Crystalline Rainbow

Breathing Exercise

Via the Divine Guidance of the Crystals, Crystal Skulls and Sacred Music Instruments

On the terrace facing North
Closer View
Facing South
Facing East
Facing West
Full Moon September 2021
Meditation Room Entrance
Crystal Singing Bowls and Chakra Chimes plus crystal spheres
Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, Rattles and Group Shaman Drum
Gratitude Ankh plus Crystal Grid

We will record the sounds tomorrow September 21, 2021


Beyond Illusion the harmonic Star, Galactic and Omni Source Essence of the Divine Heart Pulsates the teaching as it is in Full Circle with Gaia/Mother Earth Crystal Core, Ancient Grandmothers, Ancient Grandfathers, Multidimensional Love Light Beings to Nourish the Visions and Dreams for the Highest Good for All.
Each resonance shares the Universalized Magic.

Chuen, Lamat, Oc, Imix, Men
Chuen, Lamat, Oc, Imix, Men
Chuen, Lamat, Oc, Imix, Men
Chuen, Lamat, Oc, Imix, Men
Chuen, Lamat, Oc, Imix, Men
Chuen, Lamat, Oc, Imix, Men
Chuen, Lamat, Oc, Imix, Men

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

The Embracement

For All brothers, sisters, families, children, grandchildren and All a sound journey.

Love Always

Thank you

A magical journey with the crystals, crystal skulls and music instruments with toning.

From the center :

Transition of portal passageway

From the East the Unconditional Love of Oneness Consciousness

From the South the communication with Spirit definition of empowerment

From the West the Remembrance of Trust

From the North the Accomplishment of Fulfillment

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Portal Passageway or Paths to the Stars with the Inner Children, Star-, Planet and Galaxy Light Beings, Councils. The Sparkles of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Blue, Violet Indigo, Golden White, Silver Golden, Copper Golden, Pearlescent, Cosmic Platinum and Golden Rainbow Stardust as One with the Inner dance, song, tone, paint, sculpture or whatever creation comes forward. Gratitude in Love Always.

The qualities of Courage, Free Choice, Divine Intelligence, Harmony, Vision, Playfulness Magic, Integrity, Spirit Loyalty, Opportunity, Passion, Divinity, Trust, Navigation of Love Gratitude.

As One with the Inner Child(ren), Children, Ancient Grandmothers, Ancient Grandfathers, Crystalline Core of Earth (Gaia), Star Light Beings, Planetary Light Beings, Galactic Federation Council Circles allowing and surrendering to open up the treasure chest via breathing and sounds of music instruments.


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