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New Moon Harmonics Love Light of Beauty and Elegance, January 21, 2023

Sound and Voice Journey in English and Dutch.

Geluid en Stem Reis in Engels en Nederlands.


Review of Journey in Slovenia – June 7

We actually started this journey already just before midnight. Left my home Heerhugowaard to catch the local bus to the train station in Alkmaar, The Netherlands than via train to Amsterdam Central Station to go to Schiphol Airport for the early flight in the morning at 06:35 a.m. Arriving at the Airport around 02:45 a.m.

Schiphol Airport.inside

Nice to have a cup of coffee there to stay awake a bit, arrange some money things for the journey and check out a few things for the journey. There are main restaurants open at Schiphol Airport 24 hours a day. The service of “Transavia” Desk was great could check in the luggage right away. No problems at customs etc. About 1,5 hour ahead of the first flight which is around 06:00 a.m. the duty free shops open as well. Great facilities of Wi-Fi so no problem with the open space plus the Schiphol Airport is quite large should was fun to exercise the legs a bit before the flight. Along with this being there so early in the morning it is a great opportunity to go into meditation to relax.


The flight was about 1,5 hours to Ljubljana Airport a very smooth flight due to the weather conditions this time of year. How grand when almost landing you see the beautiful Alps. Just love it when Mother Nature and Father Sky embrace each other in this way. It is a wonder and magical open space so dear to our Hearts.

Arriving at the Airport a Shuttle Service “Markun”, along  with 2 other passengers, was there to greet and assist with the luggage. The first impression of Slovenia is the beauty of Nature there, so many trees and forests in the outskirts and also in the City as well. Beautiful well kept homes. Very clean environment and well taken care of. The traffic in the center of town is mostly walk paths or bike paths.

It is such a learning experience to go beyond booking a Hotel room and this time it was certainly one of them. The Shuttle Van stopped at a Restaurant seeing that was the address of the Central Rooms, so I entered the hallway there. I asked the lady of the restaurant if I could call the owner of the Rooms but she said that was not the policy of the manager of the restaurant. Apparently there are various owners of this building. My mobile phone does not work without a Wi-Fi connection so I took my luggage and started to walk on the street to ask someone where I could call. One person advised me to go to the Post Office which I could not find at the moment. Than I met another Man, lawyer, who was willing to help me and called the owner of the Central Rooms for me and the meeting was arranged. The lawyer and I talked a bit afterwards together whilst walking back to the Restaurant/Central Rooms etc. Interesting to hear that he was going to go onwards with his masters and his longing was to go abroad afterwards. Much gratitude for his assistance and the assistance of owner of the Central Rooms who explained more about things to go to and a tourist information map as well. A very nice and clean environment and home feeling staying here. Gratitude

Central Rooms.Ljubljana

The first step was to go to the Tourist Information Center to pick up a card where I could enter various museums, galleries, boat ride, guided tour through the city etc. Right here is also the daily local Market and a great space to buy some vegetables, cheese, olive oil from locals. It was not so busy especially with Tourists because the main season has not yet begun.

After this I walked around the city center to orientate a bit. Ljubljana is a university city with lots of cultural backgrounds. Here are some impressions of this. The first photograph hereunder is of a Poet “Preseen” and a alley way water gutter.

Along the way some statues so significant of that we are All – “One” – and the “Circle” form in this plus the fountain (water). Also a statue whilst I was having a great green salad at  a restaurant.

We were going to go on a boat ride but by 15:00 hours so tired after having been awake for so many hours. Whilst walking back to the room was very fascinated by the bridges. Loved the Dragon Bridge and the many bridges build close together.


Drawn to a park with very ancient trees was urged to visit this twice to connect.


Personally once more the significance here from Mother Nature “we all are rooted from the One Source and can blossom, grow and develop in our talents and gifts whilst still being One”.

Now off to a great nap and a good night sleep.

Gratitude for this Night and Day.

Be welcome to place a comment or more information for others as well.




The Shift of 2017 to 2018 – Crystal Grid Vortex (English and Dutch)


The Shift of 2017 to 2018

Resonating with Crystal Grid Vortex and Music

De Verschuiving van 2017 naar 2018

Resoneert met de Kristallen Vortex en Muziek.


Within the Light Code 157:1 spiral movement of Sunday, December 31, 2017, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon, comes the initiation of new creations via the supportive East initiation evolution navigation of synchronicity. (Uranus, Crown Chakra, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 157:1 spiralen beweging van Zondag, 31 december, 2017 in de stromende resonantie van de Volle Maan, komt de initiatie van nieuwe creaties via de ondersteunde Oosten initieerde evolutie navigatie van synchroniciteit. (Uranus, Kruin Chakra, Aarde, Zon, Maan).



Within the Light Code 222:1 Galactic Activation Portal with its High vibration spiral movement of Sunday, December 31, 2017, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon, comes the initiation of new creations via the Highest Good with Divine Guidance Northern refinement of breathing within the communication with Spirit and Divine Light Beings. (Uranus, Crown Chakra, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 222:1 Galactische Activatie Portaal met zijn Hoge trillende spiralen beweging van Zondag, 31 december, 2017 in de stromende resonantie van de Volle Maan, komt de initiatie van nieuwe creaties via het Hoogste Goed met Licht Begeleiding Noordelijke verfijning van ademhaling binnenin de communicatie met de Geest en Lichtwezens. (Uranus, Kruin Chakra, Aarde, Zon, Maan).



Within the Light Code 92:1 spiral movement of Sunday, December 31, 2017, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon, comes the initiation of new creations via the Challenges, Strengthening, Opportunity Western flowering of Free Will of Choosing to understand Divine Wisdom. (Grounding and anchoring within the Crystalline Lotus Core of Earth/Gaia/Pachamama, Sun, Moon, Tibetan Singing Bowl).

Binnenin de Licht Code 92:1 spiralen beweging van Zondag, 31 december, 2017 in de stromende resonantie van de Volle Maan, komt de initiatie van nieuwe creaties via de uitdagingen, bekrachtiging, gelegenheid Westelijke opbloei van Vrije Wil om keuzes te maken via Wijsheid. (Gronden en verankeren binnenin de Kristallijnen Lotus Kern van Aarde/Gaia/Pachamama, Zon, Maan, Tibetan Singing Bowl).



Within the Light Code 39:13 Galactic Activation Portal with High vibrations spiral movement of Sunday, December 31, 2017, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon, comes the celebration of connecting with source and life, coming home to start a new beginning via the Awakening and Flowering of Consciousness Southern transformation of catalyzing the self-generation energy flow to stimulate change. (Pluto, Sacral Chakra, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 39:13 Galactische Activatie Portaal met zijn Hoge trillende spiralen beweging van Zondag, 31 december, 2017 in de stromende resonantie van de Volle Maan, komt de viering van de viering met de Bron en het Leven, thuiskomen om een nieuwe start te maken via de Ontwakende en tot Bloei komen van Bewustzijn Zuidelijke transformatie van het katalyseren van zelf-opwekkende energie die stimuleert veranderingen en transformatie. (Pluto, Sacrale Chakra, Aarde, Zon, Maan).



