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Spiral Movement of Unity within its New Beginnings

Spiral Movement of the Tzolkin Red Wave 1 – Unity within New Beginnings

 Wavespell of the Red Dragon

Allow and Surrender to this Galactic Activation Portal Cycle of 260 days and nights.

Archetypes01.Red Dragon

Red Dragon is your Conscious Self – who you are and who you are becoming.


Red Dragon represents the root source of life, the nurturance and support of primary being, and within it are found the primal waters of unity. This is where your deepest roots receive true nourishment.


Red Dragon is the energy of form contained within the formlessness of the primordial sea. Primal trust means making choices with no guarantees, knowing that divine nurturance will provide what is needed for your journey. It means making choices moment by moment, implicitly trusting your innate steering mechanism of heart-knowing.


Primal trust implies surrendering to the will of the divine self, letting go of what your ego deems to be control of the outcomes in your life. It means deeply trusting the processes that are at work within your present spiral of evolution.


The energy of Red Dragon asks you to embrace the depth of your receptivity. Perhaps you have been taught that it is better to give than to receive. Giving is a powerful way to learn how to receive, but it is not the whole picture. There is a circuit of completion in giving and receiving that happens within you and in your external world at the same time. If you trust unconditionally in the giving, you are not attached to how the gift is received. When you freely give, you fill your cup with sweet waters, which you can then offer innocently and purely to another. Know, on one level, that your gift is poured out universally regardless of how it appears to be received. However, when the gift comes from the ego, it is limited by expectations and conditions. Love just is. It is neither given nor taken; rather it is simply discovered and allowed. The universe is an inseparable whole.

20th Ray.Imix.Red Dragon (6) KIN 201.North West direction


May All Be in the Insight of Cosmic Order for the Highest Good

May All Be nourished within the Ancient Mother

May All Be in the Magical Playfulness of the Inner Sun Child

May All Be in the flow of Universal Consciousness and Unconditional Love

May All Be centered, grounded and anchored within the Ancient Trust of All What Is.


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Meditation together with Sound.


Ref.:see also







Explore Wakefulness Meditation with Sound

The Lotus Flower and its Root of Balance.


Lotus pond

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse – Codes and Light Languages


Crystalline Portal Passageway



Supportive East Spiral Movement


North Spiral Movement – Highest Good for All within Divine Guidance


West Spiral Movement – Challenges, Strengthening and Openness

20180712_134733943962069.jpgSouth Spiral Movement – Hidden power revealed flourishing into the Consciousness


Centering, Grounding and Anchoring

the Multidimensional Infinite Love Light Being




Sacred Sound Journey in Silence

together with the Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls

Prayer within the Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation. Gebed binnenin de Kristallen Konijnen Maan van Samenwerking.

Crystal Rabbit Moon of Cooperation

via the Crystal Grid and Sound

(28 days and nights).

Kristal Konijnen Maan van Samenwerking

via de Kristallen Grid en Geluid

(28 dagen en nachten).

Prayer – Gebed


May All be aligned within this Spiral to be inspired, to inspire others, group journeys and creative projects.

Moge Allen in deze Spiraal afgestemd worden om geïnspireerd te zijn, anderen te inspireren, met groepsreizen en creatieve projecten te inspireren.


Within the Eastern spiral movement may All be attuned to the Divine Will as Humans have the freedom of being able to choose.

Binnenin de Oostelijke spiraalbeweging moge Allen afgestemd zijn op de Goddelijke Wil zoals alle mensen de vrijheid hebben om te kunnen kiezen.


Within the Northern spiral movement may All catalyze the self-generative transformative flow of Love, Tenderness and Vision.

Binnenin de Noordelijke-Spiraalbeweging moge Allen de zelf genererende transformatie stroom van Liefde, Tederheid en Visie katalyseren.


Within the Western spiral movement may All face the challenges, to be strengthened and to create opportunities that synchronizes the navigation of evolution.

Binnenin de Westerse spiraalbeweging moge alle de uitdaging aangaan om versterkt te worden en kansen te creëren die de navigatie van de evolutie synchroniseren.


Within the Southern spiral movement may All surrender and allow the hidden power to flower and flourish in its clarifying magic of Heart Creation in the Now.

Binnenin de Zuidelijke spiraalbeweging moge Allen zich overgeven en toestaan om de verborgen kracht tot bloei te laten komen in zijn verduidelijkende magie van hart creaties in het nu.


Now we All center, ground and anchor the wholeness of this Spiral to be fulfilled, healed and completed in this beauty of the Sacred Crystallized Sound Dance.

