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The Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance, Organizing, Equality

The Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance, Organizing, Equality

Mission starts with the Lucia Midwinter Light Feast

December 13, 2016 through January 9, 2017

including the New Moon and Winter/Summer Solstice



“When we give our light to the light of the world, we make a connection of light to light that helps the world in its process of dynamic change.” – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

“Music is behind life, and rules life; from music springs, all life. The whole creation exists in rhythm, and in a general phrase, it may be said that there is one common source of human disease; and that is disorder in rhythm” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Organize resources and bring in an efficient way balance in your life for the next 28 days and nights.

General Information:

Tone 6

When you imagine 6 dots on a sheet of paper or on a dice, there is a rhythm. Involuntarily you are going to group the dots. .. .. .. or … …This is the rhythm. Each rhythm has a measure which is equal. Otherwise, we do not experience it as rhythm. Therefore 6 is the Tone of equality. Than do what rhythm asks for: cradle it in rhythm and let it flow.

Life is death and dying is life. Time is a cycle. And a cycle is rhythm. Because the trees have lost their leaves, we experience the movement of the seasons, the passage of time. Right in the sixth moon the winter solstice takes place, the turning point. In the Northern Hemisphere, we have just experienced the darkest period of the year. It is a time that for some people are difficult. Recognition of the cycle of life offers security for the return of light. In this cycle, we initiate the Life Force.

All life on Earth, including the rhythms of our body, are influenced by the rhythms of ever-changing combinations of celestial movements. Daytime, for example, offers high energy of the sun for outward exertion and communication. Nighttime, conversely welcomes the deepening of intuition, supporting expansive, internal processes. By noticing the fluctuations of nature, we can receive the support of its cycles to enhance our endeavors. As we give attention to our personal rhythms, we can actualize deeper levels of organic balance, both physically and emotionally.! When we organize the elements of our life we invite efficiency and functionality into our reality. Organization assists us to streamline and coordinate, producing greater ease and equilibrium. May we respect the various aspects of maintenance as the foundation which supports the art of our life! Thr0ough the eyes of equality, all moments equally contribute to the sacred balance of our lives. We are reminded that “this too shall pass,” and “this too shall return.” Source Reference Jose Arguelles.

naamloos (2)

There is a reason why the Lizard is the totem animal for this month. According to a Mexican story the sun has ever disappeared for seven days and nights. All the people and animals were anxious and waiting for its return, but it was in vain. The sun did not return. Than various animals decided to search for the sun. They searched in rivers, in lakes, in forests and even in the crater of the volcano but unfortunately, they did not find the sun. Everyone decided to stop searching accept the small green lizard. She remained searching and ultimately found the sun sleeping under a stone. So, it was the lizard that brought the light into the world. Therefore, the Lizard is the totem of this darkest period of the year. Lizard is well known with the knowledge of cycles. Lizard can regenerate that what was lost. When the Lizard loses its tail another one grows back again. This is a lesson for all of us. Everything comes and goes … and comes again.

Question: What do you need to be in the regeneration of balance?

Reference: written by Nicole E. Zonderhuis, www.mayatzolkin.com, translation into English by Carla Harren

Review your dreams before you manifest them physically. Is it what you really want? Perhaps you are worth so much more!

naamloos (3)

If Lizard has come passing through your life:

Lizard is letting you know that it is time to take down an internal audit.

Question: Are you being ruled by your ego or are you coming from your heart?

Be aware – simply because the ego is the master of deception and you will often have to peel back many layers to get at the truth – and to discover what your heart is really telling you. Take the time to really focus on your personal dreams.


Alternatively, this reptile is letting you know that you have become so caught up with the day to day drudgery of your life that you have forgotten to dream! Take time out and start imagining a new reality for yourself. It is the only way to break out of the place you currently find yourself in. All new things are born in your dreams.


If Lizard is your Animal Totem:

When this reptile is one of your personal Animal Totems you have the power to regenerate that which is lost. You are prone to repeating some cycles simply because your energy loves to re-create your emotional attachments in some way. You are extremely good at facing your fears and moving between realities and “other worlds”.

If Lizard crawls through your dream time:

It is reminding you that you have hidden gifts and that it is your responsibility to use these gifts for your own well-being. We have an innate ability to recognize danger and can remove ourselves from harm’s when the situation calls for it.

The above article is written by http://www.spirit-animals.com/lizard/


Mission or Theme of the Rhythmic Lizard Moon (28 days and nights)

The Growth and Development of Universal Consciousness and Love including some meditation exercises.

Note: The Yellow Seed is also resonating in this Galactic Year as well.

Solar Yellow SeedChant: Men, Ahau, Ix, Caban. Kan

Planets: Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt, Uranus

Now we review the theme or mission of the Rhythmic Moon of Balance. It vibrates with the Four directions and its centering, grounding and anchoring of the Lucia Midwinter Light feast flow of:

East supportive: From Midnight through Sunset.

