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New Moon Harmonics Love Light of Beauty and Elegance, January 21, 2023

Sound and Voice Journey in English and Dutch.

Geluid en Stem Reis in Engels en Nederlands.


Discovery of the Treasure Chest

As One with the Inner Child(ren), Children, Ancient Grandmothers, Ancient Grandfathers, Crystalline Core of Earth (Gaia), Star Light Beings, Planetary Light Beings, Galactic Federation Council Circles allowing and surrendering to open up the treasure chest via breathing and sounds of music instruments.


The Multidimensional Journey

The Multidimensional Journey with sounds, dance, movement and Ancient Tones

General information:

Squaring the Circle

We are in the Galactic Portals/Passageways Resonance from May 24 to June 2 then we proceed through the Mystical Blue Column Portal/Passageway days and nights from June 8 to June 27 via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar together with the Ancient Ones in full Circle. Be Welcome!

The portals/passageways are of great influence on the activation process of our light body within the physical body here on Earth and that of Mother Earth. We are all within the evolution process on the eve of the birth of a new multidimensional human being and a new Earth.


Note: The Dark Green squares with the KIN numbers 106 to 115 are Galactic Activation Portals/Passageways – May 24 until June 2, 2018.

Every one of us is given the choice if we want to help shape this unique adventure within Pure Heart Love. Take the portal/passageway days and nights with you in your personal vibrational planning. Do you have an important conversation or meeting? Do you foresee an important task? Are you travelling to meet and greet others? Do you stand for an investigation or treatment? You are Now given this opening, “Be” within the resonance of these portal/passageway days and nights or Mystical Blue Column Portal days and nights.


Note: The Blue Mystic Column from June 7 until June 27, 2018

Go consciously within the portal days & nights plus the Mystical Blue Column portal days & nights to experience the difference with the other days. The energy of a portal day or night / Mystical Blue Column portal day or night brings you to the core of the subject, usually takes you to a deeper level in a conversation and has a more intense effect on the wholeness for the Highest Good for All.


The Journey:

Link to the recording


Now Stand with your bare feet on the ground or lay down on a matrass. Breath deeply in and out allowing and surrendering to this flow of the Presence of Now.

We are now connecting your energetic bodies or aura layers with the physical body within. Allow and surrender to the sounds of the Sacred Instruments to go through your physical body as a preparation for communication to let the old be removed that no longer serves wholeness to reveal the multidimensional body in its bliss of Joy of tender, soft power within healing on all levels.



Now in Silence go within your physical body and place your hands there wherever they are guided to go. Feel the Presence in this circle of Ancient Fathers/Grandfathers, Ancient Mothers/ Grandmothers that welcome this Divine Child in the Physical Open Space of Multidimensional Earth together as One coming home to the celebration. Create the sounds or tones that resonate within to allow the movement of the transition to Be!

Feel allow and surrender to the movement of vibrations going through your body Now. Go into movement of a dance in whatever way it presents itself. Like you are in the cradle and the Ancient Ones within move this in a peaceful, tender, caressing power whilst dancing and toning/singing with you in this Powerful Love. If your hands wish to join in allow this to BE AS IT IS!

If tears come out just allow this sacred water to flow birthing the Divine Child with its Multidimensional Body. Welcome Dear One in this Celebration of Return to the Multidimensional Love resonance.


Continue to dance, tone/sing and in between just allow and surrender to the vibration that goes through your physical body.


Take some still pauses in between we just love your Presence!


Do whatever you feel deep within All is okay as it is!


Welcome Home Dear Precious Beloved One.


You may do this whenever you feel the calling and please share it with others as well.





The Magic Art of Being Crystal Portal Grid. De Magische Kunst van Zijn Portaal.

The Art of Being Crystal Portal Grid

De Kunst van Zijn Kristallen Portalen Wiel/Grid



Via guidance was asked last night in dreamtime to prepare for the Full Moon Total Eclipse together with the Spirit Animal “Hawk” and “Horse”, Ancient Grandfather Sun, Ancient Grandmother Moon and Crystal Elders to place a Crystal Portal Grid creation outside on the Terrace. Also included are the Clear Quartz Cluster Energetic Elixirs. These are 6 steps ascending/or being uplifted to the Sacred Temple on top of the Pyramid to 7 and than descending 6 steps as a message for the Highest Good for All in this spiral movement.