Within the Light Code 222:1:19 Rhythmic Lizard Moon Galactic Activation Portal with its High vibrational spiral energy flow of Sunday, December 31, 2017, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon for the Highest Good for All, May All Activate, Ground and Anchor within the Pureness of Heart Love Light that All may deep consciously breath to convey truths and create connections via the communication with Spirit. (Uranus, Neptune, Crown Chakra, Venus, Heart Chakra, Saturn, Root Chakra, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 222:1:19 Ritmische Hagedis Maan Galactische Activatie Portaal met zijn Hoge trillende spiralen beweging van Zondag, 13 December, 2017, stromende in de resonantie van de Volle Maan voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, Moge Allen Activeren, Gronden en Verankeren binnenin de Zuiverheid van Hart Liefdes Licht dat Allen Moge bewust ademhalen om over te brengen waarheden en verbindingen creëren via de communicatie van de Geest. (Uranus, Neptunus, Kruin Chakra, Venus, Hart Chakra, Saturnus, Stuit Chakra, Aarde, Zon, Maan).






Within the Light Code 236:2 spiral movement of Monday, January 1, 2018, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon, to stabilize the growth and development challenge of working together in Wholeness via the supportive East flowering of the capacity of going beyond fear to access divine guidance and embrace the challenge by recognizing it as the ever-present gift of growth and intelligence. (Saturn, Root Chakra, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 236:2 spiralen beweging van Maandag, 1 januari, 2018, in de stromende resonantie van de Volle Maan, stabiliseer de groei en ontwikkeling van de uitdaging van het samen werken in Heelheid via de ondersteunde Oosten opbloei van de capaciteit van verder gaan dan de angst om toegang te krijgen tot goddelijke leiding en de uitdaging aan te gaan door het te erkennen als de altijd aanwezige gave van groei en intelligentie. (Saturnus, Stuit Chakra, Aarde, Zon, Maan).



Within the Light Code 15:2 spiral movement of Monday, January 1, 2018, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon, to stabilize the growth and development challenge of working together in Wholeness via the Highest Good with Divine Guidance Northern transformation of a Higher Collective Mind, Visionary Creativity and Universal Consciousness as you discover unlimited clear-seeing, fertile imagination and ground-breaking ideas. (Jupiter, Third Eye and Pineal Gland, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 15:2 spiralen beweging van Maandag, 1 januari, 2018 in de stromende resonantie van de Volle Maan, stabiliseer de groei en ontwikkeling van de uitdaging van het samen werken in Heelheid via het Hoogste Goed met Licht Begeleiding Noordelijke transformatie van een Hogere Collectief Denken, Visionaire Creativiteit en Universeel Bewustzijn terwijl je onbeperkte, heldere, vruchtbare verbeeldingskracht en baanbrekende ideeën ontdekt. (Jupiter, Derde Oog en Pijnappelklier, Aarde, Zon, Maan).



Within the Light Code 93:2 Galactic Activation Portal with High Vibration spiral movement of Monday, January 1, 2018, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon, to stabilize the growth and development challenge of working together in Wholeness via the Strengthening and Opportunity Western initiation of having the courage to Explore the Open Space of Wakefulness to the living dream as an outer reflection of our inner reality. (Mars, Solar Plexus Chakra, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 93:2 Galactische Activatie Portaal met zijn Hoge Vibratie spiralen beweging van Maandag, 1 januari, 2018 in de stromende resonantie van de Volle Maan, stabiliseer de groei en ontwikkeling van de uitdaging van het samen werken in Heelheid via de bekrachtiging, gelegenheid Westelijke initiatie van de moed hebben om de Open Ruimte van Waakzaamheid te verkennen naar de levende droom als een uiterlijke weerspiegeling van onze innerlijke realiteit. (Mars, Solar Plexus Chakra, Aarde, Zon, Maan).



Within the Light Code 38:12 spiral movement of Monday, January 1, 2018, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon, comes the discovery, sharing and giving expression to insights in openness and love via the Awakening and Flowering of Consciousness Southern refinement of delving into the source of reflection and polish the mirror of our mind that we may see from the deepest clarity we are capable of. In this way, all occurrences in our lives can be used to see ourselves more clearly, as an ongoing meditation of self-reflection. Ultimately, as we walk through the reflections we can enter the greater reality, the truth beyond the hall of mirrors, into the Divine Order which pervades All. (Neptune, Crown Chakra, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 38:12 spiralen beweging van Maandag, 1 januari, 2018 in de stromende resonantie van de Volle Maan, komt de ontdekking, delen en expressie geven aan je inzichten in openheid en liefde via de Ontwakende en tot Bloei komen van Bewustzijn Zuidelijke verfijning van het graven in de bron van reflectie en de spiegel van onze geest oppoetsen die we kunnen zien vanuit de diepste helderheid waartoe we in staat zijn. Op deze manier kunnen alle gebeurtenissen in ons leven worden gebruikt om onszelf helderder te zien, als een voortdurende meditatie van zelfreflectie. Uiteindelijk kunnen we, terwijl we door de reflecties lopen, de grotere werkelijkheid betreden, de waarheid voorbij de spiegelzaal, in de goddelijke orde die alles doordringt. (Neptunus, Kroonchakra, Aarde, Zon, Maan).



Within the Light Code 223:2:20 Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Monday, January 1, 2018, flowing in the resonance of the Full Moon for the Highest Good for All, Activate, Ground and Anchor All within enclosing the darkness/shadows; the place of mystery; the sanctuary of inner self. This is directly associated with redeeming materialism by honoring the ever-present abundance of the Universe’s gifts by working together with your intuition and dreams. True wealth is not found in acquisition of material goods, but rather, is revealed as the treasure of gratitude – acknowledging the blessing of plentitude that already exists. This heartfelt energy magically attracts that which fulfills our desires and dreams. (Saturn, Root Chakra, Neptune, Crown Chakra, Venus, Heart Chakra, Earth, Sun, Moon).

Binnenin de Licht Code 223:2:20 Ritmische Hagedis Maan spiralen beweging van Maandag, 1 januari, 2018, stromende in de resonantie van de Volle Maan voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, Activeren, Gronden en Verankeren Allen binnenin de duisternis/ schaduwen omsluiten; de plaats van het mysterie; het heiligdom van het innerlijk. Dit hangt direct samen met het verlossende materialisme door de altijd aanwezige overvloed van de gaven van het universum te eren door samen te werken met je intuïtie en dromen. Echte rijkdom is niet te vinden bij het verwerven van materiële goederen, maar wordt eerder onthuld als de schat van dankbaarheid – het erkennen van de zegening van overvloedigheid die al bestaat. Deze oprechte energie trekt op magische wijze datgene aan wat onze verlangens en dromen vervult. (Saturnus, Wortelchakra, Neptunus, Kroonchakra, Venus, Hartchakra, Aarde, Zon, Maan)








Journey through Turkey – Day 7 and Day 8 plus beyond.

