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The Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance, Organizing, Equality

The Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance, Organizing, Equality

Mission starts with the Lucia Midwinter Light Feast

December 13, 2016 through January 9, 2017

including the New Moon and Winter/Summer Solstice



“When we give our light to the light of the world, we make a connection of light to light that helps the world in its process of dynamic change.” – Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

“Music is behind life, and rules life; from music springs, all life. The whole creation exists in rhythm, and in a general phrase, it may be said that there is one common source of human disease; and that is disorder in rhythm” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

Organize resources and bring in an efficient way balance in your life for the next 28 days and nights.

General Information:

Tone 6

When you imagine 6 dots on a sheet of paper or on a dice, there is a rhythm. Involuntarily you are going to group the dots. .. .. .. or … …This is the rhythm. Each rhythm has a measure which is equal. Otherwise, we do not experience it as rhythm. Therefore 6 is the Tone of equality. Than do what rhythm asks for: cradle it in rhythm and let it flow.

Life is death and dying is life. Time is a cycle. And a cycle is rhythm. Because the trees have lost their leaves, we experience the movement of the seasons, the passage of time. Right in the sixth moon the winter solstice takes place, the turning point. In the Northern Hemisphere, we have just experienced the darkest period of the year. It is a time that for some people are difficult. Recognition of the cycle of life offers security for the return of light. In this cycle, we initiate the Life Force.

All life on Earth, including the rhythms of our body, are influenced by the rhythms of ever-changing combinations of celestial movements. Daytime, for example, offers high energy of the sun for outward exertion and communication. Nighttime, conversely welcomes the deepening of intuition, supporting expansive, internal processes. By noticing the fluctuations of nature, we can receive the support of its cycles to enhance our endeavors. As we give attention to our personal rhythms, we can actualize deeper levels of organic balance, both physically and emotionally.! When we organize the elements of our life we invite efficiency and functionality into our reality. Organization assists us to streamline and coordinate, producing greater ease and equilibrium. May we respect the various aspects of maintenance as the foundation which supports the art of our life! Thr0ough the eyes of equality, all moments equally contribute to the sacred balance of our lives. We are reminded that “this too shall pass,” and “this too shall return.” Source Reference Jose Arguelles.

naamloos (2)

There is a reason why the Lizard is the totem animal for this month. According to a Mexican story the sun has ever disappeared for seven days and nights. All the people and animals were anxious and waiting for its return, but it was in vain. The sun did not return. Than various animals decided to search for the sun. They searched in rivers, in lakes, in forests and even in the crater of the volcano but unfortunately, they did not find the sun. Everyone decided to stop searching accept the small green lizard. She remained searching and ultimately found the sun sleeping under a stone. So, it was the lizard that brought the light into the world. Therefore, the Lizard is the totem of this darkest period of the year. Lizard is well known with the knowledge of cycles. Lizard can regenerate that what was lost. When the Lizard loses its tail another one grows back again. This is a lesson for all of us. Everything comes and goes … and comes again.

Question: What do you need to be in the regeneration of balance?

Reference: written by Nicole E. Zonderhuis, www.mayatzolkin.com, translation into English by Carla Harren

Review your dreams before you manifest them physically. Is it what you really want? Perhaps you are worth so much more!

naamloos (3)

If Lizard has come passing through your life:

Lizard is letting you know that it is time to take down an internal audit.

Question: Are you being ruled by your ego or are you coming from your heart?

Be aware – simply because the ego is the master of deception and you will often have to peel back many layers to get at the truth – and to discover what your heart is really telling you. Take the time to really focus on your personal dreams.


Alternatively, this reptile is letting you know that you have become so caught up with the day to day drudgery of your life that you have forgotten to dream! Take time out and start imagining a new reality for yourself. It is the only way to break out of the place you currently find yourself in. All new things are born in your dreams.


If Lizard is your Animal Totem:

When this reptile is one of your personal Animal Totems you have the power to regenerate that which is lost. You are prone to repeating some cycles simply because your energy loves to re-create your emotional attachments in some way. You are extremely good at facing your fears and moving between realities and “other worlds”.

If Lizard crawls through your dream time:

It is reminding you that you have hidden gifts and that it is your responsibility to use these gifts for your own well-being. We have an innate ability to recognize danger and can remove ourselves from harm’s when the situation calls for it.

The above article is written by http://www.spirit-animals.com/lizard/


Mission or Theme of the Rhythmic Lizard Moon (28 days and nights)

The Growth and Development of Universal Consciousness and Love including some meditation exercises.

Note: The Yellow Seed is also resonating in this Galactic Year as well.

Solar Yellow SeedChant: Men, Ahau, Ix, Caban. Kan

Planets: Jupiter, Pluto, Asteroid Belt, Uranus

Now we review the theme or mission of the Rhythmic Moon of Balance. It vibrates with the Four directions and its centering, grounding and anchoring of the Lucia Midwinter Light feast flow of:

East supportive: From Midnight through Sunset.

MEN.Blue Eagle  Bolon Men, Blue Solar Eagle (the vision of creating a Higher Consciousness for All). Sacred Water – Place your left hand on the navel area. Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of how you wish the world to BE in Balance with Source. Place your right hand on the heart area. Now allow and surrender to the Pureness of Love Light to be in the spiral movement of supporting this flow.