This evening we will prepare a Crystal Portal Grid inside the Crystal Room of Center Love Light as well. Photographs will follow shortly. See below the Inner Cosmic Womb Magical Art of Being.

Via Begeleiding was gevraagd gisteravond in droomruimte om voor te bereiden voor de Volle Maan Totale Maansverduistering samen met de Spiritdieren “Havik” en “Paard”, Oeroude Grootvader Zon, Oeroude Grootmoeder Maan en de Kristallen Oeroudere om een Kristallen Portaal Wiel/Portaal Grid te creëren buiten op het terras. Mede zijn ook de Bergkristallen Clusters Energetische Elixers hieraan toe gevoegd. Dit zijn de 6 stappen die ascenderen/oftewel opgetild zijn naar de Heilige Tempel bovenaan de Piramide naar 7 en dan 6 stappen omlaag gaan met de boodschap voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen in deze spiralen beweging .

East Supportive/Oosten Ondersteunend


North Highest Good with Guidance/Noorden Hoogste Goed met Begeleiding


West Challenge, Strengthening and Opportunity/Westen Uitdaging, Bekrachtiging en Gelegenheid


South Hidden Power Revealed/Zuiden Verborgen Kracht geopenbaard


Center, Grounding and Anchoring/Centrum, Gronden en Verankeren





The Inner Cosmic Womb Magical Art of Being – 144,000 light codes

De Innerlijke Kosmische Baarmoeder Magische Kunst van Zijn – 144,00 licht codes



East supportive spiral flow/Oosten ondersteunde spiralen stroming


North – The Highest Good for All with Guidance/Noorde – het Hoogste Goed voor Allen met Begeleiding.


West facing the challenges, strengthening and opportunity spiral flow. Westen het aangaan van uitdagingen, bekrachtiging en gelegenheid.


South the Hidden Power flowering spiral movement. Het Zuiden de Verborgen Kracht in zijn Bloeiende spirale beweging.


The centering, grounding and anchoring as One. Het Centeren, Gronden en Verankeren als Een.





The Overtone Moon of Radiance, spiral movement of 28 days. November 15 through December 12, 2016

Overtone Moon of Radiance

November 15 through December 12


Art work of Sam Farrand “Seat of the Soul”,

peacock_650x400_51425290220otem Animal Peacock


Core: To gather inner and outer resources to empower yourself and others. Call upon this within and let it be in the radiance of an Overview for the next 28 days.


General Information:

Tone 5 is the flow of returning to the wind directions where you have started in the cycles of the 4’s. Welcome structure and coherency. Defining details and specifics. Within it carries the colors red (Earth), white (Air), blue (Water) and yellow(Fire). As an Overtone or overview automatically an empowering vibration energy is Present, when it overlies the previous Moon cycle. You can empower yourself, others and projects. Be you! Show your beauty and strength of who you truly are!


There is an old Mayan legend about the Quetzal (Native peacock). There was an election under the animals of the jungle. The animal with the most unusual characteristics would be called to be King. Kukul, the quetzal, he wanted to be this King, but he also knew that as an ugly bird he would have no chance of being this. He therefore devises a deception to steal the feathers of another bird. In this he succeeded and he was elected King. He therefore devised a deception to steal the feathers of another bird. In this he succeeded and he was elected King. (It feels like this reflects politics that are flowing in the Present moment.)


This bird appears very well to know what it needs to be raised into its power. And he knows how to get it, though I would like to discourage theft! Peacock gave himself the power he em-powered itself. And now he is one of the most beautiful birds in the bird kingdom. But watch for pride and arrogance. Look at your feet, keep in touch with the Earth. As you know, the peacock raises a loud shrill cry, which contrasts with its beautiful plumage. According to the North American Indians, it is a cry of dismay; Peacock is so proud to show off his finery, he has forgotten that he has such ugly feet. And every time he sees his feet, he rocks back and cries out in horror. Where the fourth Moon still was about what is real, this fifth Moon is much closer to magic; the tail of the peacock is so pretty and shiny that it almost did not seem real. Peacock therefore represents the magic of emotions.

