Crystalline Rainbow

Cosmic Healing flow in Transformation

Blue Wave 3

March 6 through 18, 2018


General Information:

To Know is one of the core resonance that belongs to the Blue Hand. The Hand is curious to know, feel and touch. This wave will therefore challenge you to literally know maybe it is more than you can or will understand on the other hand it could also be that a teacher or knowledge will present itself.

Creative processes that flow via your hands can be healing or bring wholeness. Do not give up too quickly because it is mainly a step by step accomplishment. Leaving something untouched does not bring happiness.


To do tips: Help each other. Give attention to your hands: take care of them and allow them to do what brings them pleasure. Use your Artistic and Healing qualities to write, paint, cook, to massage etc. Complete that which you have started.


Mission and Theme of the Blue Wave 3:

Hun Manik, Blue Magnetic Hand,

Light Code 27:1:28 Galactic Hawk Moon


Chant: Eb, Manik, Caban, Ix – Planets: Earth, Uranus, Asteroid Belt


Blessing Prayer:

May New Creations Be Initiated and Supported for the Highest Good to be in the flow of Free Will Human choose.


May the Divine Guidance be attuned and aligned within Wholeness for the Highest Good for All.


May All challenges, strengthening and opportunities BE synchronized in its initiation of Evolution for the Highest Good.


May the Hidden Power be revealed transcending the key of receptivity within timelessness.


May All Be Centered, Grounded and Anchored in the embodiment power of creativity and mastery.

So Be It!



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