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The Overview Vision of Step by Step Accomplishment – Blue Eagle Wave 19


The Overview Vision of Step by Step Accomplishment

Blue Eagle Wave 19

January 13 through 25, 2018

Core: Memory, Creation, Vision

General information:

We All are in the intensified new energy flows in preparation for the Total Eclipse of the Full Moon that will resonate in the next Yellow Wave 20. This completes the cycle of 260 tones and galactic signatures as the wheel continues to spiral for the beginning of the next Cycle Red Wave 1 which includes the Partial New Moon Eclipse.

If your birthday is in this period than this Wave will be your support, learning and developing for the birthday year. Also if you resonate with the Blue Eagle via your date of birth this will be a open space for new beginning or initiation.

Blue is resonating the element of Water conversing the cleansing and bathing of all personal relationships, projects and actions for improvement. To transform is the strongest movement here.

Blue Eagle represents the Higher Collective Mind, Visionary Creativity and Universal Consciousness. Seeing with a broad and objective view, we travel beyond our limited or narrow perceptions of our selves, our lives and our world. Whilst elevating your consciousness you discover what your unique, personal contributions are to assist the positive transformation of our shared reality.

Direct your journey into the vast creative landscape of your Soul. Discover unlimited clear-seeing, fertile imagination and ground-breaking ideas. Vision is a gift. Portray and reveal, so others may also see.

During this wave, you will be pointed towards your responsibilities. In case you wish to undermine this; the stronger the Eagle will fly after you and grab you in its claws. This action seems to be hard-handily put but did you not see in what kind of web you were landed in?

Eagle asks you to fly along and take a long look at your life. Look at where you are now and decide where you wish to go from there. Overview, oversee and adjust your direction if needed.

Face of creation: Keep an overview of your created vision and at the same time keep your eye open voor every detail.

Quality: See the wholeness and from within your empowerment create the vision. From your own abundance deliver a contribution to a harmonic community.

Shadow or lesson to be learned: Forcibly wanting to rescue other people. Paying insufficient attention to your own needs and being too concerned towards others.

To do tips: Take a step towards distance to overview where you are now. Act from a vision and spread out your wings. Use your sharp insight. Pick up your responsibilities and enjoy the flight!

Blue Wave 19

The Mission or Theme of this Blue Eagle Wave 19

Blue Magnetic EagleChant: Kan, Men, Chicchan, Cimi, Men

Planets: Jupiter, Asteroid Belt, Mars – Light Code 235:1:4 Resonate Monkey Moon

May the quality of supportive spiral movement of the East, be a conscious power to develop your own potential and to pursue targeted growth for the Highest Good for All.

May the quality of Higher Self together with Divine Guidance of the spiral movement of the North, see the larger picture and realize visions from within your own power contributing to a harmonic society from within this abundance.

May the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of the spiral movement of the West, follow your instincts and to choose for life-force increasing pursuits and embodying the passion through the conscious internalization of these activities.

May the hidden power be revealed in the consciousness for flowering via the spiral movement of the South, of being able to connect oppositions and letting go of the inner attitude of resistance through acceptance. To be aware of resistance to blocking profound changes, and the learning process by controlling and tenacity.

May this be centered, grounded and anchored in the creation of the spiral movement of overseeing and at the same time noticing every detail.


Growth and Development of this Blue Wave 19:

Tone 2 – challenge of working together in being honest about recognizing your limitation as you are human; to be able to embrace it and overcome it.

Light Code 235:2:5 Resonate Monkey Moon

CIB.Yellow Warrior CIB, Yellow Lunar Warrior – to step forward in all situations to be truthful and ask questions when needed using the power of analysis of yourself and your surroundings. From an inner authority develop your consciousness Intelligence.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Lamat, Yellow Lunar Star of creating harmony through conflict via the beauty and elegance of artistic skills.


Tone 3 – to be of service and open to possibilities and being part of the solutions.

Light Code 235:3:6 Resonate Monkey Moon

CABAN.Red Earth  CABAN, Red Electric Earth – the synchronicity and navigation of being centered within and using alertness instinct to take the next step. Effortlessness determines the way.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Imix, Red Electric Dragon of Ancient Trust giving birth to new beginnings.


Tone 4 – the creation of planning the action. Defining the limitations and creating a blueprint for success.

Light Code 235:4:7 Resonate Monkey Moon

ETZNAB.White Mirror  Etznab, White Self Existing Mirror – provide the quality of clarity and honesty from insight. Through discernment and reflection develop new perspectives.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ix, White Self Existing Wizard of the quality of a group approach and a focused attitude in many perspectives. The self-interest can subordinate to the greater goal.


Tone 5 – gathering of inner and outer resources to empower yourself and others.

Light Code 235:5:8 Resonate Monkey Moon – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity

CAUAC.Blue Storm  Cauac, Blue Overtone Storm – Galactic Activation Portal – New Moon. The quality of liberation from role imperative. Transformation can operate and build new structures.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Manik, Blue Overtone Hand of the quality of experience of learning what should be done in accordance with the flow. “To do It” with minimal means and under its own direction.


Tone 6 – to organize the resources and to bring in an efficient way balance in your life and that of others, projects etc.

Light Code 235:6:9 Resonate Monkey Moon

AHAU.Yellow Sun  Ahau, Yellow Rhythmic Sun – See and experience the quality of the universal consciousness, unconditional towards all that lives. You know who you are, that everything and nothing is and experience the greatness of connection with your surroundings. Be the sunshine!

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ahau, Yellow Rhythmic Sun of seeing and experiencing the quality of the overall image. Being able to give everything a place from a judgment-free and conscious attitude.