MEN.Blue Eagle  Bolon Men, Blue Solar Eagle (the vision of creating a Higher Consciousness for All). Sacred Water – Place your left hand on the navel area. Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of how you wish the world to BE in Balance with Source. Place your right hand on the heart area. Now allow and surrender to the Pureness of Love Light to be in the spiral movement of supporting this flow.

KIN 35 – Vaxac Cauac, Blue Galactic Storm, Light code 35:9.


North Higher Self within Divine Guidance: From Sunrise through Noon.

AHAU.Yellow Sun   Bolon Ahau, Yellow Solar Sun, Light code 100:9, Planet Pluto. The Sacred Fire spiral movement (place your right and left hand on your Heart area). Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of generating the balance of Universal Consciousness pulsating the Unconditional Love. Transform All that no longer serves the Collective Soul Source and allows the Seed to grow and develop. You can do this in the morning, afternoon and evening.


West: Challenge, strengthening and opportunity: From Noon through Sunset.

IX.White Wizard  Bolon Ix, White Solar Wizard, Light code 74:9 – Planet Asteroid Belt, Sacred Air spiral movement.

Lie on your back or sit in a chair. Hand palms facing downwards. Just allow and surrender to the rhythm of your breath. Whatever comes forward let it pass by. BE in the magical ceremony.

Note: Who you are now and where you are now is All you ever wished for. This is the open space key of realizing your dreams.


South: Awakening awareness that flowers and flourishes: From Sunset to Midnight.

CABAN.Red Earth  Ho Caban, Red Overtone Earth, Light code 57:5, Planet Uranus, Sacred Earth spiral movement of the Crystalline Lotus Core of Mother Earth/Pachamama.

Note: How do you gather your inner and outer resources for yourself and others?

How do you navigate this evolution and synchronize it?


KAN.Yellow Seed  To center, ground and anchor All these Sacred Elements including Sacred Ether with Bolon Kan, Yellow Solar Seed, Light code 204:9:1 Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance. Realizing the pulsation of action with passion, enthusiasm and directness to ripen the growth and development in fertile ground of germination for the Highest Good for All.

Mudra: hands cupped over each other at the Solar Plexus, as if holding a seed; then opening your hands, offering the seed into your Being.


Gratitude Blessings to All in this spiral movement flow of the Rhythmic Lizard Moon including the New Moon on Monday, December 18, Winter/Summer Solstice December 21 “The Free Choice of Harmony and Wisdom”

The Intelligence of Harmony (13 days and nights) Dec. 5 through Dec. 17

The Intelligence of Harmony

Yellow Wave 16

December 5 through 17 December.

Intelligent Questioning

“Fearlessness” is not a reduction of fears, but rather the capacity to go beyond fear. “Going beyond fear begins when we examine our fear … In the Shambhala tradition, discovering fearlessness comes from working with the softness of the human heart.” – Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche


De Intelligentie van Harmonie

Gele Golf 16

5 december tot en met 17 December

Flora in the Heart Artwork.Olivia Curry.Yellow Wavespell

“Fearlessness” is geen vermindering van angsten, maar eerder het vermogen om verder te gaan dan angst. “Meer dan angst overschrijden begint wanneer we onze angst onderzoeken … In de traditie van Shambhala komt het ontdekken van onbevreesdheid voort uit het werken met de zachtheid van het menselijk hart.”

– Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche


General Information/Algemene Informatie:

The spirit of the Yellow Warrior invites us to: access divine guidance; circulate fresh analysis of our convictions to assure they represent our truths; confront uncharted terrain; exercise keen awareness; embrace challenge by recognizing it as the ever-present gift of growth; understand obstacles as opportunities to strengthen ourselves; apply mindfulness (being in the Now), precision, and will; question all appearances, reference points and information to gain deeper insight and intelligence; question and confront fears in order to release their hold and transcend them; apply one-pointed focus and determination in cautiously proceeding towards goals while remaining unweighted by expectations.


De geest van de Gele Strijder nodigt ons uit om: toegang te krijgen tot goddelijke leiding; circuleren van een nieuwe analyse van onze overtuigingen om te verzekeren dat zij onze waarheden vertegenwoordigen; confronteer onontgonnen terrein; oefen een scherp bewustzijn; omarm uitdaging door het te erkennen als de altijd aanwezige gave van groei; obstakels te begrijpen als kansen om onszelf te versterken; pas mindfulness toe (in het Nu zijn), precisie en wil; alle verschijningsvormen, referentiepunten en informatie bevragen om dieper inzicht en intelligentie te krijgen; een vraag stellen en de confrontatie aangaan met angsten om hun greep los te laten en ze te transcenderen; pas één puntige focus en vastberadenheid toe bij het voorzichtig nastreven van doelen terwijl je niet gewogen blijft door verwachtingen.


