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Mother Earth connection

From a Love Light Heart connection to Mother Earth

Bring your awareness to this Crystal Circle to connect to the 72 layers.

With reference to The Crystalline Movement – :

You can, of course, expand the anchor by creating a circle of crystals and stones around it. If you choose to do that, always bring all stones and crystals to the highest vibrations. Then set the intent that you harmonize the crystalline energies into a homogeneous field. You are ready to start your contribution by regularly sitting at this place, activating the crystals to increasingly high frequencies, and expanding the size of the field.

How to connect with your Personal Deva Guide

Preparing to Connect: Meditation

Reference: book “Gifts of Mother Earth” isbn-13:9\7-1891824-86-9 Light Technology Publishing –

If you go outdoors to connect with nature, go to a sacred site or find the center of a vortex, the preparation to connect with the energies of your chosen place is the same.

The Endlessness of Love Loyalty

The Endlessness of Love Loyalty

De Oneindigheid van Liefde Loyaliteit

Transforming the Magic

Transformeren van Magie

118:1:7 through 130:13:19

Tzolkin White Wave 10/Tzolkin Witte Golf 10 РOverview/Overzicht


May the supportive Multiuniversal flow of Ancient Trust in Being flow in the Universal Waters. Moge de ondersteunende Multiuniversele stroom van Oeroude Vertrouwen Zijn in de stromen van Universele Wateren.

May the Highest Good for All with Divine Guidance Be endless be in the Magical Resonance of Love Loyalty in All relationships. Moge het Hoogste Goed voor Allen met Begeleiding Zijn in de Oneindigheid van Magische Resonantie van Liefdes Loyaliteit in Allen Relaties.

May the challenge, strengthening and open space BE within the Harmony of Beauty in its Unconditional Love for All. Moge de uitdaging, bekrachtiging en open ruimte Zijn binnenin de Harmonie van Schoonheid in zijn Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde voor Allen.

May the hidden power BE flourishing within the Silent Sanctuary of Abundance with its Playfulness and Magic for the Highest Good for All. Moge de Verborgen Kracht Zijn in de bloei van de Stilte van Overvloed in zijn Speelsheid en Magie voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen.

May All be Centered, Grounded and Anchored within the Multiuniversal Order of the Endless Multiuniversal Love Loyalty. Moge Allen zich Centeren, Gronden en Verankeren binnenin de Multiuniversal Order van de Oneindigheid van Multiuniversele Liefdes Loyaliteit.


So be it and So shall it Be! Zo is het en zo zal het zijn!



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