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The Spring via the Crystalline Grid


Blessing Prayer,

May the supportive catalyzer from the East initiate new creations aligned with Highest Good and Divine Will in the flow of self-generative energy within healing for All.


May the Highest Good together with Divine Guidance from the North to initiate the enlightenment of Universal Consciousness burn away doubt and debate to Be in the Balance of Wholeness.


May the challenge, strengthening and opportunity from the West to initiate the enlightenment of the Pure Love Light Heart Beat of unconditional acceptance in its essence of receptivity, transparency and devotion for the Highest Good for All in relationships.


May the Hidden Power be revealed from the South to celebrate the connection with Source of coming Home to start a new beginning within the nurturing nourishment of Birthing embracing new ways of seeing and creation.


May for the Highest Good for All be centered, grounded and anchored the honor of Solar Life Force that ignites and enlightens our internal source of Divine Light, Codes and Languages.


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

The Purification Waters of Ancient Trust Grid – Wave 17 – New Moon

The Purification Waters of Ancient Trust Grid resonating

Het Zuiverende Water van Oeroud Vertrouwen Grid aan het resoneren


Tzolkin Wave 17

from Monday, December 18 to Saturday, December 30, 2018

Tzolkin Golf 17

van Maandag, 18 December tot Zaterdag, 30 December, 2018

Blessings to All




From the supportive East spiral swirl light May All BE One Loyalty in the Heart within and every relationship.

Vanuit het Oosten de ondersteunde spiralen beweging licht Moge Allen Een Zijn in de Loyaliteit van binnenin het Hart en relaties.




From the Highest Good for All in the North spiral swirl BE the cleansing, bathing, birthing of letting be was is and taking off the veil of forgetfulness to awaken the remembrance of One.

Vanuit het Hoogste Goed voor Allen in het Noordelijke spiralen beweging van Zijn in het Schoonhouden, Baden, Geboorte van het laten wat is en het weghalen van vergetelheid om te ontwaken in de herinnering van Een.


Within the challenges, strengthening and opportunity for All in the Western spiral swirl BE as the catalyzer within the eye of the storm from denial and judgement of the experience by transforming it into self-generative energy within Love, Tenderness and vision as One.

Binnenin de uitdaging, bekrachtiging en gelegenheid voor Allen in het Westelijke spiralen beweging van Zijn als een katalysator binnenin het oog van de storm van ontkenning en veroordeling van de ervaring door de transformatie in zelf-generatieve energie binnenin de Liefde, Tederheid en Visie als Een.



In the Southern spiral swirl for All BE the discovery of conscious choosing from a Free Will to self-nurture radiance by finding out what brings you joy and fulfillment and for others in this empty and silent adventure.

In het Zuidelijke spiralen beweging voor Allen ZIJN het ontdekken van bewustzijn in Keuze(ns) Vanuit een Vrije Wil van zelf voedende uitstraling  door het uitvinden wat je vreugde en vervulling brengt en ook voor anderen in deze lege en stille adventuur.



In the Presence of Now center, ground and anchor with the quality of trust to be awakened to all the sign, signals and symbols to understand the remembrance of guidance within the seed of communication as One.

In de Aanwezigheid van Nu centreer, grond en veranker met de kwaliteit van vertrouwen om te ontwaken naar al de tekenen, signalen en symbolen om te begrijpen de herinnering van begeleiding binnenin het zaad van communicatie als Een.


Gratitude, Dankbaarheid






The Consciousness of Unconditional Love Fulfillment – Electric Deer Moon

Electric Deer Moon

The Consciousness of Unconditional Love Fulfillment.

28 days and nights, September 20 through October 17, 2017

White Tail Deer

Spirit Animal: Deer


General Information:

Tone 3: Draw three dots in the open space. This is a triangle. From One dot, you can see 2 sides. You always have a choice where your intention goes too and there is always movement and activity. And where there are 2 a third is needed to make the connection. It is the link between you, your goal and the third factor: the outer world, the environment, your relationship with others, your client etc. Service is love made visible. This new dimension awakens creative currents, inspiring circulation, variability, and fresh potential for alignments.

Question: In which matter can you be of service to the goal this year?