KIN 35 – Vaxac Cauac, Blue Galactic Storm, Light code 35:9.


North Higher Self within Divine Guidance: From Sunrise through Noon.

AHAU.Yellow Sun   Bolon Ahau, Yellow Solar Sun, Light code 100:9, Planet Pluto. The Sacred Fire spiral movement (place your right and left hand on your Heart area). Now allow and surrender to the spiral movement of generating the balance of Universal Consciousness pulsating the Unconditional Love. Transform All that no longer serves the Collective Soul Source and allows the Seed to grow and develop. You can do this in the morning, afternoon and evening.


West: Challenge, strengthening and opportunity: From Noon through Sunset.

IX.White Wizard  Bolon Ix, White Solar Wizard, Light code 74:9 – Planet Asteroid Belt, Sacred Air spiral movement.

Lie on your back or sit in a chair. Hand palms facing downwards. Just allow and surrender to the rhythm of your breath. Whatever comes forward let it pass by. BE in the magical ceremony.

Note: Who you are now and where you are now is All you ever wished for. This is the open space key of realizing your dreams.


South: Awakening awareness that flowers and flourishes: From Sunset to Midnight.

CABAN.Red Earth  Ho Caban, Red Overtone Earth, Light code 57:5, Planet Uranus, Sacred Earth spiral movement of the Crystalline Lotus Core of Mother Earth/Pachamama.

Note: How do you gather your inner and outer resources for yourself and others?

How do you navigate this evolution and synchronize it?


KAN.Yellow Seed  To center, ground and anchor All these Sacred Elements including Sacred Ether with Bolon Kan, Yellow Solar Seed, Light code 204:9:1 Rhythmic Lizard Moon of Balance. Realizing the pulsation of action with passion, enthusiasm and directness to ripen the growth and development in fertile ground of germination for the Highest Good for All.

Mudra: hands cupped over each other at the Solar Plexus, as if holding a seed; then opening your hands, offering the seed into your Being.


Gratitude Blessings to All in this spiral movement flow of the Rhythmic Lizard Moon including the New Moon on Monday, December 18, Winter/Summer Solstice December 21 “The Free Choice of Harmony and Wisdom”

The Intelligence of Harmony (13 days and nights) Dec. 5 through Dec. 17

The Intelligence of Harmony

Yellow Wave 16

December 5 through 17 December.

Intelligent Questioning

“Fearlessness” is not a reduction of fears, but rather the capacity to go beyond fear. “Going beyond fear begins when we examine our fear … In the Shambhala tradition, discovering fearlessness comes from working with the softness of the human heart.” – Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche


De Intelligentie van Harmonie

Gele Golf 16

5 december tot en met 17 December

Flora in the Heart Artwork.Olivia Curry.Yellow Wavespell

“Fearlessness” is geen vermindering van angsten, maar eerder het vermogen om verder te gaan dan angst. “Meer dan angst overschrijden begint wanneer we onze angst onderzoeken … In de traditie van Shambhala komt het ontdekken van onbevreesdheid voort uit het werken met de zachtheid van het menselijk hart.”

– Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche


General Information/Algemene Informatie:

The spirit of the Yellow Warrior invites us to: access divine guidance; circulate fresh analysis of our convictions to assure they represent our truths; confront uncharted terrain; exercise keen awareness; embrace challenge by recognizing it as the ever-present gift of growth; understand obstacles as opportunities to strengthen ourselves; apply mindfulness (being in the Now), precision, and will; question all appearances, reference points and information to gain deeper insight and intelligence; question and confront fears in order to release their hold and transcend them; apply one-pointed focus and determination in cautiously proceeding towards goals while remaining unweighted by expectations.


De geest van de Gele Strijder nodigt ons uit om: toegang te krijgen tot goddelijke leiding; circuleren van een nieuwe analyse van onze overtuigingen om te verzekeren dat zij onze waarheden vertegenwoordigen; confronteer onontgonnen terrein; oefen een scherp bewustzijn; omarm uitdaging door het te erkennen als de altijd aanwezige gave van groei; obstakels te begrijpen als kansen om onszelf te versterken; pas mindfulness toe (in het Nu zijn), precisie en wil; alle verschijningsvormen, referentiepunten en informatie bevragen om dieper inzicht en intelligentie te krijgen; een vraag stellen en de confrontatie aangaan met angsten om hun greep los te laten en ze te transcenderen; pas één puntige focus en vastberadenheid toe bij het voorzichtig nastreven van doelen terwijl je niet gewogen blijft door verwachtingen.


December 5 is een ceremonial feast in The Netherlands of “Saint Nicholas” for All Children/Inner Child. This is when the intelligence of the Staff is gifted to All.

5 December is een ceremonie feest in Nederland van “Sinterklaas” voor Allen Kinderen/Innerlijke Kind. Dit is wanneer de intelligentie van de Staf is geschonken aan Allen.



  • How will you channel the power of Intelligence via the Staff?
  • Hoe kan jij een bekrachtiging kanaal zijn van intelligentie via de Staf?


  • How can you integrate the 3 forces of mind, will and spirit to pick up the staff of galactic empowerment?
  • Hoe kan je de 3 krachten van denken, wil en geest integreren en de staf oppakken van galactische bekrachtiging?
  • Do you speak the truth, listen well en never strife?
  • Spreek je de waarheid, luister je goed en ga je niet in de strijd?


