Crystalline Rainbow

Shift from 2017 to 2018

The Shift from 2017 to 2018

White Wave 18

Inner Inspired Communication that

is brought forth within Integrity



The old year 2017 is spiralling within a Galactic Activation Portal that assists here. So, what is a Galactic Activation Portal?

GAP daysThere are 52 darker cells in the Harmonic Module known as Galactic Activation Portals with a shape like the DNA structure of double helix. Jose Arguelles called this grid the Loom of Maya, helping to activate our DNA’s full potential by linking both the macro and micro cosmos.

A “portal” means a gateway, an entrance to other dimensions.

During the GAP days, our Planet receives higher frequencies and our awareness is amplified.

If we relate to life on a soul level, these days present great opportunities to consciously accelerate our Awakening by gaining a better understanding of cosmic energies. And, if we are living in the illusions created by our ego, these days can also be felt as intense and “chaotic”.

White Wind Cycle 18 resonance of 13 days and nights as a compass for this year. Notice where it touches you personally in your Soul Galactic Pathway from when you were born or in your Year Soul Pathway or in your Soul Relationship Pathway.

White Wave 18

This is truly where the fireworks sparkle within and brought out into the world.


Sunday, December 31, 2017 – the theme or mission flow.

White Magnetic WindChant: Caban, Ik, Eb, Cauac, Ik

Light Code 222:1: 19 Rhythmic Lizard Moon, Planets: Uranus, Earth, Pluto

As a Fifth Oracle, this would be in the flow of breathing in the circulation allowing fresh currents to move through our channels, invigorating and re-orienting us All. Expression that is moved through us freely at such grace to be moved by the refining motion of ideas and feelings that come from the Heart Love Light Source.


CABAN.Red Earth As a supportive spiral movement flowing from the East (Caban, Red Magnetic Earth) it initiates new creations, aligning and attuning the compass to be set to synchronize the participation of shifting our collective consciousness that we may all set a new course of action that aspires to function in Harmony with Nature.


IK, White Wind  In the spiral movement flow of the Highest Good with Divine Guidance from the North (Ik, White Magnetic Wind) it resonates to breath consciously and deep in this communication to convey truths and create connections with Spirit. Be inspired to use the abilities and styles of communication to shape realities and our relationships with others.


EB.Yellow Human  Be comfortable and at peace in the spiral movement resonance from the West (Eb, Yellow Magnetic Human) to influence the choice of Free Will. Within us All flows the stream of wisdom of our ancestors. All we think, say, do, create, choose and feel impacts those around us, and contributes to the Collective Human Consciousness, which we are in turn affected by.


CAUAC.Blue Storm Let us All be moved by the endurance of transcending presence of the ever-onward life unfolds of coming home to start a new beginning taking magic flight, magnetic return, in this spiral movement resonance from the South (Cauac, Blue Cosmic Storm) of a catalyst that initiates or accelerates a process or event without being affected or consumed in the process. We All can induce responses and reactions – to stimulate change and transformation. Awaken now to the unique energetic signatures carried by our thoughts, words, actions and experiences refining them to learn to conduct the power and potential of our inner forces most effectively.


Be All then centered, grounded and anchored within to commune with our personal spiritual realm and discover how we can transmit our inspiration from the unseen into this physical dimension to share our revelations and enthusiasm.

New Cycle


Sunday, January 1, 2018 – the growth and development.

2018 is in the spiral movement of Blue Night on Tone 2. It is an invitation to reveal our ability to work together and being honest and vulnerable about recognizing limitations in overcoming and embracing them. Challenges that appear as hardship or struggle, when seen from another perspective, can bear the blessings of opportunity of stabilization by receiving opposition as a catalyst to generate holistic awareness of growth and development.


Blue Lunar NightChant: Cib, Men, Ben, Etznab, Akbal

Light code 223:2:20 Rhythmic Lizard Moon, Planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune


As a Fifth Oracle, this would be in the flow of Silence of our Intuition, Dreams and the Abundance of Life as Wholeness.


CIB.Yellow Warrior As a supportive spiral movement flowing from the East (Cib, Yellow Lunar Warrior) is stabilized by asking questions concerning appearances, reference points and information to gain deeper insight and intelligence. To question and confront our fears in order to release their hold and transcend them.


MEN.Blue Eagle In the spiral movement flow of the Highest Good with Divine Guidance from the North (Men, Blue Lunar Eagle) it resonates to look and see with a broad and objective view, we then travel beyond our limited or narrow perceptions of our selves, our lives and our world. We than discover what our unique, personal contributions are to assist the position transformation of our shared reality.


BEN.Red Skywalker Be comfortable and at peace in the spiral movement resonance from the West (Ben, Red Lunar Skywalker) to face challenges, strengthening within and without to open opportunities of depths in our inner resources using every opportunity to observe and discover. Honor and respect the energy of space and its power to influence our consciousness. Explore your capacity to continually re-new yourself! With deep roots into the earth and broad antennas into the sky, receive the medicine your soul needs to endure life’s transition and discover trust in the unknown.


ETZNAB.White Mirror Let us All be moved into the dedication of universe cooperation in our efforts of perseverance and commitment as invaluable as we work in concert with one another in this spiral movement resonance from the South (Etznab, White Crystal Mirror) that invites us all to pick up the hidden power of awakening into the source of reflection and polish the mirror of our mind that we may see from the deepest clarity we are capable of. In this flow, all occurrences in our lives can be used to see ourselves more clearly, as an ongoing meditation of self-reflection. Ultimately, as we walk through the reflections we can enter the greater reality, the truth beyond the hall of mirrors, into the Divine Order which pervades all.

AKBAL.Blue Night Be then centered, grounded and anchored (Akbal, Blue Lunar Night) within to enclose the darkness or shadows of the space of mystery; the sanctuary of inner self. The code “Dream” offers the perspective that the living Universe is fluid and malleable. It is the unlimited creative intelligence which shape-shifts in response to our inner perceptions.

Question: What are you “dreaming up” in your life?

We can awaken at any moment and lucidly dream our waking reality! As we let go of rational and trust our intuition, we access abundant inner resources to uniquely guide our journey through infinite dreamscapes.




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