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Synchro galactic Yoga – Friday – Limi – Heptad Gate – Level 4

Level 4: Opening the Sixth Heptad Gate (402)


Visualize the yellow ten-petalled lotus Manipura chakra with the red Limi plasma superimposed over it at your solar plexus. Hold this visualization and feel the two intermingle as you chant the sacred letter HRUM as long as your breath can sustain it.

naamloos (8)

Locate Heptad Gate 402 and the Hyper neutron symbol on the 441 holomind perceiver. Its matrix location is V11:H8, eighth circuit, 9th time dimension, inner core time. Now locate it in your body at the back, top center of your skull.


Visualize the Hyper neutron with the rectilinear blue Duar force field above the red Limi in your solar plexus chakra. Take the Hyper neutron into the sixth mental sphere in the sixth time dimension (blue Duar electroluminic force field H11:V15-21, left-handed time) where it activates the subliminal conscious as hyper neutronic subliminal conscious informing mental spheres three and four.

 naamloos (8)


From the sixth mental sphere, mentally direct the Hyper neutron to the solar plexus chakra and impress it above the Limi seal. Hold this with four alternate nostril breaths (four times in and out through each nostril), followed by one breath through both nostrils.


Ascend up the central column (spine), secreting the Hyper neutron (blue Duar force field) into all 144,000 etheric fibers of the astral body. Practice the breath of fire, rapid shallow breathing through the nose, transmuting any blockages or obscurations into streams of crystal clear hyper neutronic subliminal consciousness spreading through your entire nervous system.


The black Hyper neutron with spectral, electric blue Duar force field vibrates subtle activating neutronic force into all etheric fibers. Descend back down the central channel and leave Limi at the solar plexus chakra. Return your consciousness to the sixth mental sphere, then close and seal the Heptad Gate at the back top-side of your skull. Relax and breathe slowly and deeply at least 13 times.


Harmonic UR rune 81Harmonic UR rune 81: Radio genesis Establishes Galactic Life Whole.

For additional practice: Locate Heptad Gate 402 on the Hunab Ku 21. Note that it corresponds to the Yogi/Yogini, the Meditation Master, Holder of the Transcendental Wisdom; S/P Neptune, Bode Number 300.

Seven Heptad Gates

Synchro galactic Yoga – Friday – Limi – Mind sphere – Level 3

Mental Spheres

Level 3: engaging the Sixth Mental Sphere (Subliminal Conscious)

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”

Hyper neutronic subliminal consciousness activates sixth mental sphere.


Visualize the sixth mental sphere (subliminal conscious) located in the brain above the right ear in the right cerebral hemisphere. This sphere governs and controls the left lateral hemisphere. (Note how 5th and 6th mental spheres govern parts of the brain opposite their locus, exhibiting together a type of crossover polarity).

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Subliminal means you are operating independent of past and future; this is how people can contact different entities on different planes of existence. Since subliminal consciousness is independent of past and future, you can tune into it at the conscious level, suspending all conditioned thought-programs. This mental sphere functions with the third-dimensional “self,” storing impressions which are then transmuted into subliminal patterns of communication.


The sixth mental sphere allows us access to the parapsychic, supramental realm. This is the seat of the telepathic scanning system and interdimensional programs. To experience this, relax and focus your breath awareness on the psychic passages between the root, solar plexus and throat centers. Feel the upward circulation of energy and visualize yourself as a cosmic antenna for higher intelligence.


Open yourself to become a telepathic receptor of higher mind capable of transmitting and receiving subliminal messages. This intention, maintained through undistracted, non-conceptual meditative awareness, activates higher mind telepathic receptivity. This can also be realized and cultivated through dreamtime.


Note that this mental sphere contains subliminal suggestive impulses that affect third-dimensional functions as “intuitive flashes” (but which may actually be telepathic transmissions from remote points of super mental cosmic civilization trying to establish “contact”). These contacts leave impressions in the sixth mental sphere, which may be transmitted or transduced in any number of ways, which include ear-ringing, subliminal or hypnogogic imagery, déjà vu’s, etc.



Synchro Galactic Yoga – Friday – Limi – Manipura Chakra – Level 2

Level 2: Activating Radial Plasma: Limi (day 6)

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”



naamloos (7)


Breathe deeply through both your nostrils and allow your awareness to flow up your nose and down into your solar plexus chakra. Bring your awareness to the inner Limi plasma at the center of the chakra. Visualize the red symbol radiating luminous streams of white light.


Feel the Limi plasma vibrating, electrically gathered in the solar plexus, accounting for the mental electron electrical charge, which is in telepathic resonance with the North Pole.


