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The Overview Vision of Step by Step Accomplishment – Blue Eagle Wave 19


The Overview Vision of Step by Step Accomplishment

Blue Eagle Wave 19

January 13 through 25, 2018

Core: Memory, Creation, Vision

General information:

We All are in the intensified new energy flows in preparation for the Total Eclipse of the Full Moon that will resonate in the next Yellow Wave 20. This completes the cycle of 260 tones and galactic signatures as the wheel continues to spiral for the beginning of the next Cycle Red Wave 1 which includes the Partial New Moon Eclipse.

If your birthday is in this period than this Wave will be your support, learning and developing for the birthday year. Also if you resonate with the Blue Eagle via your date of birth this will be a open space for new beginning or initiation.

Blue is resonating the element of Water conversing the cleansing and bathing of all personal relationships, projects and actions for improvement. To transform is the strongest movement here.

Blue Eagle represents the Higher Collective Mind, Visionary Creativity and Universal Consciousness. Seeing with a broad and objective view, we travel beyond our limited or narrow perceptions of our selves, our lives and our world. Whilst elevating your consciousness you discover what your unique, personal contributions are to assist the positive transformation of our shared reality.

Direct your journey into the vast creative landscape of your Soul. Discover unlimited clear-seeing, fertile imagination and ground-breaking ideas. Vision is a gift. Portray and reveal, so others may also see.

During this wave, you will be pointed towards your responsibilities. In case you wish to undermine this; the stronger the Eagle will fly after you and grab you in its claws. This action seems to be hard-handily put but did you not see in what kind of web you were landed in?

Eagle asks you to fly along and take a long look at your life. Look at where you are now and decide where you wish to go from there. Overview, oversee and adjust your direction if needed.

Face of creation: Keep an overview of your created vision and at the same time keep your eye open voor every detail.

Quality: See the wholeness and from within your empowerment create the vision. From your own abundance deliver a contribution to a harmonic community.

Shadow or lesson to be learned: Forcibly wanting to rescue other people. Paying insufficient attention to your own needs and being too concerned towards others.

To do tips: Take a step towards distance to overview where you are now. Act from a vision and spread out your wings. Use your sharp insight. Pick up your responsibilities and enjoy the flight!

Blue Wave 19

The Mission or Theme of this Blue Eagle Wave 19

Blue Magnetic EagleChant: Kan, Men, Chicchan, Cimi, Men

Planets: Jupiter, Asteroid Belt, Mars – Light Code 235:1:4 Resonate Monkey Moon

May the quality of supportive spiral movement of the East, be a conscious power to develop your own potential and to pursue targeted growth for the Highest Good for All.

May the quality of Higher Self together with Divine Guidance of the spiral movement of the North, see the larger picture and realize visions from within your own power contributing to a harmonic society from within this abundance.

May the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of the spiral movement of the West, follow your instincts and to choose for life-force increasing pursuits and embodying the passion through the conscious internalization of these activities.

May the hidden power be revealed in the consciousness for flowering via the spiral movement of the South, of being able to connect oppositions and letting go of the inner attitude of resistance through acceptance. To be aware of resistance to blocking profound changes, and the learning process by controlling and tenacity.

May this be centered, grounded and anchored in the creation of the spiral movement of overseeing and at the same time noticing every detail.


Growth and Development of this Blue Wave 19:

Tone 2 – challenge of working together in being honest about recognizing your limitation as you are human; to be able to embrace it and overcome it.

Light Code 235:2:5 Resonate Monkey Moon

CIB.Yellow Warrior CIB, Yellow Lunar Warrior – to step forward in all situations to be truthful and ask questions when needed using the power of analysis of yourself and your surroundings. From an inner authority develop your consciousness Intelligence.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Lamat, Yellow Lunar Star of creating harmony through conflict via the beauty and elegance of artistic skills.


Tone 3 – to be of service and open to possibilities and being part of the solutions.

Light Code 235:3:6 Resonate Monkey Moon

CABAN.Red Earth  CABAN, Red Electric Earth – the synchronicity and navigation of being centered within and using alertness instinct to take the next step. Effortlessness determines the way.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Imix, Red Electric Dragon of Ancient Trust giving birth to new beginnings.


Tone 4 – the creation of planning the action. Defining the limitations and creating a blueprint for success.

Light Code 235:4:7 Resonate Monkey Moon

ETZNAB.White Mirror  Etznab, White Self Existing Mirror – provide the quality of clarity and honesty from insight. Through discernment and reflection develop new perspectives.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ix, White Self Existing Wizard of the quality of a group approach and a focused attitude in many perspectives. The self-interest can subordinate to the greater goal.


Tone 5 – gathering of inner and outer resources to empower yourself and others.

Light Code 235:5:8 Resonate Monkey Moon – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity

CAUAC.Blue Storm  Cauac, Blue Overtone Storm – Galactic Activation Portal – New Moon. The quality of liberation from role imperative. Transformation can operate and build new structures.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Manik, Blue Overtone Hand of the quality of experience of learning what should be done in accordance with the flow. “To do It” with minimal means and under its own direction.


Tone 6 – to organize the resources and to bring in an efficient way balance in your life and that of others, projects etc.

Light Code 235:6:9 Resonate Monkey Moon

AHAU.Yellow Sun  Ahau, Yellow Rhythmic Sun – See and experience the quality of the universal consciousness, unconditional towards all that lives. You know who you are, that everything and nothing is and experience the greatness of connection with your surroundings. Be the sunshine!

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ahau, Yellow Rhythmic Sun of seeing and experiencing the quality of the overall image. Being able to give everything a place from a judgment-free and conscious attitude.


Tone 7 – Attune and align within Source. Be inspired, inspire others and creative projects.