December 5 is een ceremonial feast in The Netherlands of “Saint Nicholas” for All Children/Inner Child. This is when the intelligence of the Staff is gifted to All.

5 December is een ceremonie feest in Nederland van “Sinterklaas” voor Allen Kinderen/Innerlijke Kind. Dit is wanneer de intelligentie van de Staf is geschonken aan Allen.



  • How will you channel the power of Intelligence via the Staff?
  • Hoe kan jij een bekrachtiging kanaal zijn van intelligentie via de Staf?


  • How can you integrate the 3 forces of mind, will and spirit to pick up the staff of galactic empowerment?
  • Hoe kan je de 3 krachten van denken, wil en geest integreren en de staf oppakken van galactische bekrachtiging?
  • Do you speak the truth, listen well en never strife?
  • Spreek je de waarheid, luister je goed en ga je niet in de strijd?


  • In conflict situation(s) do you contemplate life through the eyes of purity to see the beauty?
  • Beschouw je in conflictsituatie (s) het leven door de ogen van puurheid om de schoonheid te zien?

Yellow Wave 16/Gele Golf 16

Wave 16


Yellow Magnetic WarriorKIN 196 Yellow Magnetic Warrior/Gele Magnetische Krijger

Chant: Akbal, Cib, Cimi, Chicchan

Planets/Planeten: Saturn/Saturnus, Mars, Asteroid Belt/Asteroide Gordel



May the power of darkness and the domain of dreams energetic spiral movement support, for the Highest of All, the abundance of information in the Silence of experience(s).

Moge de kracht van de duisternis en het domein van dromen energetische spiralen beweging ondersteunen, voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, de overvloed van informatie in de stilte van ervaring(en).


May the Highest Good spiral movement be guided in fearlessness to have the courage to step forward in difficult situations to speak the truth in clarity and wisdom.

Moge het Hoogste Goed spiralen beweging geleid worden door onbevreesdheid en de moed om naar voren te treden in moeilijke situaties te spreken in de waarheid van helderheid en wijsheid.


May, for the Highest Good for All, face the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of this spiral movement, to release all that no longer serves the Source to BE in the reality of changes to start anew.

Moge, voor de Hoogste Goed voor Allen, het aangezicht aangaan van uitdagingen, bekrachtiging en gelegenheden in deze spiralen beweging, om los te laten dat wat niet langer de Bron dient om te Zijn in de realiteit van verandering om opnieuw te beginnen.


May the hidden power be revealed in this spiral movement into the consciousness of body wisdom to follow the instincts of dancing, love and artistic flow in all its creations in alignment with Source.

Moge de verborgen kracht onthuld worden in deze spiraalvormige beweging naar het bewustzijn van lichaamswijsheid om de instincten van dansen, liefde en artistieke flow in al zijn creaties te volgen in afstemming met de Bron.


May for the Highest Good for All BE centered, grounded and anchored the Divine Intelligence Staff in Harmony with Source.

Moge voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen ZIJN gecentreerd, gegrond en verankerd de Heilige Intelligentie Staf in Harmonie met de Bron.


Yellow Warrior Wavespell

Gratitude, Dankbaarheid

Full Moon Ceremony/Volle Maan Ceremonie – 3:3:1

Full Moon Ceremony “The Magic of Release” – December 3, 2017

Volle Maan Ceremonie “De Magie van Loslaten” – 3 december, 2017


Connect with the Crystalline Rainbow Love Light embrace that surrounds Mother Earth to discover, share and give expression to insight in Openness.

Verbind je met de Kristallijnen Regenboog Liefdes Light die Moeder Aarde omarmt om te ontdekken, delen en expressie te geven aan inzichten in openheid.



From the East, the supportive energy spiral movement of Instinctual Life Force shedding the old skin to reveal the new via sensitivity of nourishment, grounding, breathing, stretching, dancing and creativity.

Vanuit het Oosten, de ondersteunende energetische spiralen beweging van instinct levenskracht het loslaten van de oude huid om de nieuwe huid te openbaren via sensitiviteit van voeding, gronding, Ademhaling, strekken, dansen en creativiteit.



From the North, the Highest Good for All (Higher Self) including Light Guidance, energetic spiral movement of the revelation of life and death; the realm of neutrality which facilitates bridging and connection; intimate exchange with the spirit of the Ancient Ancestors.

Vanuit het Noorden, het Hoogste Goed voor Allen (Hogere Zelf) inclusief Licht Begeleiding, energetische spiralen beweging van de openbaring van leven en dood; het rijk van neutraliteit dat de overbrugging en verbinding vergemakkelijkt; intieme uitwisseling met de geest van Oude Voorouders.



From the West, the challenge, strengthening and open opportunity of the energetic spiral movement of the Source Seed of Growth and Development in germination of this Galactic Year its potential flowering.

