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Synchro galactic Yoga – Kali – Level 2

Level 2: Activating Radial Plasma: Kali (day 4)

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”

 Kali Secret Center

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Breathe deeply through your nostrils and allow your awareness to flow up your nose and down into your secret center chakra. Bring your awareness to the inner Kali plasma at the center of the chakra. Visualize the blue symbol radiating streams of white light.

 Synchro Galactic Yoga - Kali


Feel the Kali plasma gathering in the secret center, accounting for the quality of intensified light heat, which is also associated with the sexual, or kundalini energy.


Repeat the following while focusing on your secret center: “My name is the glorious lotus-born, I catalyze the light-heat within.” Feel within yourself this light-heat, the self-generated electricity that arises from a condition of immaculate purity.



Cover your left nostril with your left thumb and breathe deeply three times in and out through your right nostril. Flash onto the Kali plasma and feel the intensified light-heat emanating out of the secret center chakra. Now cover your right nostril with your right thumb and repeat the three breaths. Focus on the Kali plasma and feel this intrinsic light-heat awareness pulsing from your secret center chakra into your entire being. Feel the flowing streams of light and heat catalyzing your entire system into ever subtler spirals of radiance. This powerful energy emanates from your secret center chakra, activating, circulating and invigorating all other chakras. You are the glorious lotus born, born from Father Heat and Mother Light.


Kali plasma is the link between the three light-heat sensory plasmas and the three telepathic plasmas. It is the catalytic agent between the thermic/luminic sensory quantum and the subatomic telepathic quantum.

Kali.Radial Plasma

Radial Plasma

Synchro galactic Yoga – Wednesday – Day 4 – Kali – Level 1

Reference from the book “Accessing your Multidimensional Self”


Synchro Galactic Yoga - Kali

Level 1: Meditating the Kali (Sacral or second) Svadhisthana chakra

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture. Keep your spine erect and body relaxed. With the body completely still, practice a few moments of natural mind meditation. Once the mind is sufficiently clear, direct your attention to your secret center or Svadhisthana chakra. Make it as clear and pristine as possible, glistening and sparkling with vibrant energy. When it is pure and translucent, pulsing at your secret center, allow it to dissolve and transform itself into an orange six-petalled lotus.


Concentrate on this area inside of your secret center chakra. This is the seat of sexual awareness and holds a supremely powerful energy. This is also the seat of body consciousness.


In yogic tradition, the Svadhisthana is known as the substratum or basis of individual human consciousness. It is the container of all karmas, impressions, past lives and previous experience, or the unconscious, as it pertains specifically to the formation of the earthly personality or circumstantial persona.


This chakra is governed by the feminine principle or Shakti Goddess Rakini (Sexuality). This is the place that stores the most psychic blockages and karma—the collective karma of the unconscious. We want to awaken the secret center in order to open our inner vision to the receptivity of cosmic electricity.


When this center is finally awakened the body becomes flooded with cosmic electricity that connects all other chakras. This is the area to transmute and re-channel the powerful sexual, or kundalini energy into a higher form of electricity. The energy stored in this chakra can be used to vitalize the different levels of being.


Svadhisthana affirmation: May the supramental forces gather their electroplasmic structures of spiritual evolution and release them into the noosphere!

 Kali Ray

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