Light Code 235:7:10 Resonate Monkey Moon – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity

IMIX.Red Dragon  Imix, Red Resonate Dragon – Galactic Activation Portal with the quality to be able to think and act in a solution-oriented way based on trust, to have innovative ideas and to show decisiveness.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Ben, Red Resonate Skywalker of the quality of seeing and experiencing life as a great adventure or exploration. To have the courage to take extra ordinary decisions beyond routine or the known.


Tone 8 – to stand firm in your integrity, integration and harmony on all levels.

Light Code 235:8:11 Resonate Monkey Moon

IK, White Wind  Ik, White Galactic Wind of the quality of spiritual inspiration and strength capabilities to embark on the path of inspired communication. Take note of deep breathing at every moment in the Presence of Now.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Cimi, White Galactic Worldbridger of being in acceptance of opposition and connect with it through letting go of your inner resistance of changes.


Tone 9 – take a step of action with passion, enthusiasm and directness.

Light Code 235:9:12 Resonate Monkey Moon

AKBAL.Blue Night  Akbal, Blue Solar Night – the quality of contributing to the improvement process, bringing the unique skills confidently into the world and permanently placing things into perspective.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Cauac, Blue Solar Storm of transformation and multifunctionality. Transverse your learning of being helpless and dependency, fear of loss and having addiction problems.


Tone 10 – perfection and place your quality in trust and gratitude.

Light Code 235:10:13 Resonate Monkey Moon

KAN.Yellow Seed  Kan, Yellow Planetary Seed – The quality of the conscious power to develop your own potential and to pursue targeted growth and productivity. Plant your seed in fertile ground for germination.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Eb, Yellow Planetary Human of clear intention and responsibility. The quality of knowing that thought creates strength and of being aware that it is your responsibility to where the thought goes too. As a human being, you have the free will to choose.


Tone 11 – Liberation via releasing to allow and surrender in forgiveness in humbleness and acceptance.

Light Code 235:11:14 Resonate Monkey Moon

CHICCHAN.Red Serpent  Chicchan, Red Spectral Serpent

The Higher Self with Guidance of Chicchan, Red Spectral Serpent of the quality of following your instincts and to choose for life-force activities including interactions with others and through these inner conscious movement of these activities and interactions embody the passion.


Tone 12 – to explore, discover, share and give expression to insights in openness and love.

Light Code 235:11:15 Resonate Monkey Moon

CIMI.White Worldbridger  Cimi, White Crystal Worldbridger – the quality of balance and mediation strength. Let go of your resistance and surrender it to acceptance to accept oppositions and connect them to each other. Release any inner attitudes of resistance to be in the flow of intermediating.

The Higher Self with Guidance of Etznab, White Crystal Mirror of the quality of clarity and honesty to share your insights. By developing discernment and reflection, new perspectives are developed within yourself, with others and projects.


Goal of the Blue Wave 19

Tone 13 – the transcendence of coming home to start a new beginning. A celebration with Source and Life.

Manik, Blue Cosmic Hand of step by step accomplishment, understanding and wholeness. The Higher Self with Guidance of Chuen, Blue Cosmic Monkey of humor, playfulness and magic going beyond the illusion.

Light Code 235:13:16 Resonate Monkey Moon


Blue Hand is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.

Blue Hand is a gateway, an opening, a portal from one understanding to another! “clue to the meaning of Blue Hand is found in the meditation, I am, by thinly veiled design, the threshold to other dimensions! In my ending is my beginning! The initiatory gateway awaits! Blue Hand is the seventh or last archetype in the cycle of development of primary being! It represents the power found in completion! Blue Hand is a closure, which is really an opening to another level of being! It represents the fluidity of moving water, Blue Hand is associated with the process of dance, mudra, and beauty! This movement is a metaphor for the ebb and flow of life! In meditation with Manik, experience the flowing quality that is the beauty of the cosmic dance! Remember this essence and this fluidity at times when your life feels most inflexible or lacking in beauty! Blue Hand represents the “beauty way”, the ability to see intrinsic beauty within yourself and in all things! Living the beauty way requires being in your full beauty and power! From this place, your self-authority naturally flows! This is the position where your ego is aligned with divine will! When you are standing in your full beauty and power, your very presence invites others to be all that they are! To the Maya, Blue Hand represents the deer, the gentle, serenely aware guide who walks in fluid beauty and power.


Blue Cosmic Hand Chant: Eb, Chuen, Caban, Ix, Manik

Planets: Earth, Venus, Uranus, Asteroid Belt

May the quality of supportive spiral movement of the East, be the clear intention and responsibility of knowing that thought creates power and to be aware that it is your responsibility to where your thought goes to.

May the quality of Higher Self together with Divine Guidance of the spiral movement of the North, to have the quality of a humorous and relaxed approach to challenges and to use your own knowledge in a playful and cooperative way to create solutions.

May the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of the spiral movement of the West, be synchronicity and navigation from an inner centerness and alertness to know what the next step will be. Avoid living in too many dreams and visions, to judge too quickly, become disorientated. Stay grounded.

May the hidden power be revealed in the consciousness for flowering via the spiral movement of the South, of an inner knowing and compassionate service to a group orientated approach and having a perspective-oriented attitude. Self-interest is subordinate to the greater goal.

May this be centered, grounded and anchored in the creation of the spiral movement of learning to experience what needs to be done to be attuned and aligned with the flow. It can be realized with minimal means and under your own management.



Shift from 2017 to 2018

The Shift from 2017 to 2018

White Wave 18

Inner Inspired Communication that

is brought forth within Integrity



The old year 2017 is spiralling within a Galactic Activation Portal that assists here. So, what is a Galactic Activation Portal?

GAP daysThere are 52 darker cells in the Harmonic Module known as Galactic Activation Portals with a shape like the DNA structure of double helix. Jose Arguelles called this grid the Loom of Maya, helping to activate our DNA’s full potential by linking both the macro and micro cosmos.