Question: What do you need to be in your strength?

Reference: written by Nicole E. Zonderhuis,, translation into English by Carla Harren

The Quetzal bird of Central America ( Ket-zal) and the rattle snake shared the position of most reviewed creatures by the ancient Maya. The feathers of the iridescent Quetzal were used in Royal costume and ceremonial garb for kings and priests. The Quetzal symbolized the movement of Creation and the will of the Creator that come to earth. As the Serpent moves side to side on the ground, the Quetzal flaps and glides through the jungle. That is, it moves up and down in its progression. The Maya knew that Creation moves from Day to Night or Creation to Destruction in a wave like pattern.

The Maya married the two creatures, Quetzal and Serpent into Quetzal Coatl. (Plumbed Serpent) This deity is the movement of Creation and all effects so produced by that movement. That means you and me and everything we can think, feel or see, are all part of the Plumbed Serpent and his/her movement.

Serpent skins, bones and rattles were used in most Maya’s clothing and personal effects as sacred decoration. Serpent venom was used as a prescription by Maya shaman for a number of treatments or cures. Reference: Ian Xel Lungold


Personal Note: As a very young child I was fascinated by the Peacock in the Park where my mother took me too. I usually sang this song “Peacock, Peacock spread your wings”. Indeed, after a while the Peacock would do this. I wish that this Magic is there for everyone in these 28 days of the Overtone Moon of Radiance. Personally, it brings such Joy and Happiness to observe how everyone of us grows and develops in Radiance.


Now we review the theme or mission of the Overtone Moon of Radiance. It vibrates with the Four directions and its centering, grounding and anchoring Uac Chuen, Blue Rhythmic Monkey (the equalizer of balance within Magic, Playfulness and Illusion). Sacred Water (place your left hand on the navel area). Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of Purify, Purify, Purify – Release, Release, Release – Transform, Transform, Transform – All that no longer serves the Soul Source and the Collective Soul Source. You can do this on a morning, afternoon and night basis.

Chant: Lamat, Chuen, Imix, Oc, Chuen

KIN 71 – Ox Chuen, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, Light code 71:6:1 Overtone Moon of Radiance, Planet Venus.

LAMAT.Yellow Star East supportive: From Midnight through Sunset.

Ox Lamat, Yellow Rhythmic Star, Light code 188:6, Planet Venus. Sacred Fire spiral movement (place your right hand on your Heart area). Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of Purify, Purify, Purify – Release, Release, Release – Transform, Transform, Transform – All that no longer serves the Soul Source and the Collective Soul Source. You can do this on a morning, afternoon and evening basis.

Note: The balance within (feminine and masculine) of Harmony creates the Beauty and Elegance of Radiance. Allow yourself to be drawn to Artistic Skills in your dreams etc.


CHUEN.Blue  Monkey North Higher Self within Divine Guidance: From Sunrise through Noon.

Ox Chuen, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, Light code 71:6, Planet Venus, Sacred Water spiral movement.

Note: Be in the Spirit of Magic, Playfulness, Humor and also see through the illusion you have created within. This will become clear to you or be shown to you through others.


IMIX.Red Dragon West: Challenge, strengthening and opportunity: From Noon through Sunset.

Ox Imix, Red Rhythmic Dragon, Light code 201:6, Planet Neptune, Sacred Earth spiral movement.

Note: Nurture the nourishment of Birthing of new beginning with all its Radiance just as the Ancient Grandmother or Mother would for the Divine Child. Be in Silence and Ancient Trust in Presence of the now here upon Sacred Earth.


OC.White Dog South: Awakening awareness of Consciousness: From Sunset to Midnight.

Uc Oc, White Resonant Dog, Light code 150:7 – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and clarity, Planet Mercury, Sacred Air spiral movement.