Tone 7 – Attune and align within Source. Be inspired, inspire others and creative projects.

Light Code 235:7:10 Resonate Monkey Moon – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity

IMIX.Red Dragon  Imix, Red Resonate Dragon – Galactic Activation Portal with the quality to be able to think and act in a solution-oriented way based on trust, to have innovative ideas and to show decisiveness.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ben, Red Resonate Skywalker of the quality of seeing and experiencing life as a great adventure or exploration. To have the courage to take extra ordinary decisions beyond routine or the known.


Tone 8 – to stand firm in your integrity, integration and harmony on all levels.

Light Code 235:8:11 Resonate Monkey Moon

IK, White Wind  Ik, White Galactic Wind of the quality of spiritual inspiration and strength capabilities to embark on the path of inspired communication. Take note of deep breathing at every moment in the Presence of Now.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Cimi, White Galactic Worldbridger of being in acceptance of opposition and connect with it through letting go of your inner resistance of changes.


Tone 9 – take a step of action with passion, enthusiasm and directness.

Light Code 235:9:12 Resonate Monkey Moon

AKBAL.Blue Night  Akbal, Blue Solar Night – the quality of contributing to the improvement process, bringing the unique skills confidently into the world and permanently placing things into perspective.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Cauac, Blue Solar Storm of transformation and multifunctionality. Transverse your learning of being helpless and dependency, fear of loss and having addiction problems.


Tone 10 – perfection and place your quality in trust and gratitude.

Light Code 235:10:13 Resonate Monkey Moon

KAN.Yellow Seed  Kan, Yellow Planetary Seed – The quality of the conscious power to develop your own potential and to pursue targeted growth and productivity. Plant your seed in fertile ground for germination.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Eb, Yellow Planetary Human of clear intention and responsibility. The quality of knowing that thought creates strength and of being aware that it is your responsibility to where the thought goes too. As a human being, you have the free will to choose.


Tone 11 – Liberation via releasing to allow and surrender in forgiveness in humbleness and acceptance.

Light Code 235:11:14 Resonate Monkey Moon

CHICCHAN.Red Serpent  Chicchan, Red Spectral Serpent

The Higher Self with Guidance of Chicchan, Red Spectral Serpent of the quality of following your instincts and to choose for life-force activities including interactions with others and through these inner conscious movement of these activities and interactions embody the passion.


Tone 12 – to explore, discover, share and give expression to insights in openness and love.

Light Code 235:11:15 Resonate Monkey Moon

CIMI.White Worldbridger  Cimi, White Crystal Worldbridger – the quality of balance and mediation strength. Let go of your resistance and surrender it to acceptance to accept oppositions and connect them to each other. Release any inner attitudes of resistance to be in the flow of intermediating.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Etznab, White Crystal Mirror of the quality of clarity and honesty to share your insights. By developing discernment and reflection, new perspectives are developed within yourself, with others and projects.


Goal of the Blue Wave 19

Tone 13 – the transcendence of coming home to start a new beginning. A celebration with Source and Life.

Manik, Blue Cosmic Hand of step by step accomplishment, understanding and wholeness. The Higher Self with Guidance of Chuen, Blue Cosmic Monkey of humor, playfulness and magic going beyond the illusion.

Light Code 235:13:16 Resonate Monkey Moon


Blue Hand is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

Blue Hand is a gateway, an opening, a portal from one understanding to another! “clue to the meaning of Blue Hand is found in the meditation, I am, by thinly veiled design, the threshold to other dimensions! In my ending is my beginning! The initiatory gateway awaits! Blue Hand is the seventh or last archetype in the cycle of development of primary being! It represents the power found in completion! Blue Hand is a closure, which is really an opening to another level of being! It represents the fluidity of moving water, Blue Hand is associated with the process of dance, mudra, and beauty! This movement is a metaphor for the ebb and flow of life! In meditation with Manik, experience the flowing quality that is the beauty of the cosmic dance! Remember this essence and this fluidity at times when your life feels most inflexible or lacking in beauty! Blue Hand represents the “beauty way”, the ability to see intrinsic beauty within yourself and in all things! Living the beauty way requires being in your full beauty and power! From this place, your self-authority naturally flows! This is the position where your ego is aligned with divine will! When you are standing in your full beauty and power, your very presence invites others to be all that they are! To the Maya, Blue Hand represents the deer, the gentle, serenely aware guide who walks in fluid beauty and power.


Blue Cosmic Hand Chant: Eb, Chuen, Caban, Ix, Manik

Planets: Earth, Venus, Uranus, Asteroid Belt

May the quality of supportive spiral movement of the East, be the clear intention and responsibility of knowing that thought creates power and to be aware that it is your responsibility to where your thought goes to.

May the quality of Higher Self together with Divine Guidance of the spiral movement of the North, to have the quality of a humorous and relaxed approach to challenges and to use your own knowledge in a playful and cooperative way to create solutions.

May the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of the spiral movement of the West, be synchronicity and navigation from an inner centerness and alertness to know what the next step will be. Avoid living in too many dreams and visions, to judge too quickly, become disorientated. Stay grounded.

May the hidden power be revealed in the consciousness for flowering via the spiral movement of the South, of an inner knowing and compassionate service to a group orientated approach and having a perspective-oriented attitude. Self-interest is subordinate to the greater goal.

May this be centered, grounded and anchored in the creation of the spiral movement of learning to experience what needs to be done to be attuned and aligned with the flow. It can be realized with minimal means and under your own management.



Shift from 2017 to 2018

The Shift from 2017 to 2018

White Wave 18

Inner Inspired Communication that

is brought forth within Integrity



The old year 2017 is spiralling within a Galactic Activation Portal that assists here. So, what is a Galactic Activation Portal?

