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Higher Consciousness Meditative Journey

Connect, Allow and Surrender to the Sacred Sounds of the Chakras, Planets, Stars and Galaxies

via Chakra and Planet Chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Pan Drum

The Garden Seed Recording

A journey on the path via passageways and light codes.

Full Moon March 7, 2023 and a story plus creations (verhaal plus creaties)

This morning I did the activation and meditation of Unmasking “Miracle Lifestyle” of miraclelifestyle | I saw and heard during the sound journey after the Sacred Geometry activation to co create a power wheel with the design of “Authenticity – Sacred Geometry” of Janosh together with the crystals, crystal skulls plus music instruments. In the meditation with the mask came forward “fear of critisime”. The tenderness of passed over husband who washed away the mask was dearly felt. After this I walked to the mirror with the affirmation “Finished is Finished I no longer need this mask”.

I was than lead to the website of Cosmic Care to search for Authenticity. The description touched me deeply and was in synchronicity with what may be revealed during this “Mystery School” mystery-start | – Labyrinth and “Miracle Lifestyle” miraclelifestyle |

Description: AUTHENTICITY |

Themes: I am taking charge.  | Boost your creativity.  | Raise your energy frequency.  | What is my life path.  | I want to feel free.

Are you really your authentic self or do you wear a mask? Authenticity is exciting, showing yourself, daring to reveal your vulnerability. That is what the majority of people love who are really themselves and not ‘fake’. Do you want to be like that too? This activation brings your unique characteristics to the surface and eliminates the fear of not being taken seriously, making you feel free to show who you really are.

See the creations.

I did the “Authenticity” activation extra this morning along with the other activation mentioned after I allowed and surrendered to the crystals, crystal skulls and music instruments plus the Sacred Geometry of Janosh and the Arcturians. Such grace the magic of playfulness and miracle lifestyle.

We will record the journey to the Sacred Tempel on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

Gratitude to Janosh Stoffers, Arcturians and the participants of the Miracle Lifestyle course and Mystery School Sacred Geometry.

Vanochtend de activatie en meditatie van Ontmaskering gedaan. Zag en hoorde tijdens de geluiden reis om een kracht wiel te creëren met de design van Authenticiteit van Janosh en de kristallen, kristallen schedel plus muziek instrumenten. In de meditatie met de masker kwam naar voren “angst voor kritiek”. Wat vertederend om overleden echtgenoot dit masker te laten wegwassen voelde ik de zachtheid hiervan. Liep daarna naar de spiegel met de affirmatie Klaar is Klaar ik heb deze masker niet nodig.

Werd geleid naar de website van Cosmic Care om Authenticiteit op te zoeken. De beschrijving raakte mij diep en was zeker synchroon wat er allemaal mag worden geopenbaard tijdens “Mystery School”  mystery-start | de Labyrinth buiten en “Miracle Lifestyle” miraclelifestyle |

“Thema’s: Ik neem de regie.  | Boost je creativiteit.  | Verhoog je energiefrequentie.  | Wat is mijn levenspad.  | Ik wil me vrij voelen.

Ben jij echt zoals je authentieke zelf of draag je een masker? Authentiek zijn is spannend, je blootgeven, durven je kwetsbaarheid te tonen. Maar dat is wel waar de meeste mensen van houden: mensen die helemaal zichzelf zijn en niet ‘nep’. Wil jij dat ook? Deze activatie haalt je unieke eigenschappen naar boven en elimineert de angst om niet serieus genomen te worden, waardoor je je vrij voelt om te laten zien wie je echt bent.

Authenticiteit activatie extra gedaan vandaag nadat ik mij heb laten leiden door de kristallen en muziek instrument plus de heilige geometrie van de Arcturianen. Heerlijk die magie van speelsheid en wonderlijke levensstijl.

Zal ook een opname doen met de muziek instrumenten en een reis maken in de Heilige Tempel.

Dankbaarheid aan Janosh, Arcturianen en de deelnemers van de Miracle Lifestyle en Mystery School.

Klankbad/Soundbath “Het Palet”/”The Palette”


Carla Harren, Carel Willinkstraat 28, 1701 JZ Heerhugowaard

Aanmelden via 0630772387 (whats app) of Er is ruimte voor 6 personen.

Register via 0630772387 (whats app) or Er is space for 6 persons.

Geniet van de helende, ontspannende reis met het chakra klokkenspel, chakra Kristallen klankschalen, diverse Tibetaanse Klankschalen, Sjamanen Trommel (vrouwelijk en mannelijk) als Een, Windgongen. Deze worden begeleid via Carla’s gidsen vanuit het Kwantum veld.