Note: How your communication of Sacred Air is the key to opening the Unconsciousness Portal or Passageway to be inspired, inspiring others and creative projects as a channel of Soul Source as One with the Collective Source in the Heart Loyalty Love in every relationship.


To center, ground and anchor All the Sacred Elements including Sacred Ether with Ox Chuen, Blue Rhythmic Monkey of Magic, Playfulness, Humor and seeing through the Illusions that I and we have created. We All have the overview.

Question: What do you need to be in your strength?


In between we have the resonances of growth and development in Gratitude for this Radiance.


ETZNAB.White Mirror The Goal we all have is to be in the Cosmic/Galactic Omnipresent Source of Heart Centerness of KIN 98, Uc Etznab, White Resonant Mirror (Insight), Light code 98:7:28 Overtone Moon of Radiance, Planet Neptune, Sacred Air/Ether. Go or step out of the image we have created to see of ourselves and others and resonant in the beyond or evolution of Cosmic Order of Divine Truth.


Blessings to All.

Communication within listening and speaking – Light Code 242:8:24

Crystal Elders and Ancient Ones resonating via Spirit:


We stand for the flow of integrity, integration and harmony

To navigate the evolution of synchronicity

To release let die opening to the opportunity

As we all have a Divine Free Will of Choice

Strengthening Divine Wisdom

Awakening within the Transformation

Centering, grounding and anchoring the downloading

of Communication Listening and Speaking

So be it.





The New Year Galactic Spin as One via Group Skype

Group Skype as One

New Year Galactic Spin

Sunday, July 26, 2015

At 9 p.m. or 21:00 hours, Amsterdam Time

Light codes: 114:10:1 Magnetic Moon of Purpose



Kin 114 – Ix, White Planetary Wizard

– Galactic Activation Portal of High Resonance and Clarity


Chant: Chicchan, Ik, Kan, Men, Ix

*Oh Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

*this means “Oh mother, source – the harmony of mind and nature.

This phrase combines Mayan and Tibetan language.


General Information:

The Blue Western Castle of Burning: Court of Magic – Blue Castle transforms the star: Through magic star burns – Wave 9 – 12

Red Wave 9 – KIN 105 to KIN 117 – (life force initiates burning)

Sunday, July 26, 2015 – New Year Galactic Spin – Magnetic Moon of Purpose


IX.White WizardKin 114 – Tone 10 – Ix, White Planetary Wizard – Galactic Activation Portal

Tone 10: The manifestation of Essence – Heavens touch the Earth; Spirit and Matter Unite.


The sharing Sacred Journey of the 7 Galactic Directions as One Ceremony:

Guidance requested to co create a Sacred Wheel at your Soul Source dwelling to unite as One physically and in Spirit.

This journey sharing will be solely guidance from Pure White Light.


CHICCHAN.Red SerpentEast –Chicchan, Red Planetary Serpent, Sacred Earth is supportive, that which comes naturally as a frequency or vibration


IK, White WindNorth – Ik, White Planetary Wind, Sacred Spirit Wind is the Higher Self or Guidance frequency or vibration


KAN.Yellow SeedWest – Kan, Yellow Planetary Seed, Sacred Fire is the challenge, strengthening which reveals an open space frequency or vibration


MEN.Blue EagleSouth – Men, Blue Self Existing Eagle is the Hidden Power or the awakened awareness of the unconsciousness into the consciousness revealed frequency or vibration



Father Sky – resonating the One

Mother Earth – resonating the One


IX.White WizardCentering, grounding and anchor the Solar Tribe or spiral soul spirit movement Ix, White Planetary Wizard with the key light codes 114:10:1, light sounds, light colors, light fragrances and light geometric designs.


“I am One with the Earth and Galaxies. The Earth and the Soul Source are One.