GAP daysThere are 52 darker cells in the Harmonic Module known as Galactic Activation Portals with a shape like the DNA structure of double helix. Jose Arguelles called this grid the Loom of Maya, helping to activate our DNA’s full potential by linking both the macro and micro cosmos.

A “portal” means a gateway, an entrance to other dimensions.

During the GAP days, our Planet receives higher frequencies and our awareness is amplified.

If we relate to life on a soul level, these days present great opportunities to consciously accelerate our Awakening by gaining a better understanding of cosmic energies. And, if we are living in the illusions created by our ego, these days can also be felt as intense and “chaotic”.

White Wind Cycle 18 resonance of 13 days and nights as a compass for this year. Notice where it touches you personally in your Soul Galactic Pathway from when you were born or in your Year Soul Pathway or in your Soul Relationship Pathway.

White Wave 18

This is truly where the fireworks sparkle within and brought out into the world.


Sunday, December 31, 2017 – the theme or mission flow.

White Magnetic WindChant: Caban, Ik, Eb, Cauac, Ik

Light Code 222:1: 19 Rhythmic Lizard Moon, Planets: Uranus, Earth, Pluto

As a Fifth Oracle, this would be in the flow of breathing in the circulation allowing fresh currents to move through our channels, invigorating and re-orienting us All. Expression that is moved through us freely at such grace to be moved by the refining motion of ideas and feelings that come from the Heart Love Light Source.


CABAN.Red Earth As a supportive spiral movement flowing from the East (Caban, Red Magnetic Earth) it initiates new creations, aligning and attuning the compass to be set to synchronize the participation of shifting our collective consciousness that we may all set a new course of action that aspires to function in Harmony with Nature.


IK, White Wind  In the spiral movement flow of the Highest Good with Divine Guidance from the North (Ik, White Magnetic Wind) it resonates to breath consciously and deep in this communication to convey truths and create connections with Spirit. Be inspired to use the abilities and styles of communication to shape realities and our relationships with others.


EB.Yellow Human  Be comfortable and at peace in the spiral movement resonance from the West (Eb, Yellow Magnetic Human) to influence the choice of Free Will. Within us All flows the stream of wisdom of our ancestors. All we think, say, do, create, choose and feel impacts those around us, and contributes to the Collective Human Consciousness, which we are in turn affected by.


CAUAC.Blue Storm Let us All be moved by the endurance of transcending presence of the ever-onward life unfolds of coming home to start a new beginning taking magic flight, magnetic return, in this spiral movement resonance from the South (Cauac, Blue Cosmic Storm) of a catalyst that initiates or accelerates a process or event without being affected or consumed in the process. We All can induce responses and reactions – to stimulate change and transformation. Awaken now to the unique energetic signatures carried by our thoughts, words, actions and experiences refining them to learn to conduct the power and potential of our inner forces most effectively.


Be All then centered, grounded and anchored within to commune with our personal spiritual realm and discover how we can transmit our inspiration from the unseen into this physical dimension to share our revelations and enthusiasm.

New Cycle


Sunday, January 1, 2018 – the growth and development.

2018 is in the spiral movement of Blue Night on Tone 2. It is an invitation to reveal our ability to work together and being honest and vulnerable about recognizing limitations in overcoming and embracing them. Challenges that appear as hardship or struggle, when seen from another perspective, can bear the blessings of opportunity of stabilization by receiving opposition as a catalyst to generate holistic awareness of growth and development.


Blue Lunar NightChant: Cib, Men, Ben, Etznab, Akbal

Light code 223:2:20 Rhythmic Lizard Moon, Planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune


As a Fifth Oracle, this would be in the flow of Silence of our Intuition, Dreams and the Abundance of Life as Wholeness.


CIB.Yellow Warrior As a supportive spiral movement flowing from the East (Cib, Yellow Lunar Warrior) is stabilized by asking questions concerning appearances, reference points and information to gain deeper insight and intelligence. To question and confront our fears in order to release their hold and transcend them.


MEN.Blue Eagle In the spiral movement flow of the Highest Good with Divine Guidance from the North (Men, Blue Lunar Eagle) it resonates to look and see with a broad and objective view, we then travel beyond our limited or narrow perceptions of our selves, our lives and our world. We than discover what our unique, personal contributions are to assist the position transformation of our shared reality.


BEN.Red Skywalker Be comfortable and at peace in the spiral movement resonance from the West (Ben, Red Lunar Skywalker) to face challenges, strengthening within and without to open opportunities of depths in our inner resources using every opportunity to observe and discover. Honor and respect the energy of space and its power to influence our consciousness. Explore your capacity to continually re-new yourself! With deep roots into the earth and broad antennas into the sky, receive the medicine your soul needs to endure life’s transition and discover trust in the unknown.


ETZNAB.White Mirror Let us All be moved into the dedication of universe cooperation in our efforts of perseverance and commitment as invaluable as we work in concert with one another in this spiral movement resonance from the South (Etznab, White Crystal Mirror) that invites us all to pick up the hidden power of awakening into the source of reflection and polish the mirror of our mind that we may see from the deepest clarity we are capable of. In this flow, all occurrences in our lives can be used to see ourselves more clearly, as an ongoing meditation of self-reflection. Ultimately, as we walk through the reflections we can enter the greater reality, the truth beyond the hall of mirrors, into the Divine Order which pervades all.

AKBAL.Blue Night Be then centered, grounded and anchored (Akbal, Blue Lunar Night) within to enclose the darkness or shadows of the space of mystery; the sanctuary of inner self. The code “Dream” offers the perspective that the living Universe is fluid and malleable. It is the unlimited creative intelligence which shape-shifts in response to our inner perceptions.