The spirit animal deer is very important in the Mayan culture. The Thunder God Tohil appeared in the presence of a White Deer and brought the male creation and awakening power; the activating aspect of this Moon.

Tohil.the God of Fire

The Moon Goddess Ixchel gave herself to Tohil as the Red Deer. The female deer represents surrender, allowance, receiving and unconscious power flourishing in the consciousness.


There is a similarity in the English words “deer” and “dear”.

The deer teaches us to use the empowerment of tenderness and care to touch the heart and spirit of wounded beings who try to make us aware of wandering off the pathway. Be prepared to truly love yourself and others in the Now and how it is, in this way your fears and obstacles will melt away or be released. BE gentle for yourself and others in negativity or obstacles so that the light energy bubble continues to grow and develop seeding the connection of the Heart. Love Light is the key that connects All in the Highest Good potential.



With this active Moon, there is an energy flow that will be uplifted. The energy will be in more of a swirling spiral movement. You will have a sense that more energy is coming into projects that you have started. The spark that exists with this activation of energy is truly the Electric Moon.



Question: How can you best serve?

Service is somehow has a bitter taste in the Western world. It is confused with “to employ yourself at the expense of yourself”. This is not what service is about. Service is creating a heart connection with care and compassionate creation, just like the Deer, and move within this spiral. When you are empathic towards someone give this generously and show it!


How can I contribute in the best way to the well-being of the world around me, the environment, my body, my family, plants, work and goal?


The Mission or Theme of this Electric Deer Moon

Yellow Electric Sun KIN 120 – Ox Ahau, Yellow Electric Sun – Light Code 120:3:1

Chant: Cauac, Kan, Oc, Imix, Ahau

Planets: Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune

Personal Note: Notice that the Highest Good or Higher Self, the North, is the spiral movement of seeding the Cosmic Seed in germination.

Archetypes20.Yellow Sun


CAUAC.Blue Storm Within the spiral movement of natural support of the Highest Good for All we catalyse the self-generative energy transformation and healing of Divine Truth. In the Presence of Now we allow and surrender to the bathing and cleansing via Infinite Love, Infinite Tenderness, Infinite Vision, Infinite Wisdom and Healing.


KAN.Yellow Seed Within the spiral movement of the Highest Good for All together with Divine Guidance we consciously awaken to the possibilities of fertile ground to nourish the Cosmic Seed in its Growth and Development via action and its potential.


OC.White Dog Within the spiral movement of challenges, strengthening and opportunity for the Highest Good for All we embrace the power of Love in all its aspects to give and receive in all intimate relations and every creation.


IMIX.Red Dragon Within the spiral movement of the hidden power revealed we give Birth and service in this nurturing nourishment for the Highest Good for All to BE in the Presence Now of Ancient Trust and Silence to flourish into flowering.


AHAU.Yellow Sun In the Presence of Now within the Highest Good for All we swirl in this spiral movement to center, ground and anchor this Universal Fire of Enlightenment in its Love Light energy bubble of Life’s rainbow resonance in Gratitude.



Prayer within the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation. Gebed binnenin de Kristallen Konijnen Maan van Samenwerking.

Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation

via the Crystal Grid and Sound

(28 days and nights).

Kristal Konijnen Maan van Samenwerking

via de Kristallen Grid en Geluid

(28 dagen en nachten).

Prayer – Gebed


May All be aligned within this Spiral to be inspired, to inspire others, group journeys and creative projects.

Moge Allen in deze Spiraal afgestemd worden om geïnspireerd te zijn, anderen te inspireren, met groepsreizen en creatieve projecten te inspireren.


Within the Eastern spiral movement may All be attuned to the Divine Will as Humans have the freedom of being able to choose.

Binnenin de Oostelijke spiraalbeweging moge Allen afgestemd zijn op de Goddelijke Wil zoals alle mensen de vrijheid hebben om te kunnen kiezen.


Within the Northern spiral movement may All catalyze the self-generative transformative flow of Love, Tenderness and Vision.

Binnenin de Noordelijke-Spiraalbeweging moge Allen de zelf genererende transformatie stroom van Liefde, Tederheid en Visie katalyseren.