A “portal” means a gateway, an entrance to other dimensions.

During the GAP days, our Planet receives higher frequencies and our awareness is amplified.

If we relate to life on a soul level, these days present great opportunities to consciously accelerate our Awakening by gaining a better understanding of cosmic energies. And, if we are living in the illusions created by our ego, these days can also be felt as intense and “chaotic”.

White Wind Cycle 18 resonance of 13 days and nights as a compass for this year. Notice where it touches you personally in your Soul Galactic Pathway from when you were born or in your Year Soul Pathway or in your Soul Relationship Pathway.

White Wave 18

This is truly where the fireworks sparkle within and brought out into the world.


Sunday, December 31, 2017 – the theme or mission flow.

White Magnetic WindChant: Caban, Ik, Eb, Cauac, Ik

Light Code 222:1: 19 Rhythmic Lizard Moon, Planets: Uranus, Earth, Pluto

As a Fifth Oracle, this would be in the flow of breathing in the circulation allowing fresh currents to move through our channels, invigorating and re-orienting us All. Expression that is moved through us freely at such grace to be moved by the refining motion of ideas and feelings that come from the Heart Love Light Source.


CABAN.Red Earth As a supportive spiral movement flowing from the East (Caban, Red Magnetic Earth) it initiates new creations, aligning and attuning the compass to be set to synchronize the participation of shifting our collective consciousness that we may all set a new course of action that aspires to function in Harmony with Nature.


IK, White Wind  In the spiral movement flow of the Highest Good with Divine Guidance from the North (Ik, White Magnetic Wind) it resonates to breath consciously and deep in this communication to convey truths and create connections with Spirit. Be inspired to use the abilities and styles of communication to shape realities and our relationships with others.


EB.Yellow Human  Be comfortable and at peace in the spiral movement resonance from the West (Eb, Yellow Magnetic Human) to influence the choice of Free Will. Within us All flows the stream of wisdom of our ancestors. All we think, say, do, create, choose and feel impacts those around us, and contributes to the Collective Human Consciousness, which we are in turn affected by.


CAUAC.Blue Storm Let us All be moved by the endurance of transcending presence of the ever-onward life unfolds of coming home to start a new beginning taking magic flight, magnetic return, in this spiral movement resonance from the South (Cauac, Blue Cosmic Storm) of a catalyst that initiates or accelerates a process or event without being affected or consumed in the process. We All can induce responses and reactions – to stimulate change and transformation. Awaken now to the unique energetic signatures carried by our thoughts, words, actions and experiences refining them to learn to conduct the power and potential of our inner forces most effectively.


Be All then centered, grounded and anchored within to commune with our personal spiritual realm and discover how we can transmit our inspiration from the unseen into this physical dimension to share our revelations and enthusiasm.

New Cycle


Sunday, January 1, 2018 – the growth and development.

2018 is in the spiral movement of Blue Night on Tone 2. It is an invitation to reveal our ability to work together and being honest and vulnerable about recognizing limitations in overcoming and embracing them. Challenges that appear as hardship or struggle, when seen from another perspective, can bear the blessings of opportunity of stabilization by receiving opposition as a catalyst to generate holistic awareness of growth and development.


Blue Lunar NightChant: Cib, Men, Ben, Etznab, Akbal

Light code 223:2:20 Rhythmic Lizard Moon, Planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune


As a Fifth Oracle, this would be in the flow of Silence of our Intuition, Dreams and the Abundance of Life as Wholeness.


CIB.Yellow Warrior As a supportive spiral movement flowing from the East (Cib, Yellow Lunar Warrior) is stabilized by asking questions concerning appearances, reference points and information to gain deeper insight and intelligence. To question and confront our fears in order to release their hold and transcend them.


MEN.Blue Eagle In the spiral movement flow of the Highest Good with Divine Guidance from the North (Men, Blue Lunar Eagle) it resonates to look and see with a broad and objective view, we then travel beyond our limited or narrow perceptions of our selves, our lives and our world. We than discover what our unique, personal contributions are to assist the position transformation of our shared reality.


BEN.Red Skywalker Be comfortable and at peace in the spiral movement resonance from the West (Ben, Red Lunar Skywalker) to face challenges, strengthening within and without to open opportunities of depths in our inner resources using every opportunity to observe and discover. Honor and respect the energy of space and its power to influence our consciousness. Explore your capacity to continually re-new yourself! With deep roots into the earth and broad antennas into the sky, receive the medicine your soul needs to endure life’s transition and discover trust in the unknown.


ETZNAB.White Mirror Let us All be moved into the dedication of universe cooperation in our efforts of perseverance and commitment as invaluable as we work in concert with one another in this spiral movement resonance from the South (Etznab, White Crystal Mirror) that invites us all to pick up the hidden power of awakening into the source of reflection and polish the mirror of our mind that we may see from the deepest clarity we are capable of. In this flow, all occurrences in our lives can be used to see ourselves more clearly, as an ongoing meditation of self-reflection. Ultimately, as we walk through the reflections we can enter the greater reality, the truth beyond the hall of mirrors, into the Divine Order which pervades all.

AKBAL.Blue Night Be then centered, grounded and anchored (Akbal, Blue Lunar Night) within to enclose the darkness or shadows of the space of mystery; the sanctuary of inner self. The code “Dream” offers the perspective that the living Universe is fluid and malleable. It is the unlimited creative intelligence which shape-shifts in response to our inner perceptions.

Question: What are you “dreaming up” in your life?

We can awaken at any moment and lucidly dream our waking reality! As we let go of rational and trust our intuition, we access abundant inner resources to uniquely guide our journey through infinite dreamscapes.




The Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance, Organizing, Equality

The Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance, Organizing, Equality

Mission starts with the Lucia Midwinter Light Feast

December 13, 2016 through January 9, 2017

including the New Moon and Winter/Summer Solstice



“When we give our light to the light of the world, we make a connection of light to light that helps the world in its process of dynamic change.” – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

“Music is behind life, and rules life; from music springs, all life. The whole creation exists in rhythm, and in a general phrase, it may be said that there is one common source of human disease; and that is disorder in rhythm” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Organize resources and bring in an efficient way balance in your life for the next 28 days and nights.

General Information:

Tone 6

When you imagine 6 dots on a sheet of paper or on a dice, there is a rhythm. Involuntarily you are going to group the dots. .. .. .. or … …This is the rhythm. Each rhythm has a measure which is equal. Otherwise, we do not experience it as rhythm. Therefore 6 is the Tone of equality. Than do what rhythm asks for: cradle it in rhythm and let it flow.

Life is death and dying is life. Time is a cycle. And a cycle is rhythm. Because the trees have lost their leaves, we experience the movement of the seasons, the passage of time. Right in the sixth moon the winter solstice takes place, the turning point. In the Northern Hemisphere, we have just experienced the darkest period of the year. It is a time that for some people are difficult. Recognition of the cycle of life offers security for the return of light. In this cycle, we initiate the Life Force.

All life on Earth, including the rhythms of our body, are influenced by the rhythms of ever-changing combinations of celestial movements. Daytime, for example, offers high energy of the sun for outward exertion and communication. Nighttime, conversely welcomes the deepening of intuition, supporting expansive, internal processes. By noticing the fluctuations of nature, we can receive the support of its cycles to enhance our endeavors. As we give attention to our personal rhythms, we can actualize deeper levels of organic balance, both physically and emotionally.! When we organize the elements of our life we invite efficiency and functionality into our reality. Organization assists us to streamline and coordinate, producing greater ease and equilibrium. May we respect the various aspects of maintenance as the foundation which supports the art of our life! Thr0ough the eyes of equality, all moments equally contribute to the sacred balance of our lives. We are reminded that “this too shall pass,” and “this too shall return.” Source Reference Jose Arguelles.

naamloos (2)

There is a reason why the Lizard is the totem animal for this month. According to a Mexican story the sun has ever disappeared for seven days and nights. All the people and animals were anxious and waiting for its return, but it was in vain. The sun did not return. Than various animals decided to search for the sun. They searched in rivers, in lakes, in forests and even in the crater of the volcano but unfortunately, they did not find the sun. Everyone decided to stop searching accept the small green lizard. She remained searching and ultimately found the sun sleeping under a stone. So, it was the lizard that brought the light into the world. Therefore, the Lizard is the totem of this darkest period of the year. Lizard is well known with the knowledge of cycles. Lizard can regenerate that what was lost. When the Lizard loses its tail another one grows back again. This is a lesson for all of us. Everything comes and goes … and comes again.

Question: What do you need to be in the regeneration of balance?

Reference: written by Nicole E. Zonderhuis, www.mayatzolkin.com, translation into English by Carla Harren

Review your dreams before you manifest them physically. Is it what you really want? Perhaps you are worth so much more!

naamloos (3)

If Lizard has come passing through your life:

Lizard is letting you know that it is time to take down an internal audit.

Question: Are you being ruled by your ego or are you coming from your heart?

Be aware – simply because the ego is the master of deception and you will often have to peel back many layers to get at the truth – and to discover what your heart is really telling you. Take the time to really focus on your personal dreams.


Alternatively, this reptile is letting you know that you have become so caught up with the day to day drudgery of your life that you have forgotten to dream! Take time out and start imagining a new reality for yourself. It is the only way to break out of the place you currently find yourself in. All new things are born in your dreams.


If Lizard is your Animal Totem:

When this reptile is one of your personal Animal Totems you have the power to regenerate that which is lost. You are prone to repeating some cycles simply because your energy loves to re-create your emotional attachments in some way. You are extremely good at facing your fears and moving between realities and “other worlds”.

If Lizard crawls through your dream time:

It is reminding you that you have hidden gifts and that it is your responsibility to use these gifts for your own well-being. We have an innate ability to recognize danger and can remove ourselves from harm’s when the situation calls for it.

The above article is written by http://www.spirit-animals.com/lizard/


Mission or Theme of the Rhythmic Lizard Moon (28 days and nights)

The Growth and Development of Universal Consciousness and Love including some meditation exercises.

Note: The Yellow Seed is also resonating in this Galactic Year as well.

Solar Yellow SeedChant: Men, Ahau, Ix, Caban. Kan

Planets: Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt, Uranus

Now we review the theme or mission of the Rhythmic Moon of Balance. It vibrates with the Four directions and its centering, grounding and anchoring of the Lucia Midwinter Light feast flow of:

East supportive: From Midnight through Sunset.

MEN.Blue Eagle  Bolon Men, Blue Solar Eagle (the vision of creating a Higher Consciousness for All). Sacred Water – Place your left hand on the navel area. Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of how you wish the world to BE in Balance with Source. Place your right hand on the heart area. Now allow and surrender to the Pureness of Love Light to be in the spiral movement of supporting this flow.

KIN 35 – Vaxac Cauac, Blue Galactic Storm, Light code 35:9.


North Higher Self within Divine Guidance: From Sunrise through Noon.

AHAU.Yellow Sun   Bolon Ahau, Yellow Solar Sun, Light code 100:9, Planet Pluto. The Sacred Fire spiral movement (place your right and left hand on your Heart area). Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of generating the balance of Universal Consciousness pulsating the Unconditional Love. Transform All that no longer serves the Collective Soul Source and allows the Seed to grow and develop. You can do this in the morning, afternoon and evening.


West: Challenge, strengthening and opportunity: From Noon through Sunset.

