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Lunar Moon of Challenge

Lunar Moon of Challenge – Tuesday, August 23 through Monday, September 19, 2016

Inclusive Annular Solar Eclipse New Moon, New Galactic Spin and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.

naamloos (2)

The Lunar Moon of Challenge resonates with the totem animal Scorpion – Transformation, Defensiveness/Protection and Passion/Isolation

Stabilize, polarize, challenge

In the yearly Tzolkin Wave spell, the process of 13 steps flows via the First Moon where you have set your goal. With the second moon you take a look at what takes you away from your goal; what is the challenge? Which obstacles lie on your path? The second step stabilizes the positive energy of enthusiasm with starting a new project. Do not let yourself be lead astray to go into action to clear the obstacles. That will come later on. Gather first all the material.

Be honest in recognising your limitations to overcome them and embrace them.

Mother Moon shows us polarity: we can only see her from one side. When we look at this on the surface we forget the other side,

You can experience this in various ways. Most often we strive towards the one side (light) and wish to stay away from the other (shadow). But this is the aspect of yourself where you want to turn away from, although it sets you into uplifting flow. This is where your motivation for movement comes from, it gives energy. It is looking at your shadow where your soul grows and develops! This stimulates and is the challenge.

This asks us to look at the other side with Loving resonance; the shadow, it sets it into motion. Embrace your shadow.

Totem Animal Scorpion


Scorpion sheds her exoskeleton several times in her life.  The medicine in this is that of death/rebirth/transformation.  By doing this she is asking you to take a look at the things and people in your life that no longer serve you.  Scorpion has multiple eyes so evaluate your surroundings with a critical eye.  Release your old baggage, let go of objects that clutter your space/home and purge the negative energy of those who are co-dependent on you and to whom you enable.  Focus on your purge so that you can take you own steps forward with clear decisions for what you want for your life.

Scorpion’s physical appearance shows the medicine of defensiveness and/or protection.  Her exoskeleton is a symbol for self protection while her pincers and tail are used for defense of herself and her offspring when she gives birth.  She is teaching that it is important to have your barriers/boundaries up if you want to survive, but you also need to learn when to let them down.  Sometimes being vulnerable is necessary and learning to balance when to guard and when to let down your guard is a balancing act.  Use your pincers for control/keeping “predators” at a distance, but more importantly they are a reminder for the use of self-control so that you stay on your path.  The tail signifies the ability to strike with your full potential when the time is right.

Scorpion is usually a solitary animal but when it comes time for mating they do a passionate/elaborate “dance” but when they have completed their ritual they go their separate ways.  This symbolizes the nature or cycles of relationships and how important it is to not be overly attached to people who come into your life.  There is a reason/lesson for you to learn from that relationship.  Sometimes they leave so that something new/better/exciting/different can enter.  She is also showing you that you need to be content with being alone, which means you need to learn to accept and love yourself.  Do you balance your relationships with periods of solitude?  It is also important to control your passions.  Controlling your passions/desires allows you to direct your energy appropriately and it will determine whether your transformations will occur in the midst of calmness or chaos.  Do you allow your passions to override your common sense?

Crystals to remind you of Scorpions medicine/messages are:

Transformation: Malachite Narmada River Shiva Lingam Dendrite on Marl Green Calcite

Defensiveness/Protection: Apache Tears Bronzite Dalmatian Jasper Chiastolite

Passion/Isolation: Rose Quartz Prasiolite Garnet Ruby


This Moon resonates at Lunar 1 via the Crown with

MANIK, Blue_HandKin 247: Manik Ox Lahun, Blue Cosmic Hand. The attraction to unite, initiating the new creation within the Higher Goal and Divine Will to touch, to set about and to accomplish the idea with a form, from here comes the Divine Understanding. Hand represents action, creating something, to help and assist the healing.

This Moon ends to start a new beginning at Lunar 28 via the Heart with

IX.White WizardKin 14: Hun Ix, White Magnetic Wizard. The attraction to unite, initiating the new creation within the Higher Goal and Divine Will of the Inner Shaman who can travel without having to move from one place to another. Who you are now and where you are now is everything you ever wished for. This Presence or Now is the key to realizing your dreams. Receive what is in the now.


Part 5 – Group Journey One and the Same – Wells and Avebury

Group Journey One and the Same – Wells Cathedral, Wells Bishops Castle and Avebury
Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the morning Elena, Stuart and I went to Wells by bus from Glastonbury. Unfortunately Gay Anne and Ruth were not able to come along seeing they were picking up the rented car in Taunton.
Wells is quite a clean city that offers old historical ancient sites to tourists and an educational music for the youth and adults.