Question: What are you “dreaming up” in your life?

We can awaken at any moment and lucidly dream our waking reality! As we let go of rational and trust our intuition, we access abundant inner resources to uniquely guide our journey through infinite dreamscapes.




Live Recording of GAP – September 9, 2017 activation.

GAP – September 9, 2017

Galactic Activation Portal – September 9, 2017 – 9:9:1

The Courage of Navigating Synchronicity

Beams of Light for the Highest Good for All

Beams of Light

The recording with music. https://soundcloud.com/c-harren-centrum-liefde/activation-gap-september-9


Activation with crystals etc. for the Highest Good for All.

You may do this together with a stone, crystal, crystal skull or stone circle, sacred object/feather(s) you are holding in your hands. It can also be at a sacred site or sacred mountain, sacred water via a pure heart love light connection.


Hold whatever you have in your hands in a comfortable position for you.


If you are not a visual person just allow yourself to get a sense of the energy of the guided imagery.

Just relax, trust and let it flow.


First, we will align you with your own source of Infinite Love, Light, Wisdom and Protection than we will align and activate your stone, crystal, crystal skull, feathers etc. to serve your Highest Good.


Now close your eyes and let us begin.


Take a few deep breaths in your belly area whilst with every breath you relax more and more.

Pause (music of the singing bowls)


Now see or sense a bright large sun above your head. Allow this sun to radiate a beam of light to you as it enters via the top of your head and flows through you and fills every cell of your body with Infinite Light, Infinite Love, Infinite Wisdom and Healing.

Feel this light pouring down through your body down through your feet and into the crystalline core center of Earth. See that you now are a pillar of Light. Balanced and centered into the Light of Love and Wisdom and anchored to the Sun above you and to the Earth below you.

Pause in Silence


Feel or see that the Great Light Sun above you continues to fill you infinitely with Light. Filling you so full that the Light begins to overflow from the top of your head and creates a light bubble around you. This light energy bubble is a powerful protective light that protects you always. Now sense or see that this light energy bubble is resonating a rainbow.

Pause (music of chimes)


Now sense or see that this Great Light Sun sends a beam of Light into the stone, crystal, crystal skull etc. activating and awakening them in all its power, healing and wisdom. Filling it, bathing and cleansing it in the Light of Love, purifying it in the Light of Love. Feel and see it glowing and radiating in the Light of Love. The Light of Infinite Wisdom, Guidance and Healing.

Ask that this will be activated to your optimal level and that it is appropriate on your path aligned with your highest good.

See that it is filled with Light, surrounded by Light and protected by Light from this presence of Now and beyond. It is now activated.

Any open space you wish to connect with it hold it in your hands and focus your intention. You may wish to do this daily. It is now ready to support you to fulfill your life’s purpose, destiny and your greatest joy and so it will Be!

True Women - Michael Greyeyes

Now if you are at a Sacred Site, Mountain or Water sense or see that this Great Light Sun sends a beam of Light into this area in all its power, healing and wisdom. Feel and see it glowing and radiating the Light of Love. The Light of Infinite Wisdom, Guidance and Healing.

Ask that this connection will be activated to your optimal level and that it is appropriate on your path aligned with your highest good from a Pure Heart Love Light.

See that All is filled with Light, surrounded by Light and protected by Light from this presence of Now and beyond.

And so, it Is!

Now send Light Blessings to the Highest Good for All.


Closing with music …….



Wednesday, June 14 – Journey within Peru

Ollantaytambo. Overnight in Ollantaytambo.

GAP (galactic activation portal with High Resonance and Clarity)

Personal Notes:

After this walk a group of 5 people were brought to the train station as they were travelling to Machu Picchu. There luggage was placed at the overnight stay in Ollantaytambo.


KIN 22 – White Solar Wind – GAP of the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation, light code 22:9:16 to realise the pulsation or resonance of the intention within the breath of communicating with Spirit. It is this breath that feeds the soul and inspires you to speak your own truth. Be in communication, inspiration, flexibility and changes.

White Solar Wind.GAPChant: Caban, Ix, Eb, Cauac, IK

Planets: Uranus, Asteroid Belt or Planet Maldek, Earth, Pluto

Tone 9 is the action that pulsates the passion, enthusiasm and directness.

Archetypes02.White Wind



The Urcos District is one of the twelve districts in the Quispicanchi Province in Peru. Created on January 2, 1857, its capital is the town of Urcos. Urcos is southeast of the former Inca capital, Cusco, in the southern Andes, and it is at an altitude of 3,180 meters. The people in the district are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent.

The most important river of the district is the Willkanuta which crosses the district from south-east to north-west. The lake Quyllur Urmana lies in the west of the town at the foot of the mountain Wiraqucha.




Ollantaytambo (Quecha: Ullantaytampu) is a town and an Inca archaeological site in southern Peru some 72 kilometres (45 mi) by road northwest of the city of Cuzco. It is located at an altitude of 2,792 metres (9,160 ft) above sea level in the district of Ollantaytambo, province of Urubambo, Cuzco region. During the Inca Empire,  Ollantaytambo was the royal estate of Emperor Pachacuti who conquered the region, built the town and a ceremonial center.


Nowadays, located in what is called the Sacred Valley of the Incas, it is an important tourist attraction on account of its Inca ruins and its location en route to one of the most common starting points for the four-day, three-night hike known as the Inca Trail.