In Deepest Gratitude

Sharing from Mexico with the Crystal Elders – Mark Villalobos in deepest Gratitude.

imgo  imgo (3) imgo (4)

Message from Mark to go with the above:

Excellent – there are many Powerful Beings there including but not limited to Mother Earth, the Sea, Whale and Dolphin Grid, Crystal Skull Matrix, Cristalline Grid, my Parents (my Mother Crossed Over several months earlier and my Father Crossed Over the following week), and the Newly Welcomed Kumara Dragon Energy Grid from Japan.‏

by skrying the picture one will Receive Blessings from them‏

Part 5 – Group Journey One and the Same – Wells and Avebury

Group Journey One and the Same – Wells Cathedral, Wells Bishops Castle and Avebury
Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the morning Elena, Stuart and I went to Wells by bus from Glastonbury. Unfortunately Gay Anne and Ruth were not able to come along seeing they were picking up the rented car in Taunton.
Wells is quite a clean city that offers old historical ancient sites to tourists and an educational music for the youth and adults.

Wells Cathedral.June 18
We started by visiting the Wells Cathedral. Upon arrival there were many elementary school children from different schools in their uniforms ready to enter the Cathedral. It intrigued me what they would be doing there. Upon entrance of the main area of the Cathedral their pureness of voices accounted for strong goose bumps. They first started off with a wave movement as they had filled the main area of the Cathedral than they started to sing with the piano. All hearts were moved and uplifted by these gracious souls.

Wells works.June 18  Wells Cathedral.Ancient Door.June 18

Wells Cathedral.the special ancient clock.June18  Wells Cathedral.Ancient Clock description.June 18

We than went to Bishops Castle in Wells. I stayed at the terrace seeing I had been here before and Elena plus Stuart entered the Castle.

Wells.Ancient Tree.Bishops Castle.June 18  Wells.Bishops Castle.June 18

Elena the Angel.Wells Bishops Castle.June 18  Wells.Bishops Castle.Art Design.

Wells.Bishops Castle.Swans.June 18

Back by local bus to Glastonbury to be on time to meet Gay Anne and Ruth.
The 5 of us went by car to Avebury to visit the Stone Circles and whatever guidance requested.

Avebury.Stone Circle.Thursday.June 18  Avebury Stone Circle.Gay Liberty.June 18

Avebury.Stone Circle.Ruth.June 18  Elena.Avebury Stone Circle.Thursday.June.18

Ruth and Stuart than guided us to a Sacred Fairy Tree in the circumference of the Stone Circle.
A light doorway or passageway.

Avebury.Fairy Tree.June 18  Avebury.Sacred Tree.June 18

Aveybury.Sacred Tree.what is its message.June 18  Sacred Tree and dear Sisters and Brothers.Avebury.June 18

We walked onwards to another Stone Circle and then visited Avebury Heart Centre – Adrian Mieras to apologise that we were unable to attend the special Sound Concert on Saturday evening.
Carla was called to share a meditation with everyone plus toning as a guided soul at the Stone Circle at the beginning of the evening together with the Crystal Skulls, Crystals, Sound of the Planetary Chimes, Chakra Chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowls and the beautiful toning.

Avebury Stone Circle impression.

By that open space it was wise to drive back to Glastonbury and eat somewhere along the way.
Quite an intensive day of downloading.

Intention: “The Divine Intelligence of Guidance”
From the Eastern supportive Sacred Waters of letting go of illusion and allowing magical playfulness to vibrate.
To the Northern Higher Self Sacred Fire of questioning to access divine guidance, circulating fresh analysis of our convictions to assure they represent our truths; to embrace challenge by recognizing it as the ever present gift of growth; to understand obstacles as opportunities as strength.
Moving to the Western challenge, strengthening and opportunity via the Sacred Spirit Breath of equalizing by death or release by revelation of humbleness into the richness of the now.
To the Southern hidden power of the Sacred Earth representing our instinctual body wisdom; our sensuality, creativity and passion. Allowing and surrendering to the living temples of Earth; our one and only home for this lifetime. Inwardly to the center, grounding and anchoring the Sacred Waters of an expansive scope; a grand planetary perspective seeing with a broad and objective view in the now and going beyond.
Moving into the spiral center, grounding and anchoring to apply mindfulness, precision, and will; to question all appearances, reference points and information to gain deeper insight and intelligence; question and confront fears in order to release their hold and transcend them as a shield. You are a channel and agent of cosmic forces to integrate the 3 forces of mind, will and spirit to pick up the staff of galactic empowerment.

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