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The Overtone Moon of Radiance, spiral movement of 28 days. November 15 through December 12, 2016

Overtone Moon of Radiance

November 15 through December 12


Art work of Sam Farrand “Seat of the Soul”, www.samuelfarrand.com

peacock_650x400_51425290220otem Animal Peacock


Core: To gather inner and outer resources to empower yourself and others. Call upon this within and let it be in the radiance of an Overview for the next 28 days.


General Information:

Tone 5 is the flow of returning to the wind directions where you have started in the cycles of the 4’s. Welcome structure and coherency. Defining details and specifics. Within it carries the colors red (Earth), white (Air), blue (Water) and yellow(Fire). As an Overtone or overview automatically an empowering vibration energy is Present, when it overlies the previous Moon cycle. You can empower yourself, others and projects. Be you! Show your beauty and strength of who you truly are!


There is an old Mayan legend about the Quetzal (Native peacock). There was an election under the animals of the jungle. The animal with the most unusual characteristics would be called to be King. Kukul, the quetzal, he wanted to be this King, but he also knew that as an ugly bird he would have no chance of being this. He therefore devises a deception to steal the feathers of another bird. In this he succeeded and he was elected King. He therefore devised a deception to steal the feathers of another bird. In this he succeeded and he was elected King. (It feels like this reflects politics that are flowing in the Present moment.)


This bird appears very well to know what it needs to be raised into its power. And he knows how to get it, though I would like to discourage theft! Peacock gave himself the power he em-powered itself. And now he is one of the most beautiful birds in the bird kingdom. But watch for pride and arrogance. Look at your feet, keep in touch with the Earth. As you know, the peacock raises a loud shrill cry, which contrasts with its beautiful plumage. According to the North American Indians, it is a cry of dismay; Peacock is so proud to show off his finery, he has forgotten that he has such ugly feet. And every time he sees his feet, he rocks back and cries out in horror. Where the fourth Moon still was about what is real, this fifth Moon is much closer to magic; the tail of the peacock is so pretty and shiny that it almost did not seem real. Peacock therefore represents the magic of emotions.

Question: What do you need to be in your strength?

Reference: written by Nicole E. Zonderhuis, www.mayatzolkin.com, translation into English by Carla Harren

The Quetzal bird of Central America ( Ket-zal) and the rattle snake shared the position of most reviewed creatures by the ancient Maya. The feathers of the iridescent Quetzal were used in Royal costume and ceremonial garb for kings and priests. The Quetzal symbolized the movement of Creation and the will of the Creator that come to earth. As the Serpent moves side to side on the ground, the Quetzal flaps and glides through the jungle. That is, it moves up and down in its progression. The Maya knew that Creation moves from Day to Night or Creation to Destruction in a wave like pattern.

The Maya married the two creatures, Quetzal and Serpent into Quetzal Coatl. (Plumbed Serpent) This deity is the movement of Creation and all effects so produced by that movement. That means you and me and everything we can think, feel or see, are all part of the Plumbed Serpent and his/her movement.

Serpent skins, bones and rattles were used in most Maya’s clothing and personal effects as sacred decoration. Serpent venom was used as a prescription by Maya shaman for a number of treatments or cures. Reference: Ian Xel Lungold http://www.mayanmajix.com/quetzal.html


Personal Note: As a very young child I was fascinated by the Peacock in the Park where my mother took me too. I usually sang this song “Peacock, Peacock spread your wings”. Indeed, after a while the Peacock would do this. I wish that this Magic is there for everyone in these 28 days of the Overtone Moon of Radiance. Personally, it brings such Joy and Happiness to observe how everyone of us grows and develops in Radiance.


Now we review the theme or mission of the Overtone Moon of Radiance. It vibrates with the Four directions and its centering, grounding and anchoring Uac Chuen, Blue Rhythmic Monkey (the equalizer of balance within Magic, Playfulness and Illusion). Sacred Water (place your left hand on the navel area). Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of Purify, Purify, Purify – Release, Release, Release – Transform, Transform, Transform – All that no longer serves the Soul Source and the Collective Soul Source. You can do this on a morning, afternoon and night basis.

Chant: Lamat, Chuen, Imix, Oc, Chuen

KIN 71 – Ox Chuen, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, Light code 71:6:1 Overtone Moon of Radiance, Planet Venus.

LAMAT.Yellow Star East supportive: From Midnight through Sunset.

Ox Lamat, Yellow Rhythmic Star, Light code 188:6, Planet Venus. Sacred Fire spiral movement (place your right hand on your Heart area). Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of Purify, Purify, Purify – Release, Release, Release – Transform, Transform, Transform – All that no longer serves the Soul Source and the Collective Soul Source. You can do this on a morning, afternoon and evening basis.

Note: The balance within (feminine and masculine) of Harmony creates the Beauty and Elegance of Radiance. Allow yourself to be drawn to Artistic Skills in your dreams etc.