IX.White Wizard  Bolon Ix, White Solar Wizard, Light code 74:9 – Planet Asteroid Belt, Sacred Air spiral movement.

Lie on your back or sit in a chair. Hand palms facing downwards. Just allow and surrender to the rhythm of your breath. Whatever comes forward let it pass by. BE in the magical ceremony.

Note: Who you are now and where you are now is All you ever wished for. This is the open space key of realizing your dreams.


South: Awakening awareness that flowers and flourishes: From Sunset to Midnight.

CABAN.Red Earth  Ho Caban, Red Overtone Earth, Light code 57:5, Planet Uranus, Sacred Earth spiral movement of the Crystalline Lotus Core of Mother Earth/Pachamama.

Note: How do you gather your inner and outer resources for yourself and others?

How do you navigate this evolution and synchronize it?


KAN.Yellow Seed  To center, ground and anchor All these Sacred Elements including Sacred Ether with Bolon Kan, Yellow Solar Seed, Light code 204:9:1 Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance. Realizing the pulsation of action with passion, enthusiasm and directness to ripen the growth and development in fertile ground of germination for the Highest Good for All.

Mudra: hands cupped over each other at the Solar Plexus, as if holding a seed; then opening your hands, offering the seed into your Being.


Gratitude Blessings to All in this spiral movement flow of the Rhythmic Lizard Moon including the New Moon on Monday, December 18, Winter/Summer Solstice December 21 “The Free Choice of Harmony and Wisdom”

The Consciousness of Unconditional Love Fulfillment – Electric Deer Moon

Electric Deer Moon

The Consciousness of Unconditional Love Fulfillment.

28 days and nights, September 20 through October 17, 2017

White Tail Deer

Spirit Animal: Deer


General Information:

Tone 3: Draw three dots in the open space. This is a triangle. From One dot, you can see 2 sides. You always have a choice where your intention goes too and there is always movement and activity. And where there are 2 a third is needed to make the connection. It is the link between you, your goal and the third factor: the outer world, the environment, your relationship with others, your client etc. Service is love made visible. This new dimension awakens creative currents, inspiring circulation, variability, and fresh potential for alignments.

Question: In which matter can you be of service to the goal this year?



The spirit animal deer is very important in the Mayan culture. The Thunder God Tohil appeared in the presence of a White Deer and brought the male creation and awakening power; the activating aspect of this Moon.

Tohil.the God of Fire

The Moon Goddess Ixchel gave herself to Tohil as the Red Deer. The female deer represents surrender, allowance, receiving and unconscious power flourishing in the consciousness.


There is a similarity in the English words “deer” and “dear”.

The deer teaches us to use the empowerment of tenderness and care to touch the heart and spirit of wounded beings who try to make us aware of wandering off the pathway. Be prepared to truly love yourself and others in the Now and how it is, in this way your fears and obstacles will melt away or be released. BE gentle for yourself and others in negativity or obstacles so that the light energy bubble continues to grow and develop seeding the connection of the Heart. Love Light is the key that connects All in the Highest Good potential.



With this active Moon, there is an energy flow that will be uplifted. The energy will be in more of a swirling spiral movement. You will have a sense that more energy is coming into projects that you have started. The spark that exists with this activation of energy is truly the Electric Moon.



Question: How can you best serve?

Service is somehow has a bitter taste in the Western world. It is confused with “to employ yourself at the expense of yourself”. This is not what service is about. Service is creating a heart connection with care and compassionate creation, just like the Deer, and move within this spiral. When you are empathic towards someone give this generously and show it!


How can I contribute in the best way to the well-being of the world around me, the environment, my body, my family, plants, work and goal?


The Mission or Theme of this Electric Deer Moon

Yellow Electric Sun KIN 120 – Ox Ahau, Yellow Electric Sun – Light Code 120:3:1

Chant: Cauac, Kan, Oc, Imix, Ahau

Planets: Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune

Personal Note: Notice that the Highest Good or Higher Self, the North, is the spiral movement of seeding the Cosmic Seed in germination.

Archetypes20.Yellow Sun


CAUAC.Blue Storm Within the spiral movement of natural support of the Highest Good for All we catalyse the self-generative energy transformation and healing of Divine Truth. In the Presence of Now we allow and surrender to the bathing and cleansing via Infinite Love, Infinite Tenderness, Infinite Vision, Infinite Wisdom and Healing.


KAN.Yellow Seed Within the spiral movement of the Highest Good for All together with Divine Guidance we consciously awaken to the possibilities of fertile ground to nourish the Cosmic Seed in its Growth and Development via action and its potential.


OC.White Dog Within the spiral movement of challenges, strengthening and opportunity for the Highest Good for All we embrace the power of Love in all its aspects to give and receive in all intimate relations and every creation.


IMIX.Red Dragon Within the spiral movement of the hidden power revealed we give Birth and service in this nurturing nourishment for the Highest Good for All to BE in the Presence Now of Ancient Trust and Silence to flourish into flowering.


AHAU.Yellow Sun In the Presence of Now within the Highest Good for All we swirl in this spiral movement to center, ground and anchor this Universal Fire of Enlightenment in its Love Light energy bubble of Life’s rainbow resonance in Gratitude.



The Galactic Yellow Crystal Seed Year – Part 2


Part 2

JULY 26, 2017 – JULY 24, 2018


Galactic New Year

The Keys of the Yellow Seed are:

Targeted or goal orientated, bloom/blossoming/flourishing/flowering and awareness. Seed knows when time or moment is ripe and there.

KAN.Yellow Seed

The Seed contains all possibilities and qualities according to the Mayans. Everything you ever wished for and all goals are within the Seed. When you look at the Galactic Signature or sign you can see that it already contains the seed and the fertile ground. Everything that is needed is already Present. Also, the Sunlight is needed.


