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Part 3 Group Journey to Alberta, Canada 2015

CHICCHAN.Red Serpent

Saturday, Sept. 20 – Cellular and DNA coding: 65:13:1 Electric Moon of Service (beginning of 28 days) “When you begin to act in the spirit of love, compassion and wisdom you are one with the activity of all realized beings.”Khenpo Palden Sherab Rinpoche  – CHICCHAN, Red Cosmic Serpent, Tone 13 Radial Plasma Dali (Spiritual level).

Waking up in the morning after an intensive silent meditation Lance Aubrey and I spend some open space together opening up to the communication with the crystal stones he had gathering on his journeys like Peru and Yukon Area. Some deep messages were passed on and revealed. Deepest Gratitude and blessings Crystal Elders for this sharing. Lance than started to play on his guitar as the vibrational sounds flowed onwards and beyond.

Laurie and Jeff were busy preparing for the Opening Ceremony welcome for the Q’ero Elders from the Andes in a park in Calgary. See also facebook and

Lance and I prepared lunch for everyone and we sat down to share these blessings from Mother Earth and All.

At the end of the afternoon we went to the Park for the welcoming ceremony. Many gathered here in the bright Radiance of the Sun. Hugging and sharing heart stories together as One.

In synchronicity I am caretaker of a small Obsidian Crystal Skull blessed by the Q’ero Elder. See also info via or go to the  of the Q’ero Foundation .

Jeff and I co created a Crystal Grid or Wheel on a picnic table in the Circle at the Park.

The Q’ero Elders arrived and I could feel their Presence coming in from quite a distance as they came closer and closer the energy raised to quite an intensive loving openness and remembrance. Such Heart Love flowing that tears of Joy touched the eyes.

 Welcoming ceremony Saturday for Q'ero Elders

A welcome ceremony via the Tradition was shared as a winter coat was offered to 2 of the Q’ero Elders seeing that One was delayed in Lima and arriving the next dag due to regulation papers. Such a recognizable remembrance sharing of coming Home for All. Stories and hugs were shared with All.

In the evening Laurie, Jeff, Lance, Leslie and I walked to a birthday party in the neighborhood. Such a gracious beautiful hostess, food and drink sharing, meeting and greeting each other with hugs. Exchanging conversations there was a lady who was going to travel to Belgium, Netherlands and Hungary in December and January and I invited her to stay at my house in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands whilst on her journey through Europe.

Than off to bed and a deep silent sleep sending blessings out to All.

CIMI.White Worldbridger

 Sunday, Sept. 21 – Cellular and DNA coding: 66:1:2 Electric Moon of Service  – the start of the White Wave 6 with its 13 tones – CIMI, White Magnetic Worldbridger, Tone 1 Radial Plasma Seli (Spiritual Level).

This was the day of the Medicine Bundle Opening with the Q’ero Elders. See Medicine Bundle Opening Ceremony together with food for All and give away gifts.

 Sunday.Medicine Bundle together with Q'ero Elders

For all approximately 50 people quite an intensive ceremonial sharing and initiation. It started with inviting the Four directions to come in the flow. Than the entrance of the Medicine Bundle by the women came in and the Elder Woman carrying the Medicine Bundle. The Medicine Bundle without a name at that open space was opened by the Elder Woman and each Animal Spirit was honored, explained and a special chant was brought forth.

After this the Woman Elder passed each Animal Spirit to a Man as they all together danced to the beat of the Huge Drum played by 4 people as an expression of the Animal Spirits.

 Jeff krause with Q'ero Elders

After this there was an open space for those that requested healing for someone, in general or for themselves. The person stood in the center of a blanket placed upon the ground and told about their request for healing. The Elder Woman than handed over an Animal Spirit to dance with in the four directions whilst the drum was giving the rhythm. Along with this one or more of the Animal Spirit Male Dancers placed his hand on the persons shoulder to assist her or him in the healing. Give away gifts were offered to everyone in the room via guidance.

We were than All offered a meal by the women in a ceremonial way following the spiral or spin of the wind directions and have a break to exchange conversations. Deepest thank you for this nurturing with potatoes, vegetables and buffalo meat.

All the food that was brought by everyone was shared with everyone placed in a bag to give away to those in need of it etc.

When we All gathered once more in the room a ceremony was shared for the naming of the Medicine Bundle. The name guidance passed through is “Prophecy Bundle”.

The other Q’ero Elder came into the room, after Jeff and the other Q’ero Elders had gone to the Airport to pick him up. He was offered food and a winter jacket. He shared a few words and one of the Q’ero Elders played the flute with traditional sounds but also songs of the Beatles. Such grace and warmth filled All.

The final closing ceremony was the leaving of the open space first of All the Q’ero Elders, than the Medicine Bundle women carriers and everyone else.

Later on in the evening at Laurie and Jeff’s home we shared our stories of the day. The woman organizer and her friend passed by and Sacred Cards were drawn and messages were related. Leslie who also stayed the night here in his caravan also interpreted the Cards for everyone.