Vanuit het Westen, de uitdaging, bekrachtiging en gelegenheid van de energetische spiralen beweging van de Bron Zaad van Groei en Ontwikkeling die ontkiemd in deze Galactische Jaar met zijn potentieel en bloei.


From the South, the energetic spiral movement of the hidden power that flourishes into the Consciousness step by step accomplishment that touches and embraces the idea or project so that understanding can be expressed via artistry, craft and skills to uplift ourselves, our community and our environment.

Vanuit het Zuiden, de energetische spiralen beweging van de verborgen kracht die stap voor stap tot boei komt in het Bewustzijn dat het idee of project raakt en omarmt, zodat het begrip kan worden uitgedrukt via kunst, ambachten en vaardigheden in onszelf, onze gemeenschap en onze omgeving te verheffen.



Within the energetic spiral movement of the Center, grounding and anchoring is the open space of play; enchantment emerges from receptivity to the expansion of the present Now with the light tools of authenticity, transparency and healing within timelessness.

Binnenin de energetische spiraalbeweging van het Centrum, Aarding en Verankering in de open ruimte van spelen; de betovering komt voort uit ontvankelijkheid voor de uitbreiding in het Heden. Nu met de licht instrumenten van authenticiteit, transparantie en genezing binnen tijdloosheid.


Gratitude, Dankbaarheid

Half Moon Ceremony – Halve Maan Ceremonie

Sunday, November 26, 2017

The Collective of Inner and

Outer Resources Empowerment –

Half Moon Ceremony with Stones


Zondag, 26 November, 2017

Het Verzamelen van Inwendige en

Uitwendige Bronnen Bekrachtiging –

Halve Maan Ceremonie met Stenen.


From the East may flow for the Highest Good for All the free choice of Wisdom in the Now.

Vanuit het Oosten moge stromen voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen de vrije keus van Wijsheid in het Nu.


From the North may the vision BE created of Highest Consciousness for the Highest Good for All-in the Now.

Vanuit het Noorden moge de visie ZIJN de creatie van Hoger Bewustzijn voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen in het Nu.


From the West may the spiral movement BE the navigation of evolution in synchronicity with the Highest Good for All in the Now.

Vanuit het Westen moge de spiralen beweging ZIJN de navigatie van evolutie in synchroniciteit voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen in het Nu.



From the South may the Inner spiral movement BE the receptiveness of enchantment in the magical timelessness of consciousness for the Highest Good for All in the Now.

Vanuit het Zuiden moge de spiralen beweging ZIJN de ontvankelijkheid in de betoverende magische tijdloosheid van bewustzijn voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen in het Nu.



Now Center, Ground and Anchoring of the step by step empowerment of Accomplishment, Understanding and Wholeness for the Highest Good for All.

Centreer, Grond en Veranker Nu de stap voor stap bekrachtiging van Volbrenging, Begrijpen en Heelwording voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen.






“Creation” New Moon/”Creatie” Nieuwe Maan


 New Moon flow October 2017

in connection with the Crystallinerainbow



Nieuwe Maan Oktober 2017

in verbinding met de Kristallijnenregenboog

May from the East BE, for the Highest Good for All, the supportive energetic spiral movement that manifests the inner reflection of Unconditional Love.

Moge Vanuit het Oosten ZIJN, voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, de ondersteunende energetische spiralen beweging die manifesteert de Innerlijke reflectie van Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde.



May from the North BE, for the Highest Good for All, the enlightenment of the soul-energetic spiral movement  of Inner Guidance Empowerment that is connected to Universal Galactic Source. Allow and surrender to the beams of Love Light. Allow and surrender to the beams of Love Light.

Moge vanuit het Noorden ZIJN, voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, de verlichtende ziel- energetische spiralen beweging van Innerlijke Begeleiding Kracht die verbonden is met de Universele Galactische Bron. Sta toe en geef je over aan de stralen van Liefdes Licht.


May from the West BE, for the Highest Good for All, the facing of challenges, strengthening and opportunity that are made visible in purified Universal Crystalline Rainbow Water for bathing, cleansing and birthing the Trusted Creation of inner communication.

Moge vanuit het Westen ZIJN, voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, het aangaan van uitdagingen, bekrachtiging en gelegenheid die zichtbaar zijn in de zuiverende Universele Kristallijnen Regenboog Water om te Baden, Verschonen en Geboorte te geven aan de Vertrouwde Creatie van Innerlijke Communicatie.


May from the South BE, for the Highest Good for All, the invisible hidden power revealed through the breath of surrender and allowance of communication, inspiration, flexibility and changes of Love Light Source in its spiral movement codes.