CHUEN.Blue  Monkey North Higher Self within Divine Guidance: From Sunrise through Noon.

Ox Chuen, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, Light code 71:6, Planet Venus, Sacred Water spiral movement.

Note: Be in the Spirit of Magic, Playfulness, Humor and also see through the illusion you have created within. This will become clear to you or be shown to you through others.


IMIX.Red Dragon West: Challenge, strengthening and opportunity: From Noon through Sunset.

Ox Imix, Red Rhythmic Dragon, Light code 201:6, Planet Neptune, Sacred Earth spiral movement.

Note: Nurture the nourishment of Birthing of new beginning with all its Radiance just as the Ancient Grandmother or Mother would for the Divine Child. Be in Silence and Ancient Trust in Presence of the now here upon Sacred Earth.


OC.White Dog South: Awakening awareness of Consciousness: From Sunset to Midnight.

Uc Oc, White Resonant Dog, Light code 150:7 – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and clarity, Planet Mercury, Sacred Air spiral movement.

Note: How your communication of Sacred Air is the key to opening the Unconsciousness Portal or Passageway to be inspired, inspiring others and creative projects as a channel of Soul Source as One with the Collective Source in the Heart Loyalty Love in every relationship.


To center, ground and anchor All the Sacred Elements including Sacred Ether with Ox Chuen, Blue Rhythmic Monkey of Magic, Playfulness, Humor and seeing through the Illusions that I and we have created. We All have the overview.

Question: What do you need to be in your strength?


In between we have the resonances of growth and development in Gratitude for this Radiance.


ETZNAB.White Mirror The Goal we all have is to be in the Cosmic/Galactic Omnipresent Source of Heart Centerness of KIN 98, Uc Etznab, White Resonant Mirror (Insight), Light code 98:7:28 Overtone Moon of Radiance, Planet Neptune, Sacred Air/Ether. Go or step out of the image we have created to see of ourselves and others and resonant in the beyond or evolution of Cosmic Order of Divine Truth.


Blessings to All.

Tzolkin Self Existing Owl Moon

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar – Self Existing Owl Month

Tuesday, October 18 through November 14, 2016 including a New Moon and Full Moon



Make a plan of action. Define the boundaries and create a Blueprint for success.

Once you have found the very ground of your being, you can build a real temple of life …” Osho


Tone 4

Four is the number that forms something in the third dimension. Time is the fourth dimension. Time is required in order to be able to experience the third dimension. Think of a building; just by moving through a room, you experience that space, you can estimate the length of the walls relative to each other, the thickness of walls, the height. This is the “measurement” by means of movement of the body. Without time, if you stand still and not move your eyes, close your ears, you cannot experience the space and it does not belong to a reality. To measure is to know, by orienting in all directions, the four directions and up and down, you know where you are. This place makes your reality. The basis from which you can move. Something that has 4 as basis, stands firm: 4 feet under the table, four wheels under the car. In the 13 Moon Calendar is the four the smallest cycle: Red, white, blue, yellow. Something that has a shape, can stand alone. Therefore, they called Tone 4 Self existing tone.



Since immemorial time, humanity has been afraid of the night, the darkness and the unknown. But the night is Owl’s friend. The Mayans called the owl the night eagle or condor. Not only can Owl see in the dark, it can also determine exactly where each sound is coming from and through which the sound is produced. This is why Owl is the totem of the fourth Moon – the Moon of providing form. Because Owl can see what others do not see, it is the symbol for wisdom. Where others are deceived, Owl sees and knows what is going on. You cannot deceive Owl. If you know where you stand and what you are, if you know what is real, is basic and what is not, no one can deceive you. In earlier times were many nations fear the omniscient owl, because you could not hear him arrive when he flew. Its feathers are silent. The owl was often associated with the underworld and death.

The Mayans knew a mythical Muan-bird, in the daytime an eagle that accompanied the sun on his journey, and at night the owl went through darkness of death. Owl possesses the strength of getting around all the invisible planes and is a symbol of many shamans.



In this Month you look at your goal and where you stand in this. You ask yourself that begin with: what, where, when, why and how. What is your basis? What do you have and what do you need and when? How are you going to give form to your actions and enterprises? Write it down or make a model of it. Make your thoughts touchable. From this it can flow.


Mission or theme of the Self Existing Owl Moon

AKBAL.Blue Night Kin 43 Akbal, Self Existing Night (intuition, dreams, abundance, silence) – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and clarity. Center, ground and anchor this. Planet Saturn.

CIB.Yellow Warrior With the planetary support of Cib, Yellow Self Existing Warrior with its fearlessness, to step forward to question difficult situations to be in the Truth. In this flow it gathers Wisdom and Divine Intelligence. Planet Saturn.

CAUAC.Blue Storm The Higher Self with Divine Guidance is Cauac, Blue Self Existing Storm of catalyzing the self generative energy flow of transformation. It is an endless source of energy. It is the force that asks for love, tenderness and vision. Planet Pluto.

