offering the seed into your life.

Chicchan, Red Serpent

CHICCHAN Red Serpent (cheek chan) – 5 (center)
Common Mayan Usage: serpent
Qualities: vitality, passion, sensing body wisdom, motivation, desire, instinct , creativity, serpent, kundalini, integration, purification, intimacy
Symbol: coiled snake arising from molten magma, base chakra
Color: flaming vermillion (red-orange)
Herbs:  cardamom, fraxinella, cayenne pepper
Flowers: antherium, poppy, cobra lily, orange lily, gladiola
Scents: musk
Stones: carnelian, fire agate, red coral, orange citrine
Element: earth
Direction: east
Shadow Wisdom: making predictable choices based on familiarity and security rather than on intuitive wisdom; over identification with the body and its sensual desires
Shadow Transformation: use the body as a tool or transformation. Learn how to use passion and the senses as a means of access and alignment to higher consciousness. Follow you gut-level intuitions and instincts to make choices in the moment.
Harmonic Wisdom: tempo
Mudra: hands coming together at abdomen and interweaving in snakelike movements at the chakras, ending with hands together above the head.

Cimi, White Worldbridger

CIMI White Worldbridger (kee mee) – 6 (organic balance)
Common Mayan usage: death
Qualities: surrender, release, death, transmutation, forgiveness, humility, revelation
Symbol: six-sided crystal in roots, evergreen tree, moss (growth in death)
Color: forest green
Herbs: valerian, willow
Flowers: gardenia
Scents: gardenia
Stones: malachite, jade, emerald, dioptase, zoiisite, moss agate
Element: air
Direction: north
Shadow Wisdom: feeling the need to be in control; fear of death; depression; struggle and resistance
Shadow Transformation: Surrender to the pattern of perfection. Listen to the part of you that is calling for death and transformation. Receive its wisdom.
Harmonic Wisdom: serenity
Mudra: hold hands together under right cheek, as if sleeping; then cross arms on chest while bowing; finally raise head with crossed arms in front of eyes.

Manik, Blue Hand

MANIK Blue Hand (man eek) – 7 (mystic power)
Common Mayan Usage: grasp, deer
Qualities: completion, gateway, opening, beauty, spiritual tools, divination, identification, acting “as if”, dance, mudra, priest/priestess
Symbol: tsunami, hand
Color: magnetic blue
Herbs:  loosestrife, dogwood
Flowers: blue aster, blue chrysanthemum, blue cornflower, bachelors’ button
Scents: sandalwood
Stones: moonstone, water sapphire, blue sapphire, blue quartz
Element: water
Direction: west
Shadow Wisdom: issues of completing things; taking on too much; feeling inadequate, pressured, or scattered; issues of acquiring tools; thinking the tool has the power
Shadow Transformation: Become aware of your resistance and distractions. Learn to finish what you start, taking satisfaction in each step along the way. Use commitment, focused intention, and openness to help you complete. Experience yourself as a tool of light.
Harmonic Wisdom: resolution
Mudra: hands out on both sides of the head at ear level, forearms perpendicular, with thumbs and forefingers forming an “O”

Lamat, Yellow Star

LAMAT Yellow Star (la math) – 8 (harmonic resonance)
Mayan Common Usage: rabbit
Qualities: harmony, star seed, beneficial combinations, way shower,   octave, expanded love, clear perspective
Symbols: star path, cascading fireworks
Color: twilight blue and gold
Herbs: comfrey, blazing star
Flowers: Japanese or Dutch iris, allium
Scents: jasmine
Stones: lapis, star seed crystals, star sapphire
Element: fire
Direction: south
Shadow Wisdom: self-doubt; feeling disconnected from the expanded presence of your Essence Self; learning the lessons of disharmony
Shadow Transformation: Draw on love to prune away the disharmony in your life. Cultivate harmony. Access your star seeded essence; stand in the harmony of your full presence.
Harmonic Wisdom: wavelength fundamental; beneficial combinations
Mudra: same position as Manik – hands forming an “O” at the level of the ears, forearms perpendicular; then moving the arms up and out, releasing the “O” with a burst of the fingers.

Muluc, Red Moon

MULUC Red Moon (moo look) – 9 (grand cycles)
Common Mayan usage: raindrop, water
Qualities: sign, signals, awakened attention, understanding, self remembrance, divine guidance, God seed, cosmic communication, beacon
Symbol: lotus, beacon of consciousness
Color: sunset peach
Herbs: tarragon, golden seal
Flowers: apricot rose, peach gladiola, amaryllis
Scents: peach, lotus, apricot
Stones: peach moonstone, Botswana agate, apricot pearl, generator crystal, quartz obelisk
Element: earth
Direction: east
Shadow Wisdom: self-forgetting, negative self talk, self deprecation; lacking awareness of signs offered by cosmic communication; hiding the fullness of your light
Shadow Transformation: Take off the veil of forgetfulness. Become the beacon of awakened awareness. As you open to self remembrance, you will freely receive divine guidance. Be with others who support your fullest expression.
Harmonic Wisdom: modulation
Mudra: right hand on forehead, forming an “O” on the third eye; left arm at a right angle, fingers together with palm facing forward.