Moge vanuit het Zuiden ZIJN, voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, het onzichtbare verborgen kracht door de adem van toestaan en overgave van communicatie, inspiratie, flexibiliteit en verandering van Liefde Licht Bron in zijn spiralen beweging codes.


Now in Presence, for the Highest Good for All, BE centered, grounded and anchored the Creation of this New Moon Manifestation with Gratitude.

Nu in Aanwezigheid, voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, gecentreerd, gegrond en verankerd zijn de Creatie van deze Nieuwe Maan Manifestatie van Dankbaarheid.






Journey through Turkey – Day 7 and Day 8 plus beyond.

Journey in Turkey (October 10 through October 25, 2017)

Day 7 and Day 8 plus beyond


Day 7 – Antalya Lara Hotel to Roman theater “Aspendos”, Leather Show and Boat trip.

Monday, October 16, 2017 (10:16:10) –in between coffee/tea/toilet break and lunch.


The spiral energy movement flow of this day and evening:

The White Electric Worldbridger of service activating possibilities and solutions.

white_world-bridger_3_8_13  The natural support of adventure to explore beyond boundaries in wakefulness in its spiral energy movement that swirls into the Higher Good for All within Guidance of Heart Love loyalty in all relationships and surroundings as we all are being challenged, strengthened and create an opportunity or opening of fearlessness to have the courage to ask questions and receive answers to be in the flow of wisdom. To awaken the awareness of vision that creates Higher Consciousness by action whilst being centered, grounded and anchored in the release or death of that what no longer serves in the Presence of Now to allow the open space to bring in the new.


Roman Theater “Aspendos”

The ancient city of Aspendos is situated 4 km from Antalya-Alanya highway and almost in the middle of this highway. The city is founded near Koprucay (Eurymedon ). The ships were able to reach the city from the sea owing to this stream which was used as a canal in the ancient time. Today the city is 15 km. from the sea. Aspendos Theater has survived to our day fairly undamaged and Aspendos became famous with this theater.

This structure with an extraordinarily perfect acoustics hosts every year international and local concerts and festivals.

The king of Aspendos announces that he will organize a competition to see who will serve much for the city and says that the winner will marry with his daughter. The artisans who hear this immediately start studying. Finally, when the deadline comes, the king analyses everyone’s effort one by one and chooses two candidates. First candidate successes to bring water to the city from far corners of the city by the help of water canals.

The second candidate builds a theatre. When the king is about to decide on the first candidate he wants to analyse theatre for the last time. While he is walking about the top floor of the gallery he hears a voice calling from deep and continuously saying: “the daughter of the king must be mine”. Amazed by the event he searches for the voice but is unable to find where it comes from. This person is absolutely the architect of the theatre who is so proud of the acoustic of his masterpiece and talking on the scene in a feeble pipe. At the end, the architect wins the beautiful daughter and the wedding ceremony is held on this theatre.

This story is about the most important antique work of Aspendos, Aspendos Antique Theatre. Going to the eastward of Antalya, one can reach Serik Borough in 39 km, and from there to Eurymedon river in 7 km. Aspendos, situated near Eurymedon river is founded by Aka civilization in 10 BC. and is one of the richest cities of the antique age. The theatre in here is built up by Roman in 2 AC. The city is founded upon two hills one is small and one is huge.

The amphitheatre in Aspendos, that is wanted to be conquered by many for ages since being connected to Kucukcay river to the harbour is the one which is most secured till today and therefore is an important open-air theatre.

This theatre is the most ancient and solid sample of the Roman Theatres in Anatolia. On an epitaph on the south parados it is written that the theatre was built by the architect Zeno, the son of an Aspendian called Theodoros in the reign of Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AC). According to this epigraph, Aspendian people appreciated Zeno and awarded him with a great garden near the stadium.


The structure is built on a hillside according to Greek tradition.

Today the visitor entrance to the building from the door on the front face which is added later on. In fact, the original entrance is from the vaulted paradoses situated on the two sides of the scene. Caeva is shaped as half circle and is divided into two with a vast diazoma.

There are 21 seats above and 20 below. In order for the audience not to have difficulty when they are seated stairs were made spreading to the top, while the stairs beginning from the orchestra stage below is 10, this number is 21 at the top beginning of the above diazoma.

The gallery with 59 stairs which thought to be made later on lies from the beginning of the top caeva to the end. Looking from an architectural perspective the vaulted gallery of the diazoma is in a supporter texture of top caeva. As a general rule of protocol; the lodges which are placed at the two entrances of the caevas are reserved for the family of empire and for the sacred virgins who has devoted themselves to the Roman God Vesta.

Beginning from the orchestra, the first line is reserved for senators, judges, ambassadors, second line for the other notables of the city. Other seats are open for common people. Women were usually having seat at the top of the gallery. From the names caved on the seats of the top caeva it is clearly understood that these seats were reserved for certain people.