Bijdrage: Euro 5,00 (incl. kruiden thee)

Januari 2023:

  • Zaterdagavond, Nieuwe Maan, 21 januari van 20:00 tot 21:30

Thema: Harmonie

  • Woensdagochtend, 25 januari van 10:00 tot 11:30

Thema: Vrijheid

Februari 2023

  • Woensdagochtend, 1 februari van 10:00 tot 11:30

Thema: Transformatie

  • Zondagmiddag, Volle Maan, 5 februari van 13:00 tot 14:30 (neem eventueel kristallen mee)

Thema: Overvloed

  • Woensdagochtend, 15 februari van 10:00 tot 11:30

Thema: Ruimte

  • Maandagavond, Nieuwe Maan, 20 februari van 20:00 tot 21:30

Thema: Inzicht

Maart 2023

  • Woensdagochtend, 1 maart van 10:00 tot 11:30

Thema: Heling, Vervulling

  • Dinsdagavond, Volle Maan, 7 maart van 20:00 tot 21:30

Thema: Onderzoeken (neem je kristallen mee)

  • Woensdagochtend, 15 maart van 10:00 tot 11:30

Thema: Vertrouwen, Geboorte

  • Dinsdagavond, Nieuwe Maan, 21 maart van 20:00 tot 21:30

Thema: Heling, Vervulling


Magical Love Journey

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Full Moon Sunday, October 9, 2022 Seeding openspace of all your talents and possibilities. Be creative in what will you allow and surrender to blossom and flourish? What is needed to allow the seed to sprout? Be patient and wonder in its magic.

The resonance of 22

The Resonance of 22 – explained via the Council of Galactic Federation

With reference to Jose Arguelles “Tone 2 – so too might we be restricted to only one side of a perceptual equation.  Challenges that appear as hardship or struggle, when seen from another perspective, can bear the blessings of receiving opposition as a catalyst to generate holistic awareness. Embrace challenge as stimulating soul growth!”

This year some are triggered to the remembrance of 22. If we are within the heart of love light equality the 2 face each other for example here “two swans”.

Image that you are at an Ancient Site for example Mayan Ancient Temple at Chicchan Itza

Through the Center of this Pyramid/Temple there is a passageway/portal that allows and surrenders to the crystalline core of Mother Earth/Gaia. When our Soul or Higher Self connects to this Center or any other Pyramid, Temple, Sacred Place, Stone Circle or guided to create a Sacred Open Space our Higher Heart than opens to the allowance and surrender to the frequency flow of Love Light.

At the top of this Pyramid/Temple a crystalline sphere connects to the Omni Galactic Source, as you stand inside the center with your higher heart wide open the vibration/resonance frequency is allowing and surrendering to this flow of Love Light.

The above can be done for healing purposes, for connecting with the mother ships, light beings from the stars and galaxies and personal love light guides. You could place your hands on your body to allow the healing to flow or also to release that which no longer serves the highest good.

The sides where the Pyramids/Temples connect also vibrate with the 22 that are facing each other as heart love light connection as through the tubes that are build inside the walls spirals the tones/sounds/the music and awakens once more as in ancient times or the beginning of the Divine Blueprint.

As we remember or feel the resonance flowing this year it also intensifies on the 22nd day of each month. This especially can be felt when we are in the center of a Sacred Space with an High Heart open to allow and surrender to the flow of Love Light.

The months and their vibrations

January, it resonates strongly on the Root Chakra – also the vibration of a unified dimension.

February, it resonates strongly on the Sacral Chakra (creation) – also the vibration of a lunar dimension.

March, it will resonate strongly on the Solar Plexus (empowerment) – also the vibration of third dimension which in reference to Jose wisdom “is electrifying the bond of service of meaningful work, which may or may not ever have rewards outside of the tasks themselves” just the joy of being able to share with others – also the vibration of the third dimension.

April, it will resonate strongly on the Heart Center (love) – also the vibration of the fourth dimension where we transform and dream our creation.

May, it will resonate strongly on the Throat Center (communication within and without) – also the vibration of the fifth dimension. Many channels will come through along with many council meetings and sacred gatherings,

June, it will resonate strongly on knowledge Third Eye (seeing beyond, how to celebrate and read the or collect the Ancient Wisdom of Libraries and unfolding well advanced technologies) – also the vibration of the sixth dimension.


July, it will resonate strongly on the Crown (mankind will collectively receive its connections with other realms, guidance and how we will step by step rebuild or expand to open to natural connectiveness. This is also the resonance of the seventh dimension that is available to all.


Vredes Meditatie – Peace Meditation

Meditation Sound Journey of the Soul Tree of the Moon within its Inner Peace Chambers.

Meditatie Klanken reis van de Zielen boom van de Maan binnenin de Open Ruimte Kamers van Vrede.



Magical Stardust Soul Children

Portal Passageway or Paths to the Stars with the Inner Children, Star-, Planet and Galaxy Light Beings, Councils. The Sparkles of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Violet Indigo, Golden White, Silver Golden, Copper Golden, Pearlescent, Cosmic Platinum and Golden Rainbow Stardust as One with the Inner dance, song, tone, paint, sculpture or whatever creation comes forward. Gratitude in Love Always.

The qualities of Courage, Free Choice, Divine Intelligence, Harmony, Vision, Playfulness Magic, Integrity, Spirit Loyalty, Opportunity, Passion, Divinity, Trust, Navigation of Love Gratitude.

Discovery of the Treasure Chest

As One with the Inner Child(ren), Children, Ancient Grandmothers, Ancient Grandfathers, Crystalline Core of Earth (Gaia), Star Light Beings, Planetary Light Beings, Galactic Federation Council Circles allowing and surrendering to open up the treasure chest via breathing and sounds of music instruments.


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