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Preparation of Gemstone Energetic Elixir

Preparation Gemstone Elixir Gemstone elixir is a form of gemstone water, preserved by the addition of alcohol. However, due to a longer preparation time, gemstone elixir becomes energetically so strong that it can only be taken drop by drop.

To make gemstone elixir, first look for a small, clean stopper bottle. In this you place on the bottom (a gemstone). Then you pour the stone with pure gin or vodka. Then put the stopper bottle on the windowsill for two to three months (preferably on the east). During this period, the vibration of the stone will be copied by the alcohol.

Actually, the alcohol does not itself possess this copying ability, but the water, which forms the main component of this alcohol. Jenever and vodka consists mainly of 35 to 40 percent alcohol, the remaining 60 to 65 percent consists of water.

It is advisable to provide your stopper bottle with a label. Write on the label the name of the elixir, the production date and other information that may still be of interest to you.

After 2 to 3 months, your elixir is ready for use. To do this, you are going to transfer the elixir into a so called brown pipette bottles, but these can also be small, brown dropper bottles. You can order these bottles at any pharmacy. Often they are sold in packaging units of 25, 50 or 100 pieces. Gemstone elixir is often dissolved in a glass of mineral water (about 5 drops). This mixture is taken by the client during the day.

Keep in mind, by the way, that gemstone elixirs are not a medicine. As a therapist, you are not allowed to sell medicine according to the legislation, let alone manufacture it yourself. Gemstone elixirs are energetic means. If you give an elixir to a client for intake, make it clear to him or her that this is an energetic agent and not a medicine.

Gratitude to Andre Molenaar the author and specialist in Crystal Therapy

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