The most attractive element of the theatre is it structure. On the first floor of this double-storied building which is made of piled stone there are five doors for the players to come on the scene. Of these doors, the big one in the middle is known as porta regia, and the other four- placed two on the left and two on the right is known as porta hospitals. The small doors lined on the orchestra are belongs to the corridors of the cages of wild animals. From the remaining stones, it is understood that triangle and half-circle shaped small sculptures and niches for the walls were placed on the ornamental walls.


Personally, made some tones to experience the acoustics here.


Onwards to a leather show which was quite impressive to see all these clothes and handbags that are well known around the world by different fashion houses.

naamloos (38)

After this the fun part of a boat ride along the river and swimming in the Sea. Here are some photographs to give you an impression. Love the salty water that cleanses and relaxes along with this a wonderful lunch on board.


Day 8 – Antalya- Lara Hotel a walk in the Park and onwards for some to the Airport for others to a week holiday at one of the Hotels in the area. Personally, I stayed at Arizona Apart Hotel. Tuesday, October 16, 2017 (10:16/7:10).

The spiral energy movement for this day and evening:

Blue Self Existing Hand of creating a plan of action to define the form of the Presence of Now.

blue_hand.self-existing hand   The natural supportive spiral movement energy flow of the freedom of choice which brings the spiral movement of loyalty and trust in all loving relationships whilst facing the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of navigating the loving flow to let go of that which no longer serves and to trust the pathway you are in the Presence of Now Than may we awaken in the conscious flow of inner magical ceremony of who you are now and where you are now is everything you ever wishes for. This open space contains the key of realizing your dreams and goals to be wholly centered, grounded and anchored in the quality of step by step accomplishment to create a form materializing it and assist others as well.


In the morning after breakfast I went for a walk along Dundan Park near the Lara Hotel to attune to the Waterfall there. Just love how many people were out for a walk or exercising in the morning.

naamloos (37)


At 12 o’clock the group members said goodbye to everyone. With 7 people, we went further in the bus to travel to Resort Hotels or for me it was an apartment. A intensive week of Silence in integration and introspection.

Gratitude for this wonderful experience and love sharing with everyone.

Review of Journey in Turkey – Day 5 and Day 6

Journey in Turkey (October 10 through October 25, 2017)

Day 5 and Day 6


Day 5 – From Cappadocia to Antalya Lara Hotel.

Saturday, October 14, 2017 (10:14:10) –A bus ride of 6 hours plus a visit to Mevlana Museum and in between coffee/tea/toilet break and lunch.


The spiral energy movement flow of this day and evening:

The Yellow Magnetic Seed initiates new creations in alignment with the Highest Good for All.

144-colour  The natural support of vision creating a Higher Consciousness within and your surroundings in its spiral energy movement that swirls into the Higher Good for All within Guidance of ripening a seed in fertile ground of germination as we all are being challenged, strengthened and create an opportunity or opening of receptivity what is there in the Presence of Now as it contains one of the keys to realisation. To awaken the awareness of navigating the evolution of synchronicity whilst being centered, grounded and anchored in the growth and development of action and potential development within.


During the bus ride through this magnificent beauty of Mother Nature, Wim, one of the group members, had a small music box with him whilst Carla sang along with the music it felt like a preparation for the visit to the museum.


Mevlana Museum


Here is a beautiful video created about the Museum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jtr1A69PBr0


By Nazzarenoagostinelli – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25019987

The Mevlâna Museum, located in Konya, Turkey, is the mausoleum of Jala ad Din Muhammad Rumi, a Persian Sufi mystic also known as Mevlâna or Rumi. It was also the dervish lodge (tekke) of the Mevlevi order, better known as the whirling dervishes.

Sultan “Ala” al-Din Kayqubad, the Seljuk sultan who had invited Mevlâna to Konya, offered his rose garden as a fitting place to bury Rumi’s father, Baha’ ud-Din Walad (also written as Bahaeddin Veled), when he died on 12 January 1231. When Mevlâna died on 17 December 1273 he was buried next to his father.


Mevlâna’s successor Hüsamettin Çelebi decided to build a mausoleum (Kubbe-i-Hadra) over his grave of his master. The Seljuk construction, under architect Behrettin Tebrizli, was finished in 1274. Gürcü Hatun, the wife of the Seljuk Emir Suleyman Pervane, and Emir Alameddin Kayser funded the construction. The cylindrical drum of the dome originally rested on four pillars. The conical dome is covered with turquoise faience.

However, several sections were added until 1854. Selimoğlu Abdülvahit decorated the interior and performed the woodcarving of the catafalques.

The decree of 6 April 1926 confirmed that the mausoleum and the dervish lodge (Dergah) were to be turned into a museum. The museum opened on 2 March 1927. In 1954 it was renamed as “Mevlâna Museum”.