This year you are being asked to explore the light, to allow all your talents to be flourishing or flower. Allow and surrender to this light. Be silent and feel where the light is stagnated and why this is blocked. Leave the darkness behind you, let it be for what it is and give yourself permission to be a light being.

Seed is full of energy, full of potential, full of life force and grow force. Seed only simply needs to be germinated … it searches it way to the light, even between and through asphalt. Seed is the male energy, active in life, looking for a way, seeking a goal. Seed has patience and knows that it grows from seed to something else, but it does not happen from one day to the other. Seed also brings you an abundant sexual power and a flourishing creativity. Seed Lives!

Llankay Karpay

The world now needs this creativity. Towards people who can view into old problems and look with new eyes. Seed raises new talent and creates creativity.


Sexuality is a hot item nowadays; It is rediscovered as a natural source of energy – instead of the taboo it has been for centuries. Heal yourself from your karmic and personal sexual trauma.


Who heals itself from trauma’s and insecurities is untouchable for whatsoever authority.


Yellow seed is the energy of:

  • Seeding, new contacts and reconnecting with others
  • To free or liberate yourself from compelling patrons of the past
  • To create a community
  • To develop your talent and to honor the talents of others
  • To create abundance
  • To set a clear goal
  • To be focussed well and to reach your goal
  • Apply in this year the gifts and lessons you have learned from the past
  • In-depth research on yourself (GAP year)



Whoever rediscovers gratitude and has the courage to look at yourself will find great abundance and prosperity in this year.

Another view of the North.Gratitude Ankh created by Jaap van Velsen

13 Year Cycle

This year is the 12th year in a series of 13, that started with the Red Moon. Moon is the purification of your feelings. A process is being rounded off. This year is the evaluation of what has been purified in the last 12 years.


Skywalker Wave spiral movement

Red Wave 5

Seed 12 finds itself in the spiral movement wave of the Red Skywalker. The Skywalker is the driving force that pulls you out of your comfort zone to start growing and developing. We can no longer stay in the old, that will be our demise. We need to change, we must let go of the old paradigm’s. Do you want to go forward? Then you must get out of your safety cage or comfort zone. Then you have no other choice than do things that make/find you scary or are afraid off, then you must stand firm and stand for your truth! How beautiful does that match with what is needed this year and going on!


Yellow Crystal SeedChant: Men, Cib, Ix, Caban, Kan

Light code 64:12:1 Magnetic Bat Moon

Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Asteroid Belt, Uranus


Analog or supportive natural energetic spiral movement flow:

MEN.Blue Eagle Crystal Ca Lahun Men – Blue Eagle core keys: creativity, vision, spirit. Planet Jupiter. Light code 155:12 GAP

In a Yellow Crystal Year, we must be conscious that our thoughts are the seeds of our intention. And just like the seed hologram is a self-made carrier of fulfillment, so also the process of manifestation has a natural order. This ripening process will be accelerated when you allow the intention to be lead by Spirit. The seed loaded within your deepest desires and visions can then germinate in you.

Archetypes15.Blue Eagle 

We may this year use the power of the Eagle to receive a vision of our future or beyond. Today’s humanity is missing a master plan, a clear vision of how we want our future society to look like. We run around and think of new inventions, such as robots and genetic engineering, pollute the Earth, cut our Ancient forests, continue to produce and use plastic.

Questions: But why? What is the plan behind this? What are the long-term consequences?

If, like an eagle, we could take off and sower over our daily lives, we could see humanity moving from above, where would we wish this to move too? What would the future or beyond look like for the next 7 generations?


Guidance or Higher Self energetic spiral movement flow:

CIB.Yellow Warrior Crystal Ca Lahun Cib, Yellow Crystal Warrior. Key words: fearlessness, questioning, intelligence

Light code 116:12

How beautiful would it Be, if we step out of our comfort zone, if we stand for our truth, that we are guided by the Fearlessness of the Warrior! It shall constantly remember to ask questions. Is this the right information? What is the truth? Where is my truth? It shall give us the courage to ask our questions out load.

The Georgian year energy is the White Magnetic Mirror, because the Georgian year started on Mirror, Tone 1. Also is this the energetic spiral movement of insight of Truth! In the 13 Moon frequencies we are luckily already one step ahead and giving form in the new open space ….

Searching, exploring, walking on uninterrupted paths, the answers to our bold questions give us the wisdom to fertilize “our seed”. There is no problem for a warrior; Who only sees challenges.

Archetypes16.Yellow Warrior


Antipode Power or Challenges, strengthening and open opportunity energetic spiral movement flow:

IX.White Wizard Crystal Ca Lahun Ix, White Crystal Wizard or Shaman. Key words: Magic, Timelessness and Admissibility

Light code 194:12

Seed is the giving principle, Wizard or Shaman. Seed is full, it’s the matter, Wizard or Shaman is chalice and it is empty. Seed is the male, wizard or shaman the female. One can not do without the other. Seed has patience and knows that it grows from seed to something else, Wizard or Shamaan is impatience and has therefore learned to be magic. Seed, like its analogous power, the eagle, has an ability to go from step 1 to step 2 – to maintain a chronology. Wizard or Shaman on the other hand is chaotic. But as a Wizard or Shaman, that can be the power to find its way in the chaos.

Archetypes14.White Wizard

Occult/Hidden Power or flowering of consciousness energetic spiral movement flow:

CABAN.Red Earth Ca Caban, Red Lunar Earth – keywords: Evolution, Navigation and Synchronicity

Light code 197:2 GAP

Red Earth’s functions as a strong, steadily propulsive force. Red Earth is able to rely on natural flow, life evolves exactly as intended. Nothing happens by chance – everything is matched because All is One. We are all connected. On the other hand, the shadow side or learning and development of Red Earth can create stubbornness, unable to flow, unable to change / dare. Trust, focus on the power of the Warrior. Ask Questions! Be courageous … change is an adventure that you need to have courage for.

