Crystalline Rainbow

Rutiel Quartz Crystal Energetic Elixir


Rutiel Quartz – Purification – Music tone “D” – Element “Fire”

Rutile quartz is characterized by the fact that various oppositions are united in her, which apparently do not coexist: light and heavy, superficial and deep. Yet all these properties are united in this stone and that is possible thanks to the combination of the penetrating rutile (titanium) with the rock crystal in this stone. This makes it possible for this stone to intervene deeply with clients with a melancholy nature or psychological problems.

Usage: Once a day a glass of mineral water containing 3 drops of rutile quartz mixer is enough to deeply intervene in the melancholy nature or psychological problems of your client. When administered as an elixir, rutile quartz also increases the body’s defense power. The immune system is cleansed and detoxified by the rutile quartz mixer.


General information: In signature theory you could recognize the involvement between respiratory tract and rutile quartz by drawing a comparison between the cilia of our airways and the vena tarts of the rutile quartz. In the literature on the healing power of stones, the rutile quartz is almost unanimously described as having a positive effect on all kinds of respiratory diseases. For example, cough, asthma and bronchitis can be tackled successfully with the rutile quartz.

Rutile quartz and astrology: Astrologically rutile quartz has a good connection with the constellation Leo and to a lesser extent with the constellation Aries.

Rutile quartz and the chakras: The energetic basic charge of rutile quartz is: cleaning. Rutile Quartz makes good connections with all chakra points. The color vibrations of rutile quartz are: black, red, orange, blue, purple and white.

Rutile quartz and the auras: Rutilated quartz works on the aura layers that surround mankind. The aura is connected to the chakra points. The layers of the aura are like a shell around our physical (gross) body.

  • Physical aura layer: The physical aura layer surrounds your entire body like a kind of close-fitting hand. The physical aura layer is connected to the root/base chakra.
  • Emotional aura layer: The emotional aura layer is connected to the spleen chakra.
  • Mental aura layer: The mental aura layer is connected to the solar plexus.

What exactly does the rutilated quarts do in these layers?

During a lifetime, many emotions, physical imbalances and mental problems are trapped in our aura layers. With rutile quartz, you can do a cleaning layout/elixir for this. This stone can temporarily merge all energetic layers of the aura into a wholeness. As a result, fixed patterns can be rediscovered to their natural path through the aura layers and thus new energy is released.

The experience therapy teaches that people who undergo a gemstone layout/ elixir with rutile quartz, often first get the feeling that they become heavy and then feel that a burden is taken away from them.


Affirmation: I now see clearly through the illusion of the past.



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