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Vredes Meditatie – Peace Meditation

Meditation Sound Journey of the Soul Tree of the Moon within its Inner Peace Chambers.

Meditatie Klanken reis van de Zielen boom van de Maan binnenin de Open Ruimte Kamers van Vrede.



Love Light Blessings flow of Full Moon/Equinox

Via the Divine Guidance of the Crystals, Crystal Skulls and Sacred Music Instruments

On the terrace facing North
Closer View
Facing South
Facing East
Facing West
Full Moon September 2021
Meditation Room Entrance
Crystal Singing Bowls and Chakra Chimes plus crystal spheres
Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, Rattles and Group Shaman Drum
Gratitude Ankh plus Crystal Grid

We will record the sounds tomorrow September 21, 2021


Magical Oneness Child, May 18.2021


Centering the Vision of the Inner Child as One with the circle of the Children, the circle of the Ancient Grandmothers and Ancient Grandfathers, Star Light Beings, the Planetary Light Beings, Galactic Council of Light and the Circle Core of Mother Earth (Gaia)

The East flow of seeding the growth and development for the Highest Good for All

The South Releasing that which no longer serves the Highest Good to be an open space for an opportunity

The West of Passion flow and instinct

The North of Accomplishment and Healing

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

A recording meditation journey will follow.

Gratitude Gratitude, Gratitude

Earth Day April 22.2021

A musical meditation journey

Embody Anchor – March 26, 2021

Whilst participating with the Embody Course from Janosh ref. the last task was to

make a movie/video. So following the urge of the heart we recorded this today.

Seeing there was not enough space on my mobile for the video we also did a sound recording as well.

Embody Anchor by Carla Harren – Gratitude

Summer Solstice.New Moon.Solar Eclipse 20 June 2020

Blessings to All

Sacred Sound Journey in Silence

together with the Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls

GAP – September 9, 2017

Galactic Activation Portal – September 9, 2017 – 9:9:1

The Courage of Navigating Synchronicity

Beams of Light for the Highest Good for All

Beams of Light

The recording with music.


Activation with crystals etc. for the Highest Good for All.

You may do this together with a stone, crystal, crystal skull or stone circle, sacred object/feather(s) you are holding in your hands. It can also be at a sacred site or sacred mountain, sacred water via a pure heart love light connection.


Hold whatever you have in your hands in a comfortable position for you.


If you are not a visual person just allow yourself to get a sense of the energy of the guided imagery.

Just relax, trust and let it flow.


First, we will align you with your own source of Infinite Love, Light, Wisdom and Protection than we will align and activate your stone, crystal, crystal skull, feathers etc. to serve your Highest Good.


Now close your eyes and let us begin.


Take a few deep breaths in your belly area whilst with every breath you relax more and more.

Pause (music of the singing bowls)


Now see or sense a bright large sun above your head. Allow this sun to radiate a beam of light to you as it enters via the top of your head and flows through you and fills every cell of your body with Infinite Light, Infinite Love, Infinite Wisdom and Healing.

Feel this light pouring down through your body down through your feet and into the crystalline core center of Earth. See that you now are a pillar of Light. Balanced and centered into the Light of Love and Wisdom and anchored to the Sun above you and to the Earth below you.

Pause in Silence


Feel or see that the Great Light Sun above you continues to fill you infinitely with Light. Filling you so full that the Light begins to overflow from the top of your head and creates a light bubble around you. This light energy bubble is a powerful protective light that protects you always. Now sense or see that this light energy bubble is resonating a rainbow.

Pause (music of chimes)


Now sense or see that this Great Light Sun sends a beam of Light into the stone, crystal, crystal skull etc. activating and awakening them in all its power, healing and wisdom. Filling it, bathing and cleansing it in the Light of Love, purifying it in the Light of Love. Feel and see it glowing and radiating in the Light of Love. The Light of Infinite Wisdom, Guidance and Healing.

Ask that this will be activated to your optimal level and that it is appropriate on your path aligned with your highest good.

See that it is filled with Light, surrounded by Light and protected by Light from this presence of Now and beyond. It is now activated.