After this Laurie, Jeff, Lance, Leslie and I went into the hot tub on the terrace in silence and relaxation. We all had a good night sleep after this.

MANIK, Blue_Hand

 Monday, Sept. 22 – Cellular and DNA coding: 67:2:3 Electric Moon of Service – MANIK, Blue Lunar Hand, Tone 2 Radial Plasma Gamma (Physical Level) – Autumn Equinox 7.29 p.m..

Whilst sitting out on the terrace together a female deer appeared in the garden as we were reflecting on our dreams together. Later on we saw a young deer following the female deer as well.

This morning we (Lance Aubrey, Leslie Heart and I) went to Elbow River to Scream and Release and offer our Blessings to All That Is.

The night before Leslie Heart offered Lance and me a reading via the Gaia cards. The message was to sound and release via the throat area.

Whilst walking to the river on the Sacred Ancient Land of Redwood Meadows in silence I could feel the support and guidance that the openness is there for All in the flow of the Highest Good to release and allow and surrender to the remembrance.

Arriving at the river the homeland of many, who are open to its wisdom, I sprinkled some blessed beloved water over myself. Lance and Leslie went off somewhere else listening to the calling of their sacred open space.

A swirling of sound came forth in the Heart Center and into the blocked Throat Center. I could feel and hear a Sacred Sound beckoning to be used for releasing the blocked anger and anguish. It spinned outwardly to be finally released in different toning resonance. Standing at the shore line of the water the resonance was carried and echoed in different frequencies. Slowly release the rejection, pain, sorrow, anger and transforming it into forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love acceptance.

An Ancient chant came forward to open up to be transitioned and transmitted. Carrying and embracing the Pureness of the Divine Child into the Heart Embracement of the Divine Father and Divine Mother.

A gentleness of pure divine love radiance sparkled and enlightened the Sphere. Like passing through a Love Light Birthing Corridor or Passageway. Being Conscious of an awakening awareness flow. Deepest Gratitude and appreciation and So it Is.

I could hear the release of Lance’s sound and the prayer of Leslie in this open Sacred Space.

I was then called to co create a stone grid via guidance to resonate with this expansion in deepest thankfulness.

Leslie, Lance and I gathered in full circle and my hands were called to be placed on Leslie as his Passover son Tim and other guidance of the Ancient Ones assisted. We sat in silence at the riverside as love flowed in the Divinity of the Trinity (3) to flow onwards and beyond.

On our way back to Laurie and Jeff’s home dwelling together in the flow of the 3 Soul Divine Children who had settled there with them to be grounded and anchored Laurie appeared on our pathway requesting the truck and home caravan of Leslie to be placed forward so that Laurie could go upon the flow of shopping for groceries for the family. Laurie went off to do what has been requested of her to care for her family.

Together Lance, Leslie and I made some lunch/brunch to be shared as One and the Same. We reflected our experiences at the Riverside with each other.

Jeff arrived shortly after this, to coach and teach what we had to share with him, after having been to a medical appointment and business sharing this morning.

I awaited the arrival of Kerri Guillame to take me to Lake Louise in Banff National Park. Before I left one by one the children (3 teenagers) of Laurie came home from school to share their experiences of the day and shared a hug with their Mother. So grateful and deeply touched by the intimacy of this.

Kerri arrived and I asked Lance if he would also like to join us on the drive to Lake Louise Hostel. Going to Banff National Park was part of a dream I had since 1970. We gave hugs, deep thank you and see you again to Laurie, Jeff and Leslie.

On our way to Lake Louise we All shared our Heart Blessings and connected to the Sacred Spaces along the way. I could feel different levels presenting themselves to be grounded and anchored within.

Upon arrival in Lake Louise we first walked along the shoreline of Lake Louise to activate, attune and align with these frequencies. At that moment it was raining the rejuvenation of grounding and anchoring as we walked onwards in resonance with the Autumn Equinox.

Kerri, Lance and me at Lake Louise

Kerri suggested to go to Lake Moraine and have dinner together there. Guidance called to go to the Hostel Alpine Centre to check in and start the resonating flow of the vortex of Archangel Michael. We said our good bye and hugs as I slowly started the flow of integration of the past few days. A great place to be this Hostel is.

This evening the sparkles of the Stars reflected the deepest light of Gratitude to All for the openness of this Heart Blessing.

In the evening I had a conversation with a young lady from Norway who shared her experiences from the visit to Vancouver, her military training in Norway and her questions about where to go from here onwards and beyond in her life. She talked and I listened along the pathway she was reflecting which was a great interest to work with animals especially Whales in the living room of the Hostel.

 KAN.Yellow Seed

 Tuesday, Sept. 23 – New Moon – Cellular and DNA coding: 68:3:4 Electric Moon of Service – KAN, Yellow Electric Star, Tone 3 Radial Plasma Kali (Emotional Level).