  • In conflict situation(s) do you contemplate life through the eyes of purity to see the beauty?
  • Beschouw je in conflictsituatie (s) het leven door de ogen van puurheid om de schoonheid te zien?

Yellow Wave 16/Gele Golf 16

Wave 16


Yellow Magnetic WarriorKIN 196 Yellow Magnetic Warrior/Gele Magnetische Krijger

Chant: Akbal, Cib, Cimi, Chicchan

Planets/Planeten: Saturn/Saturnus, Mars, Asteroid Belt/Asteroide Gordel



May the power of darkness and the domain of dreams energetic spiral movement support, for the Highest of All, the abundance of information in the Silence of experience(s).

Moge de kracht van de duisternis en het domein van dromen energetische spiralen beweging ondersteunen, voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen, de overvloed van informatie in de stilte van ervaring(en).


May the Highest Good spiral movement be guided in fearlessness to have the courage to step forward in difficult situations to speak the truth in clarity and wisdom.

Moge het Hoogste Goed spiralen beweging geleid worden door onbevreesdheid en de moed om naar voren te treden in moeilijke situaties te spreken in de waarheid van helderheid en wijsheid.


May, for the Highest Good for All, face the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of this spiral movement, to release all that no longer serves the Source to BE in the reality of changes to start anew.

Moge, voor de Hoogste Goed voor Allen, het aangezicht aangaan van uitdagingen, bekrachtiging en gelegenheden in deze spiralen beweging, om los te laten dat wat niet langer de Bron dient om te Zijn in de realiteit van verandering om opnieuw te beginnen.


May the hidden power be revealed in this spiral movement into the consciousness of body wisdom to follow the instincts of dancing, love and artistic flow in all its creations in alignment with Source.

Moge de verborgen kracht onthuld worden in deze spiraalvormige beweging naar het bewustzijn van lichaamswijsheid om de instincten van dansen, liefde en artistieke flow in al zijn creaties te volgen in afstemming met de Bron.


May for the Highest Good for All BE centered, grounded and anchored the Divine Intelligence Staff in Harmony with Source.

Moge voor het Hoogste Goed voor Allen ZIJN gecentreerd, gegrond en verankerd de Heilige Intelligentie Staf in Harmonie met de Bron.


Yellow Warrior Wavespell

Gratitude, Dankbaarheid

The True Love Loyalty Relationship – November 9 – November 21, 2017

The True Love Loyalty Relationship

within the Breath of Spirit

The flow of the White Dog Spiral Movement Wave 14

November 9 through November 21, 2017

Including the Winter/Summer Solstice 2017

Relationship with Spirit


General Information:

This White Spiral Movement Wave brings to the surface all that no longer serves in relationship within and relationships because of its resonance of faith and loyalty, over leading and being lead.


  • Do you live by what you believe?
  • How is your relationship within you concerning male and female vibrations?
  • Are they balanced?
  • Whereby do you let yourself be led by others and is that in resonance with who you are?
  • Do you refuse to see or look at confrontation within as they are reflected with others?

Love and Acceptance 

Take the lead in your own life and be faithful to your ideals and dreams. Be aware of the moments where you betray yourself in contact with the other person.

Being true to yourself is the constant question:

  • such as what creates joy within your actions or the situation?
  • Being true to yourself asks for a signal or symbol sometimes it comes through via another person or situation.

To do tip:

Give attention to your relationship within and with others or take care of your feet or take your dog out for a walk or run on the beach or dare to play or be honest.

 White Dog Wave 14


The theme or mission of this White Dog Wave 14


Thursday, November 9, 2017 (11:9:10)

White Magnetic Dog Chant: Muluc, Oc, Ahau, Chuen, Oc

Planets: Mercury, Pluto, Venus

KIN 170, Hun Oc, White Magnetic Dog, light code 170:1:23 Self Existing Owl Moon of Defining your Presence.

Today we INITIATE NEW CREATIONS OR BEGINNINGS to ATTUNE OR ALIGN within for the Higher Good and that of All relationships.

TODAY’S REFLECTION (WHITE DOG TRIBE): How can you be in true and in balance within Love?

TODAY’S MEDITATION: How can your embodiment of Soul Source gracefully guide your presence in communication with Spirit?

MULUC.Red Moon From Midnight to Sunrise, we are in the supportive energy spiral movement of MULUC, Red Magnetic Moon, Light code 209:1, Planet Mercury together with the Sacred Earth as the Crystalline Lotus Flower opens to purify your thoughts and actions beyond judgement. It is as it is to grow and develop more of your Essence.


OC.White Dog From Sunrise to Noon, we are within the Higher Good within its Divine Guidance spiral movement of OC, White Magnetic Dog, Light Code 170:1, Planet Mercury together with the Sacred Air as it breaths and blows inspiring loyalty of Love. The basis of healthy relationship is to always honor the truth of one’s own heart. Its essence is receptivity, transparency and devotion.


AHAU.Yellow Sun  From Noon to Sunset, we are in the challenge, strengthening and open space of qualities in the spiral movement of AHAU, Yellow Magnetic Sun, Light Code 20, Planet Pluto together with the Sacred Universal Fire with its sparks and flames of consciousness, unconditional to Love All Relationships.


