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Frequency flow of Universal Consciousness Harmonic Beauty

An inspired connection

Vesica Piscis (Sacred Geometry) within the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar

Tzolkin Mayan Calendar and Vesica Piscis (Sacred Geometry)

Geometry of Creation

The beginning of creation is the point of consciousness, an energy that is conscious of the self, through the love of the self.

The first movement of this consciousness is that the attention is drawn outwardly. Than it can go to every side. This is how the first form, the circle existed.


The next movement that the consciousness makes, is that of moving to any point in the circle. From this point follows the same movement that creates the next circle. In the center of these two connecting circle arises a third form. We call this the Vesica Piscis. The beginning of creation.

Chalice Wells.Glastonbury

And how special now:

The points of the two circles touch each other exactly at the places on the circle of the 13 Galactic Signatures/Sun Signs and the 7 Galactic Signatures/Sun Signs overlap. These are the points of the Vesica Piscis!

The Vesica Piscis – the Passageway of Light

Summer Solstice Ceremony.Chalice Wells.June 21

The image or symbol of Vesica Piscis is our uniformed Father/Mother God as the two most important aspects of the upper creation with the cosmic womb of creation, the Vesica Piscis, in the center.

Your own place in the circle

Look once more at the connection drawing of your Galactic Birth Signature/Birth Sun Sign. Imagine that you are standing on your Galactic Signature/Sun Sign in the circle of 20. What do you notice, what is always true? You are always right in front of your healing power, your opposite or antipode partner. Because the energy now flows through the other seven seals, you can recognize your opposite pole and embrace it as part of yourself.

IMIX.Red Dragon  CHUEN.Blue  Monkey

For example, Imix, Red Dragon to Chuen, Blue Monkey. When you live from the old perspective, alone or especially from the time dimension, you experience your opposite pole as a challenge and it is much more difficult to embrace this as your healing power.

Going within the Inner Universe, the Cosmic Heart

Realise that you are now looking within the inner Universe, the Cosmic Heart. It is the passageway to infinity.

Chalice Wells. Image of Chalice Wells, Glastonbury, England

Above you see a larger circle (the top starts with Imix, Red Dragon and the bottom is also Imix, Red Dragon) it encloses the two smaller circles. Through the center goes the vertical line. You can place the 20 Galactic Signatures or Sun Signs here, or actually 21, because the Galactic Signature at the top and the bottom are identical. The outer larger circle is Imix, Red Dragon spiral movement energy. Exactly in the Heart of the Vesica Piscis lies the challenge, the opposite of Red Dragon: The Blue Monkey.


Feel what it means that the Red Dragon, the energy of the Great Mother, the energy of the Blue Monkey is carried in her core, the Divine Child. When the Mother embraces the Child, she is wholeness and can experience herself as Creation.

The other way around you find the Vesica Piscis of the Blue Monkey energy is the Red Dragon. When the child allows the inner Mother and embraces it, it can also feel its wholeness as creation. This is how it works for all antipodes.

On the vertical line, also are found the 7 Galactic Signatures/Sun Signs within the Vesica Piscis. These are exactly the galactic signatures/signs that you can recognise in the connection drawing and these are the circles that you find in the part what lies in the Vesica Piscis.


In the above example, they are:

Lamat – the Star, Muluc – the Moon, Oc – the Dog, Chuen – the Monkey, Eb – the Human, Ben – the Skywalker and Ix – the Wizard/Inner Shaman. The Star and the Wizard/Inner Shaman lies on the places where the line of the Vesica Piscis touch and on the place where the two circles touch each other.

In the passageway of Light, you find from the Oneness Conscious now the other way around position of the 7 Galactic Signatures/Sun Signs. A open space where within the pain of the past, the illusion of separation can be released and be transformed to your original Blue Print of I AM-power.

Source: Mardou van Lohuizen, translated into English by Carla Harren





The Possibilities of Insight – White Wave 6

The Possibilities of Insight

Tzolkin White Wave 6

Saturday, April 14


Thursday, April 26, 2018

KIN 66 – KIN 78 (kin=day or human)


Where you born in this Wave than is this your Birth wave or Soul Passageway on Earth?

Is your last birthday in this wave than is this your year wave or Passageway?


General Information:

The White spiral movement energy is of refining and deepening of this wave. It brings you more into depth and invites you to explore and discover the spiritual dimensions. Whatever you discover can be used to help others and to bring balance. Take good care of yourself. It is important that you feel safe in Wholeness so that the deeper layers within can come forward to follow your passageway. Let go what no longer serves the Source or Highest Good, so that there is an open space for possibilities. Maybe you can feel resistance. This is the deeper resistance that we often have towards changes. That is a human tendency, so just accept this, it is as it is. As soon as you acknowledge this, you can feel already that there is enlightenment. It may be as it is. It is just by this that you can let go or that the resistance no longer has a hold on you. Feelings of forgiveness, liberation and balance will than replace this.