OC White Dog (oak) – 10 (manifestation)
Common Mayan Usage: dog, foot
Qualities: breakthrough, new beginnings, relationships, companions of destiny, emotional body issues, ego, recasting the past, spiritual strength, guardians and guides
Symbol: wolf, dog, foot
Color: teal
Herbs: red clover, witch hazel, raspberry
Flowers: delphinium, narcissus, agapanthus, teal carnation, blue spruce
Scents: rosemary oil, bayberry
Stones: chrysocolla, azurite, indicolite
Element: air
Direction: north
Shadow Wisdom: issues of the emotional body; possessiveness, jealousy; getting caught up in the drama of life; feeling unsupported on your path, seemingly disconnected from your companions of destiny
Shadow Transformation: Access the objective “witness” who sees the emotional drama dispassionately and frees your experience. Bring your emotions out of drama into a place of choice, receiving their teaching and healing the root cause. Open to the connection and support of your companions of destiny.
Harmonic Wisdom: affinity
Mudra: left hand over the heart; right arm at right angle with palm forward and fingers together.

CHUEN Blue Monkey (choo wen) – 11 (dissonant structures)
Common Mayan Usage: monkey
Qualities: innocence, spontaneity,  inner child, artistry, humor, monkey, trickster, disruption, transparency
Symbol: dolphin, monkey, throat chakra
Color: aqua blue
Herbs: nasturtium, raspberry, mint
Flowers: daisy, zinnia
Scents: cinnamon, orange, potpourri
Stones: aquamarine, blue fluorite, turquoise, blue topaz
Element: water
Direction: west
Shadow Wisdom: being too serious; issues of speaking your truth; misuse of humor; insensitivity, sarcasm.
Shadow Transformation: Lighten up! Speak your truth directly. Be vulnerable, sensitive and openhearted. Accept life’s “disruptions” with good humor. Reaccess your sensitivity by healing your inner child.
Harmonic Wisdom: humor
Mudra: Smile innocently with hands on heart; then, with spontaneity, place thumbs in ears while wiggling and waving the fingers.

