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Thursday, June 14 and Friday, June 15- Continuation of Journey in Visoko, Bosnia

Thursday, June 14. 2018 

Continuation Journey within Visoko, Bosnia

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Had a deep good night sleep in the apartment where I stayed. Woke up and recognised that the open space was there to be more in a relaxation mood. It was rainy all day which certainly contributed to the bath of rest.


First of all was to organise a taxi for tomorrow to Sarajevo Airport for the return home. Along with this I also wished to go to the market as well.

I also had some digestion problems from yesterday actually a purification. The lady of the apartment (family doctor in her profession) advised me to take some probiotic. I had taken some Schussler salts with me for this so this served very well. She offered a cup of coffee and bakhlaffa (sorry the spelling is not correct but a great settler when you are not eating too much.

Chaga Mushroom grows on Birch tree

I also showed her something I bought yesterday at a stand at the Pyramids of “Chaga”. She was very interested and well known with it. We exchanged visiting cards with each other. In case you are interested on you tube there is a presentation under the title “What is chaga?”.


Whilst looking for a taxi driver at the “Hotel Piramida Sunca” taxi stand I once noticed again the taxi driver “Cicvara Nedzad” mobile +387(0)61/176-508 email: We agreed to meet drive tomorrow to Sarajevo Airport at 09:00 hours. It worked out perfectly.


After this I went to walk to the market. On the way I saw the owner of the apartment were I stayed and he drove me to the Sunca Center Shopping Mall. We drove by the hospital where his wife worked as a family doctor. It was raining still and he offered me an umbrella but I had already one in my backpack as well. A very considered man to assist here thank you very much.

I felt a signal to take a rest and went back to the apartment to meditate in allowance and surrender.

Later on I enjoyed a walk along the river in the rain. Tomorrow is the Sugar Feast for All. Such pleasant scents came from the kitchen preparing for the feast tomorrow.


Friday, June 15, 2018 – Continuation Journey within Visoko, Bosnia –

 Light code: 128:11:17

Had another good night sleep with many healings in consciousness and unconsciousness. Woke up refreshed at 08:00 hours to finalise the packing of the suitcase and backpack for the flights from Sarajevo – Istanbul – Amsterdam.

All went well and many times the Sugar feast was repeated during the journey.


The digestion problems were solved so it was a pleasant day for travelling. This time I flew with Pegasus Airlines. A very comfortable airline to travel with.

At the Istanbul Airport met a man from Belgium who just came from Russia. We had a very interesting conversation together which certainly passed the transfer open space.

Arriving at Schiphol Airport at 22:00 hours it felt like I had been away for weeks instead of 8 days. From here I took the train to Amsterdam and from there to Alkmaar. In Alkmaar I took the bus to arrive in Heerhugowaard were I live at 23:00 hours.

Gratitude for this Presence.




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