Life gives you the power to put your wisdom into action and in your daily life to do whatever is being asked for. When you feel restless you can rely on that another transformation process is at hand. Do not be too serious about this and overly motivated, that blocks the flow. Create space for pleasure, joy and laughter and chuckle at your own seriousness! Humor brings balance and assists in allowing changes to flow through your work, health, home residence etc. Just trust! Feel how everything is flowing again when you can laugh. From this lightness, you can organise your life.


Relating to your inner guidance, along with your intuition and inner knowing, you can experience your Essence. Your intuition is your true security. From this connection, you can meet fears and uncertainties with Love. Embrace life in all its facets and dare to feel what you feel. Do not reason with your feelings because then you invalidate their value. Just be the sensitive person that you are. Your feelings have a pure empowerment and help you in the transformation process to fully be completed. When you remain by yourself, you will be protected when you connect with others and it will also take care that no other energy outside of you will come in. With your inner voice or communication, you can in a natural and powerful way leave behind the limitations of the past.


Life will give you all that you need. Trust it! This will activate your natural ability to life from the power of Love. Ideas, inspiration and creative possibilities will be gifted. Enjoy it! Follow your passageway in surrender and give expression to your true self. With this you can inspire others and allow the transformation to take place and connect it with spontaneity, authenticity and pleasure.


Affirmation for this wave:

I allow to release that what I no longer need or serves and open to new possibilities.

Humor and playfulness brings balance and activates the transformation in a pleasurable experience.

I embrace my feelings and remain true to myself. My intuition shows me the way.

I trust that life will give me what I need and opens me to receive what is coming my way.


Step by step depth of this way:

Tone 1 – CIMI, White Worldbridger, Guide: Cimi, White Worldbridger – White is connected to the Core or Source. Via planet Mars BE in depth and refinement to let die or release that which no longer serves the Highest Good to create opportunities.

Tone 2 – Manik, Blue Hand, Guide: Cauac, Blue Storm – Blue shows you every step of the way via your Inner Strength of transforming the spiral movement of independence in working together and relationships via planets Earth and Pluto.

Tone 3 – Lamat, Yellow Star, Guide: Eb, Yellow Human – NEW MOON. The Yellow of the Sacred Fire assists the balanced Harmony of Free Will of choosing in the natural emotions in All relationships. To truly be of service.

Tone 4 – Muluc, Red Moon (Light power and Trust – I allow my feelings to come and go without having to do or act with them. Feeling is wholeness via the planet Mercury. Guide: Chicchan, Red Serpent (Passion, Life joy and Body Wisdom via Asteroid Belt). This gift the Presence of Insight in Consciousness to Trust the Life Force of Passion. – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity

Tone 5 – Oc, White Dog, Guide: Etznab, White Mirror – via the Planets Mercury and Neptune to BE in the loyalty of Pure Heart Love Light spiral movement in All relationships that reflect the Cosmic Order.

Tone 6 – Chuen, Blue Monkey, Guide: Chuen, Blue Monkey – via the Planet Venus to BE in Balance in the Magical Playfulness of Humor towards myself and others.

Tone 7 – Eb, Yellow Human, Guide: Kan, Yellow Seed – via the Planets Earth and Jupiter to BE in the Divine Wisdom of Free Will of choosing to plant the Seed in Fertile Ground to Flourish and Flower for the Highest Good. Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity

Tone 8 – Ben, Red Skywalker (Courage and Exploration power. Life is an adventure! Happiness extends boundaries via Planets Mars and Uranus. Guide: Caban, Red Earth. To be in the courageous exploration of discovery to synchronize this navigation in the evolutional spiral movement.

Tone 9 – Ix, White Wizard/Shaman, Guide: Oc, White Dog via the Asteroid Belt and planet Mercury to BE within the Ceremonial of Timelessness as an inner journey of the Shaman or Wizard in Alignment with Divine Will and loyalty from the Heart in All relationships.

Tone 10 – Men, Blue Eagle, Guide: Akbal, Blue Night via the planets Jupiter and Saturn to BE in the manifestation of Vision as you take care of yourself and others in the Abundant Sanctuary of Silence.

Tone 11 – Cib, Yellow Warrior, Guide: Cib, Yellow Warrior via planet Saturn to ask questions to gain intelligence and through this connection be strengthened by Inner Guidance, Wisdom and Knowing.

Tone 12 – Caban, Red Earth, Guide: Caban, Red Earth via Planet Uranus to BE within the Earth power and Crystal healing synchronicity in the Presence of Now. The step by step unfolding of this Pathway. – Galactic Activation Portal with High Resonance and Clarity

Tone 13 – Etznab, White Mirror, Guide: Ik, White Wind via Planets Neptune and Uranus to BE in this remembrance of Cosmic Order, to the perfection of communication with Spirit as One.