EB Yellow Human (eb) – 12 (complex stability)
Common Mayan usage: broom, grass
Qualities: abundance, harvest, chalice, emptiness, open vessel, quickening
Symbol: cornucopia, chalice
Color: bronze wheat
Herbs: shepherd’s purse, self-heal, ginger
Flowers: bird of paradise
Scents: apple blossom
Stones: quartz touched with golden  calcite, imperial topaz, rutilated quartz
Element: fire
Direction: south
Shadow Wisdom: issues of fulfillment, abundance and insufficiency; issues of the mind, overvaluing or devaluing the intellect
Shadow Transformation: Become self-nurturing by finding what brings you joy and fulfillment. Be willing to “not know”, to be empty so that you can be filled by expanded consciousness. Befriend your mind. Use your body as a receptor for higher frequencies.
Harmonic Wisdom: resonance
Mudra: arms outstretched above the head; then hands coming together to form a “V” on top of the head, open to the heavens.
BEN Red Skywalker (ben) – 13 (universal moment)
Common Mayan usage: cane
Qualities: fluid reference points, time/space traveler, sky walker, angelic messenger, pillars of heaven, courage, compassion, mysterious journey
Symbol: quartz crystal flight, heart chakra
Color: sunset pink
Herbs: almond, everlasting, clove
Flowers: pink rose
Scents: rose, rose geranium
Stones: kunzite, rose quartz, pink sapphire, star rose quartz
Element: earth
Direction: east
Shadow Wisdom: desire for isolation, withdrawal or retreat; fear of the unknown; limited reference points
Shadow Transformation: Explore your growth edges by facing challenges. Draw the Light of courage and compassion into yourself and radiate it to others. Look at life as a sacred journey.
Harmonic Wisdom: balance
Mudra: both arms out to the sides at 45 degree angles; then bring hands up over head a few inches apart forming pillars; then moving up and down from head to heart, as if creating a column of energy through you.
IX White Wizard (ee sh) – 14
Common Mayan Usage: jaguar, heart
Qualities: integrity, heart knowing, alignment with divine will, magician, shaman, jaguar, night seer, priest, magic
Symbol: jaguar, wisdom wand, all seeing eye, peacock
Color: opalescence, iridescence
Herbs: elecampagne, basil
Flowers: star gazer lily
Scents: patchouli
Stones: moldavite, opal, crystal ball, scepter and laser wand, green watermelon tourmaline
Element: air
Direction: north
Shadow Wisdom: issues of integrity, personal power, control; will out of alignment with divine will; need for approval and recognition; mind out of alignment with heart knowing
Shadow Transformation: Develop a clear connection with divine will and your Essence Self. Be transparent, innocently allowing magic to come through you rather than needing to create it. Open to heart knowing and limitless possibilities.
Harmonic Wisdom: melody
Mudra: left hand cupped beneath the heart while the right hand held perpendicular with strength reaches straight above the head and then down again to the other hand, meeting at the heart, aligning with divine will
MEN Blue Eagle (men) – 15
Common Mayan Usage: eagle, cobweb
Qualities: hope, commitment, compassionate service, global consciousness, planetary mind, belief in yourself, dreams and visions
Symbol: gathering of eagles, third eye, violet flame
Color: lavender
Herbs: Indian pipe, chickweed, nutmeg
Flowers: heather, lilac
Scents: lavender, lilac, heather
Stones: amethyst, amethyst elestial crystals, lepidolite, singing crystals
Element: water
Direction: west
Shadow Wisdom: being obsessed with service to others; being the rescuer, “saving” others; not being able to say no; loss of hope and meaning; feelings of futility
Shadow Transformation: Learn to temper service with nourishment and rest. Believe in yourself! Follow your visions and dreams. Remember the purpose and commitment you have in the larger pattern.
Harmonic Wisdom: flow
Mudra: hands cupped together at the heart, moving hands up over the eyes and then out to the sides, as if soaring like an eagle.
CIB Yellow Warrior (ceeb) 16
Common Mayan Usage: owl
Qualities: grace, trust, inner voice, galactic conduit, mystic reception, divine communication, golden pillar, cosmic consciousness, ferryman’s staff
Symbol: staff, rod, owl
Color: indigo blue, gold
Herbs:  vervain, eyebright
Flowers: calla lily
Scents: lily of the valley, honey suckle
Stones: covelite, double terminated quartz
Element: fire
Direction: south
Shadow Wisdom: lacking trust in your inner knowing, your ability to feel and act on guidance from Spirit
Shadow Transformation: Establish your divine connection. Become a direct conduit for Spirit. Trust your mystical intelligence. Attune yourself to the clear signals from your inner guidance.
Harmonic Wisdom: grace
Mudra: Arms reach out in a large “V” above the head, as if to receive galactic  communication; then fingertips come together to touch the third eye; and then lower to sides, palms outward forming a “V”
CABAN Red Earth (ka bahn) – 17
Common Mayan Usage: Earth force, incense
Qualities: centeredness, synergy, synchronicity, Earth force, Galactic alignment, Earth keeper, fluid world resonance, clue tracking, crystal healing, shield
Symbol: rainbow, white lion, whale
Color: fuchsia
Herbs: Irish moss, squaw vine
Flowers: fuchsia, fuchsia gladiolas, ginger, cosmos, peony
Scents: nag champa, narcissus
Stones: dark pink tourmaline, channeling crystal, pink ruby, morganite
Element: earth
Direction: east
Shadow Wisdom: focusing on past and future, not being in the present moment; over interpreting signs, symbols, dreams and visions; jumping to conclusions; non identification with earthly existence
Shadow Transformation: Be  centered in the present moment. Observe without drawing conclusions. Allow the larger pattern to emergence. Remember your choice to come to Earth in this unique time of transformation.
Harmonic Wisdom: tone
Mudra: fingers and thumbs of both hands touching to form a triangular shape, moving from the lower chakras to the crown above the head, then to the heart chakra (repeat three times)