Journey in Turkey (October 10 through October 25, 2017)

Day 7 and Day 8 plus beyond


Day 7 – Antalya Lara Hotel to Roman theater “Aspendos”, Leather Show and Boat trip.

Monday, October 16, 2017 (10:16:10) –in between coffee/tea/toilet break and lunch.


The spiral energy movement flow of this day and evening:

The White Electric Worldbridger of service activating possibilities and solutions.

white_world-bridger_3_8_13  The natural support of adventure to explore beyond boundaries in wakefulness in its spiral energy movement that swirls into the Higher Good for All within Guidance of Heart Love loyalty in all relationships and surroundings as we all are being challenged, strengthened and create an opportunity or opening of fearlessness to have the courage to ask questions and receive answers to be in the flow of wisdom. To awaken the awareness of vision that creates Higher Consciousness by action whilst being centered, grounded and anchored in the release or death of that what no longer serves in the Presence of Now to allow the open space to bring in the new.


Roman Theater “Aspendos”

The ancient city of Aspendos is situated 4 km from Antalya-Alanya highway and almost in the middle of this highway. The city is founded near Koprucay (Eurymedon ). The ships were able to reach the city from the sea owing to this stream which was used as a canal in the ancient time. Today the city is 15 km. from the sea. Aspendos Theater has survived to our day fairly undamaged and Aspendos became famous with this theater.

This structure with an extraordinarily perfect acoustics hosts every year international and local concerts and festivals.

The king of Aspendos announces that he will organize a competition to see who will serve much for the city and says that the winner will marry with his daughter. The artisans who hear this immediately start studying. Finally, when the deadline comes, the king analyses everyone’s effort one by one and chooses two candidates. First candidate successes to bring water to the city from far corners of the city by the help of water canals.

The second candidate builds a theatre. When the king is about to decide on the first candidate he wants to analyse theatre for the last time. While he is walking about the top floor of the gallery he hears a voice calling from deep and continuously saying: “the daughter of the king must be mine”. Amazed by the event he searches for the voice but is unable to find where it comes from. This person is absolutely the architect of the theatre who is so proud of the acoustic of his masterpiece and talking on the scene in a feeble pipe. At the end, the architect wins the beautiful daughter and the wedding ceremony is held on this theatre.

This story is about the most important antique work of Aspendos, Aspendos Antique Theatre. Going to the eastward of Antalya, one can reach Serik Borough in 39 km, and from there to Eurymedon river in 7 km. Aspendos, situated near Eurymedon river is founded by Aka civilization in 10 BC. and is one of the richest cities of the antique age. The theatre in here is built up by Roman in 2 AC. The city is founded upon two hills one is small and one is huge.

The amphitheatre in Aspendos, that is wanted to be conquered by many for ages since being connected to Kucukcay river to the harbour is the one which is most secured till today and therefore is an important open-air theatre.

This theatre is the most ancient and solid sample of the Roman Theatres in Anatolia. On an epitaph on the south parados it is written that the theatre was built by the architect Zeno, the son of an Aspendian called Theodoros in the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AC). According to this epigraph, Aspendian people appreciated Zeno and awarded him with a great garden near the stadium.


The structure is built on a hillside according to Greek tradition.

Today the visitor entrance to the building from the door on the front face which is added later on. In fact, the original entrance is from the vaulted paradoses situated on the two sides of the scene. Caeva is shaped as half circle and is divided into two with a vast diazoma.

There are 21 seats above and 20 below. In order for the audience not to have difficulty when they are seated stairs were made spreading to the top, while the stairs beginning from the orchestra stage below is 10, this number is 21 at the top beginning of the above diazoma.

The gallery with 59 stairs which thought to be made later on lies from the beginning of the top caeva to the end. Looking from an architectural perspective the vaulted gallery of the diazoma is in a supporter texture of top caeva. As a general rule of protocol; the lodges which are placed at the two entrances of the caevas are reserved for the family of empire and for the sacred virgins who has devoted themselves to the Roman God Vesta.

Beginning from the orchestra, the first line is reserved for senators, judges, ambassadors, second line for the other notables of the city. Other seats are open for common people. Women were usually having seat at the top of the gallery. From the names caved on the seats of the top caeva it is clearly understood that these seats were reserved for certain people.

The most attractive element of the theatre is it structure. On the first floor of this double-storied building which is made of piled stone there are five doors for the players to come on the scene. Of these doors, the big one in the middle is known as porta regia, and the other four- placed two on the left and two on the right is known as porta hospitals. The small doors lined on the orchestra are belongs to the corridors of the cages of wild animals. From the remaining stones, it is understood that triangle and half-circle shaped small sculptures and niches for the walls were placed on the ornamental walls.


Personally, made some tones to experience the acoustics here.


Onwards to a leather show which was quite impressive to see all these clothes and handbags that are well known around the world by different fashion houses.

naamloos (38)

After this the fun part of a boat ride along the river and swimming in the Sea. Here are some photographs to give you an impression. Love the salty water that cleanses and relaxes along with this a wonderful lunch on board.


Day 8 – Antalya- Lara Hotel a walk in the Park and onwards for some to the Airport for others to a week holiday at one of the Hotels in the area. Personally, I stayed at Arizona Apart Hotel. Tuesday, October 16, 2017 (10:16/7:10).

The spiral energy movement for this day and evening:

Blue Self Existing Hand of creating a plan of action to define the form of the Presence of Now.

blue_hand.self-existing hand   The natural supportive spiral movement energy flow of the freedom of choice which brings the spiral movement of loyalty and trust in all loving relationships whilst facing the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of navigating the loving flow to let go of that which no longer serves and to trust the pathway you are in the Presence of Now Than may we awaken in the conscious flow of inner magical ceremony of who you are now and where you are now is everything you ever wishes for. This open space contains the key of realizing your dreams and goals to be wholly centered, grounded and anchored in the quality of step by step accomplishment to create a form materializing it and assist others as well.


In the morning after breakfast I went for a walk along Dundan Park near the Lara Hotel to attune to the Waterfall there. Just love how many people were out for a walk or exercising in the morning.

naamloos (37)


At 12 o’clock the group members said goodbye to everyone. With 7 people, we went further in the bus to travel to Resort Hotels or for me it was an apartment. A intensive week of Silence in integration and introspection.

Gratitude for this wonderful experience and love sharing with everyone.