One enters the museum through the main gate (Devisan Kapısı) to the marble-paved courtyard. The kitchen of the dervishes (Matbah) and the Hurrem Pasha tomb, built during the reign of Suleyman, the Magnificent, are located on the right side. On the left side are 17 dervish cells lined up, covered with small domes, and built during the reign of Murad III. The kitchen was also used for educating the dervishes, teaching them the Sema. The sardirvan (washing fountain) in the middle of the courtyard was built by Yavuz Sultan Selim.


One enters the mausoleum and the small mosque through the Tomb gate (Türbe Kapisi). Its two doors are decorated with Seljuk motifs and a Persian text from mollah Abdurrahman Cami dating from 1492. It leads into the small Tilavet Room (Tilavet Odası) decorated with rare and precious Ottoman calligraphy in the sülüs, nesih, and talik styles. In this room, the Koran was continuously recited and chanted before the mausoleum was turned into a museum.

One enters the mausoleum from the Tilavet Room through a silver door made, according to an inscription on the door, by the son of Mehmed III in 1599. On the left side stand six coffins in rows of three of the dervishes (Horasan erler) who accompanied Mevlâna and his family from Belkh. Opposite to them on a raised platform, covered by two domes, stand the cenotaphs belonging to the descendants of the Mevlâna family (wife and children) and some high-ranking members of the Mevlevi order.

800px-Turkey_Konya008.inside de temple.Mevlana

The sarcophagus of Mevlâna is located under the green dome (Kibab’ulaktab). It is covered with brocade, embroidered in gold with verses from the Koran. This, and all other covers, were a gift of sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1894. The actual burial chamber is located below it. Next to Mevlâna’s sarcophagus are several others, including the sarcophagi of his father Bahaeddin Veled and his son Sultan Veled. The wooden sarcophagus of Mevlâna dates from the 12th century now stands over the grave of his father. It is a masterpiece of Seljuk woodcarving. The silver lattice, separating the sarcophagi from the main section, was built by Ilyas in 1579.


The Ritual Hall (Semahane) was built under the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent at the same time as the adjoining small mosque. In this hall the dervishes used to perform the Sema, the ritual dance, on the rhythm of musical instruments such as, the kemence (a small violin with three strings), the keman (a larger violin), the halile (a small cymbal), the daire (a kind of tambourine), the kudüm (a drum), the rebab (a guitar) and the flute, played once by Mevlâna himself. All these instruments are on display in this room, together with an ancient Kirşehir praying rug (18th century), dervish clothes (Mevlâna’s included) and four crystal mosque lamps (16th century, Egyptian Mameluk period). In this room one can also see a rare Divan-i-Kebir (a collection of lyric poetry) from 1366 and two fine specimens of Masnavis (books of poems written by Mevlâna) from 1278 and 1371.

Source: wikipedia.com

Personal Note: We would recommend you read some of the poetry of Rumi. Here is an example:

A Star Without a Name

When a baby is taken from the wet nurse,

it easily forgets her

and starts eating solid food.

Seeds feed awhile on ground,

then lift up into the sun.

So, you should taste the filtered light

and work your way toward wisdom

with no personal covering.


That’s how you came here, like a star

without a name.

Move across the night sky

with those anonymous lights.

(Mathnawi III, 1284-1288)

“Say I am You” Coleman Barks Maypop, 1994

800px-Turkey_Konya019.holy scriptures

The adjoining small mosque (Masjid) is now used for the exhibition of a collection of old, illustrated Korans and extremely valuable prayer rugs. There is also a box (Sakal-i Ṣerif), decorated with nacre, containing the Holy Beard of Muhammad.

The mausoleum was depicted on the reverse of the Turkish 5000 lire banknotes of 1981-1994.


On was on my knees for awhile in the Mausoleum in silence attuning to this Light.

In the evening, there was a wedding in the Lara Hotel. It was certainly a pleasure to be part of this from a distance together with the Group of Travellers.


Day 6 – Antalya. Sunday, October 15, 2017 (10:15/6:10). A visit to the city of “Perge” and a jewelry retail building plus the center city of Antalya.

The spiral energy movement for this day and evening:

Red Lunar Serpent of being honest to recognising your limitations to embrace them and overcome them.

red_serpent_2_7_12  The natural supportive spiral movement energy flow of the inner realms to carry you within what you are now and where you are now is All what you ever wished to receive which brings the spiral movement of navigating the loving flow to let go of that which no longer serves and to trust the pathway you are in the Presence of Now whilst facing the challenge, strengthening and opportunity of tempering your service with nourishment and rest whilst believing who you are as a purpose of commitment we All have in the larger pattern. Than may we awaken in the conscious flow of inner guidance trusting the mystical intelligence as we all attune to the clear signals to be wholly centered, grounded and anchored in the quality of vitality, passion and sensing of the body wisdom to purify and integrate.


