Crystalline Rainbow

Personal Review of Group Journey from North to South of Viet Nam

Part 2

September 26 to October 1, 2018


A Thank you to Bert Schaeffer  one of 

the group members for taking so many professional photographs.


Central Viet Nam

Day 7 – Wednesday, September 26, 2018 – Tone 10 – manifesting perfection. Today we traveled from Vinh to Dong Hoi a bus ride of 4,5 hours with in between various stops.


Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

We visited a traditional Market which for me personally was a chance to see the local products and herbs. The richness of such a variety of wholesome food explained why the food in the restaurants were so excellent. I bought some fresh ginger and lime at the market place. Where the bus was parked a lady was peeling some pompelmoes (a variety of crossing of orange and grapefruit) very tasty. I skipped the part of the market where fresh meat and fish were stalled out. Even live slaughter of chickens and fish were introduced here because the Vietnamese only eat meat that is fresh not placed in refrigerators or in plastic.

Vietnam 2018 12 dag -6579- Photo taken by Bert Schaeffer www.bertschaeffer.comVietnam 2018 12 dag -6560

Photo taken by Bert Schaeffer

On the way we visited a memorial monument. Here I placed some “Oneness” elixer for the monument and graves.


Photo taken by Bert Schaeffer

One of the stops was a boot ride over the Perfume River to the Phong Nha caves (Teeth of the Winds) which is referred to the stalagmites and river. We walked through the caves, a sacred place of the Cham. A feeling of resonance with the stone structures here went flowing through the heart center.

Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

Vietnam 2018 7 dag-5843

Vietnam 2018 7 dag-5912




Above Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

The bus ride went through the Ho Chi Minh route which was a connection between North and South Viet Nam. The grace of mountain landscapes, tea plantations and small villages were very inspiring.

Arriving at Dong Hoi you could experience how the Vietnamese have restored here many buildings after the disaster of the Vietnam war. We stayed one night in the Sun Spa Resort with a luxury swimming pool. I also went for a walk along the beach to end up in the harbor of the city. Gave me a sense of release to be in a quiet state for awhile.

Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

Groepsfoto Sun Spa resort Dong Hoi-5978



Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer


Day 8 – Thursday, September 27, 2018 – integration and liberation

Another bus ride from Dong Hoi to Hue of 4,5 hours.  We stopped to see Moc tunnels and the memory monument for the fallen soldiers and Vietcong patriots. Here I placed some drops of the energy Elixer “oneness” at the graves of 7 woman.

Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer



We traveled further to cross the Hien Luong Bridge that once was the boundary of the North (Red/Blue) to the South (Yellow). Whilst walking over this ancient bridge with its wooden pathway where also many holes in between or on one of the planks of the bridge a sense of fear but also courage to overcome this stirred within by taking every step consciously one by one. At the end, the statue of the Mother and Child certainly was an encouragement.



HienLuong and Ben Hai River

We than arrived at Hue at the Emm Hotel Former Festival Hotel for two nights. We all had a lovely dinner together and had a great swim at the swimming pool where we could hear the Feast of Equinox Moon around us. Children singing various songs via the microphone. A special treat to feel and behold.

In meditation that night I could release some old struggles within.


Day 9 – Friday, September 28, 2018 – Tone 12 discover and give expression and sharing with others.

Hue all day. We first went on a boot ride over the Perfume River to the Thien Mu Pagoda (The Pagoda of the Heavenly Lady). Here the Buddhism revealed itself and the ten kings of the hell. Wonderful to feel inside the feminine energy flow here.

Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer





Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer



Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer



Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

We also visited the Forbidden City (Emperor Palace, temples and lotus ponds). Many urns – 9 in total of Nguyen kings with reliefs of power. In between was live classical music being presented. These vibrations certainly went through me while listening. It touched the heart, feet (grounding) and through my brains as well. The altars were fascinating, the palace with the golden dragon. The Emperor Theater was a delight to see the various instruments. Played one of the singing bowls that was up for sale. However, decided not to buy this one. The ponds of the Lotus flowers were a treat to go into the flow and movement of these surroundings.


From here we went to have lunch with the Buddhist nuns – noddle soup vegetarian with some salad and fruit. What I felt and noticed that this food was prepared with blessings. Afterwards there was an open space to ask questions. The teenage girls decided themselves to enter here some stayed for a period and others decided this was a lifetime flow. I asked whether they chanted the mantras 108 times the reply was that this was only done during the full moon. It felt good to be in these surroundings as I had joined a group recording various times with Buddhist mantras. This was a self remembrance of the experiences we shared together.

Vietnam 2018 9 dag -6308




Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

After the lunch, we went to the Mausoleum of the Emperors of Nguyen. There were 13 Emperors plus only 7 of them had tombs here or Lang, the other emperors died in exile or disgrace. The tombs where of Tu Duc, Dong Khanh, Thieu Tri, Khai Dinh, Minh Mang and Gia Long. Had a strange effect on me here like it was far away from reality but of course this is a personal experience.


Thamh, the Vietnamese guide, suggested we visit a place where the Viet Nam hats were made. Just loved the craftsmanship here plus also was shown how they made Incense sticks. On the other side, there were men making bricks via the traditional way. Viet Nam certainly is a country were hand work is much appreciated and done.




Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

We went back to the Hotel to shower and relax. In the evening, we went with the group to the “Golden Rice Restaurant” for dinner. Very pleasant environment and fabulous food.


Day 10 – Saturday, September 29, 2018 – Tone 13 of coming home to start a new beginning plus celebrating that which presents itself.

From Hue, we went to Hoi An a 4-hour bus ride. We passed through various environments and country sides. Because of rainy weather we were not able to go through the cloud pass but certainly where able to experience this if we tuned in.

Vietnam 2018 10 dag -6370

Photo taken by Bert Schaeffer


Vietnam 2018 10 dag -6366

Photo taken by Bert Schaeffer,


Vietnam 2018 10 dag -6360

One of the busdrivers. Photograph taken by Bert Schaeffer,


At Danang Beach we had Lunch than we went onwards to Hoi An. Hoi An south of the bank of the Thu Bon river. Here we experienced a mix of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and European Architecture. The city has many yellow houses, wooden stores and canals.




Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer




Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer


City of Tailored suits, dresses and leather wear such as handbags, coats and shoes/boots.

The dressmakers take your measurements and together you choose which material you wish for this. The next day what you ordered is ready for pickup in the afternoon around 3 p.m. I sat with one of the group members who ordered a back pack for herself to see how this process is done professionally. A great experience to behold that this old trade is still in the market.  

The Ancient town of Hoi An was the international trading center in Southern Viet Nam. Foreign merchant ships came to Hoi An in great numbers for annual commercial fairs, each lasted from 4 to 6 months. Right in this town, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Indian traders set up their emporiums or established their own quarters for permanent habitation. It has an unique concentration of architectural monuments of various forms: living house, assembly hall, communal house, pagoda, shrine, temple, water well, bridge, market, wharf which have been preserved. It is a good example of symbolic oriental cities in the Middle Age.

We stayed here for 3 nights at the Thuy Dong 3 Hotel with swimming pool and your own balcony. We had a short walk through the city and were handed over a city ticket so we could visit assembly halls, old house, communal houses, museums and Traditional Art Performance House. I felt very much at home here.

This night we shared dinner together and the rest of the two days we had the open space to discover whatever drew us.


Day 11 – Sunday, September 30, 2018 – Tone 1 initiating new creations with an Overall Vision.

After breakfast, I went to See the Hoi An Traditional Art Show by using one of the tickets of the City (see also

I was very moved by this classical music, ballet and the story it was relating. Enjoyed singing together the Blue Danude.


Later in the morning after a visit to the market wen to Hai Nam Assembly Hall. An Elderly lady with her husband offered 2 pieces of pompelmoes to each with them. In returned I offered a date and nut bar. She quickly went with it somewhere maybe an offering for the altar. Unfortunately, she did not speak English so I could not ask where she went off too. I just allowed and surrendered to the flow there in gratitude for this sharing together. There was also some art work there as well which also touched this message of home coming.


I had a cup of fresh peppermint tea along with carrot cake and bought some Essential Orange Oil at the restaurant.

Vietnam 2018 11 dag -6452

Photo taken by Bert Schaeffer

Some other group members went on a bicycle ride in the surroundings in the morning.


In the afternoon within deep gratitude I received a massage combination of “Hui, Aroma and Hot Stones”. First my feet went into a hot bath of flowers to relax and go out of the mind set. It was an amazing experience whilst I went deeper and deeper into meditation with this treatment. Was acquainted with Ho Chi Min flow and past life in this area. I shared a huge hug with the lady that performed this massage so professionally and with such grace. It truly felt like a home coming.


Two other group members at the Salon. Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

By night photographs taken by Bert Schaeffer



I went back to my room to send blessings of gratitude in my meditation for the Highest Good for All.  Later I went for a swim in the refreshing swimming pool. Had a good night sleep with such peaceful vibrations.


Day 12 – Monday, October 1, 2018 – Tone 2 to work together via the Divine Inner Guidance and its messages.

Hereby some photographs taken by Bert Schaeffer. 




After a great breakfast with lots of food to choose from I went to walk along the boulevard with its Sculpture Park inspired by the creativity there. I walked further to the left and came to the Lune Performing Center where they were practicing inside with the drum beats for the show in the evening. I sat in silence for awhile to allow it to surge through me. Felt very grounded and anchored after this. I decided once more to go to the Traditional Art Performance again were this time other group members were also enjoying the show in the morning. They also loved it as well. One of the group lady members met some people that were also traveling from her hometown but with another travel agency. They exchanged hugs and she at the end won a pink lantern as well. I was so happy for her that she was brought into the spotlight as this encouraged her that she had made the right choice to go on the group journey in Viet Nam. Every day we would have a conversation in the morning whilst I listened to her experiences.


Photos taken by Bert Schaeffer

I also went into GAM Gemstones Art Museum enjoying the linkage I have with stones and crystals. After this I met a disabled man who sold a book “Perfect Spy – The Incredible Double Life of Pham Xuan An”. I also visited a shop who sold various oils and purchased Coconut Oil, Neroli massage oil and Ylang Ylang massage oil. I skipped lunch and had a nice vegetarian sandwich for dinner. My body felt like it needed a break with digesting all the lovely food I had eaten lately.













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