CHUEN.Blue  Monkey From Sunset to Midnight, we are in the hidden power of awakening; the subconscious gift of transforming into the innocence of pureness in its humor and magical playfulness in its spiral movement of Chuen, Blue Cosmic Monkey, Light Code 91:13, Planet Venus with the Sacred Water the bathing and swimming in the drops, ripples and waves of Joy and Laughter.

Archetypes10.White Dog

During the 13 days and night, within this vibrational resonance we all move within the sources of Hun Oc, White Magnetic Dog, Light Code 170:1:23 Self Existing Owl Moon together with the Sacred Ether in ceremony with I serve in the glory of union, welcoming all inclusively. Its strength of vulnerability; its beauty in its expression. Its function is love, endowed with infinite resources to share its graces. As we dwell in our spiritual heart’s simplicity, love takes the reins, and a path of possibilities effortlessly opens before us! (Source of this explanation is from Jose Arguelles).


Blessings to the All within Gratitude.


The Abundant Magical Humor and Playfulness of the Inner Child.

Tzolkin Blue Monkey Wave 11

The Abundant Magical Humor and Playfulness of the Inner Child.

Sunday, October 1 through Friday, October 13, 2017


General Information:

If your birthday falls in between these dates than you will be in this Soul Galactic Pathway or it could also be your Galactic Year. We are still in the spiral movement flow of the Blue Mystic Column of the Tzolkin. This spiral movement Wave begins in the exact center of the calendar. This is the open space where we are the closest to the Hunab Ku (the source of All life).

This is an intense open space in this column of Prophecy …maybe a reason to deal with this.

  • The truth of the White Mirror and the illusion of the Blue Monkey.


    • What is truth? What is illusion? What is Maya?
  • The pure Innocent Inner Child in the Presence of Now.
  • The Suppressed Desires and the Unrecognised of Being of the Neglected Child!


The Blue Monkey will fool you … just keep on smiling, because more than this you cannot do. After the serious mirror, it is best a sign of relief. As if the monkey wants you to get rid of everything that you have put so much effort into and transformed into release. It asks you not to own anything! You are you, without having to make any connection to it. But if you cannot do this, you might be having a hard time.

naamloos (3)

A lot can happen for example if you are being very serious about anything or nothing or become too serious it will be returned to you or felt. Use the humor of the Monkey, dare to be playful and be undefeatable. Be the lighthearted spontaneous child. Stay also alert for signs and signals otherwise the Monkey will deceive you. Remember the Monkey can move from one space to another very quickly within its playfulness or magic. Now you can face the shadows or trials from your younger years and transform them by being and taking steps in the Now.

The Monkey spiral movement Wave lets you be an Inner Magical Child that weaves new patterns.

naamloos (4)

Question: Are you in innocence and spontaneity? Then you will have fun and be playful. Whoever laughs and is humorous radiates the responds of the Joy of Bliss.

Have you been too serious or held onto traumas from the past now is the open space in these 13 days or for some Galactic Year to transform them. It could also be that it is one of your partners of your Soul Galactic pathway. Be aware and playful.


Do you wish to be in Abundance?

Are you creative? Then be in this flow and share with others.

Are you transparent in your sensitivity?

Are you openhearted and vulnerable than accept life’s “disruptions with good humor?

To do tips: relax, enjoy, play, have fun, be love, remember your mission or theme, be always in the Presence of Now, write stories, be artistic, play a game, be creative.

naamloos (2)

More information about the Blue Mystic Column: The bulk of this wave is situated in the middle column of the Tzolkin. It is called the “Blue Mystic Column”, where future and past meet and is mirrored in the Now Presence. It is an intense period that allows your heart to go faster and makes the blood pressure goes up.

Note about the Blue Mystic Column – Core Days and evenings:

The Mystic Blue Column is the seventh column representing the middle of the Harmonic Module or Tzolkin matrix.

It contains the 20 Core Days as a period of attunement and for being fully present in the moment, while going within, resting and taking care of oneself.

This column represents our spine, which keeps us straight, aligned and centered. It is located in between the two GAP-day columns and, although it is also very intense, it gives us ‘a little break to breath’ during the Blue Castle of Transformation.

Also a very interesting website of Stephanie http://livingtimescience.com/books/

The theme or mission of this wave.

naamloos (6) Chant: Lamat, Chuen, Imix, Oc, Chuen

KIN 131, Hun Chuen, Blue Magnetic Monkey, Planet Venus (Art and Magic). The Cosmic Blue Ray of Divine Truth, Love and Radiance. Light code: 131:1:12 Electric Deer Moon of Connection and Service.

Mudra: Smile innocently with hands on your heart; then with spontaneity, place thumbs in your ears while wiggling and waving your fingers.

Today we CATALYZE AND ATTRACT our embodiment of Humor and Magical Playfulness.

TODAY’S ESSENCE: Uniting with your purpose. Focus your energy on what truly reflects TRUTH, at this moment in the open space.

TODAY’S REFLECTION: For these next 13-days and nights, we are invited to align with the Blue Monkey’s Purpose: to allow the artistry and humor to play its game with transparency.