Ahau, Yellow Sun (planet Pluto) represents the spiral movement energy of your natural qualities talent of Universal Consciousness and Unconditional Love.

Imix, Red Dragon (planet Neptune) – Birthing Being, security and Ancient Trust. To relax and trust. From trust new beginnings can be started. It activates and empowers your natural qualities to bring your talent out into the world.


White Galactic Signatures or Sun Signs relate to the main thread or core in this wave to deepen and refine All on the spiritual level.

Blue Galactic Signatures or Sun Signs shows you how you can act from an inner power within this wave to transform All on a physical level.

Yellow Galactic Signatures or Sun Signs assists you to go about your emotions naturally and in relationships. You complete All on an emotional level.

Red Galactic Signatures or Sun Signs gives insight in your process of consciousness. You begin All on a mental level.


Sacred Geometry:

Hexahedron – Square – Top: via the alignment of Tone 11, 12 and 1; Right side: via the alignment of Tone 2, 3 and 4, Bottom: via the alignment of Tone 5, 6 and 7; left side: via the alignment of Tone 8, 9 and  10 whilst centering, grounding and anchoring via Tone 13.

Icosahedron – Centering via the alignment of Tones: 1, 5, 9 – 5, 9, 1 – 9,1,5

Centering via the alignment of Tones: 2, 6, 10 – 6, 10, 2 – 10, 2, 6

Centering via the alignment of Tones: 3, 7,11 – 7, 11, 3 – 11, 3, 7

Centering via the alignment of Tones: 4, 8, 12 – 8, 12, 4 – 12, 4, 8

Tetrahedron – Centering via the alignment of Tones 12, 4, 8 via 13

Octahedron – Centering via the alignment of Tones 12, 3, 9 via 13 and 3, 6, 9

Dodecahedron – Centering of 13, 10, 11, 12, 1

pointed between 9 and 10

upwards between 9 and 10 to 10, 11

crossover between 10 and 11 to 2 and 3

downwards 3 and 3 and 4 etc.

Merkaba – Light = male – 12, 4, 8 via 13

female – 10, 3, 7 via 13

Universe – Sphere = All of the Tones resonating from 13 coming home to start a new beginning.

Source: partially Dutch translated into English from the book “Maya Kristalbewustzijn” of other information was via Inner Guidance.








Merkaba Sacred Geometry – Timelessness of Love Light

  • Merkaba – Timelessness of Love Light   


7th Divine Ones

                 6th Insight/Pineal Gland                                       6th Insight/Pineal Gland

5th Communication

 4th Heart Love Light

 3rd Inner Sun                                                                   3rd Inner Sun

 2nd Creativity

 1st Divine Child


The Pureness of the Divine Child resonates in Divine Creativity to allow and surrender to the Inner Sun as One with Heart Love Light vibrating within the Inner Divine Voice to see within the Soul Akasha Light Library gathering within the Sphere Circle of the Light Ones as One.


The One Divine Circle enlightens the Universal Library for insight to communicate within the One Heart Love Light expanding the Inner Sun to be in co creation with the Divine Child as One.

And Beyond in the spiral movement.

Be Open to Equalize the Divine Communication Breath

Sound Six times:

saturn-planet-sonne-sterne-159728 Base or Root Chakra Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with  Saturn and/or Crystal Singing Fork(s) Clear Quartz/Diamond/Ruby


Plus, Sacral Chakra Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Pluto and/or Crystal Singing Fork Clear Quartz



Plus, Solar Plexus/Inner Sun Chakra Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Sun/Mars and/or Crystal Singing Fork Clear Quartz/Yellow Sapphire


Plus, Heart Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Venus and/or Crystal Singing Fork Clear Quartz/Emerald/Jade/Ruby



Plus, Throat Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Mercury/Jupiter and/or Crystal Singing Fork(s)Clear Quartz/Opal


Plus, Third Eye/Pineal Gland Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Neptune and/or Crystal Singing Fork Amethyst/Clear Quartz/Diamond/Emerald/Pearl


Plus, Crown Singing Bowl/Fork/Chime with Uranus and/or Crystal Singing Fork Amethyst/Clear Quartz/Diamond/Emerald/Pearl

And beyond in the spiral movement


Ancient Chant/Mantra: 6 times (Galactic Karmic In and Solar Prophetic Out)

Muluc, Oc, Lamat, Chuen, Manik, Eb, Cimi, Ben,

Chicchan, Ix, Kan, Men, Akbal, Cib,

Ik, Caban, Imix, Etznab, Ahau, Cauac


Blessings to All in this Spiral Movement.


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