Wednesday, June 21 and Thursday, June 22 – Journey within the Amazon Jungle in Peru

Personal notes:

We travelled to another lodge in the Amazon Jungle which was less luxurious although the adventure was a different journey altogether. The Amazon Research Center plus the guides was something that will stay in my remembrance. Every area that we went through had a different kind of energy like a portal way or some would also call it a passageway that Mother Nature created for us.

On one of the last walks the women group was left on their own at a certain point because we were supposed to meet up with everyone. It was amazing how we all collaborated together and formed a circle to connect with All. One of the activities we did was to connect our hearts together, singing a song for Mother Earth and than the imaginative story telling occurred. Allowing from the word the woman before you had spoken to continue the story onwards. After awhile two guides came to bring us back to the lodge.

Twice canoes were set along the river to paddle. The last time we all went on a lake for the sunset. The tranquil energies were breathtaking and certainly here spirit were with all of us.

Here we went on walks in the jungle to explore the plant and animal life there.

Hereby some photographic impressions of the area – especially old trees – flowers and insects:


The clear sky and stars in the evening were amazing. Hereby a photograph taken by


General information about the Research Center.


In 2007 Amazonia Expeditions  launched its new Tahuayo River Amazon Research Center (TRARC), a long-term conservation initiative undertaken in consultation with government offices in Iquitos (Loreto, Peru), Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the Chicago Botanic Garden. Tahuayo River villages’ Comite de Gestion approved the undertaking at its May 2007 meeting in return for the facility’s sharing of project findings with the region’s indigenous villages.arc-river-level-2

The Research Center initiative was developed to promote new collaborative projects in conservation biology, environmental studies, cultural anthropology, and more in the Area de Conservacion Regional Comunal de Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (ACRCTT). Auxiliary support is provided by TRARC projects that bear particular promise toward helping promote sustainable developments among ribereños culture in this large and precious portion of western Amazonia. Work with our scientific board members, for example, will augment villagers’ knowledge of their rainforest plants, while progressively illuminating the spectacularly diverse plant communities of ACRCTT for modern science.

Primate Research

Current research on primates is helping to safeguard the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo’s spectacular primate fauna: 16 species representing every South American primate family and spanning the continent’s range of body size. Recent observations suggest that the new approaches to conservation at ACRCTT will be important for area primates. Primate census of the trail grid was initiated in 2007 and continues to the present time. Students and tourists can choose to assist in the census or in habituation of particular social groups of each of six large-bodied species of monkeys.arc-aerial-2

This work is occurring on a research trail grid located behind the Research Center Lodge. During all-day follows of particular social groups, volunteers’ work includes progressively more systematic and detailed records of data for contribution to cumulative primate databases.
The trail grid behind the research center lodge covers 55 miles (+70 km) spread over more than 1000 acres (2200 hec). It is the largest trail system offered in the Amazon. It is the best hike known in the Amazon for viewing primates in their natural environment. Twelve species of primates have significant populations on the grid. Other mammals living on the grid include: coati, tamandua, giant anteater, tapir, peccary (2 species), deer (2 species), ocelot, jaguar, paca, agouti, agouchi, armadillo, pygmy tree squirrel, Amazon tree squirrel, opossum (many species), rat (many species), sloth (2 species), kinkajou, tayra, and bat (approx 70 species).


More information can be found on the website of


Wednesday, June 21 – Research Center Lodge plus excursions in the Amazon jungle.

Red Electric MoonChant: Oc, Ben, Cauac, Eb, MULUC

KIN 29 Red Electric Moon, Light code 29:3:23 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to be of service and open for the possibilities or creations as you are part of the solution of the purification via Universal Waters in communication of Presence with what is. Together with the Natural supportive flow of Heart Love loyalty in All relationships as we move onwards in the spiral to be in the Open Space of exploration and wakefulness to be a channeled messenger. Face now the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of the transformational self-generative energy flow that catalyzes this as the spiral moves into the hidden power of the Free Will of making choices to gain Divine Wisdom for All.

Planets: Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Earth


Thursday, June 22 – Research Center Lodge plus excursion in the Amazon Jungle.

White Self Existing DogChant: Muluc, Cimi, Ahau, Chuen, OC

KIN 30 White Self Existing Dog, Light code 30:4:24 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to create a plan of action defining the boundaries to create a blue print that is successful for All within the Heart Love Loyalty in every relationship and its aspects. Together with the Natural supportive flow of Trusting the purification of Universal Water flow without judgement as we move onwards in the spiral of letting go, release or death to be in an open space of new qualities and capacities. Now face the challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of the Universal Fire with its Love for Life and enlightenment to spiral into the hidden power of magical playfulness with humor.

Planets: Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Venus


Friday, June 23 – NEW MOON – travelling back to Iquitos. Overnight in Iquitos.

Personal notes:

A beautiful speed boat ride to Iquitos and the Head Quarters of Amazonia Explorations. Our luggage was unloaded and we were treated with a ice cream. The bus took us to the Hotel and the busy streets of Iquitos. In the evening the 3 of us went to look for a supermarket to buy some treats for on our way back. We also had some dinner there as well.


Chant: Lamat, Cauac, Imix, Oc, CHUEN

KIN 31 Blue Overtone Monkey, Light code 31:5:25 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to gather inner and outer resources within yourself to empower others in their radiance via the resonance of magical playfulness of humor beyond illusion.Together with the Natural supportive flow of Harmony in its beauty and elegance of Artistic Skills as we move onwards in the spiral to be in the transformative self-generative energy flow to catalyze the empowerment in the Ancient Trust of facing the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of nourishing nature of being. As now allow and surrender to the hidden power of Heart Love Loyalty in All relationships.

Planets: Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Mercury



Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25 – Journey within Peru and return flight to Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Saturday, June 24 – Flight to Lima. Night flight to Paris.

Personal notes:

Returning to Lima to be met by Carmen and Patricia. There was still some time in between so by bus we once again went into Lima which was quite busy seeing that the locals had extra days off. Unfortunately, we only had some time to have a wonderful lunch in the restaurant together. It is amazing how restaurants are started in homes. This restaurant was certainly one to remember. In various rooms of the building you could sit down to have a meal. The toilet was the bathroom of the building with a bath available as well. After this lovely lunch we went back to the Lima Airport for the night flight to Paris. Three other members of the group flew via Madrid.

yellow rhythmic humanChant: Manik, Eb, Ik, Muluc, EB

KIN 32 Yellow Rhythmic Human, Light code 32:6:26 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to organise resources and bring balance into your life via making choices to be in Divine Wisdom.Together with the Natural supportive flow of accomplishment of every step you take to understand the wholeness of the healing process as we move onwards in the spiral to be in wholeness of Free Will and Divine Wisdom as we face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of breathing together with Spirit in its inspiration, flexibility and changes. As the spiral within moves to the hidden power of Trust in the Universal Water flow.

Planets: Earth, Uranus, Mercury


Sunday, June 25 – Flight Paris to Amsterdam.