Around the mid-15th century, the Inca emperor Pachacuti conquered and razed Ollantaytambo; the town and the nearby region were incorporated into his personal estate. The emperor rebuilt the town with sumptuous constructions and undertook extensive works of terracing and irrigation in the Urubamba Valley; the town provided lodging for the Inca nobility while the terraces were farmed by yanakuna, retainers of the emperor. After Pachacuti’s death, the estate came under the administration of his panaqa, his family clan.

The town of Ollantaytambo is located along the Patakancha River, close to the point where it joins the Willkanuta River. The main settlement is located on the left margin of the Patakancha with a smaller compound called ‘Araqhama on the right margin. The main Inca ceremonial center is located beyond ‘Araqhama on a hill called Cerro Bandolista. There are several Inca structures on the surroundings, what follows is a brief description of the main sites.


Araqhama and the plaza of Manyaraki

The main settlement at Ollantaytambo has an orthogonal layout with four longitudinal streets crossed by seven parallel streets. At the center of this grid, the Incas built a large plaza that may have been up to four blocks large; it was open to the east and surrounded by halls and other town blocks on its other three sides. All blocks on the southern half of the town were built to the same design; each comprised two kancha, walled compounds with four one-room buildings around a central courtyard. Buildings in the northern half are more varied in design; however, most are in such a bad condition that their original plan is hard to establish.

A typical Inca doorway still used in the town. Note the single stone lintel, a sign of importance.

Ollantaytambo dates from the late 15th century and has some of the oldest continuously occupied dwellings in South America.] Its layout and buildings have been altered to different degrees by later constructions, for instance, on the southern edge of the town an Inca esplanade with the original entrance to the town was rebuilt as a Plaza de Armas surrounded by colonial and republican buildings. The plaza at the center of the town also disappeared as several buildings were built over it in colonial times.

‘Araqhama is a western prolongation of the main settlement, across the Patakancha River; it features a large plaza, called Manyaraki, surrounded by constructions made out of adobe and semi-cut stones. These buildings have a much larger area than their counterparts in the main settlement, they also have very tall walls and oversized doors. To the south there are other structures, but smaller and built out of fieldstones. ‘Araqhama has been continuously occupied since Inca times, as evidenced by the Roman Catholic church on the eastern side of the plaza. To the north of Manyaraki there are several sanctuaries with carved stones, sculpted rock faces, and elaborate waterworks, they include the Templo de Agua and the Baño de la Ñusta.

Temple Hill

Wall of the Six Monoliths

Araqhama is bordered to the west by Cerro Bandolista, a steep hill on which the Incas built a ceremonial center. The part of the hill facing the town is occupied by the terraces of Pumatallis, framed on both flanks by rock outcrops. Due to impressive character of these terraces, the Temple Hill is commonly known as the Fortress, however, this is a misnomer as the main functions of this site were religious. The main access to the ceremonial center is a series of stairways that climb to the top of the terrace complex. At this point, the site is divided into three main areas: the Middle sector, directly in front of the terraces; the Temple sector, to the south; and the Funerary sector, to the north.

The Temple sector is built out of cut and fitted stones in contrast to the other two sectors of the Temple Hill which are made out of fieldstones. It is accessed via a stairway that ends on a terrace with a half finished gate and the Enclosure of the Ten Niches, a one-room building. Behind them there is an open space which hosts the Platform of the Carved Seat and two unfinished monumental walls. The main structure of the whole sector is the Sun Temple, an uncompleted building which features the Wall of the Six Monoliths. The Middle and Funerary sectors have several rectangular buildings, some of them with two floors; there are also several fountains in the Middle sector.


The unfinished structures at the Temple Hill and the numerous stone blocks that litter the site indicate that it was still undergoing construction at the time of its abandonment. Some of the blocks show evidences of having been removed from finished walls, which provides evidence that a major remodeling effort was also underway. It is unknown which event halted construction at the Temple Hill, likely candidates include the war of succession between Huascar and Atahualpa, the Spanish Conquest of Peru and the retreat of Manco Inca from Ollantaytambo to Vilcabamba.


 Terraces of Pumatallis

The valleys of the Urubamba and Patakancha rivers along Ollantaytambo are covered by an extensive set of agricultural terraces or andenes which start at the bottom of the valleys and climb up the surrounding hills. The andenes permitted farming on otherwise unusable terrain; they also allowed the Incas to take advantage of the different ecological zones created by variations in altitude. Terraces at Ollantaytambo were built to a higher standard than common Inca agricultural terraces, for instance, they have higher walls made of cut stones instead of rough fieldstones. This type of high-prestige terracing is also found in other Inca royal estates such as Chinchero, Pisaq, and Yucay.

A set of sunken terraces start south of Ollantaytambo’s Plaza de Armas, stretching all the way to the Urubamba River. They are about 700 meters long, 60 meters wide and up to 15 meters below the level of surrounding terraces; due to their shape they are called Callejón, the Spanish word for alley. Land inside Callejón is protected from the wind by lateral walls which also absorb solar radiation during the day and release it during the night; this creates a microclimate zone 2 to 3°C warmer than the ground above it. These conditions allowed the Incas to grow species of plants native to lower altitudes that otherwise could not have flourished at this site.

At the southern end of Callejón, overlooking the Urubamba River, there is an Inca site called Q’ellu Raqay. Its interconnected buildings and plazas form an unusual design quite unlike the single-room structures common in Inca architecture. As the site is isolated from the rest of Ollantaytambo and surrounded by an elaborate terraces, it has been postulated that it was a palace built for emperor Pachacuti.


