Crystalline Rainbow

As One with the Inner Child(ren), Children, Ancient Grandmothers, Ancient Grandfathers, Crystalline Core of Earth (Gaia), Star Light Beings, Planetary Light Beings, Galactic Federation Council Circles allowing and surrendering to open up the treasure chest via breathing and sounds of music instruments.


Comments on: "Discovery of the Treasure Chest" (1)

  1. Message to Erik (Ariel Mercury) Paulsson – Blessings Erik,

    Quote: Last night I had a dream. An alien space rock landed in front of me covered in hieroglyphs. It was one of three such rocks that arrived and the other two are important to find. It happened at the very same time my nephew was being born. I’m searching for others who may have had a similar dreams or visions. Unquote
    Congratulations on the welcoming of your nephew being born together with the space rock and hieroglyphs that landed in front of you.
    I have had visions of space ships, crystal temple dwellings where many light beings gather and some light symbols, colors and sounds.
    I have not had a dream or vision of an alien space rock that you speak of have related about.
    It feels to me that maybe you and your nephew have a very strong pure spirit connection.
    The rock that is covered with the hieroglyphs feels like light codes are being transmitted/activated and integrated through you.
    I would suggest to connect with this alien space rock when you are meditating or in nature or request this connection during your sleep or dream time.
    A message is being related that when you place your hands on a rock or hold a physical rock in your hands than make a connection via your heart
    you could connect with the alien space rock with hieroglyphs from your dream time. You will be in circle with other light beings and ancient ones
    so that messages and healing can be passed through.

    Question: have you met your nephew yet? Would be wonderful to hold him in your arms and just be in silence allowing and surrendering to the deep love and pureness/wisdom you share as One.

    Heart greetings,
    Carla Harren


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