Crystalline Rainbow

Preparation frequency flow of Full Moon Eclipse May 5, 2023

Today Monday, May 1, 2023 we were called to start the frequency flow via the Crystal Skulls, Crystal Sphere and Crystal Singing Bowls. See hereunder the photo’s.

We placed the photo’s on the Crystal Skull Event that Laura Pocket is organizing in England via Facebook on May 5, 2023. She reacted that she was called to create a grid with 12 skulls plus 1 crystal skull. From their the Tibetan Singing Bowls, which included 3 Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, asked to be placed in the Circle. Than de Crystal Skull grids changed as well with 4 Crystal Skull grids plus 1 grid of the Tourmaline Sphere flowing with the frequency Oneness. See hereunder photo’s.

Than other clear quartz crystals plus the sphere and pyramid asked to be placed outdoors on the balcony along with a blue berry plant.

Blue Berry’s spiritual meaning of blueberries is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Blueberries are also said to promote good health and well-being.

See photo’s:

The frequency flow of the Full Moon Eclipse – May 5, 2023 is  Tzolkin Mayan Calendar KIN 92 – Eb, Yellow Electric Human symbolizing the initiation of new creations in attunement with Highest Good for All to be in the conscious choice of assisting or letting go, to speak or be silent. Free will and liberty to be present for every living being on the grace of Earth, and the light beings on the planets, the stars and galaxies with gratitude.

Fifth Oracle – To prepare the path

Center Power of the Solar Tribe – Eb, Yellow Electric Human with its key of Divine Free Will, connected to the Heart Chakra and Planet Earth with its Message  to have the courage to express worthiness and to realise what is wished for.

East – Analog – Planetary support of Manik, Blue Elctric Hand of Divine Knowing and Healing – also connected to Heart Chakra and Planet Earth – Central Family

North – Guidance/Higher Self – also EB, Yellow Electric Human (see above description)

West – Antipode – Challenge/Opportunity – Ik, White Electric Wind – Connection to Spirit, Breathing, Heart Chakra and  Planet Uranus, Central Family preparing the pathway

South – Occult Partner/Hidden Power – Muluc, Red Cosmic Moon – Divine Purification, Love and Trust – Passageway Family opening the portal – Root Chakra and Planet Mercury

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

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