Personal notes:

The stopover took about 4 hours and the Airport in Paris was quite comfortable. Had a French sandwich and roamed around the Airport. Arriving in Amsterdam – daughter Jessica came to meet me to drive me back to Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. Deepest Gratitude to All and Spirit for allowing us to explore the radiance of Peru.

Red Resonant SkywalkerChant: Cimi, Chicchan, Akbal, Lamat, BEN

KIN 33 Red Resonant Skywalker, Light code 33:7:27 Crystal Rabbit Moon of attuning to Source as you are inspired, inspiring others and creative projects with the Courage to go beyond boundaries, the unknown and securities to explore the world along with receiving messages.Together with the Natural supportive flow of letting go, releasing or dying that which no longer serves the Presence of Now to co create an opportunity as we move onwards in the spiral to be in Life Force of using your instincts and senses as you are in body wisdom of Kundalini energy as we face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of being in silence and abundance of intuitive sensors. As the spiral within moves to the hidden power of Harmony in its Artistic Skills of beauty and elegance.

Planets: Mars, Asteroid Belt, Saturn, Venus



Monday, June 19 and Tuesday, June 20 – Journey within the Amazon Jungle in Peru

Personal notes:

We spend, if I remember correctly 3 times in the boot – bird watching and meeting with the monkeys etc. It was such a impressive journey that I cannot remember all the details but in much gratitude for this open space of discovery.

Bird watching in the morning via a boot ride along the  River.


Humming Bird – photograph taken via


Capped Heron near Tahuayo Lodge – photo taken by http://www.amazoniaexplorations.

Blue-and-Yellow-macaws-by-Jeff-M-20151-300x169 Blue and Yellow Macaws near Tahuayo lodge

Amazon cruise egrets Egrets near Tahuayo lodge

Termite nestTermite nest near Tahuayo lodge



Butterflies that flew around the canoe


Blue Morpho Butterfly

At the certain area were the Amazon River meets the Tahuayo River we spotted dolphins. The pictures below were taken by Amazonia Expeditions on their website seeing it was too difficult to really catch a good photograph of them.

In the evening we also went out with the boot and spotted Monkeys. One of the monkeys was cared for by the Amazonia Expeditions team and is now mother. The guides Andy, Christian and Raphael make a special round to attract the monkeys.

There was also a kind of bear type in the tree that was difficult to spot but we were able to see it from a distance. I have taken some photographs from the website of Amazonia Expeditions for this.

Articles written by

A Birding Experience from our Main Lodge on the Tahuayo River

The Tahuayo River basin is one of the great experiences for birders in the upper Amazon basin. On excursions from our two lodges we have documented over 600 species of birds. But while the overall bird list is tempting, it doesn’t give an expectation for what an average day will yield in the way of a birding experience. So for four days plus one early morning of a couple of hours, our head birding guide Edson Galan treated staff biologist Andy Bicerra to a typical birding excursion, just from the main lodge.

A total of 174 different species of birds were seen on this mini birding experience make a link to the attached list}. Andy was very impressed by the skills of his colleague. He was amazed with Edson’s knowledge of birds. He said, “Edson is a walking, talking book of Amazonian birds. He is very patient and has eyes and ears that are remarkable in finding birds.” Andy made some notes of the GPS of Edson’s favorite birding spots and will be making a map in the future. At sometime in the future, when we can shake Edson and Andy free from their other duties (for the next several months Edson will be guiding and Andy will be working with a primatologist) we will also do a typical 4 day survey from the remote Research Center Lodge.

Paul Beaver, Ph.D.

President and Founder of Amazonia Expeditions


The Reintroduction of Woolly Monkeys into Nature

Dorilla and two siblings (Andrea and Steven) were small infants when they were confiscated from the illegal pet traffic in Belen floating market in Iquitos. At the time we were friends with the officer who confiscated them and he gave them to us to raise at our tourist lodge on the Tahuayo River. The visitors to the lodge loved to see these happy, affectionate little monkeys, but within a year they had grown to be large, strong and aggressively curious. One time Dorilla ripped the screen off the top off of the bathroom of a woman tourist and climbed down to sit on her lap while she was on the toilet.

At this point we knew we had to find an appropriate situation in the jungle for them.  We felt that they should not be introduced into a wild ranging woolly monkey troop. Lodge owner Dolly Arevalo Shapiama had an idea to form a collaboration with the people of the tiny village called San Pedro. San Pedro sits on a small tributary of the Tahuayo River, about 7-8 meters wide; on the other side of the river is a nice forest with many fruiting trees and legumes that form the diet of woolly monkeys. Dolly offered to pay the village a monthly stipend to make sure the woolly monkeys would not be hunted or otherwise harmed by people.

At first the monkeys were doing fine, but about a year later a Harpy Eagle killed Steven.  Dorilla and Andrea must have learned to be more cautious because they lived unharmed for several years thereafter, until Andrea succumbed to illness and died in 2011.  Then Dorilla was alone. She seemed very lonely as every time our boats passed by her home, en route to visit the poison dart frogs of Frog Valley, Dorilla would call us to stop, jump onto the boat, check all of our bags and backpacks for food, then present herself to be groomed by tourists on the boat. So at this time we started to make it a point to stop and interact with Dorilla every time we brought people to Frog Valley.

The woolly monkey Chepa was kept as a pet in the village of Esperanza, on the lower Tahuayo River.  The family has a child who is paralyzed as a result of polio.  As part of Dolly’s work with her Angels of the Amazon foundation, Dolly provided special bed, chair and other facilities and services to help the child and his family. But Dolly never liked to see how the pet monkey was kept, always tied by a rope, that left open infectious wounds.  The monkey was always obviously in pain.  For 4 years, every time Dolly visited the home she would ask the mother to give her Chepa. The mother never agreed, saying that her stricken son loved his pet, until March of 2012, with the monkey appearing near death, she agreed.  Dolly took Chepa to a veterinarian in Iquitos who treated the infected wounds. After she had recovered, Chepa was brought to the main lodge to be raised as Dorilla was.  Although it was several years old, because of malnutrition and abuse, she was only the size of a baby woolly monkey.

We had planned to keep Chepa for several months, but she seemed either very afraid or very angry at the presence of people.  So we didn’t know what else to do except maybe introduce her to Dorilla in her forest home off the Blanco River.  Knowing that woolly monkeys may kill strange woolly monkeys we were very anxious about doing this, and ready to intervene.  Upon releasing Chepa into a tree by the river’s edge, Dorilla immediately climbed down to her.  Chepa looked terrified.  But Dorilla made soothing vocalizations, hugged her and comforted her. It was amazing to see.  After a few minutes Dorilla climbed down to the boat to get some bananas.  She called to Chepa, but the little female was too wary and kept her distance.  Then Dorilla took a banana up into the tree, peeled it and gave it to Chepa! Dorilla continued to bring Chepa her food on our visits, until about 3 weeks, at which time Chepa gained confidence to come to the boat on her own.