Nu zijn wij Allen gecentreerd, gegrond en verankerd in de heelheid van deze Spiraal om vervuld te worden, genezen en afgerond te zijn in deze schoonheid van de Heilige Gekristalliseerde Geluid Dans.


Gratitude – Dankbaarheid

The Inner Crystalline Cosmic Order via the Crystal Elders together with Sound.

Overview – Overzicht


The supportive energy spiral movement of the East.

De ondersteunende energie spiralen beweging van het Oosten.


The Higher Self within Divine Guidance of the North.

Het Hogere Zelf binnenin Begeleiding van het Noorden.


The Challenge, Strengthening and Open Opportunity of the West.

De Uitdaging, Bekrachtiging en Open Gelegenheid van het Westen.

20170208_073601.jpgThe Hidden Power Awakening Awareness of Flowering from the South.

De Verborgen Kracht ontwakende bloei van het Zuiden.


The Centering, Grounding and Anchoring of Gratitude for the Highest Good of All.

Het centeren, gronden en verankeren van dankbaarheid voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen.


Blessings in this upcoming flow of the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Full Moon.

Zegeningen in deze opkomende stroming van de Penumbral Lunaire Eclips Volle Maan.


The Sacred Sound of this spiral movement journey.

De Heilige Geluid van deze spiralen bewegende reis.



Merkaba Sacred Geometry – Timelessness of Love Light

  • Merkaba – Timelessness of Love Light   


7th Divine Ones

                 6th Insight/Pineal Gland                                       6th Insight/Pineal Gland

5th Communication

 4th Heart Love Light

 3rd Inner Sun                                                                   3rd Inner Sun

 2nd Creativity

 1st Divine Child


The Pureness of the Divine Child resonates in Divine Creativity to allow and surrender to the Inner Sun as One with Heart Love Light vibrating within the Inner Divine Voice to see within the Soul Akasha Light Library gathering within the Sphere Circle of the Light Ones as One.


The One Divine Circle enlightens the Universal Library for insight to communicate within the One Heart Love Light expanding the Inner Sun to be in co creation with the Divine Child as One.

And Beyond in the spiral movement.

Be Open to Equalize the Divine Communication Breath

Sound Six times:

saturn-planet-sonne-sterne-159728 Base or Root Chakra Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with  Saturn and/or Crystal Singing Fork(s) Clear Quartz/Diamond/Ruby


Plus, Sacral Chakra Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Pluto and/or Crystal Singing Fork Clear Quartz



Plus, Solar Plexus/Inner Sun Chakra Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Sun/Mars and/or Crystal Singing Fork Clear Quartz/Yellow Sapphire


Plus, Heart Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Venus and/or Crystal Singing Fork Clear Quartz/Emerald/Jade/Ruby



Plus, Throat Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Mercury/Jupiter and/or Crystal Singing Fork(s)Clear Quartz/Opal


Plus, Third Eye/Pineal Gland Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Neptune and/or Crystal Singing Fork Amethyst/Clear Quartz/Diamond/Emerald/Pearl


Plus, Crown Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Uranus and/or Crystal Singing Fork Amethyst/Clear Quartz/Diamond/Emerald/Pearl

And beyond in the spiral movement


Ancient Chant/Mantra: 6 times (Galactic Karmic In and Solar Prophetic Out)

Muluc, Oc, Lamat, Chuen, Manik, Eb, Cimi, Ben,

Chicchan, Ix, Kan, Men, Akbal, Cib,

Ik, Caban, Imix, Etznab, Ahau, Cauac


Blessings to All in this Spiral Movement.


The Journey of the Elements

Recording of gathering with friends Jos Blokdijk and Rene van Drimmelen this evening.

This sound is resonating in the Divine Mother Bottle of Worldwide Transformational Sound Water Essence

Worldwide Project “Transformational Sound Water Essence”

Deepest Gratitude

Be welcome to take part in the Worldwide Transformational Sound Water Essence

“merging with attunement”

From November 4, 2015

Blue Resonant Eagle

Mantra: Kan, Manik, Chicchan, Cimi, Men

Kin 215, Uc Men

Ceremonial Sound from Center Love Light in this Open Space can be listened to via:

Resonating via the Star Kingdom Arcturus

Arcturian Hologram code “Transformation” that came forward via


The spring water is activated with this code plus the code of Self Love


260 days Until July 21, 2016 and beyond.

