Crystalline Rainbow

Review of Unity Consciousness Journey in Croatia May 4 until May 11

On May 4th we landed at Zagreb Airport, Croatia via airplane to be met by Igor Caleta and Isidora Popevic and Goran Lackovic in the afternoon. 

Such a warm embracement of the Group I AM Presence was flowing. A deep heart feeling of family Oneness.

From Zagreb we drove to Durdevac Peski Desert to attune to the energy there. Carla started off with an activation by handing everyone a Crystal or Crystal Skull to let it come into the Heart Center of the I AM Presence together with Crystal and Planetary Tuning Forks to walk in Silence and communicate with the people and Nature Elementals that gathered. It felt like a Pyramid energy. The radiance of the Sun’s Presence was a welcoming sphere of Love Light.

From the Desert we went to Durdevac to a Vineyard of Miro Lovrencevic together with his son Luka (11 years old) to have dinner there whilst the Sun was setting. A quiet overwhelming place of a Peaceful Nature so welcome in the Great Great Silence and a open space to interact with each other.

From there we went to Goran Lackovic in Koprivinica whom offered all a place to sleep. Deepest Gratitude Goran for assistance in this plus many other tasks.

Once everyone was settled and freshened up we went into meditation. Luka asked his father if he could join us and was such a transmitter for the Group I AM Presence. Carla and Igor started with an invocation of the  Platinum Cosmic Light of Union together with the Tibetan singing bowls and gong. We started with the lacing of the chakra’s lead by Carla. The serenity of service was deeply felt by All.

Sunday, May 5th we started with Qi Gong Tai Chi classes in the Central Park of Koprivinica lead by Suzana Vrhoci. A wonderful start of the day with such a gracious energy flow for All and the surroundings.

From there we went to the River and a ruin of a Castle to share a meditation in the pouring rain with All via Carla.

We had dinner at Goran’s house together and then Goran’s son Ben (5 years) asked if he could join us for the Chalice of Light – Ascension Chair Ceremony with Saint Germain. Ben decided to sit next to Carla whilst she was leading the Ceremony with his gracious transmission of sound via the Tibetan Singing Bowl and telepathically as well.

One by One everyone sat in the Chair whilst the candidature for some was in English and or others in Croatian (Igor assisted with the translation for this). Much was opened in the pure space of the I AM Presence.

Monday, May 6th – a Galactic Portal Activation space via the Mayan Calendar. We started the day once more with Qi Gong Tai Chi classes in the Central Park had some lunch and then went once more to the Vineyard of Miro to prepare a dinner outdoors by a fireplace.

Igor and Isidora are specialists in spotting herbs in Nature so this meal was a grace of Mother Earth for All together with the Sun Rays. Carla was guided to an area where the group would activate the Light Portal with 19 clear quartz crystals between the orchard trees at the vineyard.

Tuesday, May 7 until Saturday, May 11  we left Koprivinica on Tuesday morning with a meditation lead by Carla in the Himalayan Mountains to a Crystal Cave there together with All. Igor, Isidora, Jos and Carla travelled to Ranch Jelov Klanac, Rakovica to reside there in an cottage and go to Plitvice Lakes and Waterfalls the next few days.

A gracious journey of laughter and the marvels of Mother Earth on the way and the Silence of Mother Earth. What a grace came over us during the journey. We were gifted many insights in the I AM Presence whilst being there via personal sessions lead by Carla and the group together plus the guidance at the Waterfalls, Lakes, Trees, Sacred Herbs and Caves at Plitvice and at Rakovica together with the resonance of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Friday.

Along with this we prepared the food together via herbs along the way and went horseback riding for 1 hour on the Thursday. It is difficult to relate in words all the shifts and reflections that were given to All.

We are so grateful, we are so grateful, we are so grateful.

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