The people in all of the Tahuayo villages have come to know how much our tourists love the rescued monkeys on the Blanco River.  So a couple of months ago a man from the village of El Chino approached Dolly and said he had a relative in a village in another tributary system of the Amazon, who had a little male woolly monkey named Rocky.  He thought it would be nice if the two females had a male companion.  He acquired the monkey from his relative and gave to Dolly in August 2013.  We brought him to a veterinarian to make sure he had no disease or parasites to infect the others and then released him at the Rio Blanco site.  Both females immediately accepted him.

By 2016 Rocky had reached maturity and in May of 2016 we discovered that Dorilla had given birth. Thereafter when boats stopped Dorilla reacted aggressively and we felt there was a danger to tourists. In late May we captured Dorilla and her infant and transported them to our research center lodge,some 40 km distant from where she had been living. Under the watch of our staff biologists we released the monkeys near to a wild troop of woolly monkeys. Over the next month the wild monkeys accepted them into the troop. We have continued to see Dorilla and young with the wild troop from time to time.

Paul Beaver, Ph.D.

President and Founder of Amazonia Expeditions


Monday, June 19 – In the Amazon jungle lodge plus excursions.

Beginning of the Tzolkin Blue Wave 3.

Blue Wave 3

Blue Magnetic Hand.1Chant: Eb, Manik, Caban, Ix, MANIK

KIN 27 Blue Magnetic Hand, Light code 27:1:21 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to initiate new creations in alignment with the Higher Goal and Divine Will to accomplish step by step the empowerment of touch, taking All at hand and embracing the creation of form and materials from where Divine Understanding comes from. Together with the Natural supportive flow of Divine Will to choose whatever you wish as we move onwards in the spiral to be in the Healing Open Space. To navigate the evolution of synchronizing within the Inner Shaman of Magical Timelessness.

Planets: Earth, Uranus, Asteroid Belt



Tuesday, June 20 – Solstice – Tahuayo Lodge plus excursions in the Amazon Jungle.


Personal note: In the evening we attuned and aligned to the Solstice via a small pond near the Tahuayo Lodge.


Yellow Lunar StarChant: Chuen, Ahau, Etznab, Ben, LAMAT

KIN 27 Yellow Lunar Star, Light code 28:2:22 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to work together and be honest by recognizing your limitations to overcome them and embrace them in the Harmony and the will to be in the beauty and elegance of Artistic Skills as a source of transformation. Together with the Natural supportive flow of Magical Playfulness and humor as we move onwards in the spiral to be in the Unconditional Love within Universal Consciousness challenged, strengthened and an opportunity of Insight that reflects the Cosmic Order of Divine Truth. Awaken in Presence to allow the hidden power to be revealed of courage, open space within the exploration of wakefulness.

Planets: Venus, Pluto, Neptune, Mars





Sunday, June 18 – Fathers Day – Journey within the Amazon Jungle in Peru


Sunday, June 18 – Speed boat 3 to 4 hours over the Amazon to the jungle lodge. The Spiritual Resonance of the Journey in Peru.

Personal notes:


From the Hotel in Iquitos we travelled by bus with luggage to the Head Office of Amazonia Expeditions

Scan_20170705 (6)

Scan_20170705 (7)

A speed boot ride of 3 to 4 hours over de Amazon and Tahuayo River.  Once we left the area of Iquitos the captain of the boat took us to an area to experience the dolphins there. Pink and grey ones such delight, fun and awe went through the boat.

On the way we stopped at Tamshiyacu to have a drink or a snack. There was some dancing music playing there so we danced for awhile.


Onwards we went to pass the villages Buena Vista and El Chino were a school is situated for the children of the Jungle. See also and as well.

El Chino High School El Chino High School

Whilst on the Rivers we could feel the quietness and the beauty of Nature encouraging us to go inwardly. Such peace came over us All.

We arrived at the lodge and were welcomed by everyone there. This included the guides Andy, Christian and Rafael plus the manager of Tahuayo Lodge. We were welcomed by a drink and were assigned a lodge or hut. I shared the hut with two other ladies of the group.

We had a lovely dinner together in the dining room.

dining room


White Cosmic WorldbridgerChant: Ben, Ix, Cib, Men, CIMI

KIN 26 White Cosmic Worldbridger, Light code 26:13:20 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to come home to start a new beginning celebrating the connection with Source and Life to release or let die that which no longer serves to create an open space. Together with the Natural supportive flow of Courage to explore the open space of wakefulness as a messenger as we move onwards in the spiral to be in the Heart Love Light of Loyalty in all our relationships.

Planets: Mars, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter

Some Sacred Sites in Peru plus Munay Ki Rites

Sacred Sites and Vortexes in Peru – James Tyberonn

Hereby a video presentation of the pilgrimage that will occur in July 30-August 8, 2017 organized by James Tyberonn. An impression of the journey


Some of the Sacred Sites in Peru


Ancon, Lima, Peru


Aramu Muru


Cerro Santa Apolonia

Ancient Temple Chavin de Huantar


Choquequirau near Cusco


Pucapucara just outside of Cusco




Lake Titicaca



Machu Picchu



Moray, Peru







Nazca_culture_mummies_cemetery_in_Peru (2)






Sacred Valley


Temple de Pachacamac


Temples of Sun and Moon, Trujillo



Tres Cruces


Volcan Pichu Pichu



Volcan Sabancaya



Volcan Tutujaca



The Munay Ki – Rites of Passage and Initiation

Munay Ki comes from a Quechua word that means ‘I love you.’ The Munay Ki consist of nine rites of initiation, which are transmitted energetically to those individuals who wish to acquire deep power and wisdom to act as stewards for our planet and all life on it. The rites connect him or her to a lineage of medicine men and women thousands of years old. Traditionally, a student would spend years in apprenticeship in order to be given these rites. Today we live in a different world, where everything is changing at a rapid pace, and many people are increasingly becoming aware of their abilities and roles in protecting their environment and healing themselves in it.


There exists some controversy with regard to the Munay Ki rites as the original rites were “modernized” by Alberto Villoldo, Phd, to make them accessible to people of these modern times.  I do not believe that this has weakened the essence of the rites.  If anything, the wide-spread support amongst peoples of our planet at this time for these rites, has and is serving to focus and strengthen their potential, for, as with everything, energy follows thought.


An introduction to the Munay Ki


The Rites can be transmitted as part of a healing session, on a one-to-one basis, or in a group.