  Pinkuylluna, Inca storehouses near Ollantaytambo

The Incas built several storehouses or qullgas (Quechua: qollqa) out of fieldstones on the hills surrounding Ollantaytambo. Their location at high altitudes, where there is more wind and lower temperatures, defended their contents against decay. To enhance this effect, the Ollantaytambo qullqas feature ventilation systems. It is believed that they were used to store the production of the agricultural terraces built around the site. Grain would be poured in the windows on the uphill side of each building, then emptied out through the downhill side window.


The main quarries of Ollantaytambo were located at Kachiqhata, in a ravine across the Urubamba River some 5 kilometers from the town. The site features three main quarrying areas: Mullup’urku, Kantirayoq, and Sirkusirkuyoq; all of them provided blocks of rose rhyolite for the elaborate buildings of the Temple Hill. An elaborate network of roads, ramps, and slides connected them with the main building areas. In the quarries there are several chullpas, small stone towers used as burial sites in Pre-Hispanic times.


As Ollantaytambo is surrounded by mountains, the main access routes run along the Urubamba Valley; there the Incas built roads connecting the site with Machu Picchu to the west and Pisaq to the east. During the Spanish conquest of Peru, emperor Manco Inca fortified the eastern approaches to fend off Spanish attacks from Cuzco during the Battle of Ollantaytambo. The first line of defense was a steep bank of terraces at Pachar, near the confluence of the Anta and Urubamba rivers. Behind it, the Incas channeled the Urubamba to make it cross the valley from right to left and back thus forming two more lines, which were backed by the fortifications of Choqana on the left bank and ‘Inkapintay on the right bank. Past them, at the plain of Mascabamba, eleven high terraces closed the valley between the mountains and a deep canyon formed by the Urubamba. The only way to continue was through the gate of T’iyupunku, a thick defensive wall with two narrow doorways. To the west of Ollantaytambo, the small fort of Choquequillca defended the road to Machu Picchu. In the event of these fortifications being overrun, the Temple Hill itself with its high terraces provided a last line of defense against invaders.




Monday, June 12 – Journey within Peru.

Open Space in Cuzco – GAP (Galactic  Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity). Afternoon and evening free to explore.


Personal notes:

We started the morning with breakfast together and a layout via Arthur and the Arthurian Legend cards. A small group (including myself) decided to take a taxi to the Site at Puka Pukara and than walk back to the center of Cusco. The other group walked from the Hotel to the Site. See below for more information about Puka Pukara.


Pieter Tigelaar contacted one of the ladies of our group to see where we were so that we could join up with them. Unfortunately there were more entrances so we were unable to connect with each other. Pieter however did give instructions that we were to attune and align with a series of rocks and do a ceremony there together.

One of the ladies had her pendulum with her and looked at the map where we would be guided to visit there. As we walked without a guide along the Site we were not able to find the first area. We than went back down and found the stones above. They carried various energies with them. One very soft and gentle, another very direct.

We walked further in this ally way and we discovered the teeth of the puma in the rocks.

Whilst walking further we understood why Pieter was unable to find us. There was another entrance here as well were the other group were looking for us.

We than walked back a ways to discover which rock formation was being requested by guidance. There was a shaman guide who kept drawing our attention to him. At one point I saw him with his Chakana. He used it as a pendulum to demonstrate further that he wished to assist us.

We decided with consent of each other to follow him. He brought us to a rock formation and he explained to me that this was where the ceremonies too place for the Solstice. The energy was building up and when we walked further I was drawn to go into a portal way of rocks. At the end a large horizontal standing rock was calling. Along the sides the vertical rocks formed a passageway. As I walked into this formation it felt and I could see that every rock was a portal/passageway entrance towards the horizontal rock. Like a ceremonial activation of DNA which triggered the Kundalini. The rest of the group followed me into this passageway. When returning I was shown by guidance to spiral back through the rocks like a serpent taking off its old skin and allowing the new skin to be revealed. After this we stood in a circle to send blessings to the Highest Good of All. At a certain point I was ordered to leave the circle. What I than saw were past lives. One of them was children that were offered. Children of Pure Heart Love Light whilst I stood there not being able to rescue them or be of assistance. I broke down in deep sorrow and tears and the group came around me to support and clear this for the area. I left a crystal behind as a token of gratitude.

We than walked to the other entrance and on our way one of the ladies was called to go to another portal passageway. Together we walked to the entrance and allowed the surrender to this passageway. For both of us it was a old memory connected to Egypt and its temples there. Once again it was a portal passageway of initiation. Thank you dear lady for leading us there.

We than decided to walk back to the city of Cuzco. There was a beautiful path especially for hikers that lead us into the city.

Originally it was meant to be  free day but due to the flight delays the program changed to in the morning a visit to a Site and the rest of the day off. I was going to meet Fernando Valencia Saire in Cusco that was connected to the Quero’s and would have brought me to a healing center along with this tell me more about the project for a day care and school that was starting up. This personal contact was recommended by Lance Aubrey from Canada who is also involved in the start of this project. Unfortunately I had to send him a message that I was unable to meet up with him.

Overnight stay at the Royal Inka Hotel.


KIN 20 – Yellow Resonant SunGAP – of the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation, light code 20:7:14 to align with Source to inspire yourself, others and creative projects. Be inspired to channel the alignment with the Universal Fire of Love of Life and Enlightenment.

May the natural supportive spiral movement BE the self-generative flow to transform and heal. The endless source of energy of truth. Within this spiral movement choices can be made with the Divine Free Will of Wisdom to be challenged, strengthened and be in the opportunity of power of love loyalty to give and receive in all relationships. To be within the hidden power of Ancient Trust of Being whilst it nourishing nature embraces the birthing of enlightenment in its centering, grounding and anchoring.