Repeat the following while focusing on your solar plexus chakra: “I consume dualistic thoughts as food, I purify the mental-electron at the North Pole.” Feel all conditioned thoughts dissolve in the light of intrinsic awareness.


Cover your left nostril with your left thumb and breathe deeply three times in and out through your right nostril. Flash onto the Limi plasma and feel the galactic connection out of the solar plexus. Now cover the right nostril with the right thumb and repeat the three breaths. Focus all of your attention to your solar plexus chakra, Limi plasma, and feel into the galactic reality being pulsed, breathed and radiated from your solar plexus chakra into the world.


Feel the Limi plasma gathered in the solar plexus accounting for the mental electron charge in telepathic resonance with the North Pole. The Limi charge is the second of three plasmas to form the telepathic quantum. This is the second telepathic plasma where you take the sensory quantum transmutations and breathe them out into the world through your solar plexus, emanating stabilizing vibrations to the astral and emotional bodies, soothing the rest of the chakras.


At the center of Limi feel the integrated charges of the sensory quanta: Dali, Seli, and Gamma, transmuted by Kali and the Alpha telepathic charge which initiates the telepathic quanta. Then by extending your mind telepathically to the north of the Planet, place the mental electron at the North Pole and purify it.

Radial Plasma.Limi

Radial Plasma




Synchro galactic Yoga – Friday – Limi – Manipura chakra – Level 1

Synchro galactic Yoga – Friday – Day Six – Limi

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”


Level 1: Meditating the Limi (Solar Plexus) Manipura chakra


Sit in a comfortable meditative posture. Keep your spine erect and body relaxed. With the body completely still, practice a few moments of natural mind meditation. Keep eyes slightly open looking toward the floor. Feel your intrinsic dignity in this posture. In this position, watch your breath. Breathe normally. As you become aware of your thoughts just label them “thinking”, and as you exhale, dissolve the thoughts. It matters not the nature or content of the thoughts, just dissolve them. At that very moment, just as the thought dissolves, lies the GAP between thoughts. It is this GAP that you want to become familiar with and cultivate. It is the seed of natural mind and the key to your true, authentic self. Practice this each day and note the subtle shifts in your perceptions and attitudes.


Once the mind is sufficiently clear, direct your attention to your solar plexus or Manipura chakra. Make it as clear and pristine as possible, glistening and sparkling with vibrant energy. When it is pure and translucent, radiating from your solar plexus, allow it to dissolve and transform itself into a yellow ten-petalled lotus.



Concentrate on this area inside your solar plexus. The solar plexus is considered the second brain and the central storehouse of prana. The energy stored in this chakra can be used to connect us both individually and as a planet, through the Sun, to the galactic core, Hunab Ku. In the Tibetan tradition this chakra is known as Mani Padma, or “jeweled lotus.” This is the point where all 72,000 nerve endings (on each side of the body) meet, for a total of 144,000 nerve endings.


This chakra is governed by the feminine principle or Shakti Goddess Lakini (Authority). This chakra center is also associated with willpower, and power in general; it is the place of empowerment and disempowerment, judgment and identity. The solar plexus is the processing chamber of the instinctual/intuitive energy and emotional intelligence. This energy is transferred to the heart chakra where the transduction of emotional energy is experienced as the “intelligence of the heart.”



Meditation on the Manipura chakra leads to knowledge of the entire physical and subtle body system. When this center is purified and awakened, then it is possible to reconnect (via the etheric “highway” of the Kuxan Suum or cosmic umbilical cord) to the center of the galaxy, Hunab Ku. When this reconnection takes place the body becomes disease-free and luminous, and consciousness does not fall back into a lower state.


kuxan suum




This chakra is often compared to the heat and the power of the Sun, radiating and distributing Pranic energy throughout the entire human system. To awaken this chakra, breathe slowly into the solar plexus and feel the expansion and contraction of the navel as you breathe in and out through the naval. Breathe in, hold and suck the stomach in, then push it out when you exhale. Do this several times focusing on the purification of the abdominal area.


From this center feel the Kuxan Suum as the etheric fiber that flows directly to the center of the galaxy, making the solar plexus chakra a vital information receptacle. The Kuxan Suum connects the planetary circuit with the solar and galactic circuits.


Through an effort of imaginal will, we can direct our astral body through the reflective membrane of the planetary field into the Sun and then ultimately to the galactic core. This is the area allowing us to transmute and override primitive lower emotions by opening to receive the influx of higher cosmic energy. It is important to visualize the Kuxan Suum as a luminous etheric thread extending from the solar plexus to the center of the galaxy. This establishes us in the galactic order of reality.


Manipura affirmation: May our perceptions be organized into a cosmic whole that we may all become one with the radialized order of the Primal Source!

Solar ray


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