  1. Healer’s rites – supporting the healer within, the Healer’s rites connect the individual to a lineage of luminous beings from the past – the ancient ones, who come to assist in one’s personal transformation and during healing ceremony.  These rites awaken the healing power to manifest in our hands so that we can transmit this energy to everyone we touch.  There is tremendous spiritual assistance available to all, both in our everyday life and in healing our wounds and those of our ancestors.
  2. Bands of Power – providing protection. The Bands of Power are 5 luminous energy belts, representing the 5 elements, which are woven into our luminous energy field for protection.  They act as protection filters and break down any negative energy directed at the individual, into one of the elements.  These energies then feed our luminous energy field, making it stronger, rather than making it weak.
  3. Harmony rites – strengthening and harmonising the chakras, these rites are a transmission of the 7 archetypes into each of the chakras.  Starting with the root chakra, an individual receives the Archetype of the Serpent, this is followed by the Jaguar, the Hummingbird and the Eagle in each following chakra respectively.  Into the last three chakras are transmitted the energies of the three Archangels:  the Keeper of the Lower World (our unconscious), the  Keeper of the Middle World (our waking world), and the Protector of the Upper World (our superconscious).
  4. Seer rites – seeing with the heart, feeling with the mind as extra-cerebral pathways of light are installed, connecting the visual cortex – the third eye to heart chakra.  This connection awakens the “inner seer” and one’s ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit.
  5. Daykeeper rites – accessing healing powers of old, these rites connect an individual to a lineage of master healers from the past.  Traditionally, these Daykeepers were midwives, herbalists and healers who assisted in the running of everyday affairs, in births and deaths of all creatures.  Daykeepers are able to call upon ancient altars to heal and bring balance to the earth.  They call on the sun to rise each morning, and can bring humans into harmony with mother Earth.  These rites help heal our inner feminine, so as to enable us to step beyond fear, to practice peace.
  6. Wisdomkeeper rites – stepping outside of time and space, these rites connect the individual to a lineage of luminous beings from the past and from the future. The rites are associated with the snow-capped mountains, perhaps a distant memory of our ancestors from the Himalayas, from where the sacred rites originated. The Wisdomkeepers are the wise ones, many of whose spirit has taken residence inside the mountains on our planet, guiding, teaching and transmitting knowledge.  These rites help us heal our inner masculine, teaching us to step outside of time, to taste infinity.
  7. Earthkeeper rites – connecting to the Earthkeeper lineage, these rites connect us to the archangel guardians of our galaxy, to the stewards of all life on Earth.  They connect us to the stars and to our Sun.  They bring back into memory an individual’s ability to dream the world into being.
  8. Starkeeper rites – evolving into Homo Luminous. These rites connect and anchor us firmly to the time after the Great Change, a time toward which evolution is taking us.  Our physical body, our DNA, begins to evolve into that of the Homo Luminous.  We start to age differently and become resistant to disease as our DNA is re-informed.
  9. Creator rites – accessing divine co-creation.   These rites awaken in the individual the Creator-light within her or him. They bring us in touch with a profound sense of stewardship for all creation – from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies.  Once attained only through direct transmission from Spirit, these rites can now be transmitted from one person to another.

Saturday, June 17, 2017 – Journey within Peru – Flight from Cuzco to Lima and Lima to Iquitos.

Saturday, June 17 – Flight from Cuzco to Lima followed by flight Lima to Iquitos.

Personal notes:

We all got up early to go to the Airport of Cuzco. From Lima Airport to fly to Iquitos and stay overnight there.

Iquitos is a very busy traffic town with many people as well. Most people travel within the city via bus, motorcycle, or the ubiquitous auto rickshaw (mototaxi, motocarro or motocar). This is a modified motorcycle with a cabin behind supported by two wheels, seating up to three persons. Transportation to nearby towns often requires a river trip via pequepeque, a small public motorized boat. With a small group of ladies we went into town to explore do some shopping at a supermarket and had dinner there. Quite a experience. The Hotel had many lovely pieces of Art on the walls as well. We shared a room with the three of us.

See below for more information.


Red Crystal SerpentChant: Ix, Caban, Men, Cib, CHICCHAN

KIN 25 Red Crystal Serpent, Light code 25:12:19 Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation to discover, share and give expression to insights in openness and love within the Instinct of Life Force. Together with the Natural Supportive flow of the Inner Shaman with its magic and Timelessness as we move onwards in the spiral to navigate the evolution of synchronicity in trusting our steps on the passageway.

Planets: Asteroid Belt, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn.


Iquitos, also known as Iquitos City, is the capital city of _Peru’s Maynas Province and Loreto Region. The largest metropolis in the Peruvian Amazon, east of the Andes, it is the sixth most populous city of Peru.


It is known as the “capital of the Peruvian Amazon.” The city is located in the Great Plains of the Amazon Basin, fed by the Amazon, Nanay and Itaya rivers. Overall, it constitutes the Iquitos metropolitan area, a conurbation of 471,993 inhabitants consisting of four districts: Iquitos, Punchana, Belen and San Juan Bautista. It is the largest city in the world that cannot be reached by road – it is accessible only by river and air.

The area was long inhabited by indigenous peoples. The founding date of the European city is uncertain. Spanish historical documents state that it was set up around 1757 as a Spanish Jesuit reduction by the banks of the Nanay River. The Jesuits gathered local Napeano (Yameo) and Iquito natives to live here, and they named it San Pablo de Napeanos.


In the late 19th century, the city became the center of export of rubber production from the Amazon Basin and was the headquarters of the Peruvian Amazon Company. The rubber boom attracted thousands of European traders and workers, some of whom amassed wealth with the high-volume production, processing and trade in rubber. The city’s economy was highly dependent on PAC, controlled in the nation by Peruvian businessman Juan Luis Arana.

The operations of PAC’s forces in the Basin, who kept indigenous workers in near slavery conditions through use of force and harsh treatment, was investigated by Roger Casement, the British consul-general in Peru. He had investigated labor conditions for natives in the Congo Free State when it was under King Leopold’s control, reporting on the abuse of thousands of workers. His 1913 exposure of abuses of Peruvian workers caused a reaction against the company among the several British members of its board and many stockholders. The company struggled financially and lost backing in the UK. In addition, rubber seedlings had been smuggled out of the country and cultivated on plantations in Southeast Asia. As the plants matured, the competition undercut prices of the Peruvian product. With the decline of the rubber industry, many workers and merchants left Iquitos.


As one of the leading cities, along with Manaus, in the huge Amazon rubber boom (1880-1914), Iquitos was influenced by the numerous Europeans who flocked to it. Architecture and cultural institutions established during this period expressed their own traditions. An opera house and Jewish cemetery were among the institutions established.

Later in the 20th century, the city and region diversified its economy. The region exported timber, fish and their products, oil, minerals, and agricultural crops. It also derives considerable revenue from tourism and related crafts, as well as bakery, and carbonated drinks and beer. By 1999, the city had consolidated its four municipalities.