Yellow Resonant Sun GAPChant: Cauac, Eb, Oc, Imix, AHAU

Planets: Pluto, Earth, Mercury, Neptune

Tone 7 is the inspiration of channeling the alignment

Archetypes20.Yellow Sun

General Information about Puka Pukara:

Puka Pukara Ruins

Puka Pukara (Quecha puka red, pukara fortress, “red fortress”, hispanicized spellings Pucapucara, Puca Pucara, Puca Pucará) is a site of military ruins in Peru situated in the Cuzco Region, Cuzco Province, Cuzco District near Cuzco. This fort is made of large walls, terraces, and staircases and was part of defense of Cusco and the Inca Empire in general.


The name probably comes from the red color of the rocks at dusk. Puka Pukara is an example of military architecture that also functioned as an administrative center.


Puka Pukara is located in mid-southern Peru, roughly 4–5 miles (7 kilometers) from Cuzco on the road to Pisac and near the Antisuyo, the jungle portion of the former Incan empire. The fort is located on high ground overlooking the Cusco valley and Tambo Machay, creating a beautiful – and useful – view. When it was built, it was probably placed so that these areas were visible to give the military extra vision over important parts of the empire.


Although there is not as much known about Puka Pukara as a lot of other Incan ruins, there is a theory that this site was probably constructed during the reign of Pachacutec. Since he was the ninth ruler of the empire, it can be said that Puka Pukara was one of the later constructions. The stones used to build most of the walls are very irregularly shaped, stacked together in kind of a here-and-there manner to create walls that are functional, but lacking very much beauty as far as architecture goes (this contrasts with a lot of other sites in the area). Because of this, it is possible that the buildings and walls were built in somewhat of a rush because the military headquarters that Puka Pukara became was thought to be needed very quickly. When it was first built, the differently sized and shaped stones that now appear grey may have been a red color (hence its name, red fortress) due to all the iron in the limestone used in the walls.


There is a small amount of argument over what Puka Pukara’s real function was when the Incan empire was still thriving. As stated above, it was at least partially a military base and, since it was on such a major road and overlooking so many important spots, it was a very good place to spot people causing trouble. Officials could have used it as a checkpoint on the road, stopping those who looked suspicious from travelling any further into the empire where they could potentially wreak havoc. It could have served as a stop for military groups travelling nearby, too. Another theory is that it was a place of rest for hunters and weary travelers, as well as Incan nobles, due to all of its luxurious baths, canals, plazas, fountains, and separate rooms.

Review of Volunteer Journey to Nong Khai, Thailand – Part 1

Saturday, March 25 – Departure from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, The Netherlands to Bangkok with Eva Airways

Unfortunately the flight was delayed one hour but it did not really matter in this open space. Was able to collect some Thai Bahts, had a nice walk with a couple who was also travelling to Bangkok and a nice dinner as well.  So we left Dutch time at 22:30 hours for a flight of 11 hours. Whilst waiting at the departure hall I saw a mouse hurrying by just in front of me by the window. It than came back near the huge plant were I was sitting by. I decided for me this was too close for comfort so I got up and walked a bit to slow down the anxiety within. I am not really so great with mice or mouse although this time I did not scream and remained calmed. Another woman screamed for me instead who also saw the mouse or mice.


The sphere and service of the direct flight to Bangkok of Eva Airways is fabulous. For me personally it felt like years ago that dishes and cutlery were used on board an airplane. Along with this a lotion towel along with a napkin with your meal and 3 times a warm meal.  In the toilet was available toothbrush and toothpaste. Some nice hand lotion, special hand soap, oil. A great pillow and nice old fashion blanket. Watched three movies very interesting seeing I am unable to sleep onboard. I drowsed off for about 1 hour.

Note: What was the resonance of these Galactic Signatures via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar?

Red Rhythmic DragonChant: Etznab, Imix, Chuen, Ahau, Imix

Planets: Neptune, Venus and Pluto.

KIN 201, Red Rhythmic Dragon

Key vibration: Be in balance with organic equality.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of insightful Order within are reflected here on a Soul level and Universal Open Space to be moved onwards within the spiral of birthing being in the Ancient Waters of the grace of the Divine Mother.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of Magical Playfulness of the Inner Child or Divine Child that is able with its openness and adventurous nature to be in the balanced Presence of Now to discover and touch the enlightenment of the attunement spiral movement of Pureness of Love Light within the Universal Open Space. What a treat to be in this centered, grounded and anchored bath of nurturing nourishment.


Sunday, March 26 – Still in flight to Bangkok with Eva Airways.

We all arrived in Bangkok accept one woman passenger who had a heart attack just one hour before landing. All assistance was given in the plane and once we landed. How this ended is not known by me but it did not look well that heart massage was still given before everyone left the plane. Whatever, I send together with the guidance of light beings here, the assistance that was given by all personnel and all other passengers who remained calm in the plane.

In the arrival hall there was a shuttle service to the Great Residence Hotel in Bangkok were I stayed the night before travelling onwards to Udon Thani and finally Nong Khai. The radiant smile of the Thai people was everywhere. The Hotel had a swimming pool were I was able to purify, release and transform on all levels and temples within in the Presence of Now.

Had a good night sleep with various dreams as kind of a remembrance that we are always One in the Circle.

Note: What was the resonance of these Galactic Signatures via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar for Sunday?

White Resonant WindChant: Caban, Ix, Eb, Cauac, Ik

Planets: Uranus, Asteroid Belt, Earth and Pluto.