Wells Cathedral.June 18
We started by visiting the Wells Cathedral. Upon arrival there were many elementary school children from different schools in their uniforms ready to enter the Cathedral. It intrigued me what they would be doing there. Upon entrance of the main area of the Cathedral their pureness of voices accounted for strong goose bumps. They first started off with a wave movement as they had filled the main area of the Cathedral than they started to sing with the piano. All hearts were moved and uplifted by these gracious souls.

Wells works.June 18  Wells Cathedral.Ancient Door.June 18

Wells Cathedral.the special ancient clock.June18  Wells Cathedral.Ancient Clock description.June 18

We than went to Bishops Castle in Wells. I stayed at the terrace seeing I had been here before and Elena plus Stuart entered the Castle.

Wells.Ancient Tree.Bishops Castle.June 18  Wells.Bishops Castle.June 18

Elena the Angel.Wells Bishops Castle.June 18  Wells.Bishops Castle.Art Design.

Wells.Bishops Castle.Swans.June 18

Back by local bus to Glastonbury to be on time to meet Gay Anne and Ruth.
The 5 of us went by car to Avebury to visit the Stone Circles and whatever guidance requested.

Avebury.Stone Circle.Thursday.June 18  Avebury Stone Circle.Gay Liberty.June 18

Avebury.Stone Circle.Ruth.June 18  Elena.Avebury Stone Circle.Thursday.June.18

Ruth and Stuart than guided us to a Sacred Fairy Tree in the circumference of the Stone Circle.
A light doorway or passageway.

Avebury.Fairy Tree.June 18  Avebury.Sacred Tree.June 18

Aveybury.Sacred Tree.what is its message.June 18  Sacred Tree and dear Sisters and Brothers.Avebury.June 18

We walked onwards to another Stone Circle and then visited Avebury Heart Centre – Adrian Mieras to apologise that we were unable to attend the special Sound Concert on Saturday evening.
Carla was called to share a meditation with everyone plus toning as a guided soul at the Stone Circle at the beginning of the evening together with the Crystal Skulls, Crystals, Sound of the Planetary Chimes, Chakra Chimes, Tibetan Singing Bowls and the beautiful toning.

Avebury Stone Circle impression.

By that open space it was wise to drive back to Glastonbury and eat somewhere along the way.
Quite an intensive day of downloading.

Intention: “The Divine Intelligence of Guidance”
From the Eastern supportive Sacred Waters of letting go of illusion and allowing magical playfulness to vibrate.
To the Northern Higher Self Sacred Fire of questioning to access divine guidance, circulating fresh analysis of our convictions to assure they represent our truths; to embrace challenge by recognizing it as the ever present gift of growth; to understand obstacles as opportunities as strength.
Moving to the Western challenge, strengthening and opportunity via the Sacred Spirit Breath of equalizing by death or release by revelation of humbleness into the richness of the now.
To the Southern hidden power of the Sacred Earth representing our instinctual body wisdom; our sensuality, creativity and passion. Allowing and surrendering to the living temples of Earth; our one and only home for this lifetime. Inwardly to the center, grounding and anchoring the Sacred Waters of an expansive scope; a grand planetary perspective seeing with a broad and objective view in the now and going beyond.
Moving into the spiral center, grounding and anchoring to apply mindfulness, precision, and will; to question all appearances, reference points and information to gain deeper insight and intelligence; question and confront fears in order to release their hold and transcend them as a shield. You are a channel and agent of cosmic forces to integrate the 3 forces of mind, will and spirit to pick up the staff of galactic empowerment.

Group Journey – Glastonbury Abbey and New Moon – June 16

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – Glastonbury
We started in the morning by visiting the local market. A gem stone called to interact with.

Market Glastonbury.Tuesday.June 16  Stone calling at the Market.June 16 in the morning.

The above stone called to be a caretaker of and interact with.

Visiting the Glastonbury, Abbey and the grace of many Ancient Trees there in the sunlight glow of the afternoon.
At the entrance a warm welcome of lavender for allowing the fragrance to enter.

Gay Anne Liberty and Stuart at the Lavender.Glastonbury Abbey.June 16  Glastonbury Abbey Lavender.Stuart and Gay.June 16

Glastonbury Abbey in the Sun.June 16  Glastonbury Abbey power place.June 16  Glastonbury Abbey.2

Crystals and Crystal Skulls resonating at Glastonbury Abbey

Crystal Skull resonating.Glastonbury Abbey.June 16  11336071_842150032498706_40933751_n

11653264_842150085832034_325625252_n  Glastonbury Abbey.Crystal Resonating.June 16.New Moon

Some lights moving at Glastonbury Abbey.June 16  Stuart has taken this photograph at Glastonbury Abbey.June 16

The silence of the Well, Ponds and Ancient Trees

Glastonbury Abbey.Well.June 16  The ponds of silence contemplation at Glastonbury Abbey.June 16

Stuart Tennant shared an Inca cleansing and purification ceremony on the grounds of the Glastonbury Abbey.