The architecture and historical treasures reflect the colonial and early 20th-century European period, attracting an increased tourist trade in the 21st century. In addition it is a center of ecological tourism. It has become a major cosmopolitan city with strong roots in the Amazon, featuring a complex history and cuisine, Amazonian landscapes, nightlife, and a growing cultural movement.

In 2012, 250,000 visitors were recorded. Many have been attracted since the Amazon rainforest was ranked as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Iquitos inaugurated international flights to the main hub of Panama City in 2012, with shared destinations with Miami and Cancun. Its international airport is expected to become one of six international air centers of Peru. The city was ranked as sixth on the list of “10 leading cities in 2011” of the Lonely Planet guidebook.

The Historic Center of Iquitos has several structures that have been designated as part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation: the Cathedral of Iquitos, the Iron House, the Old Hotel Palace, Cohen House, and more than 70 other buildings. Other landmarks are the Plaza de Armas; Jiron Prospero, an avenue that is the site of several shopping and historical areas; and the lively neighborhood of Belén, often dubbed the “Amazon Venice” for its many waterways. The city is also home to the Amazon Library, one of the two most important in Latin America.

The city can be reached only by airplane or boat, with the exception of a road to Nauta, a small town roughly 100 km (62 mi) south (which is not connected to the country’s main road network). Ocean vessels of 3,000 to 9,000 tons and 5.5 metres (18 ft) draft can reach Iquitos via the Amazon River from the Atlantic Ocean, 3,600 kilometres (2,200 miles) away.





Friday, June 16 – Journey within Peru


Visit to a small town along the way plus Muray. Meeting up with the others who went to Machu Picchu and had dinner together. Overnight in Cuzco.

Personal Notes:

We picked up Fernando Escobar in Pisac and travelled onwards. The plan was first to visit Chinceros but I am not certain if we went there. In any case we went to a small town as guidance told us to stop there. Arthur and Pieter checked out a ally that showed various signs and signals. It was a lesson to listen and follow whatever was being related.

We than went to visit Moray. Moray – is the name of the Incan ruins near the town of Maras, Peru that sits six hundred meters above Urubamba and the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Moray is the name of the Incan agricultural laboratory that was likely used to cultivate resistant and hearty varieties of plants high in the Andes. The site is not on the typical tourist agenda; however, it is included in the boleto touristico offered in Cuzco and is on the way back from Machu Picchu between Ollantaytambo and Pisac.

The Agricultural Laboratory of the Incas – Three large natural depressions in which terraced co-centric circles were constructed. Seeds cultivated at this site were likely sent throughout the Incan empire to improve yield in the harsh conditions of the Andes and were probably one of the benefits offered by the Incas for peaceful incorporation of neighboring tribes into the Incan empire. Today the site is a series of co-centric circles on plateaus 400 m above the valley floor (3,200-3,500 m above sea level). The site was designed by the Incas to take advantage of natural depressions below the level plain and model Andean, jungle and semi-tropical environments for the growth of different plant varieties. Pollen studies indicate that soils from each of these regions was imported by the Incas to each of the large circular basins. In the largest of the depressions (150 m) a series of water channels can be seen finding their way to the bottom. Studies have found temperature variations up to 5 degrees Celsius.

Few books are available on Incan Agriculture in Cuzco or surrounding cities so study up before arriving. Guides are included for free at the site, inquire at the control point.

My personal experience here was that Alien ships had also landed here as well to assist with the vegetation and the surroundings here. When I look at the spiral movement energy of Yellow Spectral Seed as explained below it was quite a synchronicity that we were there.

Whilst walking down towards this garden I could feel a deep pulsation in the heart area. I felt I had been here before and this certainly brought about a bliss of Joy to be here in the Presence of Now. Fernando Escobar shared stories with us here and did a ceremony of connection with this contribution of collective Unconditional Love. Especially one of the spirals represented this so well with the collection of stones that All who had worked and contributed on this project. We stood next to each other and joined hands and hearts as One. Fernando shared humming and I also contributed some toning and light language here as well. We than went to the next spiral garden and sat in silence. Thank you Pieter Tigelaar for translating the story Fernando related to us from Spanish into English.

Moray.seen from above

After this we went to a restaurant and waited for the Machu Picchu group members to join in for dinner. One of the ladies of the group celebrated her birthday as well. We than travelled to Cuzco for the night at the Hotel Royal Inca again. The festivities were still going on in the town. 

KIN 24 – Yellow Spectral Seed of the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation, light code 24:10:18 to dissolve, liberate, surrender and forgive in humbleness, compassion and acceptance to seed whereby all possibilities are stored, just like the germinated soil that contains All to allow the seed to flourish and flower within. In this supportive natural spiral movement of Vision and dreams as you face the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of the Inner Shaman’s journey of who you are now and where you are now is All you ever wished for. This openness contains the key of realizing your dreams in the presence of Now. As you move onwards to the hidden power of navigating the evolution of synchronicity of your passageway.

Yellow Spectral SeedChant: Men, Kan, Ix, Caban, KAN

Planets: Jupiter, Asteroid Belt, Uranus

Archetypes04.Yellow Seed


Chinceros – mythical birthplace of the rainbow


Chinchero is a small Andean Indian village located high up on the windswept plains of Anta at 3765m about 30km from Cusco. There are beautiful views overlooking the Sacred Valley of the Incas, with the Cordillera Vilcabamba and the snow-capped peak of Salkantay dominating the western horizon. Chinchero is believed to be the mythical birthplace of the rainbow. Its major claim to tourism is its colourful Sunday market which is much less tourist-orientated than the market at Pisac. The village mainly comprises mud brick (adobe) houses, and locals still go about their business in traditional dress. The village may have been an important town in Inca times. The most striking remnant of this period is the massive stone wall in the main plaza which has ten trapezoidal niches. The construction of the wall and many other ruins and agricultural terraces (which are still in use) are attributed to Inca Tupac Yupanqui who possibly used Chinchero as a kind of country resort.

In the main plaza an adobe colonial church, dating from the early seventeenth century, has been built upon the foundations of an Inca temple or palace. The ceiling and walls are covered in beautiful floral and religious designs. The church is open on Sundays for mass.

Half an hour’s walk from the village brings you to Lake Piuri which once fed Cusco with water. It takes about 3 hours to walk around the lake passing through small picturesque villages. There are no tourist hotels in Chinchero but there are a couple of very basic hostals.

Visitor information

Entrance to the main plaza and ruins is included in the Cuzco Tourist Ticket (Boleto Turistico) which costs 130 Peruvian Soles and is valid for 10 days (although you can enter each site just once). The ticket is best bought in Cusco but it is also on sale at at the government check point at the bottom of the hill leading up to the plaza. If you don’t want to buy the complete ticket you can buy a partial ticket which costs 70 Peruvian Soles and is valid for 2 days allowing entry to Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero & Moray. There is no entrance fee to the Sunday morning market which is held at the bottom of the hill by the main car-park.



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