TODAY’S MEDITATION: How can my embodiment of the One gracefully guide my unfolding life Purpose?

Above is partially written by Eden Sky of www.13moon.com from here we have added some information and deleted others.

LAMAT.Yellow Star From Midnight to Sunrise, we are in the supportive energy spiral movement of LAMAT, Yellow Magnetic Star, Light code 248:1, Planet Venus (Artistry and Magic) together with the Sacred Fire with its sparkles and flames of resonating on the Pureness of Love to prune away the disharmony in your life. Be now the cosmic seed essence of beauty and elegance in the full presence of now. Come to your star home dwelling in the fun room of creativity.

CHUEN.Blue  Monkey From Sunrise to Noon, we are in the Higher Self or Highest Good/Potential within Divine Guidance spiral movement of CHUEN, Blue Magnetic Monkey, Light Code 131:1, Planet Venus together with the Sacred Water ripples, waves and drops as you bath and play with the dolphins and whales creating whatever comes forward from that Divine Child spontaneous discovery of laughter as it enlightens limitless openness. Allow yourself to journey to the crystalline temples and chambers to be with the purity of guidance in all your creations.

IMIX.Red Dragon From Noon to Sunset, we are in the challenge, strengthening and open space of qualities in the spiral movement of IMIX, Red Magnetic Dragon, Light Code 1:1, Planet Neptune (Memory and Meditation) together with the Sacred Earth Mother vessel that fully trusts the larger pattern to provide what you need with its nourishing nature of being who you are, what you are and your Ancient lineage of the Unified One birthing.

OC.White Dog From Sunset to Midnight, we are in the hidden power of awakening the subconscious gift of transforming into the consciousness as its spiral movement of OC, White Cosmic Dog, Light Code 130:13, Galactic Activation Core Portal, Planet Mercury (Abundance and Intelligence) together with the Sacred Air that breaths and expands a breakthrough and new beginnings in relationships and companions of destiny as you allow and surrender to the openness of spiritual strength, guardianship and deeper communication with divine guidance within.

During the day and night, within these 13 spirals we all vibrate HUN CHUEN, Blue Magnetic Monkey, Light Code 131:1:12 Electric Deer Moon of Connection and Service, Planet Venus with the quality of the Pureness of Innocence, spontaneity, laughter and Joy of the Divine Child within all its creation.



Antipode (challenge, strengthening and opportunity): Place the palms of your hands, fingertips and soles of your feet together to bring the challenge in balance.

Analog (supportive energy flow): Place your left hand on your right foot and your right hand on your left foot with the pink on the big toes. Energizing in any situation or as an meditation.

True Women - Michael Greyeyes 


The Consciousness of Unconditional Love Fulfillment – Electric Deer Moon

Electric Deer Moon

The Consciousness of Unconditional Love Fulfillment.

28 days and nights, September 20 through October 17, 2017

White Tail Deer

Spirit Animal: Deer


General Information:

Tone 3: Draw three dots in the open space. This is a triangle. From One dot, you can see 2 sides. You always have a choice where your intention goes too and there is always movement and activity. And where there are 2 a third is needed to make the connection. It is the link between you, your goal and the third factor: the outer world, the environment, your relationship with others, your client etc. Service is love made visible. This new dimension awakens creative currents, inspiring circulation, variability, and fresh potential for alignments.

Question: In which matter can you be of service to the goal this year?



The spirit animal deer is very important in the Mayan culture. The Thunder God Tohil appeared in the presence of a White Deer and brought the male creation and awakening power; the activating aspect of this Moon.

Tohil.the God of Fire

The Moon Goddess Ixchel gave herself to Tohil as the Red Deer. The female deer represents surrender, allowance, receiving and unconscious power flourishing in the consciousness.


There is a similarity in the English words “deer” and “dear”.

The deer teaches us to use the empowerment of tenderness and care to touch the heart and spirit of wounded beings who try to make us aware of wandering off the pathway. Be prepared to truly love yourself and others in the Now and how it is, in this way your fears and obstacles will melt away or be released. BE gentle for yourself and others in negativity or obstacles so that the light energy bubble continues to grow and develop seeding the connection of the Heart. Love Light is the key that connects All in the Highest Good potential.



With this active Moon, there is an energy flow that will be uplifted. The energy will be in more of a swirling spiral movement. You will have a sense that more energy is coming into projects that you have started. The spark that exists with this activation of energy is truly the Electric Moon.



Question: How can you best serve?

Service is somehow has a bitter taste in the Western world. It is confused with “to employ yourself at the expense of yourself”. This is not what service is about. Service is creating a heart connection with care and compassionate creation, just like the Deer, and move within this spiral. When you are empathic towards someone give this generously and show it!


How can I contribute in the best way to the well-being of the world around me, the environment, my body, my family, plants, work and goal?


The Mission or Theme of this Electric Deer Moon

Yellow Electric Sun KIN 120 – Ox Ahau, Yellow Electric Sun – Light Code 120:3:1

Chant: Cauac, Kan, Oc, Imix, Ahau

Planets: Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune

Personal Note: Notice that the Highest Good or Higher Self, the North, is the spiral movement of seeding the Cosmic Seed in germination.

