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Full Moon November Blessings

Full Moon Blessings as One Universal Being


May the theme of new beginnings support the flow as All allow and surrender to the Free Will of Choice.

May the Full Moon support the flow of service to Be Heart Loyalty in All relationships as Universal Beings.

May the supportive Goal transcendence of Universal Unconditional Love Consciousness flow for All.



May the theme of Divine Inner Guidance initiate the step by step accomplishment.

May the Full Moon of Divine Inner Guidance be the possibility flow of service in its exploration and discovery Being the passageway for All.

May the goal of Divine Inner Guidance of the Silent Sanctuary Be Abundant for All in its celebration.



May the theme of challenges, strengthening and opportunity flow to navigate and synchronize the passageway of creation for All.

May the Full Moon with its challenges, strengthening and opportunity flow for All to Be within transformation and catalyzing self generative energy for solutions.

May the goal of challenges, strengthening and opportunity flow within Universal Water to assist the self remembrance of purity for All in its Presence.



May the theme of coming home to communicate with Spirit Be the hidden power revealed and flourishing for All.

May the Full Moon with its balance Be in the flow of liberation to open the unconsciousness into the consciousness of Divine Wisdom for All.

May the goal of new creations flow within the breath of the spiral movement circulation for All.



Note: Gratitude to Leslie J. Hart for gifting the Lapis Lazuli Sphere in the Center. 

May the theme Be centered, grounded and anchored of this rainbow spiral movement within the knowing of empowered creativity and Universal mastery for All.

May the Full Moon Be centered, grounded and anchored within the rainbow spiral movement flow of renewing the Oneness.

May the goal Be centered, grounded and anchored within the rainbow spiral movement flow of initiating or accelerating a process or event without being affected or consumed by it for All.


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude



New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse – Codes and Light Languages


Crystalline Portal Passageway



Supportive East Spiral Movement


North Spiral Movement – Highest Good for All within Divine Guidance


West Spiral Movement – Challenges, Strengthening and Openness

20180712_134733943962069.jpgSouth Spiral Movement – Hidden power revealed flourishing into the Consciousness


Centering, Grounding and Anchoring

the Multidimensional Infinite Love Light Being




The Crystalline Harmonized Balance of Beauty and Elegance


May All gather Inner and Outer Resources within and for others so they may BE empowered.


May the supportive spiral movement of the East BE within the Magical Playfulness


May the Higher Self along with Divine Guidance BE in the spiral movement of Divine Intelligence


May the spiral movement of challenges, strengthening and opportunity of the West BE the Insight in Cosmic Order


May the spiral movement of the Hidden Power within of the South with its courage flourish and flower within the Consciousness for the Highest Good for All


May for the Highest Good for All within the Love Light BE centered, grounded and anchor seeded in Growth and Development



Light Code 148:5:9 Cosmic Turtle Moon – Galactic Activation Portal


The Endlessness of Love Loyalty

The Endlessness of Love Loyalty

De Oneindigheid van Liefde Loyaliteit

Transforming the Magic

Transformeren van Magie

118:1:7 through 130:13:19

Tzolkin White Wave 10/Tzolkin Witte Golf 10 – Overview/Overzicht


May the supportive Multiuniversal flow of Ancient Trust in Being flow in the Universal Waters. Moge de ondersteunende Multiuniversele stroom van Oeroude Vertrouwen Zijn in de stromen van Universele Wateren.

May the Highest Good for All with Divine Guidance Be endless be in the Magical Resonance of Love Loyalty in All relationships. Moge het Hoogste Goed voor Allen met Begeleiding Zijn in de Oneindigheid van Magische Resonantie van Liefdes Loyaliteit in Allen Relaties.

May the challenge, strengthening and open space BE within the Harmony of Beauty in its Unconditional Love for All. Moge de uitdaging, bekrachtiging en open ruimte Zijn binnenin de Harmonie van Schoonheid in zijn Onvoorwaardelijke Liefde voor Allen.

May the hidden power BE flourishing within the Silent Sanctuary of Abundance with its Playfulness and Magic for the Highest Good for All. Moge de Verborgen Kracht Zijn in de bloei van de Stilte van Overvloed in zijn Speelsheid en Magie voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen.

May All be Centered, Grounded and Anchored within the Multiuniversal Order of the Endless Multiuniversal Love Loyalty. Moge Allen zich Centeren, Gronden en Verankeren binnenin de Multiuniversal Order van de Oneindigheid van Multiuniversele Liefdes Loyaliteit.


So be it and So shall it Be! Zo is het en zo zal het zijn!



The Unified One

The Unified One

resonating with the Crystal Elders


Within the supportive spiral movement energy flow of Courage from the East may the open space of wakefulness explore.


Within the Highest Good spiral movement energy flow of Loyalty from the North may the Heart Love be guided to resonate.


Within the changes, strengthening spiral movement energy flow of Divine Intelligence from the West may the Questioning be answered.


Within the hidden power revealed spiral movement energy flow of Divine Creation from the South may the Vision flower and flourish to Higher Consciousness.


Now Centering, Grounding and Anchoring for the Highest Good for All the Purification, Release and Open Opportunity of Unification as One.



The Spring via the Crystalline Grid


Blessing Prayer,

May the supportive catalyzer from the East initiate new creations aligned with Highest Good and Divine Will in the flow of self-generative energy within healing for All.


May the Highest Good together with Divine Guidance from the North to initiate the enlightenment of Universal Consciousness burn away doubt and debate to Be in the Balance of Wholeness.


May the challenge, strengthening and opportunity from the West to initiate the enlightenment of the Pure Love Light Heart Beat of unconditional acceptance in its essence of receptivity, transparency and devotion for the Highest Good for All in relationships.


May the Hidden Power be revealed from the South to celebrate the connection with Source of coming Home to start a new beginning within the nurturing nourishment of Birthing embracing new ways of seeing and creation.


May for the Highest Good for All be centered, grounded and anchored the honor of Solar Life Force that ignites and enlightens our internal source of Divine Light, Codes and Languages.


Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude

Unity Magic




East – supportive flow



North – Highest Good with Divine Guidance



West – flow of challenges, strengthening and opportunity



South – Hidden Power revealed within to flower and flourish


Centering, Grounding and Anchoring




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