ETZNAB White Mirror (ets nabh) – 18
Common Mayan Usage: knife, flint
Qualities: timelessness, discrimination, clarity, hall of mirrors, spiritual warrior ship, sword of truth, facing shadow, integration of paradox, illusion
Symbol: mirror, sword
Color: silver
Herbs: sage, pomegranate, benzoin
Flowers: orchid, bromeliad, dusty miller
Scents: lemon, wintergreen, spearmint
Stones: optical calcite, diamond, phantom crystal, silver pyrite
Element: air
Direction: north
Shadow Wisdom: illusion; judgment, self doubt, separation; being caught in a problematical hall of mirrors; thinking illusion has power over your ability to change your experience
Shadow Transformation: Look at the mirrors provided by other people and life situations as gifts. See how you maintain the illusions in your life. Use discrimination. Face your shadow. Look in the mirror. Wield the sword of truth in your lie to release and forgive.
Harmonic Wisdom: dissonance
Mudra: alternating one arm at a time, reach out above the head; then cross arms diagonally in a downward sweep, as if the arms were swords cutting through illusion
CAUAC Blue Storm (ka wak) – 19
Common Mayan Usage: storm, fire, rain
Qualities: purification, transformation, reunion, light body, activation for ascension, thunder being, lightning path, initiation by fire, ecstasy of freedom
Symbol: thundercloud, lightning, white owl
Color: royal purple
Herbs: Echinacea, garlic, verbena
Flowers: purple iris, statice
Scents: mistletoe, frankincense, myrrh
Stones: sugilite, purple fluorite, tanzanite
Element: water
Direction: west
Shadow Wisdom: denial; fear of the unknown; issues of addictions; strong feelings of despair or separation from Source; judging your physical transformational process
Shadow Transformation: Step free from denying and judging your experience. Access your Essence Self to carry you through the intense feelings that accompany profound growth. Turn your transformation over to Spirit, surrendering all that perpetuates the illusion of separation.
Harmonic Wisdom: freedom
Mudra: clasp hands at the heart, as if in prayer, interlocking fingers; then with tension raise clasped hands above the head, opening them explosively while making a sound of purification.
AHAU Yellow Sun (a how) – 20
Common Mayan Usage:
Qualities: union, wholeness, ascension, unconditional love, solar mastery, Christ Consciousness, language of light, ecstasy, limitless bliss, crown of creation
Symbol: sun, dove, crown chakra
Color: gold
Herbs: passion flower, blessed thistle
Flowers: protea, yellow chrysanthemum, goldenrod, passionflower, sun flower
Scents: amber resin
Stones: amber, brazilianite, golden topaz, seer’s stone, yellow sapphire
Element: fire
Direction: south
Shadow Wisdom: limiting self and God/Goddess; loving conditionally without expectation and judgments; issues of ideals and identification
Shadow Transformation: Being love’s presence sets you free. Examine your concepts of self and divinity. Practice the art of acceptance and allowance in order to embody unconditional love.
Harmonic Wisdom: harmonic overtones
Mudra: palms facing toward you at eye level, a shoulder with apart, until hands tingle; then rotate palms outward, opening arms to radiate solar consciousness.
Qualities of the Tones of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar
Magnetic  Tone 1 – The Purpose of Attracting the Empowerment of Unity – Crystal Earth
Qualities: unconditional love, the one heart, indivisible essence, core vibration, new beginnings, chalice of the infinite, All That Is.
Lunar Tone 2 – Challenge of Stabilizing the Empowerment of Polarity – Etheric Mother Sun
Qualities: loom of reality, sacred twins, cooperation, relationship, polarity of male and female, duality
Electric Tone 3 – The service of the rhythm of bonds empowering the activation – Etheric Father Sun
Qualities: movement, change, flow, current, creativity, integration, sacred trinity
Self existing Tone 4 – The form that measures the definition of empowerment – KINICH AHAU Our Physical Sun
Qualities: order, definition, discrimination, natural cycles, meaningful alignment
Overtone 5 – The radiance that commands centering the empowerment – Archangel Midway Station – choose a quality
core purpose, central intent, foundation, place of centeredness, simplicity, acceptance of your humanness
Rhythmic Tone 6 – The equality that organizes the organic balance – Star Kingdom Antares choose a quality:
receptivity, ability to respond, dynamic equilibrium, roots in many dimensions
Resonant Tone 7 – Attunement that inspires the mystical power – Star Kingdom Arcturus choose one of the qualities:
mystical alignment, self acceptance, technician of the sacred, direct connection with the Source
Galactic Tone 8 – The integrity that modulates the power of harmonic resonance – Star Kingdom Pleiades – choose one of the qualities
empowerment, galactic grid, path of the one heart
Solar Tone 9 – The intention to realize the power pulsation of greater cycles – Star Kingdom Sirius – choose one of the qualities
completion, expansion, mastery, larger cycles of open space, fulfillment, grand design
Planetary Tone 10 – The manifestation that produces perfection power – Alpha Mother Galaxy choose one of the qualities:
intention, motivation, true identity, foundation of Essence Self
Spectral Tone 11 – The liberation of dissonance that releases the power to dissolve – Omega Father Galaxy – choose one of the qualities:
change, disintegration, letting go, stripping away, complexity moving to simplicity
Crystal Tone 12 – The cooperation of complex stability that universalizes the power of dedication – Hunab Ku Galactic Centre – choose one of the qualities
stability in expansion, greater constellation, union of polarity, framework of connectedness
Tone 13 – The Presence that transcends the universal movement empowerment – Omni galactic Source – choose one of the qualities
wild card, unseen forces, unexpected change, open system, touch of destiny, interdimensional shift

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