Archetypes20.Yellow Sun


CAUAC.Blue Storm Within the spiral movement of natural support of the Highest Good for All we catalyse the self-generative energy transformation and healing of Divine Truth. In the Presence of Now we allow and surrender to the bathing and cleansing via Infinite Love, Infinite Tenderness, Infinite Vision, Infinite Wisdom and Healing.


KAN.Yellow Seed Within the spiral movement of the Highest Good for All together with Divine Guidance we consciously awaken to the possibilities of fertile ground to nourish the Cosmic Seed in its Growth and Development via action and its potential.


OC.White Dog Within the spiral movement of challenges, strengthening and opportunity for the Highest Good for All we embrace the power of Love in all its aspects to give and receive in all intimate relations and every creation.


IMIX.Red Dragon Within the spiral movement of the hidden power revealed we give Birth and service in this nurturing nourishment for the Highest Good for All to BE in the Presence Now of Ancient Trust and Silence to flourish into flowering.


AHAU.Yellow Sun In the Presence of Now within the Highest Good for All we swirl in this spiral movement to center, ground and anchor this Universal Fire of Enlightenment in its Love Light energy bubble of Life’s rainbow resonance in Gratitude.



The Reflection Order of Love Loyalty

The Reflection Order of Love Loyalty

Tzolkin White Wave 10 – September 18 through September 30


The Mirror Wave will show you unbridled how you are centered, grounded and anchored in this Presence of Now.

This wave is within the Blue Mystic Column. The Center or Spinal cord of the Tzolkin Calendar as from September 21st where future and past are reflected. We are close to Source, Hunab K’u. The Mystic Column, is the seventh column representing the middle of the Harmonic Module or Tzolkin matrix.


It contains the 20 Core Days as a period of attunement and for being fully present in the moment, while going within, resting and taking care of oneself.

This column symbolizes our spine, which keeps us straight, aligned and centered. It is located in between the two GAP-day columns and, although it is also very intense, it gives us ‘a little break to breath’ during the Blue Castle of Transformation.

This Galactic year it begins during the flow of the International Day of PeaceKIN 121 – Red Self Existing Dragon of Ancient Trust and birthing on Thursday, September 21. The next day KIN 122, White Overtone Wind of communication with Spirit is the Autumn or Spring Equinox depending on where you live. There are two equinoxes every year – in September and March – when the sun shines directly on the equator and the length of day and night is nearly equal. The September equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s Equator – from north to south.

The Snake of Sunlight

The snake of sunlight at Chichen Itza, Mexico.The snake of sunlight on the stairs of the main pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico.©iStockphoto.com/CostinT

Chichen Itza

A famous ancient equinox celebration was the Mayan sacrificial ritual by the main pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico. The pyramid, known as El Castillo, has 4 staircases running from the top to the bottom of the pyramid’s faces, notorious for the bloody human sacrifices that used to take place here. The staircases are built at a carefully calculated angle which makes it look like an enormous snake of sunlight slithers down the stairs on the day of the equinox.

Personal note: Offer that which no longer serves the Highest Good in Ceremony and allow the light energy bubble to refresh and replenish you.


Have you made some mistakes or reflected improperly and have not amended this? If not, it will be returned to you.

Have you been stressed out? Than you will stumble … Stop and think this through via your Heart Love about your life and how you are living within this and act upon it.

Do you act from your Heart or from your thinking Head?

Do you live in what you belief?

What is the Highest Good perception about yourself, others and the world around us?

Do you allow all points of view their validity?

The mirror will reflect an inner sight of All. “We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.” Anais Nin

It is this no fixed absolutes of the Universe in its endless diversity of reflections which composes the mysterious Order of the whole; the facets of the One.

Archetypes18.White Mirror

White Mirror invites us to delve into the source of reflection and polish the mirror of our mind that we may see from the deepest clarity we are capable of. In this flow, all occurrences in our lives can be used to see ourselves more clearly, as an ongoing meditation of self-reflection. Ultimately, as we pass through the reflections we can enter the greater reality, the truth beyond the hall of mirrors, into the Divine Order which pervades all.

“We are the mirror as well as the face in it. We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity. We are pain and what cures pain. We are sweet cold water and the jar that pours.” Rumi


To do tips: Be in the Presence of Now, listen to your body, clean up, be in clarity, discover the truth, expand your dwelling and spirit, reflect what no longer belongs to you.

Reference: Article partially written by Nicole Zonderhuis and translated plus added information in English from Carla Harren

White Wave 10

The mission or theme of the White Wave 10

White Magnetic MirrorChant: Imix, Etznab, Lamat, Akbal, Etznab

Planets: Neptune, Venus, Saturn – light code 118:1:17 Lunar Scorpio Moon

 KIN 118 – Hun Etznab – White Magnetic Mirror

Prayer for this White Wave 10

IMIX.Red Dragon May the supportive natural energy spiral movement flow for the Highest Good of All BE within the Cosmic Womb of Ancient Trust as it births the silence, free from thoughts and fully in the Presence of Now. Cleansing and bathing in this nourishing mother of life with its new beginnings. Embrace now new ways of seeing in this creation.


ETZNAB.White Mirror May the Highest Good together with Divine Guidance spiral movement flow BE a passageway for the Highest Good for All as we enter the greater reality and see Divine Truth and Order in the Presence of Now.