This day was in the frequency of harmonizing the environment within planting the seeding of growth and development. Many integrational frequencies passed through during the early hours of the morning in the atmosphere of the outdoors with the Pines, Squirrels, freshness of the scents and the upcoming Sun bringing forth the ripening of cleaning the clothes via silence, the laundry room in the Hostel, buying groceries to cook some meals for today and the rest of the week. Meeting the ladies in the 4 bunk beds in the room we shared in the dormitory.

Resting, allowing and surrendering to the integration shared during the days and evenings of this journey in Alberta, Canada.

Listening to the calling to interact with Nature and the Vortex here with the radiance of the Sun Rays but also the drizzles of the Sacred Rain to purify, cleanse and awaken to the expansion and deepening in this Homeland.

 MULUC.Red Moon

 Wednesday, Sept. 24- Galactic Activation Portal – Cellular and DNA coding: 69:4:5 Electric Moon of Service – MULUC, Red Self existing Moon, Tone 4 Radial Plasma Alpha (Mental Level).

Waking up in the morning in the heat of sweating purification to be ready and prepared to BE in this Now Natural Presence I was called this morning to go to Lake Louise Gondola to go up Mountain to be acquainted with the Wildlife Animals such as the Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Cougar etc.

       View from Victoria Mountain where the Gondola stopped

Arriving at the Shopping Mall I was picked up along with others to go to this site. The chauffeur of the shuttle bus came from Australia. This was also part of overcoming a fear for me to be in a Gondola going up the Mountain alone. It was a gentle smooth journey up the hill looking for wild life along the way. No animal appeared but the observatory center informed All in a generous educative way.

Gondola going up the slopes.Lake Louise

The gentle rain was sprinkling over the meadows and hills here. After associating with this I was called to go downwards again with the Gondola together with a Belgium Couple as well. A exchange of experiences were shared whilst going downhill together.

I had a great buffet lunch and then travelled onwards with the shuttle bus to go to Lake Louise Chateau for a hike to Mirror Lake and Agnes Lake. The soft drizzle of the rain accompanied me along the way whilst climbing up the mountain almost quitting close by Mirror Lake. Along the way a lady encourage me to walk onwards along the slope to arrive at Mirror Lake.

Mirror Lake and Big Beehive Mountain

Mirror Lake

Another 1 kilometer to arrive at Agnes Lake, Agnes Waterfalls and the Agnes Tea House.

Lake Agnes and Agnes Tea House

 Agnes Lake and Agnes Tea House where a nice herbal tea was awaiting to warm up and dry up a bit. A stimulating tea was ordered to support us for the downward journey to Lake Louise Chateau.

Once again the Australian Shuttle Bus chauffeur took me on a ride to the shopping mall of Lake Louise Center.

I bought a bottle of Merlot Wine to celebrate this day and evening at the Mall and shared in the evening with others together with the evening dinner of Corn on the Cob, mixed nuts, a hot shower and dry clothes. Had a short night of sleep and deep meditations.

OC.White Dog

Thursday, Sept. 25 – Cellular and DNA coding: 70:5:6 Electric Moon of Service – OC, White Overtone Dog, Tone 5 Radial Plasma Limi (Spiritual Level).

Awoke early in the morning and took a shower and prepared the packing of the suitcase and backpack. Cleared off the sheets of the bunk bed and prepared a small breakfast in the kitchen downstairs of Alpine Center Hostel.

I sat outside to send our blessings of deepest Gratitude and appreciation to be allowed to share this Vortex energetic with the Crystalline Grid Network and All.

After awhile around 11 a.m. I was called to have some lunch at the Restaurant hostel before taking the bus to Calgary Airport. Shared a good conversation with the waiter of the Hostel and his dreams and visions.

At 12:45 travelled with Brewster bus to Calgary Airport to stay at the Clarion Hotel for the night before flying off tomorrow to Amsterdam. On the way the bus stopped at Banff a place brother Ben talked about that he had visited here with my parents years ago.

Arriving at the Clarion Hotel went to the swimming pool and Jacuzzi to soak in the waters and relax.

CHUEN.Blue  Monkey

 Friday, Sept. 26 – Cellular and DNA coding: 71:6:7 Electric Moon of Service – CHUEN, Blue Rhythmic Monkey, Tone 6 Radial Plasma Silio (Physical Level).

Woke up fresh and bright to greet the day. Had a shower and a breakfast with eggs and some Canadian Pancakes and Maple Syrup. What a gift and playfulness bubbled inside. I went to the reception and ordered a taxi to go to a huge outlet shopping mall. Bought some clothes for the autumn and winter there along with a great bargain to go with it. Returned by taxi to be on time for the shuttle bus to Calgary Airport. Deep Thank you to Alberta and the welcome of family there. See you again in the beyond.

EB.Yellow Human

 Saturday, Sept. 27 Galactic Activation Portal – Cellular and DNA coding: 72:7:8 Electric Moon of Service – EB, Yellow Resonant Human, Tone 7 Radial Plasma Dali (Emotional Level).

Arrived safely at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Travelled by 2 trains and 1 bus to BE home in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands.

Hugs and Kisses for all the Blessings shared and received,

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