Any open space you wish to connect with it hold it in your hands and focus your intention. You may wish to do this daily. It is now ready to support you to fulfill your life’s purpose, destiny and your greatest joy and so it will Be!

True Women - Michael Greyeyes

Now if you are at a Sacred Site, Mountain or Water sense or see that this Great Light Sun sends a beam of Light into this area in all its power, healing and wisdom. Feel and see it glowing and radiating the Light of Love. The Light of Infinite Wisdom, Guidance and Healing.

Ask that this connection will be activated to your optimal level and that it is appropriate on your path aligned with your highest good from a Pure Heart Love Light.

See that All is filled with Light, surrounded by Light and protected by Light from this presence of Now and beyond.

And so, it Is!

Now send Light Blessings to the Highest Good for All.


Closing with music …….



Prayer within the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation. Gebed binnenin de Kristallen Konijnen Maan van Samenwerking.

Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation

via the Crystal Grid and Sound

(28 days and nights).

Kristal Konijnen Maan van Samenwerking

via de Kristallen Grid en Geluid

(28 dagen en nachten).

Prayer – Gebed


May All be aligned within this Spiral to be inspired, to inspire others, group journeys and creative projects.

Moge Allen in deze Spiraal afgestemd worden om geïnspireerd te zijn, anderen te inspireren, met groepsreizen en creatieve projecten te inspireren.


Within the Eastern spiral movement may All be attuned to the Divine Will as Humans have the freedom of being able to choose.

Binnenin de Oostelijke spiraalbeweging moge Allen afgestemd zijn op de Goddelijke Wil zoals alle mensen de vrijheid hebben om te kunnen kiezen.


Within the Northern spiral movement may All catalyze the self-generative transformative flow of Love, Tenderness and Vision.

Binnenin de Noordelijke-Spiraalbeweging moge Allen de zelf genererende transformatie stroom van Liefde, Tederheid en Visie katalyseren.


Within the Western spiral movement may All face the challenges, to be strengthened and to create opportunities that synchronizes the navigation of evolution.

Binnenin de Westerse spiraalbeweging moge alle de uitdaging aangaan om versterkt te worden en kansen te creëren die de navigatie van de evolutie synchroniseren.


Within the Southern spiral movement may All surrender and allow the hidden power to flower and flourish in its clarifying magic of Heart Creation in the Now.

Binnenin de Zuidelijke spiraalbeweging moge Allen zich overgeven en toestaan om de verborgen kracht tot bloei te laten komen in zijn verduidelijkende magie van hart creaties in het nu.


Now we All center, ground and anchor the wholeness of this Spiral to be fulfilled, healed and completed in this beauty of the Sacred Crystallized Sound Dance.

Nu zijn wij Allen gecentreerd, gegrond en verankerd in de heelheid van deze Spiraal om vervuld te worden, genezen en afgerond te zijn in deze schoonheid van de Heilige Gekristalliseerde Geluid Dans.


Gratitude – Dankbaarheid

The Inner Crystalline Cosmic Order via the Crystal Elders together with Sound.

Overview – Overzicht


The supportive energy spiral movement of the East.

De ondersteunende energie spiralen beweging van het Oosten.


The Higher Self within Divine Guidance of the North.

Het Hogere Zelf binnenin Begeleiding van het Noorden.


The Challenge, Strengthening and Open Opportunity of the West.

De Uitdaging, Bekrachtiging en Open Gelegenheid van het Westen.

20170208_073601.jpgThe Hidden Power Awakening Awareness of Flowering from the South.

De Verborgen Kracht ontwakende bloei van het Zuiden.


The Centering, Grounding and Anchoring of Gratitude for the Highest Good of All.

Het centeren, gronden en verankeren van dankbaarheid voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen.


Blessings in this upcoming flow of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.

Zegeningen in deze opkomende stroming van de Penumbral Lunaire Eclips Volle Maan.


The Sacred Sound of this spiral movement journey.

De Heilige Geluid van deze spiralen bewegende reis.



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