LAMAT.Yellow Star May we all face the challenges, strengthening and opportunity of spiral movement flow of the Highest Good for All within this Cosmic Seed Star of Harmony, Beauty and Elegance allow the message of Art as Creator’s omnipresent gift. In the Presence of Now let BE that Art (the language of the Soul) is an existence of universal opportunity for creativity, innovation and expression, each of us adding to the blank canvas of the open space.


AKBAL.Blue Night May the hidden power of this spiral movement flow BE revealed and flourish into the consciousness of the Highest Good for All as we enclose the darkness; the place of mystery; the sanctuary within. BE now in the honor of the ever-present abundance of the Universe’s gifts with gratitude.


Now in the Highest Good for All spiral movement we center, ground and anchor the initiation of creation in alignment with the Unity of One Love Light Heart.

Mayan Crop Circle

Information Crystal Skulls T-Z

TourmalineCrystal Skulls T – Z

Metaphysical properties of stones and how they can support you:

Reference: www.crystalskulls.com You can order and buy these potent Crystal Skulls there.

Crystal skulls intensify and amplify the power of intention, and hold the specific frequency and resonance of a desired outcome. Crystal skulls carved out of the gems and minerals can aid with the specific areas or issues (of course, this should not be a substitute for traditional medical treatment, but can enhance and support energetic healing).


  • Tiger Eye – brings money; luck; confidence; courage; willpower; patience; determination; psychic protection; attracts helpful people

Tiger Eye is ideal to carry with you at all times to keep you safe, to help you attract good luck and prosperity, and to support you to think and see clearly in all situations.

Tiger Eye brings money, luck, confidence, courage, willpower, and psychic protection. It supports strength, confidence and focus to accomplish goals and manifest desires. It attracts helpful people and material things. Tiger Eye stimulates wealth and abundance, and enhances stability and clarity to maintain wealth. Tiger Eye also increases patience and determination.


Tiger Eye, or Tiger’s Eye, is a great stone for grounding and protection. It supports good luck and attracts prosperity, especially with regard to finances. Tiger Eye helps to give clarity, removing illusion so one can see everything clearly. It also enhances clear thinking and insight.

Emotional Benefits:

Tiger Eye encourages a passion for life and drives your will for success. It boosts self-esteem, helps clarify intention, and supports determination and strength. Tiger Eye can soothe tempers and tension for anyone near it. Tiger Eye is very good for grounding, balance and focus for people who have ADD or bi-polar conditions, and for people in emotional turmoil or transitional states. This stone is very calming centering for those who feel nervous, anxious or fearful. It is especially helpful for those who feel overwhelmed as it brings calm and serenity from within.

Mental Benefits:

Tiger Eye is a powerful stone for the mind, supporting mental focus, and assisting in directing intention and will. Tiger Eye amplifies thinking and manifesting what you think about. It calms and overcomes emotions such as anxiety, fear and obsession, and supports rational and practical thinking to optimize clarity of focus and mental alertness. It can help people to make desired changes in their life, and it can help procrastinators to remain grounded and focused to accomplish their goals. It relieves doubt and supports clear decision-making, and it calms the mind. Tiger Eye helps calm thoughts and emotions so one can enter deeper states of meditation with greater focus.

Physical Benefits:

Tiger Eye aids digestive issues, especially in the stomach and intestines – it also calms anxiety and ulcers. It can also support healing of bones and bruises. Some say it relieves high blood pressure and aids with night blindness. In Chinese Medicine, Tiger Eye is considered to balance Yin and Yang, balancing both sides of the brain.

Spiritual Benefits:

Tiger Eye supports the solar plexus, and enhances personal power, willpower, and integrity. The Tiger’s Eye is considered to be “All Seeing”. It creates harmony, and order out of chaos. Tiger Eye is an excellent stone for meditation, attraction and manifestation.

History & Lore:

Roman soldiers are reported to have worn Tiger Eye for courage and protection in battle. Some say that Tiger Eye protects from the “Evil Eye”, and Africans use it to ward off black magic, curses and negative energies.


  • Tiger Iron – supports empaths; empowers; self-confidence; passion; stamina; vitality; exhaustion; stress; overcomes fear; protection

Tiger Iron, sometimes called “Muggle Stone”, combines the healing properties of Hematite, Jasper and Tiger Eye. It is considered a stable healing stone, which rarely needs cleansing. Tiger Iron is nature’s artwork, and no two stones are alike, often consisting of silver hematite mixed with stripes or swirls of RED/BROWN jasper (and sometimes yellow jasper) to varying degrees, some with dramatic highlights of golden tiger eye (GOLD TONES).

Tiger Iron

Tiger Iron supports and protects empathic people who get drained by taking on other people’s feelings and emotions. Tiger Iron is empowering for overcoming fear and insecurity. It improves stamina, vitality and motivation, and helps with exhaustion, burnout and stress. It promotes self-confidence and self-assurance. Tiger Iron enhances power, passion, and creativity. It is also very protective, especially from danger.


  • Tourmaline – protection from negativity, radiation and psychic attack; grounding; balancing; purifying; health and wellbeing


Black tourmaline is said to protect from all kinds of negativity, including electronic radiation, negative people, psychic attacks and spells. It can transform and remove negativity from an individual or an environment. It is extremely grounding, balancing and purifying, promoting health and wellbeing on all levels. It is an aura cleanser, and can help one attain higher levels of awareness.