Sacred Trees at the Glastonbury Abbey.June 16  Stuart sharing a cleansing and purification ceremony at Glastonbury Abbey.June 17

In the evening we went to the foothill of the Tor to attune to the New Moon.

Magical pathway during the New Moon.towards the foothills of the Tor.June 16  Foothill of the Tor.New Moon evening.June

New Moon Ceremony led by Gay Anne Liberty at the Foothill of the Tor.June 18 evening  New Moon ceremony.foothill of the Tor.evening.June 18

Gay Anne Liberty shared a Russian Moon activation here.
Deepest Gratitude.

Intention: “The Enchanting Timeless receptivity of Heart Loyalty”
From the Eastern supportive Sacred Earth of Life Force instinct body wisdom we attune to sacred creativity energy.
To the Northern Higher Self Sacred Spirit Breath within the heavenly and earthly between the medium between spirit and matter we transcend into peace and acceptance of the Love Heart.
Moving to the Western challenge, strengthening and opportunity via the Sacred Fire seeding the Cosmic Star to flower the awareness of growth and development.
To the Southern hidden power of the Sacred Waters of co creating the visionary creativity and Planetary Consciousness of perspective.
Inwardly to the center, grounding and anchoring the Sacred Spirit Breath of enchantment of the power of our words refining them to be receptive to the omnipresent sacredness of existence in the now.

Group Worldwide SKYPE – Thursday, April 30, 2015

Be welcome to gather physically or spiritually.

Worldwide Group SKYPE “One and the Same”

In the flow of the Wesak Full Moon,

Tzolkin Blue Wave 3 Galactic Spiral

– Thursday, April 30 at 21:00 hours Amsterdam Time


Light codes: Planetary 27:1:1


  • Breathing.  Now breathe deeply within the Divine Soul Essence and let this expand and expand going deeper and deeper into the Sphere of Love Light, the KUXAN SUUM grounding and anchoring this in the Planetary Circuit and the Solar Circuit as it flows to Divine Mother Earth, her Divine Nature and her Divine dwellers.



  •  Open to connect with the Crystal Skull or Crystal or Stone via the Divine Heart Now connect to All Sacred Stone Circles, Sacred Places and Sacred Ceremonies around the World in the onward spiral flow of the Wesak Full Moon. Allow and surrender to it flow whilst the Sacred Sound resonate.


  • Prayer and Journey as One and the Same with the Ancient Ones and all Light Beings in Deepest Gratitude, Grace and Love Light As all pulsating frequencies of Divine Colors, Divine Sound, Divine Scents, Sacred Geometry now flows in the Divine Crystalline Breath we expand in Divine Knowing of the Light Energetics as we surrender and allow the Galactic Spiral Passageway to Be the Sacred Love Dance with All Ancient Ones, Light Councils, Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather in the Omni galactic Source and move the Unified Matrix of One in this flow of the Full Moon with All Sacred Ceremonies and Gatherings.


  • We start our Galactic spiral via the Eastern passageway of the Sacred Fire Chamber or Open Space flowing via

EB.Yellow Human EB, Yellow Magnetic Human of catalyzing the Divine Knowing of Galactic support

Silence …………

  • Now move onwards in the Sacred Dance Galactic spiral to the next two passageway chambers or open space

Silence …………….


  • Onwards now via the spiral movement of the Northern passageway of the Sacred Water Chamber or Open Space flowing via

MANIK, Blue_Hand MANIK, Blue Magnetic Hand of Divine Creativity of Higher Self Guidance via Interstellar Service.

Silence ………..


  • Now move onwards in the Sacred Dance Galactic spiral to the next two passageway chambers or open space.

Silence ……………….


  • Onwards via the spiral movement of the Western passageway of the Sacred Earth Chamber or Open Space flowing via

CABAN.Red EarthCABAN, Red Magnetic Earth of Divine Navigation and Synchronicity via the challenging, strengthening of empowered opportunity.

Silence ……………….


  •  Now move onwards in the Sacred Dance Galactic spiral to the next two passageway chambers or open space.

Silence ……………….


  • Onwards via the spiral movement of the Southern passageway of the Sacred Air/Spirit/Ether Chamber or Open Space flowing via


IX.White Wizard IX, White Cosmic Wizard of Divine Ceremonial Order of Magic via the Hidden Power of the now unknown to be empowered by Divine Consciousness.

Silence ……………….


  • Now move onwards in the Sacred Dance Galactic spiral to the next two passageway chambers or open space.

