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Carla Harren

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The name given to me at birth is Catharina Johanna Harren; people call me Carla.
I am born in Zwanenburg, The Netherlands on the 14th of January 1951. During my life here and now on this Paradise of Earth I lived in Canada (for 10 years) and The Netherlands.
My educational background since 1995, is among regular studies such as secretary, Social paediatrics Worker, the 11-year studies of Natural Medicine and Healing, which involves the speciality of Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Bach Remedies, Science of Nutrition’s, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. Along with this I am specialised  in Aromatherapy such as the making of personal oil mixtures and various massage techniques such as Sport massages, Classical massages, Foot reflexology, Reiki Master, Magnified Healing I en III. Since last year we have also finished the college of general psychology and body orientated psychology.
I was also deeply touched by the Tzolkin-Mayan Calendar classes of Barbara Roth and Kees Visser and use this insight daily in coaching, sharing of workshops, gatherings and group journeys and the development of Child of Light & Love Energies. These are no longer on the market as they have been placed with therapist who work with them.
In January 2005 I followed many Crystal colleges and studies given by Willemien Timmer, Jadthen Jewall and Sorag academie which brought back many memories of the Mineral Kingdom. Together with various crystals and various crystal skulls I now integrate this in the communication of life on Earth and the connections with Cosmic Spirits for humanity and nature.
When I visited the Therapist Exhibition in 2005 I met Jaap van Velsen, the ANKH handmade artist and developer. A beautiful exchange of information started and still exists with each other. I am deeply touched by the Gratitude ANKH that generates here in the Centre and connects worldwide and beyond wherever we are.
In 2006 Jaap van Velsen gave a Workshop Key Protector in Centre Light & Love. It was a successful day with a great group of people joined together in this resonating energy. Since November 2006 a special handmade Gratitude ANKH, a master meridian ANKH is now working in Centre Light & Love.
In January 2007 an Egyptian Child ANKH handmade by Jaap van Velsen came to join us personally. Since 2012 this ANKH has been gifted to Abhidi in Croatia and tuned to his frequency.
These are special wonderful ANKH’s co created by Jaap van Velsen and his guides they gifted to humanity to touch you deeply in the heart chambers in connection with your Soul and its qualities. It is a Conscious Journey of Pure Love and Light.
Since 2005 until the end of April 2007 I gave classes in the Cosmic & Flower Energies Therapist Course. As a teacher I gave day and evening classes together with the syllabus that Donny and Mark Heuvelmans wrote and developed.
At the end of the year 2006 via moments of tranquillity I was asked via my guides to develop and prepare the Child of Light & Love Energies. A soul mate Jos Blokdijk assisted us with music along with the Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Bowls here and the gracious Love Light Children who transmuted the energies. These Energies destination are for the Inner Child, Adult Child and the Divine Child. It is a journey of awakening the knowledge via our DNA to remember that we All are Healers and Beloved Children of Divine Oneness. Henceforth we awaken our soul to our blueprint. For more information see under de subtitle New Children Waves. These energy elixirs are no longer for the public. There are two therapist who work with them at the moment in The Netherlands.
I find that it is a special mystery or wonderful discovery now which flow is being presented. A daily quiet open space assists us gracefully in this.
We have been guided to several areas around the World – Arizona – USA, Ashland – Oregon – USA,   Avebury – England, Belize, Croatia, Bournemouth – England, Calgary – Alberta – Canada, France – various areas, Egypt, England, Guatemala, Hawaii, Italy, Lake Louise – Alberta – Canada, Mexico, Mount Shasta – USA, Stonehenge – England, Thailand North East, Turkey Riviera and Cappadocia, Vietnam.
One awakening that touches us deeply in True Divinity is the evolution of Pure Love and Light via Sound and the Collective Field of the Crystals and Crystal Skulls.
We are flowering or crystallising to finally open ourselves once more to the original Divine Project for Earth and the Galaxy.
Many are called at this moment to synchronise themselves with these frequencies. You notice from within that you are challenged to wake up to this adventurous journey to listen to the heartbeats and any other signals of your body, emotions, mind and spirit. When you ignore these signals or do not recognise them illness can occur or you become out of balance.
This is why I find it very important that humanity becomes more in touch with their inner source and touch the expansion of their conscious being so that every heart can be touched by each other.
Of course I also have met and experienced the needed learning processes and I open myself up to learn even more and develop my soul path. These possibilities have touched my conscious being in many ways. I have learned to open myself again for the soul in connection with the Galactic and Earth Love Light resonance which has certainly influenced me in the richness of being.
Along with the above-mentioned activities I work part-time with disabled mental and physical people at an Activity Centre. From the heart I experience an intense connection with this field. Years ago I worked as a secretary in the business field. During this working period I experienced many exchanges with people and the commercial sector of the business field.
I am also thankful for being gifted to be the mother of a great daughter Jessica Bakker and grandmother of a grandson Diego Khan.
Since 2016 I am retired from the working field and on a small scale still have shared some workshops and gatherings in other countries. On a regular basis I share recordings via and write some posts here.
I have also done some volunteer work in Thailand for Open Mind Projects in 2016. Went to visit Peru to visit some tempels and other sacred sites along with going to the amazon with a spiritual group, visited Vietnam and Mexico, Guatemala and Belise to visit tempels and ruins.
At the moment I share with a small group some sound journeys (approximately 3 to 4 people) two to three times a month.
Across the road I share sound concerts with seniors from the old age home together with any other seniors in the neighbourhood once a month.
I do twice a week volunteer work for the local library sorting books that are handed in and sometimes if possible answering questions from customers. Their is also a senior group that gather once a month at the library for two hours to listen to a speaker for an hour and drink coffee or tea together exchanging stories. I also organise outings for this group like going to the theater, concerts, sometimes museums or walks in nature. Once a month I organise a diner at the local college that is run by students and teachers of the school that seniors attend too. It is a splendid 4 course menu at a very reasonable price.
Gratitude for this life.
Please be welcome to connect in English or Dutch language. Gratitude.

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