  • Turquoise – master healer; balances all chakras; detoxifies; luck; happiness; wealth; success; attracts love; repels negativity; power

Turquoise Crystal Skull

Turquoise is considered to be among the master stones for crystal healing that can benefit the whole body. It is a powerful all-purpose healing stone that has been treasured throughout the world for thousands of years, from the Ancient Egyptians, to the Tibetans, to the Aztecs and the Native Americans. Turquoise was reserved for the Gods – it was so revered in ancient Mexico that mere mortals were not permitted to wear it, and Persians believed turquoise was so powerful that wearing it could protect them from death.


Turquoise has been used as a talisman to ward off darkness and negative energy, to protect from accidents and falls, and has even been effectively used by 15th century physicians to counter the effects of poison. Today it is recognized as a purification stone, and has been recommended for detoxification of alcohol, poison, pollution or radiation in the body.


Turquoise can increase courage and personal power. For centuries, various cultures have believed that turquoise brings luck, promotes wealth and success, attracts love and brings happiness. Turquoise is excellent for depression and exhaustion, and may prevent panic attacks; it can stabilize mood swings and instills inner calm. It is said to draw healing spirits, and bring good fortune.


  • Warning: turquoise is a porous stone and should not be exposed to cosmetics, chemicals, heat or direct sunlight. Any turquoise containing pyrite should not be exposed to water or salt.

Turquoise balances and aligns all the chakras, allowing love to flow through the entire being. It dispels negative energy and can protect against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere. Turquoise is excellent for depression and exhaustion, and may prevent panic attacks; it can stabilize mood swings and instills inner calm.


Turquoise is a stone of communication, and can be helpful for people who have a fear of public speaking. It increases eloquence, creativity, honesty, serenity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition, and wisdom. It promotes a state of calm and greater self-realization. It also strengthens the bond of friendship, and can turn enemies into friends.


Turquoise primarily supports the Throat or 5th chakra by promoting communication and creative expression. Turquoise can also benefit the Heart Chakra by opening it up for giving and receiving love. On the third eye, it strengthens the connection to Great Spirit. Turquoise with black lines helps you to stay in a place of love and connectedness with others, making you feel at “home” no matter where you are.



Turquoise is considered to be among the master stones for crystal healing. It can benefit the whole body, especially supporting the immune, respiratory, waste and skeletal systems. It is a purification stone, and has been recommended for detoxification of alcohol, poison, pollution or radiation in the body. It can also be helpful for high blood pressure, asthma, infections, TMJ and dental problems. Turquoise aids in the absorption of nutrients, enhances the immune system, stimulates the regeneration of tissue, purifies lungs and heals the eyes. It neutralizes over-acidity, benefits rheumatism, gout, stomach problems, and viral infections.

·         HISTORY & LORE

Turquoise has been appreciated in every continent for thousands of years, and is the national gem of Tibet. It has been used for rituals and adornment since 5500 BC, and has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. Turquoise was reserved for the Gods – it was so revered in ancient Mexico that mere mortals were not permitted to wear it.

In 17th century Europe, it is said that a gentleman was not considered to be well-dressed unless he was wearing turquoise. It was so highly prized that in 1810, Napoleon Bonaparte gave Empress Marie Louise a wedding gift of a crown consisting of diamonds and turquoise – the crown originally had 79 emeralds, which he replaced with turquoise because it was even more valuable than emeralds.


  • White Dolomite – inspiration; manifestation; creativity; spontaneity; generosity; receiving; relieves sorrow, hurt, loneliness, anxiety


  • Zebra Jasper – courage to deal with problems; determination to succeed; completion; avoid over-thinking; enjoy life in the now

Zebra Crystal Skull

Zebra Jasper Crystal Skulls are white with black stripes, like a zebra (also comes in color variations like green with white). Zebra Jasper holds the energy of balance, uniting the energies of the masculine and feminine, Yin and Yang. It also balances the chakras, and the physical, intellectual, emotional and etheric bodies.

Jasper was revered by Native Americans for its healing power, and was used by ancient Egyptians to increase sexual energy. Shamans considered Jasper to be sacred for its powerful protection. The ancients used Jasper as an aid for safe astral travel (placing it on the heart and navel chakras before astral travel). Zebra Jasper is a very grounding stone that keeps one centered with the earth during spiritual work. Jasper stabilizes the aura, providing a cleansing effect to smooth and eliminate undesirable energies. Zebra Jasper helps with depression and anxiety, imparting calm and tranquility. It absorbs negative energy, and reduces geopathic and environmental stress. It protects against negativity and negative thinking. Jasper can motivate and energize one to overcome apathy and take action. Zebra Jasper Crystal Skulls can provide the courage to deal with problems, and the determination to succeed and to see projects through to completion (it is excellent for entrepreneurs). It helps to avoid over-thinking and over analyzing, and supports one to get out of the head and into the body. It encourages one to enjoy life in the now. Jasper is extremely nurturing, working in a subtle way to provide slow and gentle healing. Healers use Jasper to support the kidneys, bladder, spleen, liver, gallbladder, stomach, and the nervous system.




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