Silence ……………….


  • Onwards via the spiral movement of the Centering, Grounding and Anchoring passageway Sacred Water Love Light Chamber or Open Space flowing via


MANIK, Blue_Hand MANIK, Blue Magnetic Hand of Divine Hands of Light Energetics of Multidimensional Healing of the Divinity Energetics for All.


  • Closing


Deepest Gratitude, Grace and Appreciation for Divine Mother Earth, All her Divine Dwellers, the Crystalline Grid Network and beyond.

Natural Time


Cleansing of Stones, Crystals or Crystal Skulls

Cleansing of a Stone or Crystal

About cleansing the stones that you work with therapeutically, opinions differ sometimes. Of course it is important to be hygienic with your stones, after all in a therapeutically layout  you place them indeed on the body of your client. Nevertheless, it is absolutely unnecessary to clean the stones “energetically” after each therapeutic session.

 Blauwe Apofyliet.4

A stone has – unlike humans – no duality. In other words, people know certain things concepts as good and bad sick and better. A stone does not simply have these concepts. Also a stone does not take “negative energy” upon itself and does not therefore need to be cleaned.

There are all kind of ideas being shared about cleansing. Here are some:

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OR DO NOT when you Bury your stones in the ground.

A stone is build up of various elements. Some elements are very sensitive for the acids which occur in the soil. Calcite is becomes under the influence of various types of soil not only colorless and dull, it even partially dissolves.

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OR DO NOT when you Cleanse your stones with Salt.

Many stones have in their composition a portion of water. For example Opal shines so beautifully by the presence of water in the tiny cracks of the opal.

When you put an opal in salt, this salt draws the water from the stone. What remains is a completely colorless opal, which no longer looks like an opal, but no longer works as an opal.

 Andean  Pink Opal

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OR DO NOT when you lay the stones for a longer time in (mineral)-water

Some elements from which a stone exists are water-soluble. When you put these stones a long time in water, these ingredients dissolve. The composition of the stone changes thereby, so that the stone therapeutically no longer has the effect that can be expected.

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OR DO NOT when your cleanse and upload your stones in the Sun

Many of the stone that are used in a gemstone practice are “light sensitive”. For example under the influence of sunlight Amethyst loses its beautiful (deep) purple color. The same is true of rose quartz.

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OR DO NOT when you cleanse your stones above candlelight

Besides the fact that you can burn your fingers a number of stones are quite heat sensitive. Amber will scorch, pearls and opals will burst and with topaz you run the risk that the stone breaks in two.

BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU OR DO NOT with using Reiki for cleansing

You can consider a stone as a pure product of life energy. The human being who applies Reiki to the stone is relative to this an “impure” Oneness. This is why the life energy that a person wishes to transfer to a stone does not add to the energetic purity to the stone which it already naturally possess.

The above “cleansing methods” are more likely to lead to disappointment or disturbed and broken stones than to energetically “cleansed” stones.

 Aquamarine CS.2


Not only the use of wrong cleansing methods affects whether or not an energetic session with precious stones is successful, the psychological “condition” of the therapist plays a role in this.

Suppose you’ve used some stone during a layout and a second client comes in a short time later. The same stones you just used for your first client can consciously or unconsciously evoke the memory of this client. This can lead to an unintended side effect: your own energetic field is filled with this reminder and beams it “unintentionally” off to your new client.

This is not for the enjoyment: looking at this energetically it can happen that you are namely projecting some imbalances of your first client on your second client.

So be aware of the impeding potential role of human memory that plays during the therapeutic session.

How can you fore come such a psychological effect? A good method for this is to rinse with Luke warm water the stones after every layout.

You can try to imagine that all the energy from your previous client, whilst rinsing the stones in Luke water goes down the drain and disappears. This does not only give a positive psychological effect (the energy of the client disappears), but also constitutes a hygienic aspect.

Try to imagine by yourself also that the client takes everything with him or her when leaving your space (including also energy) that belongs to him or her. If this is not enough for you then feel if you can try using a self-invented “ritual” so that the stones get rid of (your own) memory. For example, placing some cleansing incense on a wood coal and let the stones go through the smoke or by playing some singing bowls, chimes or Tsingha’s.

You also hear that a stone or stones previously before a session need to be “uploaded” and after the session need to be “unloaded”. For the “uploading” of stones clear quartz or a group of clear quartz stones is advised and for “unloading” a black tourmaline or a group of hematite. Here also, this is not principally necessary, since the action or working of a stone is always the same as long as the stone is a homogeneous unit (not damaged).

But as a helping hand, loading and unloading stones, can be a natural peaceful way or use to cleanse yourself psychologically and as a preparation to treat the possible next client.

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