Within the Western spiral movement may All face the challenges, to be strengthened and to create opportunities that synchronizes the navigation of evolution.

Binnenin de Westerse spiraalbeweging moge alle de uitdaging aangaan om versterkt te worden en kansen te creëren die de navigatie van de evolutie synchroniseren.


Within the Southern spiral movement may All surrender and allow the hidden power to flower and flourish in its clarifying magic of Heart Creation in the Now.

Binnenin de Zuidelijke spiraalbeweging moge Allen zich overgeven en toestaan om de verborgen kracht tot bloei te laten komen in zijn verduidelijkende magie van hart creaties in het nu.


Now we All center, ground and anchor the wholeness of this Spiral to be fulfilled, healed and completed in this beauty of the Sacred Crystallized Sound Dance.

Nu zijn wij Allen gecentreerd, gegrond en verankerd in de heelheid van deze Spiraal om vervuld te worden, genezen en afgerond te zijn in deze schoonheid van de Heilige Gekristalliseerde Geluid Dans.


Gratitude – Dankbaarheid

Crystal Elders resonating the Galactic Directions


From the East, House of Light, House of Love Light Birth Being

May Divine Wisdom BE the insight of clarity with the instinct of Life Force.


Vanuit het Oosten, Huis van Licht, Huis van Licht Geboorte Zijn

Mogen Heilige Wijsheid ZIJN in inzicht van helderheid met het instinct van Levenskracht.



From the North, House of Night and Darkness,

May Divine Wisdom ripen so we may see, feel and know all from within.

May we breathe and communicate together with Spirit to All be inspired.


Vanuit het Noorden, Huis van Nacht en Duisternis.

Mogen Wijsheid binnenin rijpen zodat wij kunnen zien, voelen en alles weten.

Mogen wij Ademhalen en communiceren met de Geest die ons allen inspireert.



From the West, House of Transformation,

May Divine Wisdom BE radiant on our pathway and transforming so we may do what is asked for.

May the Cosmic Seed flower in fertile ground.


Vanuit het Westen, Huis van Transformatie

Mogen Heilige Wijsheid stralend ZIJN op onze pad en transformeren zodat wij doen wat wordt gevraagd.

Mogen het Kosmische Zaad bloeien in vruchtbare grond.



From the South, House of the Eternal Sun,

May Purity reap the harvest so we may enjoy the fruition of Universal Being in relationships.

May fulfillment of passion, creation and deeds BE materialized so that we Understand All relationships.

Vanuit het Zuiden, Huis van de Eeuwige Zon

Mogen Zuiverheid zich oogsten zodat wij allen kunnen genieten van de vruchtbaarheid van Universele Zijn in allen relaties.

Mogen de vervulling van passie, creatie en daden zich materialiseren in begrip in Allen relaties.



From Above, House of Heaven or Spirit or Cosmos

May Star, Planetary, Suns Elders and Ancient Ancestors be with us now.

Vanuit Boven, Huis van de Hemel of Geest of Kosmos

Mogen de Sterren Ouderen, Planetaire Licht Wezens, Zonne Wezen en Oeroudere met ons Allen NU Zijn.



From Below, House of Earth,

May the Pure Heartbeat of her Crystal Core bless us in harmony, love and peace in All relationships.


Vanuit Beneden, Huis van de Aarde,

Mogen de Zuivere Hartslag van haar Kristallijnen Kern zegen ons in harmonie, Liefde en vrede in Allen relaties.



From the Center, which is everywhere and nowhere in the Here and Now.

May everything be known as the Golden Rainbow Sparkle Light of Mutual Love in All Relationships.


Vanuit het Centrum, die overall is en nergens in het Hier en Nu.

Mogen alles ZIJN in Weten, als een Gouden Regenboog Glinsterende Licht van Liefde in allen relaties.


*Oh Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

Oh Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

Oh Yum, Hunab Ku, Evam Maya E Ma Ho!


“Oh Mother, Source – the Harmony of Mind and Nature”.

This phrase combines Mayan and Tibetan language.



“Oh Moeder Bron – de Harmonie van Geest en Natuur”.

Dit combineert de Maya en Tibetaanse taal.


Gratitude – Dankbaarheid




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