BEN.Red Skywalker The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity is Ben, Red Self Existing Skywalker of courage, open space, discovery and awareness. Step beyond your boundaries of the known and safety to discover the world outside of your limited perception. It is also the receiver of channeled messages. Planet Mars.


ETZNAB.White Mirror The Hidden power that reveals the awakening awareness of the sub consciousness into the consciousness of Etznab, White Planetary Mirror that produces the perfection of the manifestation of Divine Truth. Cutting away that which is rotten and brings in the light that was has been covered up. Illusion are seen through and placed aside to be in the flow of Cosmic Order that is reflected on a Truthful Earth. Planet Neptune.


The goal of the Self Existing Owl Moon

OC.White Dog Kin 70 – Full Moon – Oc, White Overtone Dog (loyalty of the Heart Love). Planet Mercury.

MULUC.Red Moon With the planetary support of Muluc, Red Overtone Moon with its trust of purifying the Universal water flow. Emotions are like water. Water that is stagnate becomes polluted; emotions that are not allowed to flow toxifies your body and mind. Let be what is and observe your emotions without judgement. Planet Mercury.

ETZNAB.White Mirror The Higher Self with Divine Guidance is Etznab, White Overtone Mirror of Divine Truth. Cut away that which no longer serves the Source and bring that what was covered up into the Light. See through Illusions and place this aside to be in the flow of Cosmic Order of Reflections or go beyond the veil. Planet Neptune.

AHAU.Yellow Sun The challenge, strengthening and open opportunity is Ahau, Yellow Overtone Sun of the Universal Fire of Unconditional Love and enlightenment to everything that lives. You know who you are, that everything and nothing is and you feel a greater connection with life itself. We come from the light and we all return to the light. Planet Pluto.

CHUEN.Blue  Monkey The Hidden power that reveals the awakening awareness of the sub consciousness into the consciousness of Chuen, Blue Solar Monkey that realises the action with passion, enthusiasm and directness via the power of playfulness and humor. Laugh at what you are about and be happy. Release the illusion of ego and be open for what life presents to you. Enjoy and play. Life is magical. Planet Venus.

A Daily Review of a Gratitude Journey through Egypt – September, October 2016 – Saturday, September 24

A daily Review of a Gratitude Journey through Egypt – September 24 through October 9

Saturday, September 24

In the transformation flow of Trust and Openness I flew from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Hurghada, Egypt. It was a gentle flight of approximately 5 hours and arrived on time. At the Airport I discovered my luggage was damaged and a person from the travel agency made a rapport for me very quickly. This was the first sign received that as I care for others, without expectation or receiving something back, I am also cared for as well.


From there we were lead as a group to a touring bus where we were met by our Guide Ahmed from Alexandria for the whole week. In the group there were couples from Holland and Belgium, plus two sisters who travelled together. It was only Frank and I who travelled alone. The guide Ahmed spoke perfect Dutch and had a very pleasant voice and a gentle character. It felt good to be amongst these people.



We were guarded by police escorts all along the way to Luxor and the Cruise boot “Serenity”. It was a 5-hour drive at 9 p.m. in the evening through the desert and through the Red Sea Mountains were every 7 kilometers there was a police station with hobbles on the road, checking out that everything was safe and secure for everyone. Every time a new police jeep escorted us along the way. Unfortunately, it was too dark by than but I could certainly see the stars in such a clear sky. The route partially followed a railway track. Along the way there was mostly traffic of trucks but also small pick up trucks with many passengers and freight (such as packages and luggage) seeing that there had just been a feast/festival and people were returning home.

Western Desert Road

NOTE: What is being related via news media is not the truth it is certainly safe to travel through Egypt. Please do not hesitate to visit this Sacred Land.


Travelling through small villages on our way to Luxor we saw men gathering on the street corners or at a café even at 2 a.m. in the evening. From what I could see and feel is that they were having a conversation of the day.


Arriving at the cruise boot “serenade” we were welcomed by many pursers and our guide Ahmed had sorted out our rooms beforehand so this was a gentle and caring greeting and meeting. My room number was “329” feels like the resonance of the “3 – Trinity in the Divinity” or in Ancient Times the “Upper, Middle and Lower World”; “2” of duality that is placed in the resonance of polarity as a purification, release and transformation into the “9” the Cosmic vibration of completing a cycle and starting a new spiral movement of One Heart Love.


The room was very comfortable and on the table some bread, cheese, jams and other goodies were placed in case we were hungry. The surroundings of Egypt were enough nourishment for me at that moment plus the resonance of the name of the Cruise boot “Serenade” like a lullaby song. I slept very well but short with intervals of waking up from a dream of memories that I had here before. When I looked outside the window a beautiful declining huge moon shining in the sky greeted me and reminded me of the Mother in the Sky along with the Star Beings.


I felt so blessed to be able to answer this calling via guidance to be here in the now.








Live Recording New Moon, August, 2016

The Sacred Sweat Lodge Journey with Sound

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