White Rhythmic Wizard

Mantra: Chicchan, Ix, Kan, Manik, Ix

Kin 214, Uac Ix

Star Kingdom Antares


This will be for the heart connection Sound Wave to the Galaxies, Star Kingdoms, Planetary Realms, Solar Systems, Inner Earth Realms and Crystalline Core of Mother Earth from the Zero Point as “One and the Same Heart Frequency Sound” via the Sacred Fire, Sacred Water, Sacred Earth, Sacred Spirit Wind and All Divine Dwellers wherever they are in what every form they may BE.

This will be shared, co-created via whatever Sound is echoed to you, in the form of a Sacred Music Instrument, Nature sounds, chants, toning etc. The water will carry this frequency for All and will be shared worldwide via a 5 ml. water bottle which has alcohol and some residue of etheric oils from the Divine Mother Water bottle.

Every small water sound bottle, co-created with Sacred Sound via your Divine Soul, is send from your Sacred Space Dwelling to Center Love Light as One Heart Consciousness. This Sacred Sound Water will be added to the Divine Mother Transformational Sound Water Essence Bottle here in Center Love Light, Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. Carla will than send to you a 5 ml water bottle via the post from this Divine Mother Sound Water Bottle so that it can be shared

This Worldwide Project started on Wednesday, November 4, 2015 and will be in the flow until Thursday, July 21, 2016 which is 260 days.


It would be wonderful to share a water bottle if you are at special Sacred Spaces or Places or are amidst of Sacred Ceremonies combined with Sound and other Sacred Souls. Be welcome to do this more than once if guidance is calling for this.

Every 5-day flow (2 days before the Moon and 2 days after) of the New Moon and Full Moon we will have a Sound ceremony at the Center Love Light and will place the Divine Mother Transformational Sound Water Essence Bottle in the Center of a Crystal Grid together with the sounds of Sacred Instruments, Toning etc. here.


This can be done with just spring/mineral water, sacred sound instruments, chants or toning or whatever guidance is relating your loving Soul. Of course if called for you could also share your recording via YouTube or Sound cloud like we have done from here today.

From Center Love Light we have prepared the start of this “Transformational Sound Water Essence” in the early morning hours of Wednesday, November 4, 2015 and will place this in the Divine Mother Transformational Sound Water Essence Bottle after 24 hours and let it resonate in the center of the Crystal Grid or Sacred Medicine Wheel here.

Deepest Gratitude

Preparation at your own dwelling or open space: After 24 hours you can place the water into clean glass bottle and place it in front of the window sill facing East or leave it outside facing East so that the early morning Sun and the early evening Moon can resonate with it as well.

Ask guidance when it is ready to be sent to Center Love Light, Moutmolen 72, 1703 TN Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. We in return will send a small bottle to your home address.

Our suggestion is to place it into a small bottle so that the postage charges will be very low on this sharing.

Extra information:

The start of this Sacred Worldwide Heart Project Water Sound Transformational Essence sharing was via a question from Lance Aubrey from Fort St. James, BC, Canada if I could give him some information about the I AM Presence Oil that I gave to him when I was in Calgary, Alberta in 2014. I looked up to see if I could find the file with the extra information and was also taken upstairs to the Crystal Room where the Mother Bottle was still present.

I realized then, just a wakeup call to listen to the signs and symbols that this was part of the 2012 (sharing of etheric oils from woman around the world), 2013 (sharing of crystal water from souls around the world) and 2014 (sharing of Sacred Water from Sacred Places around the world) Worldwide Projects.

The Ancient Elder Wisdom keepers, Crystal Elders and various Councils of Light Beings are open channels for us here so right away all the bells were ringing and messages were conveyed.

The Start of this World Wide Project “Transformational Sound Water Essence” flow Presence of Wednesday, November 4, 2015 of the Self-Existing Moon of Form.


There was already a Crystal Grid or Sacred Medicine Wheel here in the Center but it needed some changes.

Allow your awareness to go to the nostrils as you observe your breath going in and out and then to the breath moving in your belly without influencing it just observing. If you are pulled away by other thoughts as the mind often does just with kindness and curiosity return to observing your breathing.

Be now in Divine Presence.

Allow and surrender to connect with the Transformational Sound Water Essence for inspiration and guidance.

 Deepest Gratitude



Sacred Spiral Medicine Journey:

From within breathing now in Awareness Presence as you enter the Eastern direction Tzolkin Spiral Movement with the supportive assistance of Sacred Fire Sparks.