KIN 202, White Resonant Wind

Key vibration: Resonate to be inspired by attunement or alignment with inner communication.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of synchronicity  within the inner communication as it navigates your pathway to be moved onwards within the spiral of inner Divine Guidance of integrity as a Shaman, Magician or Jaguar able to listen in allowance and surrender.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of Divine Wisdom within to be in wholeness of this communication to listen and react with solutions and creativity on this grace of Planet Earth to discover and awaken to transform the flowering of independence in all relationships and communications as a self generative flow. What magic is celebrated in this centered, grounded and anchored breath of an open pure channel.


Monday, March 27 – New Moon – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity. Flight from Bangkok to Udon Thani with Nok Air plus transportation to Nong Khai.

The morning started with a rain shower and some thunder during the night. From the Great Residence Hotel at 06:30 hours via the shuttle service from the Hotel I arrived at Bangkok Airport. A new experience in how to find the check in, passport control and gate in this country. It went very smoothly and easily as the directions were very concise and clear. The one hour flight was very comfortable and here again the hospitality of the Thai people is so generous and compassionate. Arriving at Udon Thani, the limousine service/small van, was at hand to take some young people to the “Friendship Bridge of Nong Khai to Laos” and also bring me to Mut Wee Garden Guest House within 10 minutes and a scenic drive of 1 hour.

Having arrived at the Mut Wee Garden Guest House, http://www.mutwee.com  the check-in was glorious meeting someone from Australia at the reception and with a great place to stay in a private hut number 8.

Note: For me this resonance is the Trinity of Divinity or simply stated the immergence of the Divine Mother, Father and Child as One. Another abundant flow was that this is also Tone 8 of modelling the harmony on all levels.


20170327_175022.jpgAbove feels like a great open space for dreamtime along with a beautiful shower area with a loose stone floor and tiles like being embraced in the arms of the crystalline core of Mother Earth’s treasures. Feeling and thinking I am home.

Later in the afternoon I walked 1 hour to visit the Open Mind Projects staff and trainees. I felt a warmth sharing with young adults eager to learn and show themselves. It reminded me also of dear grandson Diego who is approximately their age as well. I was first introduced to the staff and trainees. One of the trainees showed me around in the garden where he had planted vegetables with such care, honor and respect. Another experience was a young girl, approximately 5 years old who spread out her arms to be lifted up by me and than after this she showed me her brothers who were at the table on the terrace. A short briefing introduction was given by Sven, one of the co directors of the organization.

After this meet and greet I walked backed to the Mut Wee Garden Guest House along the boulevard of the Mekong River where on the other side was Laos. It felt good to have this grounding under my feet and the exercise. I was amazed at the open fitness apparatus on the way and also visited a temple to have some quiet space as well.



This is a legend concerning Dragons.

Various  temples along the way.

The magic of Air and Water for the open space of Silence.


Had a good night sleep with quiet dreams in a meditative state.

Note: What was the resonance of these Galactic Signatures via the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar for Monday’s New Moon?

Blue Galactic Night - GAPChant: Cib, Manik, Ben, Etznab, Akbal

Planets: Saturn, Earth, Mars and Neptune.

KIN 203, Blue Galactic Night

Key vibration: Resonate in modelling harmony within the integrity of Silent abundance.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of inner guidance  of the picking up the staff to take you within the shores of the other side to be moved onwards within the spiral of Fulfillment of a step by step accomplishment within the open realms of healing in all its modalities.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of being courageous in the step by step exploration journey being open to receive messages from within in the open space of a sky walker taking its steps here on Earth in attunement with this abundance on all levels to flourish in the flowering of awakened awareness to transform the flowering of blossoming the inner sight of Universal Order in the Presence of Now. What reveals in this centered, grounded and anchored Waters of Silence in its Abundance in the Now.


Tuesday, March 28 – Visiting Open Mind Projects and having lunch.

Slept out a little bit late, woke up at 09:30 hours, all rested in the open space of timing in Thailand.  From there I went for a walk again to the Open Mind Projects. Met some other volunteers, one lady from Australia and a man from Bournemouth, England.

I helped out with cutting some vegetables for the lunch together with some trainees, who were very capable of preparing a meal for about 10 people. One of them told me they learned to cook already at a early age. The food was very tasty and it was such a joy to be sitting on the table together.

After the lunch we went into the training room where some trainees presented their discovery of various information about animals and blood (red and blue) which was linked to animals and humans. The trainees spoke good English and Sven asked them some deeper questions to invite them to discover there confidence of who they are and their qualities. I was amazed at their presence of showing themselves to others. One of them also gave this information in the Laos language and other trainees assisted where needed. Love how the collective was encouraged here. After this we, volunteers and staff, went out for a drink of coffee and we were all able to ask questions.

After this volunteer Kelly and I had a conversation about what has moved her in her life and where she is at in this openness of Now.

Than I went for a walk back to Mut Wee Garden Guest House and on the way went into a herbal store to buy some Coconut Oil for daughter Jessica and some herbal tea for myself.

Having arrived at the Mut Wee Garden Guest House, http://www.mutwee.com  I had a nice dinner and worked on finishing this review.

The movement via the Tzolkin in its resonance:

Yellow Solar SeedChant: Men, Ahau, Ix, Caban, Kan

Planets: Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt or Planet Maldek and Uranus.

KIN 204, Yellow Solar Seed

Key vibration: Resonate into the action of movement to realize the pulsation of your inner intention.

The natural flow or supportive spiral movement energy of vision in the overview of service to the larger pattern whilst believing in yourself to be moved onwards within the enlightenment of unconditional love and universal consciousness without judging or judgement.

The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of being in the integrity flow of being the Magician or the Inner Shaman in celebration of life and all its attributes on all levels to explore the hidden power of being conscious of navigating the pathway of synchronicity. Therefore, allow and surrender in this centered, grounded and anchored fertile ground of development and growth.

Blessings to All.






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