Archetypes17.navigator.Red Earth

Reference: The above is written by Nicole Zonderhuis and translated into English plus some things added to by Carla Harren.

Gratitude Blessings to All this Crystal Seed Year

Yellow Crystal Seed.1

Day Out of Time, Tuesday, July 25, 2017

DAY OUT OF TIME – Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Abundance of Silence.


Blue Spectral NightChant: Cib, Akbal, Ben, Etznab, Akbal

Planets: Saturn, Mars, Neptune


Be now in the spiral movement flow of dissolving, release of destruction or chaos as this may be the necessary forces of liberation evoking the release from rigid structure and format. As we release that which no longer serves, we create an openness for new opportunities and understandings to emerge. Setting us free from expectations or definite notions this tone breaks us out of routine, releasing us into the spectrum of possibility! Like a prism refracting white light – revealing its full spectrum of colors, that provokes us to see aspects of wholeness that may be yet undiscovered.

Affirmation: I invite break-through; I dissolve identity; I un-solidify; I release old models for new models; I wield dissonance as a force of liberation; I redeem chaos as untamed order; I shed; I free limiting beliefs and constructs – no box, no separations, no boundaries; uncontained; free-form; receptive to the prismatic range of possibility.


Blue Night resonates with Intuition, Dreams and Abundance. Night is the empowerment of darkness and the domain of dream(s). In darkness, we switch over to other senses. Be surprised by what is received. In Silence, you will find the connection as we connect to the beings who share with us the grace of Mother Earth such as the crawler ones, the four-legged ones, the winged ones, the standing ones such as the trees etc., the green leaved ones, the stone ones, the waters, the winds and the fire. Dream of Oneness and Abundance for Highest Good of All.


Allow and surrender to the grace and trust so that you can listen to the inner voice as a galactic conduit of mystic reception in Divine communication with Galactic consciousness. Place your staff into the sacred hands of the Pure Heart Love Light essence to bring yourself and others to the other side of the shore of beyond. Now place your arms outwardly in a large “V” above your head, as if to receive galactic communication before you go to sleep and dream. Then allow the finger tips to come together to touch the third eye and radiate out to the pineal gland; and then lower the arms to the sides as your palms once more are outward forming a “V” again.


Upon awakening, Be open to allow the Galactic energy spiral to flow through you and than be willing to examine how you judge and evaluate yourself and others. Embrace and follow your inner shadow processes to learn from their gifts. Now release this to make an open space within. Exercise: Close your eyes as your hands are together at your waist with the palms up as you bow forward; then rise upright and cross your forearms on your chest.


During the afternoon face your challenges, strengthening and opportunity of spiral movement flow of courage to explore your growth edges as you draw in the light of compassion into yourself and radiate this out to others. Be now a fluid reference point as a time/space traveller to receive messages and guidance. A exercise: place both arms out to the sides at 45-degree angle; than bring your hands up over the head a few inches apart forming pillars; then move the arms up and down from head to heart, as if creating a column of energy through you.


In the evening, be open to receive the hidden power that is awakened to flower and flourish in insight in the quality of timelessness of discrimination and clarity to reflect the spiritual being within to face the learning and integration of paradox.


Now anchor, ground and center in this wholeness spiral movement mystery of the serenity of the sanctuary of peace, a place to look “within” enclosing the darkness whilst being in the Pure Heart Love Light within the stillness and creating the dream in its matrix and exploration.

Day out of time

Gratitude Blessings to All.

Wednesday, June 21 and Thursday, June 22 – Journey within the Amazon Jungle in Peru

Personal notes:

We travelled to another lodge in the Amazon Jungle which was less luxurious although the adventure was a different journey altogether. The Amazon Research Center plus the guides was something that will stay in my remembrance. Every area that we went through had a different kind of energy like a portal way or some would also call it a passageway that Mother Nature created for us.

On one of the last walks the women group was left on their own at a certain point because we were supposed to meet up with everyone. It was amazing how we all collaborated together and formed a circle to connect with All. One of the activities we did was to connect our hearts together, singing a song for Mother Earth and than the imaginative story telling occurred. Allowing from the word the woman before you had spoken to continue the story onwards. After awhile two guides came to bring us back to the lodge.

Twice canoes were set along the river to paddle. The last time we all went on a lake for the sunset. The tranquil energies were breathtaking and certainly here spirit were with all of us.

Here we went on walks in the jungle to explore the plant and animal life there.

Hereby some photographic impressions of the area – especially old trees – flowers and insects:


The clear sky and stars in the evening were amazing. Hereby a photograph taken by http://www.perujungle.com


General information about the Research Center.


In 2007 Amazonia Expeditions  launched its new Tahuayo River Amazon Research Center (TRARC), a long-term conservation initiative undertaken in consultation with government offices in Iquitos (Loreto, Peru), Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the Chicago Botanic Garden. Tahuayo River villages’ Comite de Gestion approved the undertaking at its May 2007 meeting in return for the facility’s sharing of project findings with the region’s indigenous villages.arc-river-level-2

The Research Center initiative was developed to promote new collaborative projects in conservation biology, environmental studies, cultural anthropology, and more in the Area de Conservacion Regional Comunal de Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (ACRCTT). Auxiliary support is provided by TRARC projects that bear particular promise toward helping promote sustainable developments among ribereños culture in this large and precious portion of western Amazonia. Work with our scientific board members, for example, will augment villagers’ knowledge of their rainforest plants, while progressively illuminating the spectacularly diverse plant communities of ACRCTT for modern science.