East.Sacred Fire

Feel the heart and know that the mind in balance are now bathing in Gratitude together with:

KAN.Yellow SeedThe Tzolkin code 124:7 UC KAN, Yellow Resonant Seed – Galactic Activation Portal and Blue Spinal Column – Growth and Development of Awakening Awareness in mergence with attunement – Planet Jupiter – together with the Echo of Sacred Sounds, Crystal Elders, Councils of Light Beings, Ancient Elder Wisdom keepers etc.

You are now in this spiral movement circle. Follow your breath awareness to allow and surrender whatever comes in such as a situation, person, sound, fragrance, symbols artistic expression of Alignment flow in this Sacred Temple on top of the Pyramid or Sacred Sites or Places – just observe as the sparks of the Sacred Fire passes by.

Now breath 7 times deeply in and out.

Now we move onwards in the spiralling circle wheel to the Northern direction whilst the drop, waves and ripples of the Sacred Water relate the Higher Self and Guidance together with:

North.Sacred Water Another view of the North.Sacred Water

MANIK, Blue_HandThe Tzolkin code 7:7 UC MANIK, Blue Resonant Hand – the Divine Knowing of Accomplishment and healing Planet Earth together with the Echo of Sacred Sounds, Crystal Elders, Councils of Light Beings, Ancient Elder Wisdom keepers etc. – just observe as a drops of Sacred Water passes by.

You are now in this spiral movement circle. Follow your breath awareness to allow and surrender whatever comes in such as a situation, person, sound, fragrance, symbols or languages of Divine Unconditional Mind flows – just observe as the drop, ripples or waves of Sacred Water passes by.

Now breath 7 times deeply in and out.

Now go onwards to the Western direction in the spiral movement circle wheel of the Sacred Earth as the crystalline lotus flower opens it petals with its challenge, strengthening and opportunity together with:

West.Sacred Earth

CHICCHAN.Red SerpentThe Tzolkin code 85:7 – UC CHICCHAN, Red Resonant Serpent – Survival of the Life Force of Instinct – Asteroid Belt together with the Echo of Sacred Sounds, Crystal Elders, Councils of Light Beings, Ancient Elder Wisdom keepers etc. – just observe as the petals of the Crystalline Lotus open up.

You are now in this spiral movement sacred circle wheel. Follow your breath in and out to allow and surrender whatever comes forward such as a situation, person, sound, fragrance, symbols, languages etc. – just observe as the Sacred Earth embraces the Crystalline Lotus flower petals as it passes by.

Now breath 7 times deeply in and out.

Onwards to the Southern direction to be in the breath of the Sacred Spirit Wind into the hidden power of awakening awareness together with:

South.Sacred Spirit Wind Breath

CIMI.White WorldbridgerThe Tzolkin code 46:7 – UC CIMI, White Resonant Worldbridger – the Equalization via Death and Release co creating Opportunity – Planet Mars together with the Echo of Sacred Sounds, Crystal Elders, Councils of Light Beings, Ancient Elder Wisdom keepers etc. – just observe as the Sacred Spirit Wind breaths.

You are now in this spiral movement Sacred circle wheel. Follow your awareness breath in and out to allow and surrender whatever comes forward such as a situation, person, sound, fragrance, symbols, languages etc. – just observe as the Sacred Spirit Wind breaths as it passes by.

Now breath 7 times deeply in and out.

Now Center, Ground and Anchor in this zero point of the spiral movement Sacred circle wheel with its Sacred Water merging as One with the Sacred Fire, Sacred Earth, Spirit Wind Breath in Deepest Gratitude together with:

Centering.Grounding.Anchoring.Sacred Fire. Sacred Water.Sacred Earth.Sacred Spirit Wind Breath

MEN.Blue EagleThe Tzolkin light code 215:7 – UC MEN, Blue Resonant Eagle – Creating the Vision of Divine Mind – Planet Jupiter together with the Echo of Sacred Sound, Crystal Elders, Councils of Light Beings, Ancient Elder Wisdom keepers etc.

You are now in this spiral movement Sacred circle wheel. Follow your breath awareness to allow and surrender whatever comes in such as a situation, person, sound, fragrance, symbols artistic expression of Magical Playfulness flow – just observe as the drop, ripples or waves of the Sacred Water passes by.

Now breath 7 times deeply in and out.


Move your toes, fingers and all parts of your body whilst you stretch out and open your eyes.

Deepest Gratitude

Be now in Awareness of:

“I am in the flow of the Transformational Sound Water of One and the Same”

If you have any questions or are called to join in this Worldwide Project “ Water Sound Transformational Essence” please contact Carla at or via Skype Carla.harren (Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands).



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