Perge (source Wikipedia.com)



By Saffron Blaze – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17596092

Perga or Perge (Greek: Πέργη Perge, Turkish: Perge) was an ancient Anatolian city in modern Turkey, once the capital of Pamphylia Secunda, now in Antalya province on the southwestern Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Today, it is a large site of ancient ruins 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) east of Antalya on the coastal plain. An acropolis located there dates back to the Bronze Age.



Perga was an ancient and important city of Pamphylia, between the rivers Catarrhactes and Cestrus (Turkish Aksu Çayı).

A treaty between the Hittite Great King Tudhaliya IV and his vassal, the king of Tarhuntassa, defined the latter’s western border at the city “Parha” and the “Kastaraya River”. The river is assumed to be the classical Cestrus. West of Parha were the “Lukka Lands”. Parha likely spoke a late Luwian dialect like Lycian and that of the neo-Hittite kingdoms.


Perge returns to history as a Pamphylian Greek city, and with Pamphylia came under successive rule by Persians, Athenians, and Persians again. Alexander the Great, after quitting Phaselis, occupied Perge with a part of his army. The road between these two towns is described as long and difficult. Alexander’s rule was followed by the Diadochi empire of the Seleucids, then the Romans.


Perge gained renown for the worship of Artemis, whose temple stood on a hill outside the town, and in whose honour annual festivals were celebrated. The coins of Perge represent both the goddess and her temple.

In 46 A.D., according to the Acts of the Apostles, St. Paul journeyed to Perga, from there continued on to Antiocheia in Pisidia, then returned to Perga where he preached the word of God (Acts 14:25). Then he left the city and went to Attaleia.


As the Cestrus silted up over the late Roman era, Perga declined as a secular city.[8] In the first half of the 4th century, during the reign of Constantine the Great (324-337), Perga became an important centre of Christianity, which soon became the official religion of the Roman Empire. The city retained its status as a Christian centre in the 5th and 6th centuries.

Ecclesiastical history

St. Paul the Apostle and his, companion St. Barnabas, twice visited Perga as recorded in the biblical book, the Acts of the Apostles, during their first missionary journey, where they “preached the word” before heading for and sailing from Attalia (modern-day Antalya city), 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) to the southwest, to Antioch.


Paul and Barnabas came to Perge during their first missionary journey, but probably stayed there only a short time, and do not seem to have preached there; it was there that John Mark left Paul to return to Jerusalem. On his return from Pisidia, Paul preached at Perge.

St. Matrona of Perge of the 6th century was a female saint known for temporarily cross-dressing to avoid her abusive husband. She also is known for opposing the Monophysite policy of the emperor Anastasios I. Matrona hid in the monastery of St. Bassion as the enuch Babylos. Once revealed, she was sent to a woman’s monastery where she was head of the convent. She was famous for her miraculous gift of healing. She went on to found a nunnery in Constantinople. St Matrona died at the age of 100. Her life was told through a vita prima whose author and exact time period remains a mystery.


The Greek Notitiae episcopatuum mentions the city as metropolis of Pamphylia Secunda until the 13th century. Le Quien gives the names of 11 of its bishops: Epidaurus, present at the Council of Ancyra in 312; Callicles at the First Council of Nicaea in 325; Berenianus, at Constantinople (426); Epiphanius at the Second Council of Ephesus (449), at the First Council of Chalcedon (451), and a signatory of the letter from the bishops of the province to Emperor Leo (458); Hilarianus, at a council at Constantinople in 536; Eulogius, at the Second Council of Constantinople in 553; Apergius, condemned as a Monothelite at the Third Council of Constantinople in 680; John, at the Trullan council in 692; Sisinnius Pastillas about 754 (an iconoclast who was condemned at the Second Council of Nicaea in 787); Constans, at the same council of that condemned his predecessor; John, at the Council of Constantinople of 869–70.

No longer a residential, the bishopric is included in the Catholic Church‘s list of titular sees.

Perga remained inhabited until the Seljuks.


Perga is today an archaeological site and a tourist attraction. Ancient Perge, one of the chief cities of Pamphylia, was situated between the Rivers Catarrhactes (Düden Nehri) and Cestrus (Aksu), 60 stadia (about 11.1 kilometres (6.9 mi)) from the mouth of the latter; the site is in the modern Turkish village of Murtana on the Suridjik sou, a tributary of the Cestrus, formerly in the Ottoman vilayet of Konya. Its ruins include a theatre, a palaestra, a temple of Artemis and two churches. The temple of Artemis was located outside the town.

Here a you tube impression of Perge.


We had lunch somewhere.


We than visited a jewelry retail building. Amazing artistic jewelry was displayed here. Also, we went into the center of Antalya for some to do shopping for others just for a walk.


In the evening once more a wedding party was at Lara Hotel. This time it was a different tradition and the music was also adjusted to the party there.





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