Primate Research

Current research on primates is helping to safeguard the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo’s spectacular primate fauna: 16 species representing every South American primate family and spanning the continent’s range of body size. Recent observations suggest that the new approaches to conservation at ACRCTT will be important for area primates. Primate census of the trail grid was initiated in 2007 and continues to the present time. Students and tourists can choose to assist in the census or in habituation of particular social groups of each of six large-bodied species of monkeys.arc-aerial-2

This work is occurring on a research trail grid located behind the Research Center Lodge. During all-day follows of particular social groups, volunteers’ work includes progressively more systematic and detailed records of data for contribution to cumulative primate databases.
The trail grid behind the research center lodge covers 55 miles (+70 km) spread over more than 1000 acres (2200 hec). It is the largest trail system offered in the Amazon. It is the best hike known in the Amazon for viewing primates in their natural environment. Twelve species of primates have significant populations on the grid. Other mammals living on the grid include: coati, tamandua, giant anteater, tapir, peccary (2 species), deer (2 species), ocelot, jaguar, paca, agouti, agouchi, armadillo, pygmy tree squirrel, Amazon tree squirrel, opossum (many species), rat (many species), sloth (2 species), kinkajou, tayra, and bat (approx 70 species).


More information can be found on the website of http://www.perujungle.com


Wednesday, June 21 – Research Center Lodge plus excursions in the Amazon jungle.

Red Electric MoonChant: Oc, Ben, Cauac, Eb, MULUC

KIN 29 Red Electric Moon, Light code 29:3:23 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to be of service and open for the possibilities or creations as you are part of the solution of the purification via Universal Waters in communication of Presence with what is. Together with the Natural supportive flow of Heart Love loyalty in All relationships as we move onwards in the spiral to be in the Open Space of exploration and wakefulness to be a channeled messenger. Face now the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of the transformational self-generative energy flow that catalyzes this as the spiral moves into the hidden power of the Free Will of making choices to gain Divine Wisdom for All.

Planets: Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Earth


Thursday, June 22 – Research Center Lodge plus excursion in the Amazon Jungle.

White Self Existing DogChant: Muluc, Cimi, Ahau, Chuen, OC

KIN 30 White Self Existing Dog, Light code 30:4:24 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to create a plan of action defining the boundaries to create a blue print that is successful for All within the Heart Love Loyalty in every relationship and its aspects. Together with the Natural supportive flow of Trusting the purification of Universal Water flow without judgement as we move onwards in the spiral of letting go, release or death to be in an open space of new qualities and capacities. Now face the challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of the Universal Fire with its Love for Life and enlightenment to spiral into the hidden power of magical playfulness with humor.

Planets: Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Venus


Friday, June 23 – NEW MOON – travelling back to Iquitos. Overnight in Iquitos.

Personal notes:

A beautiful speed boat ride to Iquitos and the Head Quarters of Amazonia Explorations. Our luggage was unloaded and we were treated with a ice cream. The bus took us to the Hotel and the busy streets of Iquitos. In the evening the 3 of us went to look for a supermarket to buy some treats for on our way back. We also had some dinner there as well.


Chant: Lamat, Cauac, Imix, Oc, CHUEN

KIN 31 Blue Overtone Monkey, Light code 31:5:25 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to gather inner and outer resources within yourself to empower others in their radiance via the resonance of magical playfulness of humor beyond illusion.Together with the Natural supportive flow of Harmony in its beauty and elegance of Artistic Skills as we move onwards in the spiral to be in the transformative self-generative energy flow to catalyze the empowerment in the Ancient Trust of facing the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of nourishing nature of being. As now allow and surrender to the hidden power of Heart Love Loyalty in All relationships.

Planets: Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury



Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25 – Journey within Peru and return flight to Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Saturday, June 24 – Flight to Lima. Night flight to Paris.

Personal notes:

Returning to Lima to be met by Carmen and Patricia. There was still some time in between so by bus we once again went into Lima which was quite busy seeing that the locals had extra days off. Unfortunately, we only had some time to have a wonderful lunch in the restaurant together. It is amazing how restaurants are started in homes. This restaurant was certainly one to remember. In various rooms of the building you could sit down to have a meal. The toilet was the bathroom of the building with a bath available as well. After this lovely lunch we went back to the Lima Airport for the night flight to Paris. Three other members of the group flew via Madrid.

yellow rhythmic humanChant: Manik, Eb, Ik, Muluc, EB

KIN 32 Yellow Rhythmic Human, Light code 32:6:26 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to organise resources and bring balance into your life via making choices to be in Divine Wisdom.Together with the Natural supportive flow of accomplishment of every step you take to understand the wholeness of the healing process as we move onwards in the spiral to be in wholeness of Free Will and Divine Wisdom as we face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of breathing together with Spirit in its inspiration, flexibility and changes. As the spiral within moves to the hidden power of Trust in the Universal Water flow.

Planets: Earth, Uranus, Mercury


Sunday, June 25 – Flight Paris to Amsterdam.

Personal notes:

The stopover took about 4 hours and the Airport in Paris was quite comfortable. Had a French sandwich and roamed around the Airport. Arriving in Amsterdam – daughter Jessica came to meet me to drive me back to Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. Deepest Gratitude to All and Spirit for allowing us to explore the radiance of Peru.

Red Resonant SkywalkerChant: Cimi, Chicchan, Akbal, Lamat, BEN

KIN 33 Red Resonant Skywalker, Light code 33:7:27 Crystal Rabbit Moon of attuning to Source as you are inspired, inspiring others and creative projects with the Courage to go beyond boundaries, the unknown and securities to explore the world along with receiving messages.Together with the Natural supportive flow of letting go, releasing or dying that which no longer serves the Presence of Now to co create an opportunity as we move onwards in the spiral to be in Life Force of using your instincts and senses as you are in body wisdom of Kundalini energy as we face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of being in silence and abundance of intuitive sensors. As the spiral within moves to the hidden power of Harmony in its Artistic Skills of beauty and elegance.

Planets: Mars, Asteroid Belt, Saturn, Venus



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